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  1. valenswift

    Gaming Space at home - Your solutions and setups

    I had this idea as I'm currently using a 4x4 board but am totally useless at DIY. Any chance you could show a picture of the underside to explain the blocks and clasps?
  2. valenswift

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    No he is a unique character, you can only have 1 in your list
  3. Great write up. I was also at the event on Sunday (my first Fest since 2010) and enjoyed it immensely, a selfie with Duncan being the highlight One complaint I do have tho was the shambles that was the Golden Demons award ceremony, how hard is it in 2018 to cobble together a slideshow so we can see what the winners had painted? As it was i lost interest after the first couple of awards as I had no idea who or what I was clapping for so we went for one last look round instead. It was a shame as it meant the event kind of fizzled out rather than being the celebration of the hobby and culmination of a great weekend that it should have been.
  4. valenswift

    The Rumour Thread

    Can't wait for tomorrow (although wish I'd gone today too :P)
  5. valenswift

    The Rumour Thread

  6. valenswift

    The Rumour Thread

  7. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    The beginning of my Nautilar Enclave, bases aren't finished as I'm looking to do some water effects. Lotann has been painted in his customary Ionrach armour 😀
  8. valenswift

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I also play SCE would you mind telling me your opponents list?
  9. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - April 2018

    Due to 40K and illness only got these done this month.
  10. valenswift

    The Painting Contract - May 2018

    Illness prevented me from fulfilling much from my last pledge, so only managed 2 Fulminators and some Azyrite ruins This month it is looking like mostly Idoneth Deepkin. Initially I'm saying Lotann and 10 Namarti thralls but could add to this once I've been to Warhammer Fest
  11. valenswift

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I also play with friends so don't have to worry about being 'competitive'. I wanted this army for the fantastic sea creature models somy list will be made up of the models i really like. I don't mind the thralls at all but no way I'm buying 90 of them and not including the beautiful Leviadon and Allopex miniatures
  12. valenswift

    Lets Chat: Idoneth Deepkin

    I really like the background and colour scheme for Nautilar but not keen on the enclave rules, wish they'd done something similar to KO where you could create your own. I only play with friends so it won't be a big deal if i use different enclave rules but seems like a missed opportunity.
  13. valenswift

    Cover question

    If you use all the Sigmarite Mausoleum terrain in a 1'x1' area (I tend to just use one Garden of Morr spread out along with other terrain on my table) then yeah I'd say it offered cover. You'd be hard pushed to get anything other than a single hero or maybe a small unit in there anyway so they'd certainly look protected.
  14. valenswift

    Nice lot of Bonesplitterz, buy or not?

    Slightly off topic but a regular opponent of mine is moving from Ironjawz to Bonesplitterz and was wondering if it was possible to run 2 KR battalions in your army at the same time. Providing you have the points and the models, can you run the same Warscroll Battalion twice?
  15. valenswift

    Maggotkin and the Sylvaneth face off over sacred ground.

    Wow, that looks fantastic. Great job.