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  1. in mean in theactualGH you yet havethe ability to create a mage (or improve one). So it's not something so new. Moreover if an artofact you need battalions to have more anyway
  2. one you can yet create, but has to be the general.
  3. Form the preview it seems that at least 2-3 things about GH2016 are still the same.
  4. the rules give me reason. The organizers have to be more serious when redacting the rules of the TO and òoor them if they do so cause usually I don't take the rules too strict but I can always change mind. There is a FAQ about and the official AoS app gives me the points for both the versions. The organizers can make HR but they have to declare them clearly, it's a pity they don't have the means
  5. The GA:D are still valid, both FAQ and AoS app say so. The models have points. If you deploy them you declare wich ones are in the rooster , if you summon only the GA:D ones are summonable. Your statement is invalid
  6. Summoning how canbe overpowered? You summon till having the same points as the opponents.You play undertill you don't summoning you can adapt the strategy to youroppponent and each GA can do it. You have only to do suche a thing. So there can't be such a problem ad it is now.
  7. 1) such thing as it us AoS now it's not possiblecause the unitsarein block 2) I totally agree, but the priblem is that you risked to overorize when you didn't give the ring, and even thinking about giving poits to the ring it would have to be done based on the wounds of the model itself. Anyway about models who come ack by themselves it should really be like you said. 3) I agree even if combined with the forced eing far from the enemy reduce some trick usableabout it. And anyway some summoning say thatyou have the models to bein the range of the spell anyway. 4) here I don't agree, if you use summoning you have to e consciousof the risks itself. Therearenot only mages who can summon so create a rooster thought about using those points in different ways is part of the thoughtsof the player itself I don't find Death underpiwered, but surely I'd like another Attletome at least. Likely TheGk2017 will bring some refreshing wind
  8. The ring FAQ screwed up a lot of things, but still summoning is one of the best tactics that there are. Personally I'd never play a Death Army without points put aside to summoning something. Sincerely I find the summoning one of the best way to modify and adapt the game. Withput point abput summoning you'd have really an instoppabòe mess. Death, Chaos and Seraphons would summon without stopping causing a big unbaòance. It would blow up things. Summoning requirong points it's also a way to calibrate things cause in sich a way the modeòs who can summon has to pay attention to what they do and tye player itself has to pay close attention to its own options since the roosting. Uf we are talking about skirmish otèr campaign... beh there are like so. A campaign doesn't need to be fair cause it evolves differently each time and has a coordinator.
  9. 1) we have to specify, bold text or no. If bold text so it's keyword, if not bold is the name of the unit. So in the case of the "Attendants tthey are bold ones so yes. If you take the royal managerie for example in the Organisation box you find all cursive text so you can use FEC:B or GA:D terrorghesit /dragon zombie, but not the oens with a rider. Insterad in the Abilieties you can find a bold AGK and it refer both to the afoot one and the riding one. There's a FAQ about it 2) any edge, any unit even on different edges
  10. If you have similar units with different weapons they have to be perfectly distinguishable. About the heroes, doing tournaments foten till a couple years ago all my models, even hero where modified to have even the accessories perfectly. It happened to meet some poor sportive guys who wanted to win some games with really strict WYSIWYG to other people, I simply made them noticing that if they dare they would have to beg not to meet meotherways none of their models would have passed the investigation made by me if they insisted cause even rings, and specifics were on my armies so... Usually doesn't happen the situation described, they are really rare limit cases, in more than thousands tournaments it happened only twice. Anyway you have to make clear what is waht for the opponent, it's a respect to them. Then you can heavy modifying and so on, but everything has to be not confusionary.
  11. I play both^^ GKoTG e GKoZD, but my general is the GKoDZ. I don't like the VLoZD cause I don't find completely useful it's command ability and the GA:D dragon is quite undersstrenght (it doesn't meand that it is'nt good eh^^). I prefer being blet to keep my opponent in taking doubts when my Horrors will try to snatch objectives, hunting shallow leaders or units or try a jump the first turn to damage the opponent or force him to disengage so preventing him doing something else with those units. They are enough. My option allow me moreover between horrors and flying ones so to adapt the strategy . Or to summon something else, but being able to technically "summon" with the GK without preventing I find quite useful.
  12. with ghoul patrols 10 ghouls units can be useful to take objective and infiltrate. But I'm not a big fan of the ghouls About horrors I summon them by the GKoTG so yes I find them quite useful
  13. it's written that is something added to the traits. Everything else is only a fantasy, I'm not sure to want to follow that route: it can make yourself quite disappointed
  14. Nothing is wprth that losss.. to see anyway the other option, that I agree
  15. Nice news, it's yet to see th countour, but I think there will be at least a lot of new experiments to go on^^