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  1. Well it looks like I've been outvoted. Skull now has a comfortable lead so I'm going to keep voting Eye this week unless it looks like Drake is catching up. Nobody wants Drake to win! I look forward to being proven wrong by you all on Thursday!
  2. I agree to a point and you're probably right in hindsight, shamanistic rights and manipulating celestial bodies to your will just sounded a bit too respectively Destruction-y/Chaos-y for my liking at the time.
  3. Dread Solstice

    You make a good point, and almost have me persuaded, I'm still off to GW to drop six games on Eye tonight though, as it's currently in third place and I'd like the tables a bit more level once more Order players have chimed in with their thoughts on how to vote this week.
  4. I agree that we don't know the full extent of Nagash's plan, but the ongoing narrative has featured Nagash's emissaries offering human factions the chance to stay living in exchange for their servitude, and destabilising their morale with stolen secrets would be a pretty smart way to speed this along. I agree that it's unlikely any of the options will give in game benefits to Death/the Knight of Shrouds this week, I suspect that the three options given each week will match the grand alliances that didn't "win" the previous week (with Order most likely not having had a winning choice the first week on the campaign).
  5. Dread Solstice

    I agree with you on the Drake, and the Skull's pretty ambiguous, but the Eye's obviously killing people who are shouting out secrets in order to protect Sigmar's sovereignty and the stability of the Mortal Realms. Just look at the narrative spotlight the Knights Excelsior have got since Malign Portents launched. I beseech Order and it's allies to not listen to the honeyed words of the guy who's literally got a skull for a face.
  6. See guys, we've literally got Nagash and Arkhan invading the thread telling us not to vote Eye, an even more ringing endorsement of suppressing the stolen secrets that they've chosen to publicly broadcast across the span of the Mortal Realms this week. Harsh times call for harsh measures. Take a leaf out of the Knights Excelsior's book and vote Eye to burn a few infected crops in order to save the entire farm.
  7. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Calling all Order players/moustache lovers! I've made a Dread Solstice strategy thread in the Order sub forum for us, we're still the most numerous Grand alliance, so if we get organised we can totally own this thing and lock in the most permanent bonus artefacts for the Lord-Ordinator (and er, banish Nagash too. All about banishing Nagash...):
  8. So, the first week of the Dread Solstice global campaign is up and we've got a slightly clearer idea of how the dilemmas work. Each of the three options offered (Drake, Eye and Skull) has a set of rules for the week attached to it along with a special Harbinger-only hidden artefact attached to it, that according to this community site article will be available for use after the campaign is over! Like many other Order players I'm sure, I chose poorly and voted for the Skull option during Week 1's dilemma, giving a week-long buff to Death armies and a permanent upgrade to the Knight of Shrouds. Now that we know how the campaign works, I propose we put our heads together and figure out the best of the three options for Order and the Lord-Ordinator. Unlocking artefacts for the Lord-Ordinator won't just be a boost for artillery connoisseurs like me, if he unlocks enough bonus artefacts you might have a reason to use him in non gunline lists too (outside of his fabulous moustache of course!). We're still the most numerous grand alliance, and if we get organised here and across social media, and pool our votes onto the choices over the next five weeks that look like they're most set to benefit us, we should be in line to reap the most goodies, and hopefully have Nagash's bony butt thoroughly whipped by the end of the campaign. Week 2 of the campaign is now upon us and these are our dilemma and options: Of the three choices I'd say that the Eye (dispose of those who know) looks to be the most in line with Order's MO of security and stability, especially with Lunaghast "come to feed on the secrets of men, duardin and aelves". I'd wager suppression of secrets would probably be the best way to keep the peace right now (and if you want to get really cryptic executioners and assassins are both the names of Order units). So far the Drake's currently leading by a relatively sizeable margin (looking at last week I'm starting to sense a pattern among players picking the result that enables them to maim the most stuff), but we're only seven hours into the week and it's still anyone's game. Should we agree to pile all our votes into the Eye this week, or does anyone think either of the other two choices would provide greater benefit to Sigmar and pals?
  9. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Boy is my face red. Looking forward to seeing how the upgrades for the Harbingers become permanent as described in the community article and voting Eye this week as it looks like the result that most likely to benefit the Lord-Ordinator (and the rest of Order of course!) It seems everyone's coming out and voting Drake this time round, looks like folks' are most attracted to the result that involves maiming the most stuff, who knew?
  10. Dread Solstice Dilemma - Which Outcome & Why?

