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  1. valenswift

    8k Mega Battle

    That is very impressive, really like the scenery too (what are you using to make that as I'd really like to make some rocks and hills myself) Yeah a lot of our stuff is still part built and unpainted. Things have changed since we first started playing as kids back in the 80's. Now our spending potential outweighs our time to paint 😆
  2. valenswift

    8k Mega Battle

    Three friends and I played a 2V2 8k mega battle which pitted Stormcast & Legions of Nagash against Khorne & BCR We played for 9 hours, managing to get in 3 battle rounds with Chaos/Destruction winning 8-5 on victory points. Although we also worked out who had killed more and the Order/Death alliance won that one. It was great to get so much on to the table but one regret is not using the gathering of might rules for melee as it ended up with the 'cannon fodder' lasting too long and the big names like Nagash and Archaon not getting in to the fight.
  3. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - August 2018

    Continuing the Silver Tower commission I'm working on and if I'm lucky maybe paint some of my Sacrosanct chamber
  4. valenswift

    Deploying units in gravesites to get the first turn

    It still counts as a drop, same as Stormcast placing a unit in the celestial realm does. Only way to reduce drops is by taking a warscroll battalion. On the other hand deploying them in the grave means they can't be shot.
  5. Picked up the Storm Strike starter set for my 6 year old daughter and myself to play over the summer holidays. She'd already practised building and painting on a some old space marines I had so was eager to take on her first banshee. There's a very simple guide in the book which she followed.
  6. These are replies from a friend of mine that has an online business that this will directly affect. Ultimately case law will decide that. But it is easily argued that a 1mm blade in a slashing motion is capable of causing serious injury. Snips depending on size, can cut off a finger, sever a tendon or artery. No business is going to take the risk Regarding access, some people are obviously fine. Many are not. Consider this legislation will hit woodworking tools badly. A hobby which is populated by many older people in rural communities who may not drive, or even if they do drive they may still find it hard to find carving and turning tools in their locale. Majority of tradespeople are self employed contractors, not businesses. They operate their business from residential addresses. Ultimately section 15 will do nothing to prevent knife crime. It will only serve to hugely inconvenience a wide range of trades and hobbies.
  7. I am asking people in the UK to sign this petition https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/222776 It will curtail your ability to buy any modelling tool with a blade online, snips, scrapers anything really. It bans the distance selling of bladed items to a residential address which is described as anything that can break the skin. Most people will assume that this means knives but it also means many of the things we use for OUR hobby. I understand that knife crime is a real problem at the moment but this misguided bill goes to far and will affect many people who wouldn't dream of committing such crimes.
  8. valenswift

    Endless Spells in multiplayer games

    Yeah I agree with this and I suppose in such a big game (5 player game), when you could potentially have 8 turns between your first and second turn over 2 battle rounds, it would give you a little something to do
  9. valenswift

    Endless Spells in multiplayer games

    I’m going to be playing my first game of 2.0 tomorrow night and it’s going to be a five way battle. My IDK had 40 points spare for a sneaky endless spell so I’ve chosen the pendulum one. My question is how will a predatory spell work in a multiplayer situation? Obviously one on one it’s the player going second who moves a spell first. In our situation will it be the player going fifth?
  10. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - July 2018

    More IDK I have a commission for Silver Tower so will be ploughing through that too How this pledge will hold up when the new wave of Stormcast come in I don't know 😬
  11. valenswift

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Here's hoping for another head on the sprue, tends to be the case with the bigger monsters.
  12. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - June 2018

    All things Idoneth Deepkin
  13. valenswift

    Let's chat Kharadron Overlords

    Hope thunderers come down too
  14. valenswift


    It's yellow lichen by Warlord games, they do several colours for basing.