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  1. Ghouls are capable only if FEC oriented cause it's the only way to substiain them. And even if you thing about the "gohul atrol" at the end it requires a bit of investments too. I ussually play both skellies and zombies and they are quite solid. The skellies I like to play in 30 strong spearmans. Or they meet quite a combination of opponents or a specialized anti mass unit. Otherway even a big monster risks to die under their scratches. Zombies are perfect to stall. Their main ability is versatiltiy cuase you can always assess the requirements and full fill adding zombies on zombies thanks to the merging ability.
  2. the banshee is nice, but I'd suggest to point on a wight king with stendard, more useful
  3. I love Melchior^^ I always preferred him to Zachariah^^ I think it would be one of the few "proxy" I'd use playing VLoAT instead of a proper one. I like that beast as much as I hate the old ridden by the DS. Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  4. I suggest you to keep to summoning, eventually you can think about using the "unholy sword" to be sure about it Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. My one is Melchior on abyssal terror. I have two of them (only one painted now) It's one of the first models I have ever painted and so I don't want to touch the first one^^ Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. magnets
  7. I bring both mounted ghoul kings and I find it awesome. I use the GKoTG to summon ok, but anyway it's really useful to use as model. It's quite easy to magnetize them. I have to realize a video about it. Anyway the real part that need to be magnetized are the wings to male easier moving the models.
  8. No problem at all. I think anyway that such thing has to characterize in some way the army not to fall in the proxies. Sincerely I don't find it problematic, maybe cause I first handely has always mixed to obtain something suitable to myself. Sometimes I found some who only saw GW models as the way, even woth the poses of the models, but never once seen soneone refusing to play against my modified models , even in official stores.
  9. Balance is an option, such as extreme. Wanting to play extrem has to be a choice, not an advantage.
  10. Also Seraphon and Stormcast summons... aeleves too, high and and sylvan ones particularly... So we have only destruction that can be maybe a little without summoning... And can anyway summon... wait... didn't side lists needed to be used to use not used units? What? You need competitive ones and not those incarnate elementals? Or simply you have to think better about your lists...
  11. You can summon, so why side lists and dual ludts? You can yet do it. Without needing such things. Tactical? You hode yput shprcomings in the list so you don't have to strain your brain on game to solve it. You do work preame, it's only easier to play I don't find the reason: you can ise unot least used a solution cause it will simply never happen. You'll not put the in the side list cause you'll try anyway to put it in a competitive way so maximize in onether way. With other regolamentation of the game could be interesting,but now with current rules we have yet such options, simply it requires to be used instead to finda way to do similar but lazier
  12. Dual lists means hiding shortcomings. Instead of think about summoning or create an all round list you can take the extremes and put both on them. I find it not goo in competitive way.
  13. ahahaha^^ They're different. TG is better with units with medium/low Bravery. And their maws can be perverse. But as medium attacks the DZ is much better (FEC version). The breath can do nice damages, and medium damage of the DZ is bigger than the TG. It's based on preference... so play both^^
  14. You know who can choose the begin. And you can know how to avoid the first turn of shooting. The WK with sendard can have 18" range and need only to touch a model of the unit to give the "save" to it, so it's not so difficult to gain the save. The FEC has a lot of warscroll battalion to make the units sprint, so I don't see FEC as a slow army or with poor options, Simply you have to choose. And the mist's cloak are avalaible for each Death Hero. And you can summon units that can be in range of assault.
  15. I've never met such case on the app...