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  1. Fluff Problems

    That’s the whole point. In the Old World any change was massive. Now any city can be destroyed, we’ve had one over run by Skaven in the lore this week for instance. Only certain places matter and so you can make what stories you want to. It’s just like 40k.
  2. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    When they previewed the army to go with the Fungoid Shaman they put down the allegiance abilities as Moonclan Grot rather than simply destruction. They of course later said it was a mistake.
  3. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    The Harbingers are getting permanent updates due to this campaign, that explains why they are a little lacklustre at the moment. I was chatting on Twitter last night wondering how these changes will be communicated to the players. Updating the app isn’t the style that GW really follows and so it is my opinion that we are going to get four new Battletomes based on the Harbingers factions. Three of the four have been rumored already but knowing the lead time for GW I don’t think we will see these before the end of the year. The Stormcast will be opening a new chamber and from that they will get warmachines. Moonclan have been rumored since the GHB17 and the recent slip up on the community page reinforces this one. Also an ex-employee has hinted at wraiths being the next theme for an undead faction. It looks like we will really be making tangible changes with this campaign, unlike the token efforts of the last one and absolute shambles that the previous Storm of Chaos and Albion campaigns were.
  4. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Yeah I think Skull is leaning towards the Greenskins, Drake is Chaos while by default Order is Eye this week.
  5. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Well this time it’s a hard choice, I like the fact that one faction was rewarded. I’m thinking Skull or Eye this time, probably Skull.
  6. Glub Glub?

    It’s definitely the Wraith Fleet, I’m looking forward to seeing more.
  7. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Thanks, that looks like the perfect size.
  8. Fimir Warriors

    Good point.... hmmm
  9. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    The most important question that hasn’t been answered: what base size do you recommend for my cannons and Organ Gun? I am aware that they don’t need them but I’d prefer if they had them, it’s more consistent.
  10. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    It’s likely that for this week at least the Drake most closely follows Nagash’s plan... Skull would be most in opposition
  11. Floating Islands

    Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do, good idea
  12. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Looks like it’s already decided for this week
  13. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Drake: the Great Prophet of the Waaaagh has led his followers to the Realm of Death following the balemoons eternal track through the firmament.
  14. Floating Islands

    It’s very clean, pristine in fact. I’ve been thinking about that and while I might add some more rubble to it I’ve also been thinking that this ruin is raised up high above the shelter of most trees and rocks. It’s exposed to a lot of wind, maybe that keeps it relatively clean.
  15. Floating Islands

    I’ll be using cork. While it’s heavier than the equivalent volume of foam it’s still a light weight material. Having a more realistic rock texture is more important to me than the weight and as the difference isn’t so big it’s definitely worth it. The main weight problem comes from adding an air drying modeling clay onto the top of the cork to form a smooth consistent surface. That stuff is heavy but as the cork is so irregular it pretty much has to be done. As the final two islands will be about 10” above the tabletop and will have a structure on each of them, I’ll have to pay a lot of attention to the centre of gravity. Anyway more of that to come in a few weeks....