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Hampshire Hammerers

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  1. Hampshire Hammerers

    Competitive Death - Where do we sit?

    This was fantastic, thank you!
  2. Hampshire Hammerers

    Manfred - too easy to kill ?

    Ran Manfred in my first game with the new book vs. Maggotkin. Died in one round of combat to 5 Blightkings. Admittedly my opponent got some amazing rolls off, but he went down very easily. Having said that, I think thematically two of the Mortarchs would be skulking around behind their own minions, Neferata being a bit more aggressive. Manfred would only engage when the odds were in his favour - this is how il be playing him from now on!
  3. Hampshire Hammerers

    Gurzags’ Lads

    My first warband, painted mainly using the forge world clear paints over white undercoat
  4. Hampshire Hammerers


    Gurzags’ Lads
  5. Hampshire Hammerers

    2016 - The Year of Change

    Really great to meet you at the start of the year. Hopefully be down the road soon to join you for one of your club nights!
  6. Hampshire Hammerers

    (Year) End Times

    (Year) End Times And what an incredible year it's been too. Such an exciting time to be in the hobby with surprises around every corner to excite & inspire. I started the year with a now failed hobby goal to attend 12 events over the course of the year, beginning well after attending three between January - March. Then life got in the way and implemented a six month gap onto my hobby ambition. Oh well, resolutions & all that! Something I'm immensely proud of achieving this year though was the creation of the Hammerers, officially. I've wanted to run a gaming club no matter how modest for a long time, and can now look back on this year knowing that the dream was finally made a reality. The club has not only given me fantastic motivation to get hobby projects & terrain completed, but I've met a great group of guys to enjoy Age of Sigmar with. Miniature wargaming is expensive, & having a place where I get to game regularly gives me a sense of value for money in addition to the enjoyment and escapism from a stressful job. Looking back, we've been very lucky at the club to be able to enjoy a huge amount of new product & involvement from Games Workshop. A month after the club started our regular games'nights, the General's Handbook was released. The matched play element of the Handbook really helped to boost attendance as players were able to discuss & decide on points limitations for their games through our Facebook page, fighting over a cleverly designed set of challenging battleplans. Personally, the Handbook was by far my best purchase of 2016, & we are hoping to explore the many other features and various campaigns it contains in the new year. Another enriching experience for the club was the global Season of War campaign, which really helped get everyone immersed into Age of Sigmar. Not only did it inspire the Hammerers to ramp up their painting projects, we also hosted a huge battle on the last week of the campaign where all the chaos gods were represented, as well as the Stormcast, Ironjaws & even Nagash! The recent release of blood bowl will also make a grand appearance at the club soon, and work has begun on our first ever league. There's also some discussions about a ladder campaign for Age of Sigmar too. One thing I am sure we will all be doing more of in 2017 is attending events, in as larger number as possible. The narrative events held at warhammer world at the start of the year were a great introduction into the rich story of the new universe, and we also had a fantastic time at the South Coast Grand Tournament - the largest, and definitely the friendliest independent event I personally have ever attended. We were really proud to be at an event that went on to form the backbone of the General's Handbook. We also attended the Honour & Glory event held by Solent Wargames. A one day matched play tournament that was won by our very own Hammerer Chris Goldsworthy & his devoted of Sigmar! Our last attended event of the year was the incredible Blood & Glory. Timed perfectly, the tournament really showcased the journey Age of Sigmar has been on throughout the year, and really showed off the competitive element of matched play spectacularly. This was the first event I'd attended that all the top players were involved with having missed out on the Warlords & Facehammer GT events earlier in the year. I learnt a lot about how to play the game that weekend! Games Workshop have been much more involved in the hobby community this year too, live streaming events, creating community pages & even a TV show! I was made up to see Rob Symes become the face of Warhammer TV after watching such a genuinely nice guy take home the SCGT & deliver one of the most hilarious podcast shows I think I'll ever hear! It really well demonstrates Games Workshops efforts to reconnect with us. The Grand Alliance community page also had a huge impact on membership for the club, in particular through their ingenious world map of clubs & players. I meet & talk to new players, returning rage quitters & die hard Warhammer fans constantly, growing not only our player base but also inter-club events too. The forum section also helps to iron out any rules questions that come up on club nights. http://www.tga.community/ Now, at the end of the year thanks to the various events & club nights, I've achieved a Warhost of Death, Warhost of Flesh Eater Courts, a Battlehost of Nurgle & a Vanguard of Seraphon all fully painted! Think that's the most I've ever painted in a year! A fantastic journey in such a small amount of time. We are all very excited at the club for 2017 & all the new hobby it will bring, and I feel very fortunate to start the year with a well attended club to further pursue my passion for campaigns & narratives with. If your local, or attending an organised event in 2017, or even from another gaming club, get in touch. We are always looking for new players to battle against & often travel to get games in between club nights. HampshireHammerers@gmail.com Happy new year!
  7. Hampshire Hammerers