    Just over 10 hours to go and it's looks like skull's still got a lead, but with eye closing the gap. Can eye catch up? It's all on you folks' in lower timezones. Here's hoping you're right. I'm registering my games as the results that look like they come closest to kicking Nagash in the boney nads.
  11. WiP Wednesdays

    Loving the mini diorama bases on the big undead beasties @MrCharisma, especially the cowering Empire guy from the old giant. Big love to the classic vampire at the base of the Warscryer Citadel too! Starting to regret the life choices that lead to my choice of pattern on the Lord-Ordinator's cloak...
  12. Competitive Wanderers(yep)

    What an enjoyable looking list to play against. What's the deal with the Skinks? Wanderers can't ally with Seraphon (ain't nobody but stormcast can).
  13. Nice Objective Markers

    This thread turns up every six months or so. Here's the last one from the painting subforum with loads of folks' cool stuff in it:
  14. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Ha, I'd never noticed that before, good spot! He's a Dwarf Engineer I'd converted up at the very start of AoS in the compendium days, and is stood on a massive pile of cannonballs from the Empire Cannon/Mortar kit (about 10 kits worth) I'd found in a bag in my hobby room and had no recollection of how I'd acquired. Yes, they are much bigger than the balls for the 5th ed Dwarf Cannon in that picture. I haven't used him since the GHB2017 came out, but he'll likely soon get a repeater handgun slapped on his back so I can run him as a Cogsmith. I use Tempest's Eye because despite having themed my army around Greywater Fastness since the Season of War campaign, Greywater Fastness allegiance didn't include any of the non-Ironweld factions that made it up (seriously, Wanderers instead of Dispossessed? ****ing Wanderers?!), meaning that my guys had to relocated to Tempest's Eye (which contained pretty much my entire army's spread of factions, thanks GW!). I think I actually prefer the increased early game survivablity and threat range offered by Tempest's Eye, but that's personal preference and Greywater Fastness's bonus shots are still pretty great. A Hurricanum would probably be overkill in a Lord-Ordinator lead army, as your Cannons will be hitting on rerollable 3s and your Organs guns on 2s anyway, so you're sinking a lot of points for very little in return. I'd recommend spending your points on the Artillery Detachment battalion from Grand Alliance: Order instead, for a second chance to get a sneaky round of shooting in in the hero phase, really doubling down! Solid list and very Similar to my own! I'd personally ditch the Battlemage, add three more Skywardens, put all the Skywardens in one big unit with drill cannons and volley guns, and add an Aether-Khemist and a Freeguild Griffon (so that your opponent has something pressing and worrying to shoot at on the first turn that isn't artillery crew). If you've got access to Season of War: Firestorm use Tempest's Eye allegiance for a first turn charge on the griffon and added survivability/threat range on the Skywardens and artillery. Check out my tactics posts in this thread if you haven't already. You're on the right track.
  15. 1k HElves starting list - need suggestions

    Hi @badtaste, welcome to the tga and to AoS. You're not going to get anything game breakingly competitive out of old High Elf units right now due to their lack of rend/mortal wounds, but that's a pretty solid list. If you're going to be playing matched play scenarios you might want an extra character or two or even a monster in the list for Duality of Death. You could always drop one of the Bolt Throwers for an Archmage, who's got a great defensive bubble spell, but if you've got one laying around and wanted to give the list some real teeth I'd recommend swapping the archers out for a Dragon Lord or Annointed on Frostheart Phoenix - both are probably the best old High Elf units to make the jump to AoS, and two of the best monsters point for point in the game. If you've got access to Season of War: Firestorm Hammerhal allegiance is also worth taking too as your list qualifies for it, and it'll give you an army wide bravery bonus for no cost.