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  1. So ive been playing Overlords for afew weeks now, alot of losses as i get used to them ( I was a Beastclaw Raiders Player so abit of a learning curve ) and i FINALLY had my first victory with them yesterday. Granted it was a 2v2, but it still felt good and I was able to play them how they should be played. My ally was Fyrelslayers, so he did the majority of the melee while i systematically tabled my opposing Seraphon player. So in hindsight of my experiences. Thunderers w/ rifles with Aetherkhemist = ANGRY Endrinriggers with khemist buff on swords = SUPER ANGRY Barak Nar unbinding=Hilarity Arkanaut company are good, and in the absence of any good chaff they can hold out for alittle bit while you shoot whatever they are in combat with Cannon on the frigate is veery hit and miss, but when it does hit its worth it. I have no idea what the Admirals for.... like seriously Endrinmaster is rad.
  2. In regards to the stormcast, you could mabye do a Vanguard chamber based in the desert? Convert the fur into windswept dusty cloaks? Mabye some face masks over the few bare headed fellas? Could be quite fluffy, like they were sent in to recon the area before the larger force arrives?
  3. So im currently running KO at 1k pts atm till the rest of my stuff arrives. Both games ive played with them ive faced Khorne Daemons and both times ive beem tabled. Any tips for dealing with the old Blades of Khorne?
  4. Id have to agree on the grapnel launchers, and 12 floaties with khemist buff on the saws is redonculously brutal! I also agree on the thunderers, im taking s unit of 10 with rifles personally. Mostly because i dont want to scavenge cannons or mortars.
  5. I rescind this. Beastclaw raiders are indeed my favorite army. I have certain criteria when i choose an army to play ( which is probably the same for most of you ). 1. FLUFF! I love fluff, if im getting into a game i have to enjoy the lore, while i miss the old world theres somethinf about the mortal realms which grabbed me. The weird and wackiness mostly, and the option of anyforce fighting anybody anywhere for whatever reason you decide. On that note i absolutely love the BCR backround. It was a great reimagining of the ogors ( and im a cavalry kind of guy ). The everwinter being this natural forboding force that follows them everywhere is awesome, gives them a sort of menace that i dont find with other factions. 2. Models obviously, ive always loved the ogre models since they came out ( except the yhetee's * hint gw *). The stonehorn/ thundertusk kit is fantastic and i love mournfang. So there you have it. Im all about the everwinters dark imminent blizzard engulfing the realms. Gorkamorka's inexorable rage incarnate.
  6. Im honestly stuck between Barak Zon and Mhonar. Zon for fluff reasons, and mhonar for competitiveness.
  7. Im starting to think we need a poll on the most competitive skyport..
  8. Soooo i see everyones on about the morters on the thunderers. But im seriously considering the rifles on mine. A unit of 10 thunderers with rifles, plus the khemist buff their doing 30 shots at a -1 rend aint bad.
  9. In regards to BCR being overpowered- imo poppy ******. Its not the army your using its how you use it. This army was my forst AOS army and remains my favorite and ive lost more games with them than i care to remember. The beauty of AOS is that you can take what some would consider to be a terrible list and still beat the big guys. Ive crushed a 40 man kunnin rukk army in a scenario i reeeally shouldnt have bedn able to win if power gaming is to be considered, it was the tactics i used and good dice rolls that won me the game. Every army has its strengths and weaknesses. A good player asseses those factors and creates a plan from there, and as always seems to be my thing, it never goes to plan xD. Im actually a fluffy fun gamer, im all about narrative armies in a matched play fun environment and ive never had complaints about taking pure BCR. Happy hunting my man
  10. Same here! Now i consider Mournfang to be the unsung heroes of our army. They are indeed expensive at 200 pts for 2 of them, but they can really pack a punch especially in an Olwr alfrostrun.
  11. Fellow Frostlords! I now send out a call through the blizzard, carried upon the oh so snowy winds on the everwinter. I ask you all to discuss all things Beastclaw Raiders! Tactics, fluff, hobby you name it. So il start things off. Ive got a 2500 pt tourney coming up in June, and im stuck as to which of the two big fluffy battalions i should take. Ive been playing the Olwr recently to great effect , aka Mournfangs wreck face, however im seriously considering a svard this time round. Minimum of 5 stonehorns is nothing to sniffle at ( get it.... cause you know... cold stuff ), all of them gaining an extra wound, the jorlbads run and charge and a 5+ save against mortal wounds for an artifact are pretty tempting... aaaand the old one drop armies always a good thing considering i know i wont be winning any games on scenario, first turn charges ftw. Sooo yeah, Olwr or Svard?
  12. The real question is, will these cthulu aelves be order or slaneeshi.
  13. Beastclaw tropes ( aka things that happen to me consistently) When you roll D6 mortal wounds on a frostlord on Stonehorn after the charge you will always roll a 1. All your Beastriders will miss in shooting, every....time. Your whole army will roll double 1's for the charge.
  14. Honestly its hard to say now, for a long time it was undead, in particular vampire counts. Then ogres/ beastclaw raiders, but now with the new Kharadron Overlords everythings flipped over.
  15. This is why I love being in New Zealand. A day before most