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  1. Theoretically yes, cause they are referred to the model that possess the book. But I usually play with a HR where the same rule doesn't stack. Anyway if you play something else, es. Neferata I let it do.
  2. 50-50. Some are trying other options. I should ask them directly cause I don't play exclusevely against them so I should ask about their own ratio.
  3. The round ones are better for movements.
  4. Maybe I suggest the Terrorgheist\ Nagash base, but till you don't have ral referrement I thnk the base you chose it's ok till fit the model
  5. your favourite one is one of the moels has always made me desire to modify and convert cause I found it one of the least attractive and I have never appreciated it^^ A midern interpretation about it anyway I agree it would be awesome: I imagine something a bit bulkier. Imagine: a riding krell with a bulky new style sleletal horse....
  6. i don't like the base of the's too small considering the models... seeing those exiting from the ase in such fashion ruins the model in my opinion. The model itself suits good. About the knight I'd suggest a bit more work on the pose of the models, they have a bit of unfit more than a conversion. Male the pose a bit more dynamic and you have a much more impressive result
  7. I order them from (I put it on spoiler cause I don't know if I can write it on the forum): cause they have quite a big vaiety of them and more you buy more disocunt you have. But they are not the cheapest. You can find them laso on other sites or even on e-bay. Remember only to buy REE-magnets cuase they are stronger than normal ones. You can say that I'm quite addicted to magnets cause almost every army I have have magnets on quite a "bit" of them^^
  8. Sicerely I play the FEC terrogheist but cause I like it. Based on the potential damage it's stronger than the FEC DZ, but the FEC DZ is more solid as damage. My general is the GKoTG cause I want to summon the horrors. But tournaments... if we talk about them first we should talk about the points we play at. Cause it change a lot the options you have. At 1000 points maybe even a unit of Blood knights would be an eyesore as points. But at 1500/2000 it becomes quite interesting and can allow even two of them. Changing the points change the options avalaible, event he personalization of the rules change it. So before we should talk about the rules of the tournaments and the point system of the tournament itself. The Tk are not so strong. Death as mix is much stronger. Moreover often you forget talking about one thing: you don't play about vaporizing the opponent, but to take the objective so it's the foundamental part. Sincerly if I have 20 zombies on an objective even an elite unit can't move them if it's not in a certain amount of models and in that case there are repsonses too. Death lists are synergic but they are quite immortal. We have to use them. I see often TK and FEC armies, but i kknock them out quite easily with mix FEC; they are charateristic, but they don't have "weight".
  9. At the base of the wirst and in the front arm. Create a hole for place magnets. I suggest magnets 2x2mm cilinder ones (first numeber the diameter, second the height). You have to pay attention to the position of the arms if you want to interchange them so you have to calculate the positioning of the arms itself based on the polearm and then you can change them as you want afterward fro sword to polearm and viceversa. Obviously you can also mmodify the polearms and realize one hand ones (I've done it myself too). You can magnetise also the pectoral, but I suggest not doing it cause it ruins the aestetic of the model in my opinion. About the helmets can be magnetised too, but it requires 2x1mm on the base of the helmet , but you have to put the otther magnet on the neck before installing the skull of the model (and sincely I don't find it a good idea cause the helmet is too light and the risk to lose it is too high, so better on or off or simply put it on and off without magnets). Moreover I've quite crazy so I magnetised the base case you want to magnetize the wings I suggest to choose if you do on the bases or on the attach of the wings to the body. Not both at the same time cause the models otherwise becomes quite unstable. In the next days I'll realise videos about magnetise some models and these are some of them.
  10. magnets and you don't have to decide
  11. I know, but you're yet using a warscroll formation you shouldn't be abe to use...
  12. if it would be usable it 's good as formation. It adds a good speed, the only problem is to protect the Wight king of it cause it's the one to let the speed progress, so to him a Ring of immortality could be an investement even if it requires to set aside some points beforehand. The damage can be integrated anyway with the rest of the army, so not much to worry about it. Some Blood knights, morghasts, or even some Zombie dragon can be really thematica about it. If someone likes to modify it could even realize a VLoZD like riden by a Wight king.
  13. It's not the first time GW play with different rules than the ones she settles. The rules says that, it's not my invention. Otherway they have simply to be more clear with what they say. The only way to play the Legion of Death is by the Keywords, the name of the units are different
  14. It's not so. Even the prosecutors if so have the same restriction. Before the FAQ they were considered the Keywords, now not anymore. So all the warscroll battalions who doesnt' respect such terms are now invlaid by FAQs, not mind if Death or Order, Stromcast inclused
  15. both of them require a unit called "wight king" and such unit doesn't exist... such thing comes from the FAQ about only "bold" words talk about Keywords and the name of units in the warscroll battalions are not so.