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  1. Double Misfire

    KS make your army great again

    Link's broken.
  2. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    Bill King's original short stories and novels were incredibly charming, thorough and funny; and along with all the work he did on the 4th edition Warhammer background really set the tone and house style of, and established the setting for modern WFB's fluff and novels, and subsequently Age of Sigmar. Gotrek and Felix themselves (along with a strong supporting cast) are as iconic and likeable as any other characters in Games Workshop's stable; and during a period until very recently when GW seemed to be deliberately dialling back the humour in their publications, always managed to retain the core black humour and irony that made GW's settings unique. Additionally, speaking as someone who has always identified as a Dwarf player first and foremost, it's worth pointing out that since 4th edition (the start of "modern WFB"), Dwarfs have always been a relatively static faction background-wise (gaming-wise too, but that's another story!), not being very proactive and not really doing much bar sitting in their strongholds waiting for the latest wave of greenskins/skaven to arrive, in part due to lacking the clear agenda driven protagonists, embodying and driving forward the setting's other main factions (Teclis/Tyrion, Grimgor, just about any named Vampire Counts character, ect), being left with a load of named kings and runelords, content to sit in strongholds, scribbling things in books. There was a solid effort made in the 8th edition Dwarf book to have Thorgrim as this very driven guy, out in the world working enthusiastically to cross off as many grudges as he could, and an overhauling and elevation to proper special character status for Belegar (a character Bill King himself has previous had turn up in a short story as a fusty old ****** ruling over a few tents unable to honour the memory of his ancestors), but this came out about a year before the End Times hit and was really too little too late. For many Dwarf players Gotrek and Felix's misadventures were rather different to (personally I'd say better than in every way), but the the closest we ever got to the conquests of a poster boy like Malekith or even Thanquol.
  3. Double Misfire

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    If an artillery piece gets charged, chances are it or it's crew are gonna be dead by the time you get at chance to shoot with it. Don't let your artillery get charged kids! Being able to still shoot at units that have engaged you would be nice for Steam Tanks mind.
  4. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    Yep, listed to the audio here (ctrl+f Blessed), Gotrek mentions wanting his axe back, guessing the Grimwrath one is a placeholder: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/11/warhammer-fest-live-blog-2gw-homepage-post-1/
  5. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    Today's community article is on the Stormcast (presumably the guys included in the Starter box along with yesterday's Nighthaunt): https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/15/15th-may-faction-focus-stormcast-eternalsgw-homepage-post-3/
  6. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    (Fyreslayers look much better in trousers)
  7. Double Misfire

    Gotrek in AoS

    New Gotrek art. Cover of Realmslayer? No idea what the source is. Hope he gets a model (and some appropriately broken rules) to tie in with the audiobook's release. Also casting news I guess: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/11/warhammer-fest-live-blog-2gw-homepage-post-1/
  8. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    New Gotrek/Realmslayer art. I do not know from where. Here's hoping he gets a miniature and some truly broken rules.
  9. Double Misfire

    Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    I'm banking on revised rules that make artillery crew harder to kill. If Stormcast are getting crewed artillery comparable to ours there's no it's getting shot out by anything able to chip four wounds off. Also new Lord-Ordinator with a bigger hammer (on the right). With non general heroes being able to use command abilities (presumably at the cost of command points) I'm quite chipper about the new edition. 😊
  10. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

    All of me wanted their story to have a definitive ending at the end of first War of the Vampire Counts. Where it did. Their inclusion the End Times was completely unnecessary as they were about as definitively "dead" as undead characters can get without any loose ends left to tie up. Vlad's bizarro nice guy characterisation didn't help. 🤮
  11. Double Misfire

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    These look cool and weirdly specific. Here's hoping for all new rules/warscrolls.
  12. Double Misfire

    The Rumour Thread

  13. Good call on buying the new dice! I think we came 18th in the end, not sure though. I'm going to run through as many skirmish games as I can to hopefully knock Eye out of Drake's way this week but am mostly glad Skull's got no chance of winning.
  14. Ha, I didn't check the forum all weekend and didn't see this message until now. How did you do? We were on table one for the very last round!
  15. Double Misfire

    Wave 2 warband wishlisting

    Ironweld Arsenal. Look at this kit, it's basically a warband in itself: Seriously though Kharadron would be awesome. I'd also like to see warbands from the factions made out of recycled WFB armies like Freeguild, Swifthawk Agents and Moonclan because I'm a horrible grognard. Based on the cool anvil symbol shown here matching the one on the Lord-Ordinator's knee and the sightings of Stormcast warmachines I'd guess they were from the Annihilation/artillery Chamber that's likely set to be the next Stormcast wave in the same way the Vanguard Chambers were the most recent one.