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  1. Basing Undead

    here some of my ways^^
  2. Old Square Bases

    paths, walls, shields, vehicles armours for 40k, coloumns, markers, and so on
  3. And here it's a video on how I converted one winged vampire lord on a on foot one. It could also be magnetized , but I really liked to use it in the position I modified, so I decided not to procede to that step. Anyway all the other steps you can find them here:
  4. And here I bring a tutoril about how to realize easily a chalic/goblet. I realized such tricks for my vampires and Blood Angels, So I thought it would be interesting to share the idea about it. And here it's the video talking about t that comes from my YT channel.
  5. Here I bring the magnetizing that I made for my Carnosaurus of the Carnosaurus/Troglodon set. Cause Otherways it would have been too long as video I decided to separate the Carnosaurus realization from the Troglodon one (and other sub parts about other option avalaible). I prefer to use the video way both cause I have my YT channel and cause otherway the written step by step explanation would require quite a lot of writing and wooyld lose some of the interest I think. About the color Scheme is simply cause I prefer the old forest tye to the actual ones, instead for the scales I loved the painting about the Sacred Armies in a WD and I liked the Idea about the "preferred ones" so for now they are white in these moment, but I'm deciding wich scheme of colore integrate in this main models. So here it's the video, I hope you'll like it as much as I liked to realize the model itself^^
  6. Let's See Your Ghoul Kings on Terrorgeists!

    i'm preparing videos about for my youtube channel so for now I'll not post them, anyway my ones have magnetized wings, heads and backbones^^
  7. head swap suggestions for a wight king conversion

    you can see this video, and tomorrow there will be another video about it:
  8. Skeletons Legionnaires as Chafe, one big unit or many small?

    It depend. I use both, but for small units I prefer zombies usually, so to evetually being able to combine them. Small units are good to conquer objectives (even if now with some new scenarios their role is a little diminuisched. Big units are more sturdy, moreover the skeleton ones (with pikes). In any case anyway I prefer to use 30 strong pikesheletons cause I find them more manouvrable than the 40 ones, anyway it has to be taken note that 40 ones strong has the discount and it's not something to doubt about, moreover cause you hae more margin in preserving the bonuses about the big unit even losing more models.
  9. FAQ AoS 03_09_2017

    And as someone has signalled in the forum: There has been the release of new FAQs about AoS: https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Generals_Handbook_FAQ_v1.0.pdf We are interesed about 2 of them: 1) Page 96 – Deadwalkers, Allies Change to: ‘Allies: Deathlords, Flesh-eater Courts, Deathrattle, Deathmages, Nighthaunt, Soulblight’ that is something was missing but not so important 2) Page 117 – Allegiance Abilities, Mounts Change the second sentence to: ‘In all such cases, any command traits or magical artefacts can only be used to affect attacks made by the hero, and have no effect on attacks made by the their mount unless specifically stated otherwise.’ It changes from command abilities to command triats. It's quite a great change. I don't know if it would affect the coven throne, but anyway it's a great change. The possibility it was the german verison the one mistaken was high, but anyway I can only take note about it^^
  10. Thanks to signalling me. I take note. It means quite a lot of changes^^ it's good to know about it^^ Without the FAQ it was different, now it's so^^ I'll have to create a video about it^^
  11. Seraphon Conversions

    I'm posting some modifyings and conversions on my YouTube channels, and I have some projects developing also about Seraphon: Deynon Mod https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1qXHV7vp3lcxH3mM85bhw next friday I'll post a video about a saurus conversion that you'd appreciate I think^^
  12. I made an analysis of the Seraphon Allegiance in Heneral's Handbook 2017, I hope you'd share your thoughts with me about it.
  13. My analysis about Death in GH2017

    And here the final thoughts after reading everything. Anyway we have suffered heavy blows, but I hope that it will exit "soon" a new battletome about Death to regain some options
  14. Generic Death Keyword counts as allies?

    No, generirc Death is not allyable, cause it's not in the list of the optons in each allegiance in GH2017, so VLoAT and Khmeri will remain in GA:D only for now..
  15. Lets chat Soulblight

    I dont' think you can take the GA:D as subally., it's not avalaible in the one allowed. And that about command trait it's totally absent till doesn't exit a FAQ, there is only a GH2017 language that say otherways, so it's more likely that it's that one the wrong one. If it would be command trait it would be even worse.