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  1. Changeling and Balewind Vortex

    No can do (in matched play at least), even if you have Seraphon models of your own handy: GHB2017 p77: "Reinforcement units must belong to the same Grand Alliance as the rest of your army" You could however take the opportunity to have the Changeling summon a unit of K'daii Fireborn when playing against Chaos Dwarfs, though quite why you'd want to is beyond me.
  2. I recently used both of these guides experimenting with some darker skinned Chaos Dwarfs, and they proved as quick and easy to follow as any of Duncan's videos if you need two speedy, slightly varied templates for Karsus and Saek:
  3. The Rumour Thread

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Is there any more information on this out there? Who's writing it, release date, what Gotrek's up to, ect? Total shocker and very excited.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    This one looks cool. Is that another new StD/Darkoath character to go with the warqueen on the cover? #baseless speculation
  5. Let's Chat Dispossessed

    Run a mixed Order army. Take the dependable dwarf infantry you love backed up by more than 400 points of gyrocopters and cannons. If you've got access to Firestorm the City allegience for Tempest's Eye compliments Dispossessed nicely.
  6. New WHQ Products?

    Whoop whoop
  7. The Rumour Thread

    New rumour engine. I've got nothing.
  8. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    It doesn't say they can't be used in any Stormhost, and they're certainly not painted up as Hammers of Sigmar in these two examples of GW staff's Shadespire Warbands:
  9. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    I've got a hunch that the Fyreslayer, skaven and skeleton warbands' leaders will be fully fledged heroes an account of them respectively being a Runefather, a Warlord and the Sephuchral Warden, who's background makes him seem like a pretty big deal.
  10. Clear bases

    But how will I see them to measure distances?
  11. 8 Lores of Magic

    As a lifelong dwarf player I can only assume that spellbreaker runes would be returning with them and thus have no strong feelings on the matter.
  12. Let's chat : Khorne!

    Whoop whoop. Looks like you guys and the ever neglected Stormcast have new warscrolls for the Shadespire warbands. Garrek's reavers are nothing fancy, but if you've got 60 points spare could be a good laugh and/or a quick blood tithe point: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//aos-warscroll-garreks-reavers-en.pdf
  13. The Rumour Thread

    New rumour engine in time for Halloween: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/10/17/the-rumour-engine-october-17th-2017/
  14. Hammerhal Army List

    Hi @Elodin Mixed lists like yours can do perfectly well competitive in games of AoS, as evidenced by the army that recently won the GT final. They can take a bit more practice and getting used to exactly what the strengths and limitations of your chosen units are than some more "pure" armies, but can be incredibly rewarding once you've practiced enough with them, and allow you to develop a solid "Swiss army knife" force tailored to take on anything and with little weaknesses of their own. I've got no personal experience playing with or against Daughters of Khaine stuff, so I might not be the best source of advice concerning them but here goes: Cauldrons of Blood and Witch Aelf units tend to shine when you've taken multiples of both, allowing multiple units of Witch Aelves to benifit from multiple blood shields, but there's no reason one of each couldn't effectively support each other. I'd almost definitely take witch brew over the deathsword! The Bloodwrack Medusa is great against armies with a lot of one wound models and a solid choice. If your opponent knows what she can do she'll be shot off the board on turn one, if not he's got a bunch of awesome new lawn ornaments. The Freeguild General and Cauldron both have great command abilities, and you'll have to decide which you want leading the force. Personally I'd steer towards the Freeguild general as his can benefit up to three units and you'll get more use out of it early on the handgunners. Command trait wise Inspiring is pretty great as it means you can stand him next to units and have them not run away. Sigmarite Weapon and shield is the best way to arm him as he won't last long in combat and you'll want to keep him away from stuff/alive as long as possible. Don't forget to give him a stately war banner for an extra chance to ignore battleshock too! If you've got models to fill the 100 point hole he leaves with, I'd consider sticking the Battlemage on the Hurricanum to get more bodies on the floor. 10 more Witch Aelves leaving you 30 points to get triumphs with? I'd look at putting the Phoenix Stone artefact on either the Hurricanum or Cauldron to keep it alive longer. The Liberators + Castellant are a solid combo, and with the Battlemage/Hurricanum casting mystic shield on them, you could be looking at a unit with a 2+ save, rerolling 1s. Make sure to give them two grand hammers/blades, with one on the prime for the extra attack.
  15. Let's Chat: Ironweld Arsenal

