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  1. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Yea it was kind of eyeroll inducing to play against him, although I find this with most uber characters. It's a bit of a negative play experience in my book. I managed to summon two WoK bloodthirsters and he killed them both without blinking. I missed a chance to wound him with Wrathmongers, next time I might try ignore him and kill the army but if he camps a gravesite I'll have no chance.
  2. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    First game of AoS2 today against legions of nagash, with nagash. Bloodbound definitely got shafted on the summoning side of things, real uphill struggle until the top of turn 3 and 4 where two units auto summon from grave sites tipping it into impossible. Couple of lessons learned around grave sites, charging nagash and summoning placement but man BoK got a raw deal.
  3. MOMUS

    Clarification on Banners and Musicians

    In every game I've ever played of AoS, tournament or otherwise people have always stuck to the command aesthetic from WHFB. 1 champ, 1 standard and 1 musician, to take multiple of any would be IMO against the spirit of the rules and I'm yet to see an example of this being condoned by GW in books and/or on video. The 'pick up banner' rule was only in WHFB and has never been in use in AoS, no examples of this in use in books on video. I've only ever seen it played as when the banner, musician or champ dies, they're dead. End of. It teaches players to actually think about model placement.
  4. I agree, they should just put it into one big red book. We could call it the BRB for short.
  5. Nice thread 🙂 Those units roles were more of a WHFB thing, where units had more specific roles such as chaff, WM hunters, etc I find AoS a little simpler in approach mainly due to the little composition rules in matches play. In WHFB players were forced to find roles for the core tax (easier in some armies than others) in AoS players don't have this burden as Battleline is only 3 units. Towards the end of the last GHB in my area I was seeing armies devolve into two extremes of min or Max Battleline depending on viability/battalion. As general composition for armies I usually see I normally categorise them into the below based on the primary motivation for taking them. 1. Objective holder. Units usually that are cheap or resilient, often from Battleline tax for efficiency of points. Can be used as screens/chaff in missions/match ups not objective dependant. 2. Buff/Neg. Units designed to either buff your kill units or neg the opponents, usually heroes. Sometimes can also be kill units. 3. Kill units. Elite troops that get the Lions share of the points, designed to destroy and be expended doing so.
  6. MOMUS

    Community Comp

    Comp packs were created to promote better play and penalise negative play. They were an extra level to the game created by the community to keep armies in check. They came in a variety of form, Swedish comp was perhaps an extreme example but was quite a fun (and complex) system. It involved a seperate power point system which allocated a penalty or a bonus depending on units selected it accounted for the huge discrepancy in power level from unit to unit which may not be reflected in the points. Comp pack were community driven, one of the more popular was SCGT comp which was created by the very people that helped create and play test the GHB.
  7. Hey Are there any tournament comp packs in the UK? I know the communication between the community and GW is stronger than ever and certain things get fixed by the designers pretty sharp nowadays but I would still be interested in playing under a comp environment. I'd love a Swedish style comp pack for AoS, would be really interesting to see the armies played. Anyone else miss comp?
  8. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Can't wait to play my first game of AoS2. Guna use the list as below: 3xPriest Bloodsecrator Bloodstoker Skar blood wrath 5 bloodwarriors 10 reavers 10 reavers 10 reavers 5 flesh hounds 20 bloodletters Wrathmongers Skullreapers Skullreapers Gore pilgrims Puts me a little short to gain a triumph.
  9. It's good to see AoS get into its stride with the latest edition, it's come a long way since its first few fumbling steps. Im really enjoying the extra depth they've added with AoS2, more missions, command points, summoning, new universal command abilities etc I hope they continue to add layers making the game more tactical and challenging, maybe next they'll add points per model, % army composition rules and units with flanks and ranks...
  10. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    GW did the sensible thing in the very next mission, claiming objectives is normal except wizards and artifact heroes count as 20 models. Mybe it'll get a fix.
  11. MOMUS

    When will AoS be finished?

    AoS will never be finished, it will evolve as time goes along. It's a business, the day it's complete is the day the money stop rolling in. Think of how games like destiny are marketed, years of scheduled DLC planned for. The same applies to AoS.
  12. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    The new missions have a heavy emphasis on objective play. Being able to deep strike units could help khorne in the new missions quite a bit. Just a few thoughts: 1. Total commitment, each objective is in a board corner, I could see BoK armies camping tough units while deepstriking daemons against enemy objectives. 2. Focal points, all objectives 18 from the middle. Good for khorne and other combat armies central objective scores consistently. Controlling objective deep in both territory scores higher. 3. Better part of valour, bit like scorched earth. 1, 2, 4 or 8 VP are awarded depending on turns objectives are held. Summoning could be used to steal objectives for a turn to reset VP counts on enemy objectives. 4. Shifting objectives (shite name GW) again being able to quickly react with summoned troops gives an advantage as primary objective is 3 VP and secondarys are 1. 5. Places of arcane power, this is a real downer. Only wizards and heroes with artefacts can claim objectives?!? Hope your opponent is KO or khorne I suppose??? 6. Relocation orb, real cool game where a grid and dice roll determine where the objective lands. Again with this mission, swift or teleporting units will aid reclaiming the objective in this mission.
  13. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    That's some slippery rules interpretation there. No, the debuff is on the unit. The unit can use its own bravery or the EDB after which you still apply the debuff.
  14. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    None of the basing regs really matter, I doubt any tournaments will enforce it over what the model was sold with. Doubtful GW heats will want that argument. Hopeful the karanak and flesh hound change is due to new daemon model release for 40k/AoS in near future. :)
  15. MOMUS

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    I would min max the troops you have, you could get away with having just 5 Bwarriors and 2x10 reavers. This would save some points to get some reapers who would benefit from the priests buffs. If you switched to kill frenzy on 2 priests you'd really be able to ramp up the damage. I wouldn't lose a priest for Karanak most players will just gun him down, I would play a few games swapping out the MLoK or skar to see the best fit