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  1. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    From what I remember, Storm of Magic and the end times book were all marked as "expansions" to WHFB, since they just expanded on the normal way they are is played. Malign sorcery is cited as being an "expansion" on the webstore. I know 40k has "supplements" but I'm not totally certain any of the WHFB doodads were marked as such. I vaguely remember my old WoC and Wood Elves army book being marked as "supplements" on the back, since they didn't expand on the game rules or change the core rules of the game but don't quote me on that.
  2. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I dunno. +1 save made things a wee bit more resilient but that change to reroll 1's is nearly as good on units with saves in the 3+ to 4+ range. And it certainly won't make as much of an impact in total game time when summoning returns a 30 model strong unit of dryads/skellies/liberators to the table after being destroyed.
  3. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Exactly. I think were looking to add another 30 minutes or more to the duration of games. Your already struggling to fit essentially a 3hr game into 2.5 hours (i think roughly half the games a adepticon didn't finish in the allotted time) and adding more time onto that will definitely be an issue. Tournaments in the past basically ignored the Storm of Magic expansion from WHFB 8th edition due to balance issues and they could do the same here. ON THE OTHER HAND... Most tournaments (esp SC GT and Adepticon) pride themselves on playing "rules as written". It's my understanding that the realm spells and artifacts are actually part of the GH while the endless spells from Malign Sorcery are technically an "expansion" of AoS. But endless spells (from what I've seen) aren't terribly imbalanced (since everybody gets access to them) and they aren't the real culprits of adding time to games; magic, command points, summoning and more models on the table are. I think they'll either lengthen games or just encourage players to finish in the time allotted. Learning to play within time constraints is actually a major part of performing well at tournaments.
  4. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Man these new changes to our points make-up are quite exciting. It might be a bit premature to say we've fared the best of the other factions from the points and summoning changes, but it really looks like the designers took a hard look at the first army to get the newer-style battletomes (with items, spell lores and whatnot) and made some big changes to bring us in line to AoS 2.0. I myself am pretty excited by the changes to dreadwood, (which as most of you know, is the main army type I take to competitive events). As tempted as I am to sit down and design a bunch of new lists, I think it's pretty important to keep in mind how much the game will change from AoS to AoS 2.0. I have a feeling there will be a titanic shift in the way games are played and armies are constructed. From command points to predatory spells, summoning and scenario changes I have feeling things will interact very differently on the tabletop. For example, the fact that the household battalion went up in points is pretty significant. I have a feeling that we'll see units retreating from combat far more often than we have before, and the ability o prevent that will be real tactical advantage. Summoning will be huge (obvs.) we might even see some times where it's beneficial not to completely destroy large units in order prevent them coming back at full strength. I think we'll see way more more low-level heroes on the tabletop and battalions more frequently. Along with that, in addition to new armies/units, we're going to see a bunch more special rules in play on tables, and more time spent in the hero phase, which means games at competitive events will move slower. If your just playing games with your mates, that's not so much of a big deal, but at events where matches only last a maximum of 2.5 hours games could very well be decided on the third turn. I think that means lists with speed/survivability will be more valuable than damage focused lists, since games are most often decided on objective points rather than % of models killed. I actually think that will weaken MW focused lists that rely on the accumulation of damage over multiple turns as opposed to lists that focus on getting to objectives first and staying there. The change in how battleshock immunity works is huge as well, and drops that damage potential of MW focused lists since MW damage dealers will have to focus fire units down rather than doing a moderate amount of wounds and letting battleshock take care of the rest. This also means we might see Alpha strike lists more often, but they'll be a little less deadly. Overall Im really looking forward to getting the book in my hands a getting a broader picture of how everything fits together.
