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  1. you can use the stendards to replenish the unots that possess the to the max number of those units. If you want to create new units you have to have the points to do it, so you have to have reserved points for summoning. And cast the adeguate spell to create the unot (the stendars are not such). The spell summon skeletons cannot regenerate units models, only create new units.
  2. i liked "The return of Nagash" , I have to buy the other ones.
  3. if bold one then keyword, otherways name, so if ot's not bold one you can't FA Q docet
  4. sincerely I find more "handsome" the skeletons than their champion (I don't see it like a Wight King sincerely). Anyway really nice models. I surely woukd not dislike to buy them at all^^
  5. Old warscrolls are valids and the name of the unit determine their avalaibility Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. The Azyr is too unreliable to consider it stable, moreover you have to pay to consult it and sincerely it's not a thing I like. Anyway based on the FAQ GW itself posted I consider the BotG perfectly avalaible to be used. Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. They have different roles. I'd prefer the terrorgheist, but their presence is different. THe Flyers have more wounds and can make many more attacks then TG by itself, moreover against enemies with low bravery are quite useful. Anyway the TG has the ability to heal itself (I prefer anyway it ridden by a Ghoul King) and has moreover a good arsenal as rend and against monsters.
  8. Ok,but with percenage you abholish quite a lot of them too, much more. Simply learn to use them better or play thematic games totally agree and quite a lot are summonable
  9. Ghoul king in DZ/TG, skeletons blood knights.
  10. in 40k there were height in 4th edition, it was not infinite, only there were fewer dimensions than now. I simply say it's nothing new and it didn't work. Moreover if you play with such a thing is easy to use to your own good.
  11. nothing new. Such solution was also used in 4th edition wh40k and it didn't work cause it caused trick to masquarade. it's much more convenient using the base as referring, otherqise each model have to count it's longest point as turning point to move
  12. nope. The round bases GW make are less than 1" as the terminaotr ones are 41mm and not 40mm. It changes when you talk about dimensions and distances cause a base of 1" ttached behind to a base of 1" still not necessariy attack if the ifirst one is not in contact with the oppponent model/base. In case of 32 instead the difference between model and base change quite a lot. both fot the positioning of the model itsel, but moreover coause if they climb the models even a third line can be plausible to have. you only need to put the model on the border of the base itself. I prefer to count the bases cause avoud problemms about modified models. But in a TO you have to be categorical or in a competitve way you can give really everything. I call so the FAQ that consider the base part of the model too as reference. And using different base sizes change the usability of the units and not only by a bit
  13. I like that fluff^^
  14. I think it also depends by the size of points you're playing at. Till 2k points I think 5-10 are max size required. Under 1500 pt 5 are enough Inviato dal mio Nexus 5X utilizzando Tapatalk
  15. my answer was lost, anywau sereously... it's easy to kill. A GkoTG is much more difficult to kill if it has the support of his own spell and it is the genral (or close to it) and anyway still risk. I still hasn't died to me, but I choose quite good where to send it.