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  1. Im hoping nurgle get a tome from all this..
  2. Personally i had a feeling this was going to happen, and since i cant afford almost 800 NZD worth of models for a unit of 10 dudes i went with all rifles anyhow ( and very effective i might add ). The thing that annoys me is that KO were honestly fine as they were IMHO. Sure khemist buff is powerful and 36" range on a single weapon is also good. But the mortar was the only weapon in the whole army ( apart from grapnel launchers ) with that kind of range. To me this nerfs a faction that didn't need nerfing. I sold my favorite army just to start KO. I was the only competitive Beastclaw Raiders player in the NZ scene for a long time, my first AOS army too. And i got rid of them to fund my Overlords. Crying aside, while i encourage GW to make the game more balanced and interesting acrosd the board. Don't do it to a faction which didn't need it.
  3. I'm back! Having only recently having my first son ive not had much time for gaming. Alas my partner has given me league to play tomorrow night! So my game will be against Legion of Azgorh. I've only played against them twice back when i played Beastclaw raiders and lost both games due to horrendous shooting. Going into this game i predict it to be a complete and utter slug fest. So i will have to really think about my positioning going into the 1st turn. I don't know the guys list but if i can target his artillery with a good charge from my endrinriggers, or zipline into an important hero that may help. Sooo heres the list that in taking into the fray. Admiral X2 khemist Endrinmaster X3 arkanaut ( one with 3 skyhook, 1 with 3 volley guns, and one with skypikes) Frigate w cannon Ironclad w cannon 10 thunderers w rifles 6 endrinriggers. So thats it! Any suggestions please feel free to comment below. To the victor the spoils.
  4. Personally im thinking of adding some stormcast to my KO. Out of all the chambers the Vanguard are the ones i like the most so il probably add a unit or two of them in.
  5. Personally i like it. Sure it makes the blood letter bomb cheaper but thats fine by me. Anything that makes games tactically challenging for opponents is great in my opinion. Might be hard for Overlord players like me but they, variety is awesome.
  6. The expedition arrived in the Blasted Wastes to find a Council of Blood and a murderhost of strangely shiny grey Khorne Daemons. Battle began after Khorne took the first turn and 1st turn charged a unit of Blood crushers into my right flank Arkanauts. The rest of his army moved up the board, mostly in range of my cannons and thunderers. A misplaced charge from my endrinriggers caused them to be charged and mauled by a blood thirster, who i shot to death later on in the game. The rest of the game went as you would expect, i shot alots of stuff and he charged and killed things. By the end of the 3rd turn he had won on scenario after his last remaining 9 models were able to overrun my last 5. Overall i performed better than i thought, one more turn i would have tabled him. An absolute blood bath and really enjoyed myself. So in hindsight my only issue with my list is skypikes are useless, and im gonna get 3 more skyhooks. Mediocrity score=1 major loss.
  7. Very true. If i play against tzeentch i'll let you know!
  8. So i thought I would begin by showing you all my 2000 point, newly painted army. Bad lighting and not so good painting but you will get the gist of it. Essentially i started off AOS with BCR when they first came out. I loved them, played them at 2 tournaments and didn't get very far. Theeen overlords came about and i was all in, sold my BCR and poured all my mediocrity into them. So! Tomorrow ( New Zealand south pacific dirty colonial time ) i will be playing my first 2k games against Blades of Khorne, a council of blood to be exact. SO! Wish me luck as i smash the aetherbubblies against the hull of my iron clad, wave your tissues as i berate my Arkanauts to set us off quicker, and don't freeze my account if the expedition goes south. To the victor the spoils!
  9. Have you considered taking barak nar against Tzeentch?
  10. Same here. Also see alot of people taking ziflin, but in my meta theres alot of khorne and tzeentch so dont really want to risk throwing an ironclad out in the open like that.
  11. So i played against slaanesh last night at 1500pts, using Barak Urbaz. Came out with a major victory after i tabled him and took his objective ( gift from the heavens. Had 2 khemists, so with Urbaz' khemist buff i was able to buff my thunderers and endrinriggers twice and they absolutely smashed face. Endrinriggers ate a keeper of secrets, 2 daemon princes and 10 daemonettes by the end of the game xD. Thunderers also turned a whole unit of seekers and 2 20 man units of daemonettes into pink mist. Took 3 arkanaut company and spread them in a screen, sadly they were pretty much chaff but one unit with 3 sky hooks did pretty well. Oh and the khemists somehow survived 2 rounds of combat and ended up shooting the unit engaging them into oblivion. Is it just me or is Urbaz the way to go?
  12. Thanks guys! Will see how the event goes i suppose.
  13. Aaaand i forgot all that thanks! On that note ive got a 2k tourney coming up in July and im trying to figure out whether or not i want to take 3 aetherkhemists ( for maximum cheese ) or 2 khemists, an endrinmaster and an admiral. thoughts?
  14. I say nothing, AOS is fine as it is... well summoning needs fixing but other than that I prefer it over 40k
  15. So ive been playing Overlords for afew weeks now, alot of losses as i get used to them ( I was a Beastclaw Raiders Player so abit of a learning curve ) and i FINALLY had my first victory with them yesterday. Granted it was a 2v2, but it still felt good and I was able to play them how they should be played. My ally was Fyrelslayers, so he did the majority of the melee while i systematically tabled my opposing Seraphon player. So in hindsight of my experiences. Thunderers w/ rifles with Aetherkhemist = ANGRY Endrinriggers with khemist buff on swords = SUPER ANGRY Barak Nar unbinding=Hilarity Arkanaut company are good, and in the absence of any good chaff they can hold out for alittle bit while you shoot whatever they are in combat with Cannon on the frigate is veery hit and miss, but when it does hit its worth it. I have no idea what the Admirals for.... like seriously Endrinmaster is rad.