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  1. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    You would want your army to look 70% Chaos, and 30% Order to make it feel like a Good Chaos. I’m sure there is plenty of inspiration in Dungeons & Dragons if you check out their art.
  2. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    I imagine Good Chaos as an army which has seen the light of Sigmar, and is looking to atone for their sins & crimes. I see Mauraders, I see Chaos Warriors and Knights without helmets, and banners that are devoted to Sigmar and are probably saying sorry. I see a Good Chaos army that isn't quite Good yet... but they are on a path to redeem themselves by defending others in hope for forgiveness.
  3. unmotivated

    It's fair to say that we've all faced the issue once... or many times throughout our hobby career. I don't have a silver bullet for you, however; I'll share what strategies I've used; In no particular order; Take a rest. Your hobby is meant to be enjoyed and the last thing you want to do is lose your passion. Put your painting away and take a break with something different from Games Workshop (Black Library novel, play games with unpainted models) or something different like a computer game Break down your painting into bite-sized goals: If you have a hard timeline like a tournament, it can be stressful and overwhelming to paint a large force in a short period of time. Instead of looking at a Completed vs. Uncompleted force/unit... break it down into chunks. Set a goal that tonight you will paint all of the blue, or that you'll have the base coating done... goals that are achievable in a short time frame. Paint EVERY day. Even if it's 30 minutes a night, the small window of painting will mean that you'll have completed 3.5hrs of painting a week, and you'll be 100% focused during that time. Batch Paint. When completing large units of infantry I find it easier to work on one colour at a time. It not only standardise my colour schemes but it helps make me more efficient. Incentives. I have an army which has a lot of infantry. As much as I would like to paint all of my characters, I'll set myself an incentive that when I complete X unit, I'll relax and enjoy Y hero or monster. Multi-task. While you paint you can listen to music, your favourite AoS podcast, or even a Black Library audio book. Stop Chasing Perfection. While I mostly enjoy painting I realise that I don't have the time to commit to painting at a Golden Demon level. I probably could if I REALLLLLY wanted too... but the pay off isn't there for me. I'm happy with an above average table top standard. I'm happy to put the brush down on these models and move to the next models otherwise I'll just get stuck with hobby backlog. That's a few things that quickly come to mind.
  4. Event Title: CanCon - Call to Glory Event Author: MrCharisma Calendar: Events Australia Event Date: 10/16/2017 12:00 AM to 10/16/2017 12:00 AM Cancon 2018 will mark its 40th anniversary and the Heralds of War podcast will be looking to crack 100 AoS players, making it 1 of the biggest events at CanCon 2018. In 2017, AoS had 65 registered players and was capped by the venue. I think we'll easily exceed! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/484840655208445/ Tickets: https://www.festivaldirector.com.au/events/cancon/ Players's Pack: http://heraldsofwar.com/documents/cancon-players-pack.pdf Tournament Organiser: @klunc CanCon - Call to Glory
  5. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    Where are you traveling from? I imagine there will be plenty of lads driving from Qld/Vic/NSW... and maybe SA (I don't know how Doom & Darkness is planning on getting there). If I can help introduce you to people in your area, you might be able to split costs. Accommodation is pretty cheap and right across the road from the venue.
  6. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    What's stopping you Josh? If you can make it, you wouldn't regret it. 2 months to organise whatever shenanigans you need to attend Awesome! You'll have a bucket load of fun.... trounced or no trounced. CanCon '17 had a wide variety of new players and experienced players...
  7. Letting go (is hard to do)

    I hesitate selling models because what is old eventually becomes new again, and that has become true so many times as I've gone through the editions of Warhammer. If I have to sell, I try to remember the sunken cost fallacy. I've already spent X amount of money on these models and trying to recuperate as much of the cost can keep me stuck. If I really want to let something go, put it out at a very fair price and get rid of it ASAP.
  8. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    Cheers for the shout out @Thomas Lyons & @Vincent Venturella . CanCon '17 was good, and CanCon '18 is going to be great! This was CanCon '17 with about 40% of the gaming area... plus plenty of trade stands and demo gaming areas out of scope;
  9. Events Australia: CanCon - Call to Glory