    The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    I'm in - might even give the Seraphon a bash!
  8. Hampshire Hammerers

    Blood & Glory 2016

    Bloodied & Glorious The Hammerers embarked on another new adventure in the mortal realms in November. This time we attended the 'Blood & Glory' matched play event, run … https://hampshirehammerers.wordpress.com/2016/12/13/bloodied-glorious/
  9. Not very far for us to travel - we'll be there!
  10. Hampshire Hammerers

    Ghoul Patrol and Escalation

    There's always the command abilities like summon Royal guard - they can help give you extra units early in the mission too
  11. Hampshire Hammerers

    Ghoul Patrol and Escalation

    Played Escalation at the Honour & Glory one-dayer a few weeks ago, I assumed that I had to deploy my battle line units first as per the mission. I actually wouldn't recommend using the 'patrols' deployment in this mission, as you say it gives your opponent a potential advantage early on, however the returning models through the formations other ability are invaluable!
  12. Hampshire Hammerers

    For Glory, not Honour

    For Glory, not Honour Saturday 8th of November was the first official group event attendance for the Hammerers. Solent wargamers club were the hosts for Honour & Glory, held at the Royal British Legion South in Portsmouth. We would play three randomly determined games all from the matched play section of the generals handbook. Including the four attending Hammerers, the event had a total of 12 gamers. Our armies were: James - Flesh Eater Courts Chris - Devoted / Stormcast Jack - Sylvaneth David - Sylvaneth My army was: Ghoul King on Terrorgheist Ghoul King Crypt Haunter Courtier Crypt Ghast Courtier Varghulf Courtier 20x Ghouls 20x Ghouls 20x Ghouls 3x Crypt Flayers 6x Crypt Horrors Ghoul Patrol After a quick brief, we had the opportunity to choose our first opponent & table before finding out game 1 would be Escalation. - possibly the worst possible battleplan for me to start with as I've never even played it! I know, I know, the HeelanHammer boys would be shaking their heads at my poor tourney prep, but I did my best to brush up pre-game! My opponent Benjamin was a really great guy, with a fantastic Sylvaneth army in some really unique colours. He also had a celestial hurricanium which I had yet to come up against in AoS, a Treelord Ancient, Treelord, 10x tree revenants, 6x Kurnoth hunters with bows, 2x branchwyches and of course, plenty of Dryads! ( Apologies if I've missed anything! ) GAME 1 vs. SYLVANETH Escalation requires you to split your units into 3 parts that arrive over three turns, attempting to hold objectives that are spread diagonally across the board, one next to your territories, and one in the centre of the board. Each of your turns after the first that you have more models within 6" of an objective than the enemy, you score a point per objective held. I had 10 drops - so had to deploy 4-4-2 units over the three turns. Benjamin had 9 drops and therefore deployed 3-3-3. Having bought the Ghoul Patrol formation, my interpretation of the battleplan was that I wouldn't be able to use my movement shenanigans as the scenario states that battleline units have to be deployed first. Also, in a game where points are scored for having objectives held in your turn, I ran the risk of conceding points early as I would've only had one unit on the table if I had employed the ghoul Patrol formation, compared to Ben's 3 starting units. I deployed my first ghoul unit as close to the objective nearest my territory as possible, a second unit dead centre and a third way off on my right flank to threaten the far objective. I then deployed my Ghoul king on terrorgheist ( general ) in the centre of my territory behind a building out of range and view of the soon to arrive Kurnoth Hunters. Tactically, I had no intention of attempting to take on the far objective and figured this battle was either lost or won in the centre of the field. I had a strong foothold on one objective, my enemy the other, so the third objective would be the one to tip the balance. I planned on using my characters to sit back and buff my ghouls, helping to keep enough of them around to outnumber the Sylvaneth and keep scoring. The only hero I would use aggressively would be my Ghoul King on Terrorgheist- who loses very little momentum when wounded, and comes back to life anyway! I will also mention at this point, that I lost every turn roll in this game! First, a Sylvaneth