  5. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Thats kind of the question: how will first turn work in 2.0? Previously, Dreadwood was almost guaranteed 1st turn (or choice) in competitive play, because almost nobody wanted to shell out for battalions. Then I took Dreadwood to Adepticon, only 1 player brought a battalion and it wasn't a full army battalion. Now, we're not exactly sure how first turn mechanics work, so you'll need to have plan for something to do with the battalion other than alpha strike. If your opponent has a weak flank and you roll 2 stratagems, you could drop a load of hunters (i run 6 with scythes) on the weak edge and then use the stratagem that limits enemy shooting/spells/abilities to 12"; if you roll 3 stratagems, you can freely move Drycha up to up to support. Now, your opponent will have to make a choice, either engage the hunters with the weak units on the flank, of eat a charge next turn. Hunters are fairly survivable, hopefully, shooting and magic will be out of range so he can't shoot them, and they will be able to reroll saves in the combat phase so charging them probably will end badly especially if the flank is weak (it goes double if you get all three and Drycha is able to support). You can also use your free redeploy to drop a unit of 30 dryads onto an objective. This is pretty effective if you manage to get your free wyldwood down on top of the objective. This tactic will be even more viable in 2.0, since you can spend a CP to make them immune to battleshock in your opponents phase. If you think you're about to eat an alpha strike, you can use the free move to put your spites a good 6" out in front of the bulk of your army. That way they eat the charge and leave the charging unit open to counter attack. If it's say a horde of bloodletters, you can position Drycha behind them (with squirmlings). Sure, spites die. But whatever left behind will be erased as well, and spites are cheap. It is probbaly best you have alternate plans for first turn as well, in case your opponent doesn't give you a decent alpha strike target. At Adepticon most of my opponents didn't leave me a good opening to drop hunters/drycha into. Most of the time I just used the stratagems to get onto objectives, or to get that critical wyldwood into position. (Wytch with acorn gets the free redeploy, drops a forest on my opponents front lines with acorn, then teleports back to base through realmroots first turn). Truth be told, the value in Dreadwood isn't only its alpha strike potential: Dreadwood is probably our most flexible battalion. That flexibility means your enemy will have a hard time anticipating your moves which allows you to dictate how and where you will fight; Something that is critical to success when playing Sylvaneth.
  6. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I bet you're a Laurel.
  7. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Lol. It is dumb. Apparently people who don't like cilantro lack the ability to detect specific enzyme that makes cilantro taste good. So it's not you @Kramer. turn out it's in your genes.
  8. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Warscrolls are rules. You're right. They're also less than a page long, (most are only about 1/4 of a page in text). If you ever played the previous incarnation of WHFB, you'll remember they had warscrolls too. They were sometimes two pages long and could be found in the codex books that accompanied the main rule book which was 427 pages long). If you combined ALL the warscrolls in AoS into one book, it would probably be 200 pages. If you combined all the codexes and rules books and supplements and expansions for WHFB, you'd easily get into 1000 pages. 22 armies books (counting End Times combined forces, 17 if not) at about 50-60 pages apiece is 935 pages for the regular armies and the 5 end times books brings that to 1435 pages, and thats not even counting the core rule book... You don't know what your talking about when you call AoS a "complicated" rule set. I'm not calling you dumb for stating an opinion. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and entitled to share it. It is also possible to have a dumb opinion. An opinion that ignores basic facts is dumb, like saying the earth is flat or that cilantro tastes bad. If your opinion is that AoS's matched play should be divided into two rulesets, that is a dumb opinion. AoS already has a simplified version of the game called "open play". Complicating matters by adding another rule set to simplify the game where a simpler version exists is double work, unnecessary and dumb. New players will likely be introduced to the game by experience players. There shouldn't be an "excesses" in open play if your are the one introducing AoS to new players. Are you chain summoning Lords of Change to show them how you can destroy them in a single game turn? Did you choose Nagash as your "one model" to play against their 10 halberdiers? If so; stop it. If they are experienced players who really need that security blanket of "structure", then you can introduce them to AoS through matched play, but maybe start at 500 pts. At that level, the complexity (lol) of AoS shouldn't be an issue. Firstly, I didn't say you weren't a fan. I'm glad to hear you like AoS; I like it too. And you're always entitled to share your opinion; absolutely. But when you do, others are free to comment on it. If you don't want opinions about your opinions, then don't share them. My "dumb" comment was not directed at you personally, but rather at your opinion that AoS requires a 4th mode of play; 3 is plenty. Secondly, I personally think these upcoming changes will be huge. The changes to summoning alone will really effect how 1/4 of the armies play (mostly death and Chaos). Stack command abilities will really change things o the tabletop, since with enough spells/command abitiles even chaff units can become suddenly terrifying. There's a bunch of other changes that I think will be extremely impactful on the game flow as well. This isn't a minor tweak to the game; that was GHB2017. This is a fundamental redesign of some major game mechanics and I think the game will be markedly different come June.
