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  1. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    About Obliette Arcana of the Legion of Blood. If the use of the artifact is using the unbinding uses for the wearer or not. I think not cause it can be given also to not wizard models.
  2. Manfred - too easy to kill ?

    You are missing that it can heal itself with spell, killing enemies in CaC. Cause not only tour enemies are able to damage. Moreover it depends if you want to play Legion of Night. Cause then you could use ageless cunning to arrive from the border in the way to reduce the distances from your enemy with him. And it's up to you deploy anyway him in the way that it's not a target for all the enemy force. I think it would be better to add anothr "big" target that the oponent can'tignore in the way to divide his focus.
  3. Skellies .... Spears or Blades?

    It's not a must . Simply if you play 10 models with blades you gain more advantages. At 20 models you gain A bonus (even if you are not sure to apply it. And spars and blades can be both useful. I'd prefer sword simply cause they are still in the range to attacck all the models. Going up to 30. You'd gain the bonus of +1A to the spears, but most models would be probably unable to attack, so I'd prefer the spars who can add theyr attacks even if not in perfect formation and you gain a second line and third line attacks eventually. Here my thoughts about. the distinguish. It doesn't mean that it's universal one though.
  4. Skellies .... Spears or Blades?

    30 or more spears, 20 or less blades.
  5. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    it's to specofy. Command traits and artifacts don't influence the mount of the hero/general itself but they can influence other allied mounts^^
  6. Vampire Lord without Spells

    They know the basic spells, only those. anyway also the allegiance of Soulblight give and additional spell from the LOre of Vampires. Only the Grand Alliegiance DEath doesn't give other spells more than the basic ones.
  7. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    You have at your disposal allegiance Grand Host, Grand Allegiance Death, Soulblight in the Legion of Nagash Batletome. NIghthunt and FEC in the GH2017.
  8. Old Blood Knight warscroll

    you can use it, but the legions won't apply to them. About old warscrolls a lot of peolple insisted using the FEC TG for death too to prohibit the summoning. Instead now ... they can't talk about. We have also the nighthaunt those should only be able to gain the allegiance from the GH2017, but technically they could only refer to the battletome itself, so the old nighthaunt warcrolls?
  9. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    you'd lose 8 Attack of the haindmaidens, quite a bit of loss, and anyway that trait it's not the only thing that can affect it overall, including also the ghosts. In can't be Vampire Queen on Coven Throne cause doesn't exist a vampire queen, only vampire lord. It's silly, but it's as it's working GW. Prince Vhordrai its already a strange exception.
  10. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    The conve throne it's better described this time: The vampire queen it's mounted on a Coven throne attended by two Pallid Handmaindes --->>> and it's the vamprie queen to be attended by and protected by a swirling spirit.---> as the nadmaindens. And even considering the coven throne the subjects are not attacks brought by the mount. And here it's specified better. This obviously considering logic and grammar, but not necessary what GW can say. So I think it's better to clarify it once for all
  11. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    About Coven Throne: it will gain the effect of the command trait (and simlar ones) Walking Dath for all hist attacks or only a part of them and why?
  12. How are Wight Kings now?

    They are worse cause the losing of the stendard. Better cause they heal SUMMONABLE units. and the Great Axe one cause before was neglected to only consider the one with the sword, now should be the opposite; unless you want it riding, cause the one with the sword is the only one that can ride.
  13. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    Yallokson caught it right. If you gain 1 or more mortal wound and those would kill enemy models, do you kill them before them could atack? Cause it would decrease the amount of attacks the general itself suffer, even arrivying to prevent killing
  14. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    About Legion of Sacrament., command triat Mark of the Favoured: it should apply before that the hit to roll from the enemy are done, but you have to then negated the hit and wounds for the models who dies cause the mortal wounds received?
  15. It's quite crazy as a think such decision. In less point games could be a good choice, but don't forget that it's quite easy to kill the WK with only5 wounds. I would not suggest such a risky decision.