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Everything posted by Karchev23

  1. Karchev23

    Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    Fellow Frostlords! I now send out a call through the blizzard, carried upon the oh so snowy winds on the everwinter. I ask you all to discuss all things Beastclaw Raiders! Tactics, fluff, hobby you name it. So il start things off. Ive got a 2500 pt tourney coming up in June, and im stuck as to which of the two big fluffy battalions i should take. Ive been playing the Olwr recently to great effect , aka Mournfangs wreck face, however im seriously considering a svard this time round. Minimum of 5 stonehorns is nothing to sniffle at ( get it.... cause you know... cold stuff ), all of them gaining an extra wound, the jorlbads run and charge and a 5+ save against mortal wounds for an artifact are pretty tempting... aaaand the old one drop armies always a good thing considering i know i wont be winning any games on scenario, first turn charges ftw. Sooo yeah, Olwr or Svard?
  2. Karchev23

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Dont forget that you can alwayd use comtagion points to summom them in now that they dont cost reinforcement pts. Sure theres better options out there but its still a cool idea
  3. Under stricked orders from the admiralty. GA order KO
  4. I saw that list with 200 giant rats.. and i did alittle inside
  5. Karchev23

    Malign Portents

    Im waiting for all the people thinking sand means TK are coming back...
  6. Karchev23

    Let's Create: Start Collecting Boxes

    I can imagine the KO being Khemist Company Gunhauler ( cause they need to sell them.. like seriously that model is useless )
  7. Karchev23

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Whats the consensus of dealing with Maggotkin?
  8. Karchev23

    The Painting Contract - January 2018

    I will paint a Frostlord on Stonehorn! If not a BCR start collecting
  9. Karchev23

    "Just Play Better"

    Loving this blog man. I started playing BCR when they first came out, played them for a year solid then gave them up. HOWEVER 2018 will see their return and i will watch this thread closely
  10. Karchev23

    What are your 2018 Objectives?

    Get back into Beastclaw Raiders. Win best painted at a tournament
  11. Variety is the spice of life for wargaming IMO. That is all
  12. Karchev23

    Malign Portents

    The valley is up!
  13. Karchev23

    Next Death Battletome

    While i really want a deathrattle expanded release. My DREAM is Vampires with mortal underlings, no not flesh eaters
  14. Karchev23

    New Nurgle models

    In recent novels theres been alot of talk of Armsmen of the order of the fly. Could be cool to see them fill out rotbringers with a chaff unit
  15. Karchev23

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    ****** if that isn't adorable
  16. Karchev23

    Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Im seriously hoping Rotbringers/ mortals are good in this release. Ever since i read plague garden ive wanted to do an order of the fly army.
  17. Karchev23

    New Nurgle models

    Heres hoping for pestigors. Wants me a nurgle mortals army.
  18. Karchev23

    The Rumour Thread

    I like the idea of Nagash stealing back the souls off Sigmar, just yeah.. please dont be stormcast with afew skulls. Armour along the lines of morghast would be sweet whilst sticking with the whole death aesthetic.
  19. Karchev23

    AoS Wish For 2018

    Nurgle, New Death releases, new season of war campaign. just.... more stuff?
  20. So ive been playing aos for a year, and im sorry to say but i have warhammer ADD.. in that time frame ive had 4 2500 pt armies, but the first was Beastclaw Raiders. Due to circumstances i had to sell said Beastclaws. HOWEVER! Im getting back into them since ive lost interest in my KO. Beastclaw Raiders were my first love for this game, i got into them the moment the battletome came out, the new fluff, the models, play style appealed to me on a level i never really had with alot of armies. So i pin the question to you, what was your first AOS army? And what drew you to collecting them?
  21. Karchev23

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    And skywardens!
  22. Karchev23

    The Rumour Thread

    Its quite clearly a thing guys
  23. Karchev23

    Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Imo destruction will continue where orcs and goblins left off They were the comic relief in 8th, still are in 40k. Orruks& grots are the dark humour in an otherwise dark place amd i dont see why that cant be the case in the new story arc
  24. Karchev23

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Havn't run thunderers since the nerf. But i already have a unit with 10 rifles so i was always safe xd. Also cheers tom for taking up my request for pick of the week
  25. Karchev23

    The Rumour Thread

    Im all for narrative changes, ESPECIALLY a death focused one to breath life into a struggling faction