  9. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Goodness. So much complaining. For anybody who is complaining about the new complexity of AoS; did you ever play WHFB? How about 7th edition 40k? Infinity? By extension all those rule sets are literally hundreds and hundreds of pages long. Plus the codexes, expansions, rules in separate publications (White Dwarf), special inserts, tournament packs ect ect. Even with the (relatively small) changes we've been previewed so far AoS 2.0 orwhatevertheyrecallingit the complexity of the ruleset is nowhere near the size of the other big names in the tabletop community. Also, if you want to introduce newcomers to the game, open play is probably the best way to do that. Thats pretty much the basic reason it exists; it's AoS's version of "casual play". What you are asking for is basically 2 separate matched play variants. Which is dumb. There is nothing that says a persons first game of AoS needs to be exactly 2k points with fully painted competitive army. In fact, that's probably the absolute worst thing you could do to introduce a new player to the game; even in the current ruleset. They pick a handful of models they like, you pick a handful of models that are relatively comparable (you should know this by now) and you roll some dice. Quick, easy and simple. Then you can introduce them to matched play with objectives once they get a bit further along. For those of you complaining about the cost of wyldwoods (what Sylvaneth player wants to limit woods? That's like Tzneetch player asking for less magic in the game...). If somebody wants to play a cheap army they need one with low model count like beastclaw raiders. But, in general we don't play this hobby because it's cheap, we play it because it's awesome and the models are gorgeous. Between the paints, models, books, dice, cards ect ect it's pretty easy to drop $500-$600 dollars on a fully completed army. That's just what the hobby is. I'm an artist by trade and I know that everybody complains about prices. It gets on my nerves. So, if you want to complain about the price of models/scenery here's my advice: find another hobby. The biggest changes this edition is to summoning and I'm personally glad to see it. I actually expected them to make some changes to summoning since GHB2017 was announced, because reenforcement points is a lazy unthematic way to handle summoning. The previewed changes leave me with lots of questions, but it looks to me to be an interesting mechanic and hopefully one that will dovetail well into the game system. Players should be able to summon models, and earning in-game currency through sound tactical decisions is a good way to do it. All in all, wait till we have all the info before complaining about how its going to ****** everything up. And for Gods sake don't introduce AoS to new players through matched play....
  10. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    These are aces. I'm a big fan of pink, as I'm sure anybody whose seen my blog can attest to
  11. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Hey mate, I ply dreadwood predominately. My colors aren't blue or green, but I find any unified scheme can work well for any of the war groves. if your interested, you can see my army colors/progression here
  12. Mirage8112

    Shadespire Steelheart warband

    Liking this so far! Following.
