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  1. Beastclaw for sale

    Morning TGA’rs I’m looking to sell my beastclaw raiders army. Its 2000pts and has all the bits you’d expect. Hit me up for pics and a list. John
  2. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    I can’t make this now. Apologies
  3. Stormcast Job Lot for sale [UK]

    How much you looking for mate?
  4. Wtb Goregruntas!!

    Hey all! looking to buy 6 gore gruntas. I don't mind what condition they are in! Cash waiting
  5. Events UK: Honour and Glory, Portsmouth, 25th Nov 17

    Signed up! Can't wait
  6. Huge stormcast army for sale.

    Happy to split these now. I've taken a few things off sale but the rest of the above list is good to go.
  7. Huge stormcast army for sale.

  8. Huge stormcast army for sale.

  9. Huge stormcast army for sale.

    Not splitting sorry mate
  10. Huge stormcast army for sale.

    Open to offers on this. Need it shifted
  11. Huge stormcast army for sale.

    Afternoon AoS fans. Unfortunately due to real life problems I've been forced to sell my stormcast army. I'm not looking to split this so will be selling in one go. The list of what I have is below. (P) this means painted everything else will either be BNIB, on sprues or built but unpainted. You can build most competitive lists with what I have. Heroes Celestant on Stardrake (P) Celestant on dracoth (P) 2x Relictors (one painted, one built built but baecoated) 2x heraldors (p) azyros basecoated gold celestant prime (p) castellant (p) UNITS 2x 5 judicators (p) 5 judicators on sprue 10x liberators (p) warhammer and shield, 2xgrandhammers 10x liberators unpainted with shield and blades. 2x grandblades 10x retributors 4x starsoul mace 4x fulminators (p) stormcast warscroll cards and tokens On element games this comes to £570, I'm looking for £470 and no army swaps. I'll cover recorded postage. Any questions or photos needed just shout.
  12. Events UK: Doubles Event: The Orthrus, 17th June - Norwich

    Is this tournament on the 19th!? That's a Monday. Surely it's the 17th or 18th?
  13. Storm Cast Army

    Cool. Thanks for letting me know. Good luck with selling
  14. Storm Cast Army

    Willing to split any of these?