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  1. I love the banshee, it has been the first model I painted. About Death I make first to say the models I don't like^^ Anyway I'd say khalida and the Terrorgheist (I simply love that undeat giant bat^^)
  2. true, my mistake.
  3. usually I play 1500pt, about 2k I have really a lot of different options. I write down my usual 1500pt rooster. It's not so worrysome cause in 2k I reserve the about 3-500 pt to summon (I can't use the FEC warscroll battalion about GkoDZ\TG anymore on 2k game, sigh) anyway. GKoTG (general) GKoDZ 30x spear skeletons 20x zombie 20x zombie banshee (to change, but still there for now) points to summon 1uit of horrors thanks to the general's command ability usually obviously is only a plssibility. There are much more possibilities. simply till now this list never lost yet
  4. I mix them. I think it's the best way. But I have also ti admut that the fashion of a FEC army is great for someone who always liked strigoi style.
  5. cause their ruke "spectral hunters" that with Settra works on 5+ instead of 6
  6. Yes, they are. COmbined with Settra they are much better than black knights. And they are usuful in a nighhunt list too. Sincerly I use relateely less both of them now as now but cause i'm using other things. They are anyway quite good. DOn't forget that the wraiths are ethereal and the knight are quite fast and does not little damage to light units for quite cheap price.
  7. they need a little work on the barding to swiftly change and I don't like the little point of contact they have on the back of the horse so I prefer magnets but anyway also a mechanical action suffice
  8. magnetize the rider
  9. I usethe GkoTG as geheral cause it can summon the horrors. No dispels and missing casts allowed.
  10. that depends on the tournament. Ask thhe arbiter\organizer. Someone is silly about it and can't distinguish etweena proxy and a conversion
  11. no, it doesn't override it. Based on FAQs are both avalaible till the name of the unit is assocuated to points
  12. I have 2 original ones VLoAT and the rules are in the app (moreover the compendiun are still valid) so why should it be canceled? moreover as other said whats the problem with conversions?
  13. maybe cause i'm used to battle against order armies I don't find usually suòernatural horror quite useful, but it can be choosen befire game so no priblem ring of immortaluty cause the last FAQs us no avalaible in such list:you don't have the point to use it
  14. I fond red fury better in A DZ sincerely. Anyway quite a lot depend on the rooster you create. Personally I prefer a more solid way so gain the ruler of the night to male the general and who is around him more solid.
  15. wight king standard save works only if the model would be slain so it's really the last hope