  13. What's up party people! This is my first post after getting back from Adepticon. Not only was the tournament a total blast, but the whole experience was just top notch. I played against some very well tuned lists and was relatively pleased with the performance of my Dreadwood army. While there are definitely a few other competitive Sylvaneth builds I am tempted to play, Dreadwood is definitely one I would consider playing again. Initially I hadn't planned on building a display board, until my doubles partner asked what I was doing. Initially I planned on something simple, but "simple" isn't really a word I understand the meaning of apparently. Originally I intended to have 1 level, with a river running down the middle. But after some thought I decided that it would be better to have a multi-level display. The display board was built in about 6 days. This is a photo of the layers before assembly. The two plastic containers are for a built-in dry ice fog machine (that I didn't get a chance to use because I couldn't find dry ice near the convention lol.) The build used 9 1" layers of foam board with various channels cut through the layers to allow the fog to exit through 10 holes hidden strategically throughout the display. Here is a photo of the assembled board with the initial layer of oil primer. The painting was pretty straight forward. Basically I went to the local art store and bought 2 cans of paint. One was a close approximation of Rakarth Flesh, and the second was a close match for dryad bark. The "rocks" were washed with a combination of a water-based sepia and burnt umber ink and then dry brushed with a mixture of Yellow Ochre, Grey, and White Acrylic paint. You can see in the picture below that the bases of the Wyldwoods fit snuggly into the pre designed areas which were bordered with toilet paper soaked in Elmers glue and then sprayed with the brown dryad bark stand-in which gives it a reasonably seamless transition. If you look between the blue rock and the tree hole there is a slight "cave" in the rock face. That cave conceals one of the exits for the fog. The next step was to set everything up to make sure it fit. While snug, thats roughly 2k in points + 1 extra unit of Tree-revenants. Once I was reasonably confident in the positioning, it was time to pour the resin for the water. The edges were blocked off on the top and bottom and the tinted resin (a few drops of coelia and athenian washes) was poured in 2 layers for the top and 4 layers for the bottom. Envirotex is an amazing product, but it is not easy to work with. It took a significant amount of work to get the transparency right and I ended making a mess all over the damn place. It's not only incredibly stick before you mix it, but once it's mixed and hardens it does not. come. off. EVER. I learned a lot working with it, but it's not a product I would recommend lightly. Makes a bangin' pond though.... The final step was the waterfall. The rocks were then airbrushed with a mixture of Athonian Camoshade on the rocks and Coelia Greenshade near the waterfall (I figured rocks around the waterfall would be wetter and therefore more "green"). The waterfall was then built up from plumbers silicon caulk glued to a rigid plastic backing. Incidentally the cloudiness over the water in the photo below is because the fog machine was turned on and being tested: All in all, a pretty atmospheric board. Earned me a shout-out on the Adepticon_AoS twitter page and a spot on the top painted table. Super honored to be featured next to guys like Terry Pike, Tyler Mengel and Thomas Lyons. A few more pictures before moving onto new stuff: I will probbaly bring this board back out and make a few modification to it for Armies on Parade later this year. I'd like to put a bit neater of an edge on it, and make some modification(s) to the fog system. As well as repair a few dings that the board sustained during it's travels to and from Adepticon. And while I'm totally happy with how the army has turned out (visually and play-wise) I'm positively THRILLED to have an opportunity to paint something other than trees. I have more planned for my Sylvaneth force, but for the time being it's time to get some work into my other armies and other side projects. We're also planning on selling our house within the next 3 months so I'll be juggling packing, landscaping, dealing with mortgage companies and all the hullabaloo that goes along with such an endeavor. I originally planned on completely shelving my painting activities but that lasted about 2 days. It seems I can't live without painting something. Fair enough. Things are the way they are. So it's onto my next project. Next up: Shadespire Dorfs! Happy painting...
  14. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    I don't mind reposting: Allegiance: OrderTreelord Ancient (300)- General- Trait: Warsinger - Artefact: Moonstone of the Hidden Ways - Deepwood Spell: RegrowthDrycha Hamadreth (280)- Deepwood Spell: RegrowthBranchwych (80)- Artefact: Acorn of the Ages - Deepwood Spell: Regrowth30 x Dryads (270)5 x Spite-Revenants (80)5 x Spite-Revenants (80)5 x Spite-Revenants (80)5 x Spite-Revenants (80)6 x Kurnoth Hunters (440)- ScythesDreadwood Wargrove (200)Outcasts (90)Total: 1980 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 107 I changed the items on the TLA last minute from the Briarsheath/gift of ghyran combo that I usually run with to the warsinger/moonstone combo, specifically because I thought it would give me a wee bit more flexibility vs changehost and fyreslayers. If I had to do it again, I probbaly would have gone with my original combo of briarsheath and gift. There were several times where I would have preferred the -1 to hit, and moonstone was only situationaly helpful.
  15. Mirage8112

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    i only briefly saw the models on the table after the end of the game and chatting with the player for 1-2 minutes. From what I can recall, it was your standard Gnarlroot + Durthu