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  1. Grand Host of Nagash Escalation Tournament

    Lord of nagashizar is great but I would go with ancient strategist, gives you more of a chance on them charges.
  2. Yarrickson's Journey into Death

    I was explaining this to a buddy, but was nagash getting killed by curse of years from arkhan in my hypothetical example.
  3. Legion of Sacrament List - A Different Take

    What are you using to make these sweet graphical lists? Im really digging it.
  4. Blood tithe strong death showing.

    Though I’m stoked about the amount of death in this tournament, I don’t think it’s a great comparison. Death is a grand alliance, so yeah there are more from a grand alliance than from a single sub faction. i do find it interesting how many grand host of nagash there are. i wonder if they have nagash in them
  5. Curious as to how many death lists we will see.
  6. LoN Spell Cards

    I don't have them all made, just some of the ones i was thinking of using. Lets see if it keeps the resolution after upload. Spell Cards.pdf
  7. LoN Spell Cards

    awesome stuff, except for the resolution when i download it isn't high enough to read the words
  8. LoN Spell Cards

    Hey guys, I’m running a spell heavy sacrament list and I’m wondering if anyone has made some good spell cards. I made some with magic card generator but I don’t feel the picture needs to be there. Anyone have a good idea how to make these?
  9. Legions of Nagash: The Legion of Sacrament

    Please don't even joke about this. I was at a small tournament and someone was trying to say this. Wish GW would just pull the trigger and say round already.
  10. Legions of Nagash: The Grand Host of Nagash and New Summoning

    Dire wolves got nerfed? when? and also, someone said deathless minions is a 5+, where do you get this information from? What leak did i miss?
  11. new death battletome announced!

    I think we can all agree that the biggest news today was Sception being happy. I was beginning to think we were going to see a sweet youtube video of someone burning their minis again. I think with AoS its all about faith guys. I have faith that GW will do the right thing. They always eventually do. Since AoS started i have been pumped for all the cool things that have come out. There has been far more positive things in this hobby than negative. All I'm saying is don't lose faith in GW and especially don't lose faith in NAGASH. For he is the answer to chaos, he is true order.
  12. new death battletome announced!

    Looks like the units that won the most from this so far are: Spirit Host Grave Guard Black Knights Maybe a winner: Wight King with Black Axe: I for one love the 6+ can kill any model rule. It’s really great for the psychological warfare part. Creates a threat that the other player needs to calculate. My buddy will think twice about running archaon into a wight king.
  13. new death battletome announced!

    I think as was stated, deathrattle is not enough for a whole battletome. Your looking at 4 models. Skeletons grave guard, black knights and wight king. this is far better than a deathrattle battletome brother. It’s probably going to be a spell lore for death, and battalions we can actually use. It will be glorious! All of our newest models are finally getting something to make them worth putting on the table. By that I mean the mortarchs, nagash, basically everything from the end times.
  14. Question about massive regiments and understrength units.

    I would say you pay 480, because you pay for the models, you just don’t happen to field them.
  15. Mixed death list for Jan tournaments

    I like this, have you had any practice games? I am working on a similar list, all theory at this point, but would love to hear how yours ends up working.