    Sorry for the delay in updates, I'd wanted to wait until Firestorm had been out for a while and the new allegiances clarified before diving into: IRONWELD ALLEGIANCES (FREE CITIES) So, Season of War: Firestorm has been released, been scored for matched play combos, had it's excellent campaign content largely ignored, and has been upadated twice and faq'd. Firestorm has proven pretty great for the Ironweld, giving us three different Free Cities able to field Ironweld units, each with their own set of bonus allegiance abilities to slap on top of the existing Order ones, and cool backstory to theme our models around. I'll cover their pros and cons, and those of garden variety Order allegiance here: Hammerhal: Cosmopolitan and dog friendly. Looking at the three sets of Free City allegiances with Ironweld Arsenal available to them, you'd be forgiven for thinking at first glance that Hammerhal offered Ironweld players the least in return, and heading for the much more exciting climbs of Greywater Fastness and Tempest's Eye. What Hammerhal offers are access to any non-Seraphon non-named character Order warscroll, and a bravery buff. While neither of these directly benefit Ironweld units, they certainly don't do Ironweld armies any harm. Hammerhal's almost free reign over other Order units gives them an unlimited amount of list building options, and also allows them to continue taking legacy warscrolls (who don't tend to have faction keywords), giving Hammerhal a huge advantage over the other two Free Cities in the form of Hunting Hounds. I'm sure it probably seems like I'm unhealthily obsessed with Hunting Hounds, and you're probably asking if the ability to take them can outweigh Greywater Fastness's extra shots or Tempest's Eye's first turn bonuses, and played right yes it can. At half the points of a Gryph-hound, hunting hounds can be used as unsparingly as you like, and enough of them can hold up a combaty enemy army for almost the entire game while your cannons blow bits off it. Hammerhal armies also gain a bonus to their bravery vs battleshock proportionate to how outnumbered by the enemy they are, getting +1 bravery normally, plus one when outnumbered 2:1 and being straight up immune at 3:1. With Defiant Avengers letting you reroll battleshock tests and considering how quickly they die, this isn't really going to affect artillery crew very much; but with the maximum amount of artillery pieces and their requisite engineers clocking in at almost half the most common game sizes' point allowences, Ironweld focused armies are very likely to be outnumbered. With so many high damage soft targets on the field your batteline bodies aren't likely to be targeted too much, but you'll want them to grind down as slowly as possible once they hit combat, and every point of bravery helps. Special shout out to Battleline Buddy Stormcast who are elite enough that they might actually stand a chance of being outnumbered 3:1 and getting battleshock immunity against more numerous one wound armies! Greywater Fastness: Nice guns, shame about the aelves. I've got a small bone to pick with Greywater Fastness allegiance; prior to Firestorm's release I'd themed my existing Order army around Greywater Fastness, only to find out that there are apparently no Dispossessed living there, when the majority of my rank and file models are Dispossessed. Apparently duardin loading an organ gun are fine, but duardin holding axes are a big no-no down Greywater way. To throw oil on the fire, Greywater Fastness apparently has a massive Wanderer population, because nothing says blackened centre of industry scaring the surface of Ghyran like Wood Elves! My Dispossessed have subsequently immigrated to Tempest's Eye and Hammerhal. Moving swiftly on... Armies hailing from Greywater Fastness can include Free Peoples, Stormcast, Wanderer and Collegiate Arcane units as well as Ironweld ones, and are bolstered by a special rule similar to the Artillery Detachment battalion's, giving their war machines an extra chance to shoot in the hero phase on a 6. This lends itself to a very aggressive (for mostly static artillery pieces) playstyle, wanting to get as many chances for a free shot in as possible, meaning that you'll want to deploy your artillery within it's maximum shooting range, and not it's maximum threat range of shooting range plus movement, as it won't be able to move into range during the hero phase; and grab the first turn with as few drops as possible so as not to be caught with your trousers down. With this in mind Greywater Fastness armies are probably the best way you could hope to use the Artillery Detachment battalion, reducing your amount of drops by eight, and giving you two chances to get an extra shot off with your big guns (meaning that with four artillery pieces and a Steam Tank you'll be looking at averaging two extra war machine rounds a turn). If you wanted to run an Ironweld force without Doggies (sacrilege!), a Greywater Fastness army consisting of an Artillery Detachment, a Freeguild General and three nice big units of Freeguild battleline might be the way to do it, consisting on only five drops and guaranteeing the first turn against most armies, allowing you to blast them into dust. Tempest's Eye: Good public transport and surprisingly well fortified. Tempest's Eye armies (after two pdf revisions) consist of Ironweld Arsenal, Dispossessed, Freeguild, Swifthawk Agents, Eldritch Council, Kharadron and Stormcast models; and get a couple of nifty bonuses in the first turn of the game, +1 to their save, and +2 move (+4 for flyers!). The +1 save is pretty ubiquitous, and will put an Arrow Magnet and anything else unfortunate enough to get caught in enemy fire early on in the game in good stead. The movement bonus gives an almighty shot in the arm to an Ironweld force's defensive and offensive options, giving artillery pieces an extra 2" threat range early on, allowing them to deploy nice and deep, and giving a Freeguild General on Griffon an almost guaranteed first turn charge to ensure he can start threatening your opponent's squishier units from the get go and draw attention away from your artillery crews. Something very silly and probably not very practical most of the time that could be tried with the 4" move boost for flyers would be catapulting Gyrocopters up the board with a crafty Balewind Vortex on turn one and getting their steam guns in range of enemy hordes before they'd had the chance to buff and inspiring presence up. No Free City (vanilla Order allegiance): Homeless with a pet lizard. Non Free City armies don't have much going for them over Hammerhal ones, trading Hammerhal's bravery bonuses to be able to field Seraphon units and named/special characters (Free City armies can't do this). 60 point units of battleline Skinks, and Skink Starseers being able to alter dice rolls are probably very useful, but they don't look great stood next to Ironweld stuff, so I haven't given them much thought (if you've got any experience using them though feel free to chime in! ); and Age of Sigmar's range of named characters is currently pretty limited, with all of them being pretty expensive and not doing a lot for an Ironweld force. Who knows though, this might change with the named characters from Shadespire getting warscrolls, or a whole host of new special characters turning up with the Malign Portents campaign, so watch this space!