    PAID LIST (38/100) - Updated 17/11/17 Peter Atkinson Adam Bajjada Adam Bajjada Sean Beggs Michael Beven David Buras Adam Burt matt campbell Matthew Campi Lachlan Clark Brogan Clark Dalton Copeland Glen Egerton Mitchell Hamilton Jason Harris Robert Karlen Ben Liekefett Adam McAninly Ashley McEwan Joel McGrath Brod McMurdo Zenith Mills-Shorter Alexander Morris Scott Norwood Jesse Perkins Robert Reimers Kameron Ritchie Dan Saye Zachary Sindelar Alex Sobiecki Christopher Stratford Luke Taylor Mathew Tyrrell Akeem Wallace Tom Watson Chris Welfare Samuel Wylie Ben Zagami
  10. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    There doesn't seem to be enough love here for the former Empire. Is anybody playing with their Empire army under the Freeguild / Devotee of Sigmar / Ironweld / Collegiate Arcane? To start the ball rolling here is a 2,500pt list I recently used. The list is a traditional Empire list with the addition of a Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar, using a Voltan model) and Gryph-hound (because I had a spare 40 pts). I've learnt a lot with this list and will be looking to make slight amendments for the next match... Free Guild of the Empire 2500 Leader Type Points Models 1 Celestant Prime (acting as Sigmar) 360 1 2 Battlemage 100 1 3 Freeguild General 100 1 4 5 6 7 8 Battleline 1 Freeguild Guard (swords) 240 30 2 Freeguild Guard (swords) 80 10 3 Freeguild Crossbowmen 200 20 4 Freeguild Archers 100 10 Freeguild Greatswords 480 30 Gryph-hound 40 1 Artillery 1 Cannon 180 1 2 3 4 5 Behemoths 1 Steam Tank 300 1 2 Celestial Hurricanum 320 1 3 4 5
  11. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Another game with the mega Great Company, another victory against a rock solid Tzeentch army. Played a 2k Knife to the Heart battle. My Guard were well positioned and enticing enough to be charged at least three times, and I blocked out the sun with crossbowmen and handgunners. My General with Indominable has been a nice touch too .
  12. Advice Required: Producing Content

    @zabbraxas thank you so much brother! I ended up picking up Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10.5 after reading strong reviews and the price being right. My iPhone X arrived this morning (for video) and I’m looking at a lapel mic to increase sound quality. Script is incredibly important and i’ll be revisting my Theatre degree and acting days! Thanks again!
  13. Hi Y’all I’m looking for advice and insight from the content producing community around what it takes to record, edit, and distribute content. I have an idea that i’m currently scoping for YouTube. It appears to be a gap in the market, and I believe it could add value the community... A few initial questions I have are; - what software do you use to produce video content? - what hardware do you use to produce video content? - how many hours go into creating a video? - is your content monetised and is there a benefit in not having it on? - what advice would you give me to help avoid pitfalls? Thanks in advance;
  14. What drew you to collect your Army

    My first and only love started as The Empire in 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy, using my first paycheck to purchase The Grand Theogonist Volkmar riding his War Alter. I liked the look of The Empire models with their puffy shirts and eventually fell in love with their backstory. Human's are the ultimate underdog story and there is no greater story than the basic humans (Empire/Free People, Imperial Guard in 40k, or general Human in Dungeons & Dragons) being able to defeat their overpowered enemies of Chaos / Undead / Orcs / etc. I'm now moving to Flesh Eater Courts because I'm inspired by a narrative and creative idea that I'm planning to explore.
  15. Sportsmanship, is it dwindling?

    As a "motivational speaker", I'll put my spin on sportsmanship in wargaming. I talk through a model called the Success Spiral which explains that your Identity is NOT tied to your Results. In wargaming (not just Age of Sigmar), we can easily approach an opponent with the outcome already in mind... a major victory and/or tournament win. We can confidently approach that table because we've won a lot of games in the past, our list is heavily refined, and our friends tell us that we're a strong player. Based on all of this previous experience I am a great player and I should win. Our Identity influences our Actions during the game which ultimately impact the results. We might be too confident in achieving our Major Victory that we don't think through our deployment as much as we normally do, and make assumptions about the way units will interact. The Result doesn't go our way and we tell ourselves Stories... blame the dice.... blame not winning priority... blame our opponent... etc. We might not verbalize our stories but they go on to shape our Identity. Our new Identity might see us approach our next opponent less friendly, or we hide certain tricks that our army can do, etc. This is known as a spiral because we can spiral down through the continual retelling of negative stories, or spiral up where we approach tournament/game looking to meet great people, roll some dice and have some fun... and the result is that we achieve these goals. I guess I'm sharing this small insight because it's easy to tell somebody to be positive and remain positive, however; we may not know how to break the cycle of negativity. You'll never control the cards that you are dealt in life, but you can control how you respond.
  16. AoS Wish For 2018

