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  1. both versions are still legit, as for the terrorgheists and si ilars. There's even a FAQ about it.
  2. I useboth GKoTG and GKoZD, with the first as General and they aresimoly immortals. The real heavyweights in my army
  3. Maybe you can be interesed in this: It's only a part, but step by step I'll create for all the Morr's Garden
  4. it's magic^^ Otherways you cna always use old skeletons who had the drum if you prefer. Not consider it like somehing logic, but something like nefarious magic indications^^
  5. You can replace it with the abhorrant ghoul king. Technically you can't cause it doesn't have the points. And as it , cause the name doesn't corrispond, also Legion of death and a lot of new Stormcast warscroll battlaions are not usable.
  6. We are the Death armies... we are the hell! ahahahah^^
  7. IThe priblem is the pretence to laugh at it and prevent at the same time the Carrion put. If you do, beh, you're applying rules those are partial, so, you laugh, but I take away my group from your tournaments. You call keyword against unit name stuff? They are GW FAQs, if you change them ou have to note them. Otherway I can brin the royal managerie woth GK riding the beasts... it's the same... but, it would not be admitted... You can laugh, but you would only show how inadequate is your TO management. It's a TO, it's serious. There are prizes, sometime money, and so in; so there has to be foresight to such accidents. If you don't notify clearly in the infopack about the rules modified, you can't change on the whim. It's not about soldiers miniatures or so on, it's what a TO realy should offer: precision. Guess what would happen in a soccer\rugby match if the arbiter would changethe rules without tell about it beforehand, or if the players would leave the TO haòfway cause it. The TO is away to meet and to play together, byt if nowhere rules changed happen to prevent me to bring something and at the same time the same thing prevent me allow the other one to do based on the same principke... why should I pay to cone to your TO? If unfair treatment why to go to a TO in first pkace, better some casual game so... GW did something similar in the past and it too had a storm of recrimination about such thins. Rules applied different on dfferent tables in the same tournament. The rules are such you apply the rules to anyone in the exact same way. Do you change them? Write them down clearly.
  8. Nope, cause it's not a FEC warscroll battalion, the new ones doesn't invlaidate the old ones. And moreover it's a bad assumption cause simply it's not such. You justify it in the wrong way, nothing to relate to eventual GW intentions. Moreover GW so has given points to the warscroll battlaion to never make it usabel for the begninning? So the same apply to Stormcast eternal and so on. Nope, they are rules. You pay points to use them, they are bonus rules and abilities to thee units. If you say so you apply the HR, you can do so, but you can't claim to apply the rules, moreover you do partial HR based on decisions and not to fairness, I'd see quite bad to TO's organized in such a way. Common sense i'ts not "partial sense". as you do. You apply to everythuing or to nothing. There's not ambiguity at all, the rules are clear. You simply want to snob some and elate other ones, it's totally another thing. You can only agree with me, not the opposite. Then you cann choose, but it would anyway be a partial use of the rules and you have to specify them in the TO, otherway if someone constest it... he has right and you can only admit you wrong and give him the game won. No, it's completely different.. This FAQ it's not about "wrong name", but two warscroll with the same name, such as the Terrorgheist or the Dragon Zombie, and it affirm you can play both. It's not about units with different names like Prosecutor and Prosecutors that are not the same units and as such not usable.
  9. So it shpuld be playable also the Pit Carrion for the same reason. Do You forbid it? I claim victory against the roosters witn not exacr names. Simple. It's the same. You can't even call the new battletone, it's the same for the carrion pit since the GH arrival, so same situation. No onee, no the other one. Spirit of the rule? Silly argument. So the carrion put is avalaible. Ypu can't claim same reason apply different based on what you like or not. The rules are such. Do you want to change them? Sure, but your ones are HR , not the rules. IFf based on the spurit of the rule, you can't forbid the carrion pit. It's simple. Otherway it's not common sense, but unfairness.
  10. We are talking about TO rules and so on. In casual playing I refuse to believe someone really would argue about such a thing (I know someone who would do, but against them I simply erase their armies on the battlefield). Nope, cause it doesn't count. Bold wrrd are Keywords, but the name of the units it's the complete name, not part. There are no rules by GW about it. Moreover the name would be anyway incorrect. No, it's a part of the name, otherway I can say the same of the mounted as "on Dragon zombie" anch so on, such is not the case. Doesn't exist something like "with an adjectiv" and no rules about it. Moreover in the GH are separated by points by the full name so you can't argue with such thesys. It' not opinion, it's as it is. You can create a HR, but the rule is such. If we accept it for the Prosecutrs and so on such has to be for the "Charnel pit carrion" and so on. Too easy call common sense and so on only about interested things. The rules has to be fair to all. And it did also for other units, a pity that it applies only to the units who had the FAQ. It didn't claimes that singulars and plurals is the same. It's not the same thing, moreover cause it involve the Keywords and not the units'names. Without that FAQ it couldn't be used as a Keyword itself cause it didnnt' corrispond.
  11. If the name is "Prosecutor" instead of "Prosecutors" or so on... it's illegal in the same exact way. If they are not bold written they are not the same unit, so it's illeggal in the same way. So for the "legion of death" doesn't exit a simple "wight king", but "wight king with...". Cause they are not bold written they are not keywords. Not keywords they are names, so or they are written correctly or not usable as warscroll battalions. And if someone say that it's a new battletome and they should be playable... carrion pit is since the exit of the GH, but the unit require doesn't have the points. So cause it's not "common sense" to use the "abhorrant ghoul king" as it is that model cause it doesn't have that name, so, by FAQ it's the same for everything similar, even cuase they are written plural or singular instead, or have in some way different names. Or everything follow the same rules or it's a joke.
  12. As are illegal a lot of warscroll battalions from the new Stormcast Eternals battletome and so in. Only if there is the exact name in not bold ones description of units you can play it. Same it applies to "legion of death" warscroll battalions
  13. As are illegal a lot of warscroll battalions from the new Stormcast Eternals battletome and so in. Only if there is the exact name in not bold ones description of units you can play it. Same it applies to "legion of death" warscroll battalions
  14. I never have such a problem and never had my army smashed, quite the opposite, usually it's me to smash the opponent armies... I don't agree. Otherway you should always include specific units to target the opponents characters, it means less freedom in making the roosters. And to gain at the same time the same result. If you have specific units to smash them... what the difference? Simply that you have less points to characterize and to be able to make sinergy with the army. I don't find it a solution at all. Tzeench can't kick me even if it tries. It hasn't enough magic to do it, even if it makes efforts. And to counter it there is alsways summon... and even tzeench can't dispel what can't dispel by nature using command abilities or unholy swords...
  15. Not always you can kill the units to go catch the characters. If I placebefore you 30-40 zombies with double save you can't necessarily arrive to catch them. I play the courtiers knowing their weakness, I don't only play one of them and I use the scenics and the units to cover them, cause anyway to be targeted they have still to be seen. I tried and I have done. Why you should play a skeleton as general? It's you way to see that it's corrupted in this case. If you have such problems using such things you have to adequate. There is the ring evnetually if you want to recover the model. You have to engage and annhilate the enemies, cover your generale with the models or scenics; and so on. Sincerly I prefe rso than seeing models boosting without caring behind the scenes cause they are untatgattlable, excluded maybe from certain units. In a system like it is now every units has it's role and it's not immortal. Give me a thing liike the 40k character untouchable and simply a Death list become only a grinding stone that annhilates everythng.