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  1. Nagash 2000 Point List

    Totally agree with squirrelmaster on this. i was running Nagash 2 units of dire wolves and a unit of 10 skeletons. Added a liche priest. Adds up to 1120. Had a bunch of stuff to summon onto the table. Unfortunately Liche priest can now only buff your Morghast.
  2. Nagash 2000 Point List

    Your skeletons don’t have the movement to get across the board easy, I would do small blocks of skeletons or zombies and then just summon the block of 40 skeletons where you need it. Also, Morghast are great to summon. You could summon 4 harbingers in and alpha strike charge them in. What I’m saying is your list lacks mobility. Let nagash do what he is good at, summon.
  3. GA: Death 2k tourney list

    What do you guys think of this list? the summoning points are to be used for Morghast or skeletons depending on what is needed for objectives. Please give me feedback. Nefrata as general. Mortarch%20Madness%20%32%2E%30 2.pdf
  4. Death Heresy for AoS?

  5. Nagash Forever

  6. Best units for a mannfred list?

    Dire wolves as they are fast and can keep up with the rest of your army
  7. ghost of dragon past

  8. Morghast Archai


  10. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    So bubble wrapped, probably only KO can take him out, anything else?
  11. Deathlords, strong sub faction or not?

    I used deathlords at the first GT, didn’t do great at all, but it was really fun. Now with the point drop it might do even better. If I can finish painting, will probably do all 3 mortarchs.
  12. Vargheist ability?

    Nevermind, looks like you just gain an extra attack and since all the attacks are the same it doesn’t matter. Now I get it. Just read it as roll a d6 for every model you slay. For every roll of 6 you get to do another attack.
  13. Vargheist ability?

    I’m having the same issue, I’m thinking using different colour dice for each vargheist is the only way this would work. Also I don’t understand how 1 would models would make a difference.
  14. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    How much damage we talking? And what range?