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  1. The Rumour Thread

    Some how I had missed that the deepkin were out of Ghur, I thought they were in the shadow realm too. Or are they from the shadow realm and these one are visiting Ghur? Or maybe there's no misdirect and we're getting an underwater troggoth faction too.
  2. AoS 2

    The "your turn, my turn" turn order is probably the dullest, and least thematic, turn order you can do. Way too orderly for a battle. The random turn isn't perfect, but I do like that it can throw a wrench into carefully laid plans when you don't know exactly when your next turn is. Though my favorite in general is the unit activation kind where every unit has some kind of actions so they can move, shoot, cast spells, etc all on their activation(depending on how many actions they have) and on top of that I like the draw tokens from a bag to see who goes. Though that'd be a whole different game, and I definitely don't see GW doing that kind of massive change. But between static turns or random turns, I'll take random any day.
  3. AoS 2

    I'm in the camp that believes that there may be some evolutionary change along with some FAQ and Errata rollup to reissue the 4 pages rules(who knows, it might expand to 5, but won't the same 8 as 40k and certainly not bigger). If AoS does get a new rule of two inspired by 40k, I still think it'll still remain the simpler game between the two. If there is a big change, I'm hoping for a revamp to the matched play points system by moving the current system to a 40k power level thing and make the 2000 point system a real points system with unit size options(i.e. adding one model to a unit with min sizes) and weapon/gear options.
  4. Universal Spell Lores?

    That'd be an interesting add in the GHB2018.
  5. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I'm not sure how much I'll be taking out my Nighthaunt army as a night haunt army anymore. One one hand, nearly everything getting frightful does make Nighthaunt hit a lot harder, which has always been my problem with Nighthaunt. They had a lot of trouble dealing damage with either - or -1 rend and Spirithosts were my damage dealers. Now I should have some better damage output, but at the same time there's not a whole lot of reason to go pure Nighthaunt. Pros of Pure Nighthaunt: 1. Can take the Moungul, but not as strong of a pro as before 2. Being able to deep strike anywhere on the board, not just the edges or gravesites, with as many units as you want is maybe more versatile and not as vulnerable to edge blocking. 3. The Cairne Wraith and Tomb Banshee count for the Black Coach's ability Cons of Pure Nighthaunt: 1. Far less access to healing. Can still get some with allied vampire lords 2. Restrictive allies list 3. Little to no magic Pros of Nighthaunt with Legions: 1. Access to healing and returning models. 2. Can mix in a larger selection of other units. Beyond the Mourngul, Shadespire warband, and compendium stuff you can include anything death in your army in some way except the abhorrent ghoul king on Zombie Dragon who exceeds the allies cap 3. With access to better mix of units(i.e. not running pure Nighthaunt, but with Legion abilities and traits) more magic stuff. 4. Access to all the neat stuff in any of the new Legions, wont list them all, but they all bring something new. Cons of Nighthaunt with Legions: 1. Once you start mixing in non-Nighthaunt stuff, you'll need to take new battleline, which is a minimum 180 point tax(3 min units of zombies or dire wolves). 2. No Mourngul. Less of a loss game wise, but disappointing if you have the model. 3. You lose the Black Coach ability with Cairn Wraiths and Tomb Banshees. I think I could convince myself that either is better than the other, but I think it's probably a wash. Before the GHB 2017 dropped, I liked the Nighthaunt models and aesthetic, but to them in a GA Death army, there was just too much that was needed to make a GA Death army work that wasn't Nighthaunt that I wouldn't really be running much of a Nighthaunt army. The allegiance stuff adding giving them a bit of their own flavor as well as battlelines helped and I built my army. My biggest gripe was limited allies so as soon as I dropped in say a Necromancer or Mortis Engine, I've now got to pay the battleline tax and I lose my cool thematic Nighthaunt traits and abilities and and stuck with GA Death. That's still basically the case, but I'm much more willing to pay my 180 point zombie tax for battleline and lose my Nighthaunt stuff now that the Legions are basically still work on largely GA Death armies, but bring much more to the table than grand alliance allegiance in general does. I'm sure I'll probably be oscillating between Nighthaunt and Legion of Night for a while. If Nighthaunt does get a book, that's great I'll almost certainly get it, but I'm not going to get my hopes up and will operate assumption one is not coming.
  6. Mourngul nerf?

    Nighthaugnt is just such a small army to begin with that if anything you want to take him for a little variety, but he was really the only Nighthaunt thing that could go toe to toe with the heavy hitters from other factions, but he's probably going to go down a bit more easily without any extra save out side of allegiance trait saves. I think his previous warscroll at 400 points was pretty well balanced where the one before that smell a bit more of they traditional Forgeworld cheese. This one, even at 350pts feels a just a tad overpriced as now I have far less confidence in his survivability.
  7. Legions of Nagash FAQ Compilation Thread.

    Sucks about the Mourngul. I was planning on a Colossal Squig and Squig gobba for my goblin army, but I think I'll hold off on any more Forgeworld stuff for stuff that doesn't have a battletome. I'd hate spend even more than I did one the Mourngul and have stuff left on the outside looking in when/if a Moonclan or LoN-like mixed Destruction battletome drops(especially since i think the remaining destruction stuff is ripe for a LoN-syle tome).
  8. How are the Mangler Squigs as models?

    I decided to go ahead an roll the dice on it and placed and order, so we'll see how it goes.
  9. Fluff Problems

    Heck, if you really want to play games with AoS rules set in the old world, go find the pre-GHB2017 warscroll compendiums and play off of those without any new stuff. They're literally old world armies with AoS rules.
  10. Black Knights vs. Blood Knights

    I haven't had a chance to get my death army out since LoN dropped(needed to add those 3 min units of zombies to my old Nighthaunt army to make battleline), but I'm really looking forward to my upgraded hexwraiths. I did get to play against a guy running them and getting a couple of reliable mortal wounds out of a unit that I'd found to hit like a nerf bat more often than not was certainly a nice change(well, technically it wasn't a nice change for my goblins).
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Don't really care about cardboard boards, but more terrain is always welcome.
  12. Aesthetics of new factions

    I'm hoping they do a Free Peoples battletome in the style of Legions of Nagash that includes of the "left over order people" and have cities instead of Legions for special abilities, and maybe some keyword restrictions per city. Basically turn the Free Cities side of Firestorm into a battletome. It feels like GW has already done most of narrative work and they could recycle from Firestorm, so it's be an easy release.
  13. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Looks like GW is taking on the issue of the big pretty centerpiece hero models getting sniped off the board turn 1 or 2. It should make for a more visually appealing game at the very least. Gaze of Morathi is going to be very annoying for those armies that rely on a banner, musician or special weapon to make a middling unit pretty good. If I'm not mistaken, there are at least a couple other "pick a model to kill" attacks or abilities, but this seems like it'll be really easy to pull off.
  14. New Aelves

    They still look very high elf there, so that might be a good sign for high elf fans.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    For people familiar with D&D, I think the best analogue for order is the lawful alignment that can range from good to evil. In fact in D&D, one of the biggest conflicts is between the lawful evil devils and the chaotic evil demons. Sure the devils are evil, but at least they want some order and structure in the world, it's just a matter of basic principles compared to the lawful good people. I'd say Order, Chaos, and Destruction in AoS are basically Lawful, Chaotic, and Neutral respectively for the most part with ranges of good to evil found within(but probably far less good if any than evil in Chaos) with Death being it's own Lawful Evil thing.