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  1. Thanks Fireymonkeyboy I don't have any plans to have Mr Stay Puft invade the Mortal Realms as yet, but y'know, its an option. Meanwhile, I blogged about the Eternity Stair: As one of the more, dare I say it, sensible Storm of Magic terrain pieces, the Eternity Stair is an oddity amongst oddities. I think that it turned out reasonably well all the same. The blog post is here if any of you would like more info. I also played five games of AoS: Skirmish last weekend, so I took a few photos of the games in progress. They are only snaps, but some of the pieces from this thread can be seen in the shots. More photos of the games can also be seen on my blog.
  2. Maybe. It depends on the colour really as the opacity of washes vary. There isn't really any substitute for experimenting a bit first.
  3. Definitely Harrock. In fact, the models are painted and the photos are taken. I just need to get some time to write them up. Over the next couple of weeks, definitely.
  4. Mumuland is a province of Ghyran, where the Justified Ancients have built their fortifications on a mystical site. They congregate in the centre of this building, a vaulted chamber known as "The White Room" Im glad that you like the eyes Ulf. They are a possibly a little over the top even so, but y'know, reincarnated angelic warriors cast down via lightning bolt to prosecute a thunderous crusade can handle an up-to-eleven sort of approach. Thanks for the feedback metalface13 I tried a few different approaches to see what ways would give me the best mix of the finish that I wanted for time spent. I'm still refining it, but essentially it's a series of purple washes over a high contrast metallic drybrush, followed by some bright silver edge highlighting. Its quite a forgiving technique I hope that helps.
  5. I have been watching your thread for ideas. Hopefully we can cross-pollinate our ideas from here on Head swaps are simple, but thematic conversions. In this case I think that the marine heads work pretty much perfectly. But who knows what subtleties can come up with between us Although there is something to be said for limiting the heads used to certain themes, I dont have the patience and I crave the variety. The background for the Stormcast encourages an eclectic mix of members in most Stormhosts, so I figured that a mix would be fun. That head may not suit the style of the armour particularly well, but it suits the character of the reforged warrior wearing it. Bare Blood Angel heads are particularly good for generating a look suited for this sort of project. Blood Angel heads have a classical look that fits very nicely on Stormcast. Thanks for the feedback Aegisgrimm!
  6. Thanks for the kind feedback The heads are all Citadel, all Space Marine parts in this batch apart from the Knight Questor, who has an Eldar Guardian head. I picked many of the heads up in a bits box in a game shop. I had a few myself left over from other projects and I also trawled through a few sites that sell bits to get some more. I couldn't tell which kit each head comes from though I'm afraid. Generally I have used Space Marine heads on the models that I have assembled so far, but I have a few from other Citadel sources. The Marine ones fit a little better I think, but its a case by case thing really. Im glad that you like them Thank you Double Misfire, very kind. I will have more to show soon-ish if plans work out. The bare heads and a-little-bit-of-weathering themes will continue I expect.
  7. I painted a Knight Questor last year for WHQ: Silver Tower. At some point during that process I made the decision to put together a Stormcast force. This first batch represent a few experiments in assembly and painting. I hope that future additions will be a little tighter. I am pretty pleased with these all the same. This many figures will cover me for some Age of Sigmar: Skirmish games that I have planned for a couple of weeks time. Combined with the terrain that I have been putting together, it should be a very Mortal Realms themed affair. Some more to come soon I hope. More info on my blog for any interested.
  8. Thanks! I'm very pleased with how the terrain set is coming together. I would love to get my hands on a Dreadstone Blight and a couple of the other old WHFB pieces, but I don't see it happening at the current prices. Perhaps they will be rereleased at some stage, like a couple of the Storm of Magic Fulcrums were. I really have to recommend the Osgilliath pieces highly. Im very pleased with how they turned out and they are also very practical and versatile pieces of terrain.
  9. I painted my Realmgates a couple of years ago, using a slightly different approach to above, but with more or less the same result. I need to take better photos of them though: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More recently, I painted this. Of the original Age of Sigmar release terrain pieces, the Ophidian Archway is the least visually exciting I think. It has a Masters of the Universe playset vibe that I find appealing though. I did enjoy painting it though. it felt like amateur dramatics/school play set design. It will work nicely as a landmark ruin, without being as full-on as some of the other architectural elements in this terrain set. More photos and talk about supernatural snakes HERE for anyone inclined to take a look. More Exactamundo terrain soon.
