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  1. West Coast Wanderers

    We are a new gaming group based in Stepps, on the outskirts of Glasgow. The club meets fortnightly on a Wednesday from 7-10pm, at Stepps Cultural Centre (G33 6FH) Games played include Warhammer Age of Sigmar, 40K, 30K, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Shadespire....
  2. Scottish AoS Calendar 2018

    Warstorm (doubles) and Storm over Stirling (singles) added/updated. Both are 1day events from Stirling Wargamers club.
  3. Scottish AoS Calendar 2018

    Warpath (new event) and Cry Havoc 1-day events added. Calendar filling up nicely now!
  4. Scottish AoS Calendar 2018

    Northern Invasion, The Howling, and The Northern Masters added.
  5. Events UK: The Howling

  6. Scottish AoS Calendar 2018

    Updated. FOTOW & Toddhammer packs added. More 2018 events to be added as they are announced!
  7. Here are the Tempest 2018 final results. Big Congratulations to John Bayliss who won the 2-Day overall prize - and is crowned The Lord of Sorrow! Well done to David Nemeth, Stephen Mccormick, Krzysiek Witkowski & Niall Campbell who won the overall Best in Grand Alliance (highest VP kill pts scored). Congratulations to Lucas Wdowiak who took out the 1-Day overall prize - and becomes The Penumbral Prince! And to David Nemeth, Graham Duffy, Adam Turner & Niall Campbell who won the Best in Grand Alliance. Krzysiek Witkowski won Best Army for his lovely Sylvaneth, and Michael Hanns won Tempest Hero for most Best Game points (tie-break was my choice of Best Army). Tables shown below for both events (green tables for 1-Day, blue tables for 2-Day). You may see a slight change from the table at the end of today....apologies I checked and corrected a few things! Nothing major, but a lot closer in the end! Commiserations to young Will who got the Wooden Spoon, but has some new Khorne models to add to his collection! Big thanks to all of you who came, especially all the new faces which is really great to see. Hopefully see you all at the next few events. Please do feedback anything (good & bad) to me about the event on here or privately. - Was the pre event build up and information useful, good/bad (including list submission, and the pack in general? - How did you find the Crusades and VP extra points, and the custom Battleplan? - Did you like the other "soft scores" (painting, best army votes, best game votes)? - Anything else? As I said I won't try to run a hybrid 1-Day/2-Day event again, it is a bit of a headache... But I had a great weekend! See you all next year...
  8. List of entrants and draw updated after drop out, and Will definitely coming
  9. Draw updated following a couple of drop outs. See you on Saturday! p.s. remember to READ THE PACK
  10. Round 1 Draw added to first post. Lists are available - links to Dropbox & Google Drive in first post too! Round 1 Battleplan will be drawn tonight.....only 1 week to go now!!
  11. List needed for William still cheers. Deadline tonight
  12. List needed Craig by tonight cheers
  13. Awaiting Tempest lists from: Lyndon Sinclair Graeme Davidson Iain Hunter Garry Marshall & The Sons of Marshall Paul Di Duca Philip Tiberius King Craig Graham William Pollock Krzysiek Witkowski Adam Turner Lucas Wdowiak DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT...
  14. Just under 54hrs left to get your Tempest lists submitted for free tournament points.... 😀 not that I'm counting. Once they are all in and checked we'll be releasing them to you all, with a wee bit of commentary like last year for a bit of fun. Also means there's just over 2 weeks to go till the event! Hope the armies are being painted, and the filth gathered... Couple housekeeping points: 1) Sadly no refunds available now as prizes are being bought. 2) New Nurgle won't be eligible for this, despite how much I LOVE IT ALLLLLLL!!! 3) Remember all armies must be round based. Any doubts get in touch.
  15. Updated with submitted lists. 4days till deadline....