wildwood grew from nowhere all around the central objective, telling me the enemy had a similar understanding of where the fight would be won. Mirroring my deployment, units appeared turn one facing off against each objective. Buffs were applied to the Sylvaneth, and each unit ran up towards each objective early. My first turn began much the same way, with my Ghouls holding the objective nearest my territory, ready to start earning points next turn. The now sacrificial flanking unit ran towards the far objective, and the central ghoul horde leapt forward with my ghoul king a safe distance behind them, securing deathless minions range without exposing himself to the inevitable arrival of the Kurnoth Hunters. I had also summoned my crypt Flayers using the General's 'summon royal guard' command ability and deployed the unit on my near objective to protect and/or replace my camping ghoul unit. With a regular wood near my home objective, I was certain something would be appearing from amongst the boughs to attack my troops, and the crypt Flayers scream would help against the low bravery foe. Seeing as Benjamin had deployed the smallest of his dryad units on his home objective, I figured my flanking ghoul unit might just destroy or at least outnumber them to gain me a cheeky extra point on an objective I hadn't hoped to control, and made sure they remained well within a tempting charge distance of his troops. On the nearest objective to my territory, I'd be facing off against the tree revenants with the Treelord close behind. I hadn't faced revenants before, but with one wound and a poor save, not to mention outnumbered 2-1, they should have been easy to whittle down to make sure I would be able to secure the objective and hold out against the angered Treelord! The Sylvaneth went on to create another wildwood close to the objective in their territory and the treelord ancient burst from the copse nearest my general. The battle for the central objective was in full swing. Having killed half of the revenants in close combat already, way-pipes were used to relocate the unit to the far end of the table to support the smaller unit of dryads, who were embattled & surrounded next to another newly sprouted wild wood! Thought I had that objective in the bag! Mixed shooting from Kurnoth Hunters & the treelord ancient, as well as a barrage of arcane bolts & comets reduced my Ghoul King to a single wound, stranded and severely beaten in the centre of the board. After explaining the rules for the ring of immortality to Benjamin, he opted to leave the Vampire limping through the woods surrounding the central objective. Having butchered a large number of dryads on the central objective, my Ghouls retreated to reduce their chances of being counter-charged while still remaining within range to collect my much needed battle plan points. The crypt Ghast courtier and second ghoul king arrived, skulking in a nearby building to heal and buff my central units, while my large unit of crypt horrors entered the fray racing towards their masters' side ready to weigh in against the hurricanium and Kurnoth hunters. The combined efforts of my newly arrived Varghulf and my remaining Ghouls eventually finished off the treelord, before the bestial vampire was pin-cushioned with Hunter arrows. With the central ghoul unit still holding onto the contested objective, I manoeuvred my crypt horrors around an intervening building to take on the treelord ancient that had decimated my General. Despite making a massive charge distance the horrors were bottle-necked between the terrain and slowly slaughtered by the treelord. My crypt Haunter Courtier had also been assassinated attempting to replenish my horrors by the hunters' bows, one trio of which were scarily accurate thanks to the buffs bestowed by the hurricanum. My General was finally brought down late game and reappeared due to my invaluable artefact behind my ghoul hordes, keeping them in the fight with that 5+ deathless minions save. The game went right to the wire, to the last minute of our allotted time, with the the last of the remaining dryads needing to kill enough of my Ghouls in the centre of the field to have the majority of models on the objective at the end of the final turn. Though the Sylvaneth failed on their mission drawing on points, I lost the game on VPs by 720-500. A really awesome first game against a great opponent, and a really tense fight to the death!
  13. Hampshire Hammerers


  14. Hampshire Hammerers


  15. Hampshire Hammerers