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  1. Experienced Player joins the 'Dead'

    Have you thought about using rolling pins?
  2. Corpe cart, this "black sheep"

    Lately I've started to test the Corpse cart as a model. I'm still not finished with my tests about such a unit, but I'm anyway seeing that few players value such a unit quite enough execpt with really specific armies, There are a lot of sinergies that it gives with zombies and dire wolves. But what I'm referring to are the itself specific abilities that it has. I have anyway to separate the two versions of the Corpse Cart; I'll start with the one that I value a little less: Corpse cart with baleful brazier. Here we have e way to decrease the ability of the enemy wizards with the Balefire fire.. Not too much, but it's range it's not little and can help to negate some spell to be casted or aid the dispelling of our own models. Malefic fumes are a bit interesting, but rarely they will be appliable cause the movement of the model itself and the range of the ability; added to it also the random it requires at the end... it's an ability that has only occasional usefulness. The version that I really value instead it's the Corpse Cart with unholy lodestone. This version directly improve the casting rolls, in some ways it's like having the Allegiance Ability "The Black Disciples" from the Legion of Sacrament but referred to all the the Death Wizards. Ok the range it's "only" 18" but it means at the end a diatere of more than 36" (you have to add also the volume of the model itself that increase the effective area covered by the ability. And then we have another ability that it's quite interesting: Locus of undeath. That even if only with 6" range let you reroll the dice for the deathly invocations, so like having a general with the command trait "Master of Death" of the Grand host of Nagash. I'm experimenting particularly the Corpse cart with unholy lodestone and taking not that I have infantry units that have the same speed around I'm finding it quite interesting. I'ts ability combined means that it vould be in range almost always to dive the bonus to cast and the reroll when necessary for the deathly invocations made by the heroas . In close combbat i's not so bad either... better than simply 10 zombies and it has enough wounds to survive random shooting. And you what do you think about such a model?^^
  3. How many skeletons per unit?

    10-20 with swords, 30-40 with spears. Sincerly I prefer 30 with spears also cause having a better mobility. The prerequisite is to be able to mantain its bonuses. Alternatevely 40. 10 with swords are pretty good to keep objectives moreover if you are able to play good with the gravesitea
  4. Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    I know those models and they are awful and too small
  5. Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    I have those models, but there are more meat than bones and they are quite short too as size. Even taking note about a carnifex there is not so much bones to talk about, almost everything is about meat also there.
  6. Wight king on "Skeletal Mount"

    I'm not a good sculptor, but cause there are not avalaible skeleton mounts outside there I'm thinking to give a try. Some port as the tail and the head are simple to morph. What it's really troublesome are the legs cuase they require quaite a bit of work. Surely I'll need quite a bit of greenstuf^^
  7. There are some idea that maybe never should see the sunlight... unlucklyly it exists also the moonlight So I started from a miniature of a box that I bought some years ago... here you can see "hot to build it up"... Then you built it up from the scratch... And the n you take a normal Black knight to see if it can be used in a good way... Now I was thinking about creating some armour to cover some parts and maybe using some ethereal flase on other ones... some suggestion to improve it?^^
  8. Legion of Nagash Spell Cards

    really great ones, thanks^^
  9. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    pag. 60, third coloumn, Legions of Nagsh When you are choosing your army, you may decide it is taken from one of the legions of Nagash. If you do, choose one of the following faction keywords. All units and warscroll battalions in your army selected from this battletome gain that keyword. So Death comes to have the legions keyword. The only one you can't is Cohort cause Nagash, as it says the FAQ that has been reported to you . They can't go to the Soulblight and Death though cause they dnt' have the Keyword Legion of X necessary to play them in it
  10. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    True. It's quite different in that way. I don't think to remember a precedent of such description. Or has it been used before for other units?
  11. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    The rule is ths, ere FEC TG has it. TG not has it. So it doen't heal like the other one. You added the cost of the Abhorrant ghoul king to the GEC TG, but not the cost of the wizards to cast the spells that you talked aobut. So you threw some points around but applied only to one side, not to the other side. It's like trying to create rules to break themselves as you like. You want to use the FAQ about Skarbrand to use the Maws? Ok. I give you the gain to the TG for the bite.
  12. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    If you play the best scenario each time is equally worrse. With simulating the worst scenarios you can now the problems of your army and prevent it. If everything is smooth is not such. And the you have to consider your throwing dice... and mine usally is scaring low^^
  13. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    I only said that TG against FEC TG has fewer rules (and it's true). You talked abouot adding the model. Anywya if you want to play in such a way to play with the TG with spells you have to add also the cost of the wizards to to it, addind the balewind, adding for each speel the models to use the casting... so you have to use quite a lot of points to do waht you say. So avoid to try this game of fake comparatives. At least if you want to do such a game, make it fair using for both the same process. Not only on a part to try to be right
  14. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    Why 420 points? The FEC terrorgheist cost 300 points points too and the TG oZD is 400, not 420. If you are adding also the Abhorrant ghoul king... why don't you do the same when you talk about healing the units of skeletons and so on using the Deahtly invocations? They are the same model, simply the other one has the option to heal close to a model, the LoN not...you have to use a spell to be able to the same on LoN one.
  15. Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    They heal if near an Abhorrant ghoul king keyword model. The LoN ones they don't heal at all (spels apart) ... and ok, the artifact form GA:D