    AoS ForgeWorld Models! I feel like the poor cousin when I look at the continual releases of amazing ForgeWorld models for 30k, 40k, Blood Bowl and The Hobbit. I'd love to see more monsters on the table and variety to the existing range. Unique models for some of the Great Cities, which could diversify the Free People / Stormcast Eternals / etc... bring back a Tomb King themed Death Rattle, conversion kits to help define KO skyports other than with a colour scheme, etc.
  17. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    ...or maybe it’s last. Maybe one artifact distrupts the order of combat, and then the second one interrupts the interrupt. Ummmmmmm! Post this in the rule question section and get other thoughts. I’m starting to think it would be the person who declared to used the artifact last.
  18. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    Assuming that is the exact language used, it sounds identical to the Quicksilver Potion. If that is true, I think it comes down to who declares to use the artifact first.
  19. If you plan to run a pure Free People army, this choice will become very clear. A lot of your choices sit outside of the Free People and into the other former Empire factions (Ironweld, Collegiate, Devoted, Compendium). My personal recommendation is to stop playing 40k. Assuming that you don’t follow my recommendation, I would de-prioritise the Witch Hunter, Warpriest and Cannon. If you plan to run a Mixed Order... then it will come down to your list design.
  20. Tokens / A way a of remembering abilities?

    For generic abilities, I use Bad Dice AoS dice. For Allegiance specific, I write the name of the ability with a gold sharpie on a old square base that are no longer used
  21. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    What does the Quicksilver Draught do?
  22. My FEC Conversions

    Mate... this is awesome! I can see that we both have similiar but very different ideas on noble FEC (I'm pulling all of my resources together now). I can't wait to see more
  23. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    So I played in a 3 game mini-tournament yesterday using this list. I won 2/3 games (1 Major Win, 1 Minor Win, 1 Minor Loss <against a Sayl the Faithless with flying Chaos Warriors + Gaunt Summoner on Balewind>... I played Scorched Earth and Starstrike yesterday, pulling both scenarios as a victory. I used the 2 unit's of Demigryph's on the flanks of each shooting unit and kept the Griffon and Luminark at the centre back to move where required. I love the Luminark because you not only get the shooting attack but also the +1 to unbinding and the 6+ ward save. It helps me keep my General alive, it can attract attention from other units, and has saved my ****** many times by shooting off that Gaunt Summoner / Foot of Gork warchanter on a Balewind. Rolling 30-40 dice for the Gaunt Summoner spell can brutalise a unit, however; the 6+ just gives me an additional layer of protection. I just can't justify my entire ally points on the Hurricanum. The +1 isn't really a benefit for our army which already gets a very easy 2+ to hit due to massive numbers and Hold the Line!. Agreed. I wish Free People gained 25% ally points as a feature of their allegiance. My previous army was very much an Empire army which was an equal combination of warmachines, magic, and troops. I can't even take my Carmine Dragon within the ally points (440) :-(
  24. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    @someone2040, the game plan will depend on the scenario. I don’t need to create a super Great Company to gain the benefits, with Freeguild Pipers activating a 3” benefit instead of the usual 6” if required. A few tools in the toolkit; - Knight Azyros to increase shooting potential - Luminark to shoot off buff characters or stop things like Gaunt Summoner On Balewind - 2x3 Demi’s provide flexibility while reducing impact of battleshock - 40 Guard to extend across 24” deployment to protect objectives with Great Company support (Scorched Earth) - Luminark to provide 6+ ward save, making a 3+ then 6+ swordsmen unit - Griffon to act with fast moment and kill higher wound models - Archers to use their free movement to either challenge for objective early or reposition for a threat identified late in deployment In the ideal world I’d have 2 Griffons but time isn’t on my side after Blood & Glory. That’s a few of the tools i’ll have...
  25. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Let me know how you perform. I'm tossing up what combo of Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist I make up. What's the benefit in the Necromancer? I was looking at taking one but I'm not sure how much it adds. Would love to hear your thoughts