  10. Believe it or not Thundercake, I had two of that set for a while, with the prospect of using them to make a bridge planned. In the end I decided that I didn't want to paint a second, and that I didn't really need to convert a double height Eternity Stair either while I was at it You bought them because you could see what some had overlooked Redking, that AoS is an 80s hair metal, stadium rock setting and that stairs that are on fire and go nowhere are a RAWK as it gets. This is how I painted more or less everything in this project: Spray black. Zenith spray mid tone grey (car primer or Mechanicus Standard). Wash selected areas (random bricks etc) as desired. I used red wash, blue wash, and green wash in various combinations. Apply patches of basing textures. Wash Agrax Earthshade or similar on bottom half /two thirds approx. of terrain elements. Wash Nuln Oil or similar on bottom half/third approxof terrain elements. Paint more of this into recesses alongside upright pillars etc to enhance shadows. Drybrush bottom 2/3 of terrain, including base with Eldar Flesh. Drybrush top 2/3 of terrain with Terminatus Stone. Paint details like metal the usual way. Use Typhus Corrosion to give definition and staining where required. Paint streaks with whatever colours apt. Hope that helps!
  11. "Can I interest you in a stairs, dat goes nowheres?" The next ruined piece of architectural arcana to get Exactamundan planning permission is this Dreadfire Portal from the Warhammer Storm of Magic releases a few years ago. At the time I wasn't keen on those Arcane Fulcrums at all, but in the interim my appetite for the ridiculous seems to have increased. More info in the associated blog post for those interested. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thanks Moldek, I'm glad that you like the blog Each Garden of Morr has 244 "human" skulls and 115 skull motifs, by my count, That 359 per Garden and therefore 718 per Sigmarite Mausoleum. Its a lot of skulls by any measure, but its appropriate in the context I think. Thanks Thundercake! I will get a 6x4' set up photographed over the next month or so I hope. I have photos of the upcoming elements taken, but it will be a while before I can get some more photos taken. But its coming for sure. Hi Martin, good to see you here too! I have seen your absolutely gorgeous undead on FB, it is turning into an incredible force. I don't currently have an AoS force. I painted a unit of grots, but didn't like them so I stripped them and decided to work on terrain instead while I thought about a new approach. I am busy on other projects for the next couple of weeks, but after that I hope to get stuck into the Stormcast. Other possibilities included Ironjaws and Moonclan. I may end up painting a few units from each before I complete a small army for any of them though. I find that I stay more motivated and productive if I hop from one project to another a bit. So more than likely it will be Stormcast next... but it could be Moonclan or Ironjaws. I have models for all three cleaned up and uundercoated, so it really just depends on how I feel in a couple of weeks. Im excited about it though!
  13. I think that this is the first time that I have actually managed to approach the terrain first. The first time that I have resisted the urge to get stuck into the protagonists beforehand I haven't anything very specific in mind for a location really, not yet at least. I have two painted Garden of Morr kits (now a Sigmarite Mausoleum I suppose) and a lot of gravestones and a few dead trees already, plus a buddy is prepping a Death force, so its tempting to go with a Shyish vibe. On the other hand I have a lot of jungle terrain that should fit in around the ruins to give the opposite vibe, a Ghyran vibe. I also put together some dinosaur bone terrain pieces earlier this year, so they could fit in Shyish or Ghyran really. Generally speaking I try to go for fairly modular terrain pieces that can be combined to generate the vibe that I want. Picking out a handful of bricks across the terrain with a wash before the drybrushing stage is a nice way to bring a little bit of visual texture to what is essentially an expanse of grey without it getting too "busy". Im glad that you like it Stormcast first I think. The "Justified Ancients", the first of which can be seen here. Thanks for all of the encouraging feedback folks!
  14. Having spent some time over the last year or so working on WHQ: Silver Tower figures, I decided to dip my toe into AoS. Without decent terrain tabletop wargames just don't interest me much, so I decided to work on that before I got stuck into an army. So I planned an approach for making a ruined city table. The project had to have a beginning, a middle and an end. I didnt want to scratch build terrain really, I wanted practical yet nice to look at gaming pieces that look decent in photos. I didn't want a bespoke and therefore restrictive sculptural table: its for gaming not display. I wanted the terrain to look obviously fantasy, not just historical with bells and whistles. Bells and whistles that generate lightning and power chords are acceptable however. A list of appropriate kits was made. Over time they were purchased, two months ago they were assembled and they were painted over the last month or so. The first step was to prep and paint some fairly vanilla pieces, to pad out the table. Landmarks could come later. My first stop was the Citadel Ruins of Osgilliath terrain, which is pleasingly generic. I also picked up the Citadel Goblin Town set to use as gangways to connect the various buildings on more than one level, simply because I though that would be fun. I also picked up a set of Renedra fences to use as ladders. I assembled the lot and painted it with simple drybrushing and zenith spraying techniques. Next I added a Numinous Occulum, which after the Baleful Realmgate kit is my favourite piece of AoS terrain released to date. The blog post with more info on the Osgilliath ruins can be seen HERE. For those interested in more info about the Occulum, that blog post is HERE. I have a lot more terrain for this project finished, but I'm mainly waiting to take a few half decent photos of it. More Exactamundo next week. Thanks for looking!
  15. 16mm Destruction Dice - SOLD OUT

    I got my dice over the weekend, just in time for some Shadow War: Armageddon gaming. They will get some AoS action with orruks soon, I promise. Thanks for making them available Mitzy!