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  1. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    ...or maybe it’s last. Maybe one artifact distrupts the order of combat, and then the second one interrupts the interrupt. Ummmmmmm! Post this in the rule question section and get other thoughts. I’m starting to think it would be the person who declared to used the artifact last.
  2. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    Assuming that is the exact language used, it sounds identical to the Quicksilver Potion. If that is true, I think it comes down to who declares to use the artifact first.
  3. If you plan to run a pure Free People army, this choice will become very clear. A lot of your choices sit outside of the Free People and into the other former Empire factions (Ironweld, Collegiate, Devoted, Compendium). My personal recommendation is to stop playing 40k. Assuming that you don’t follow my recommendation, I would de-prioritise the Witch Hunter, Warpriest and Cannon. If you plan to run a Mixed Order... then it will come down to your list design.
  4. Tokens / A way a of remembering abilities?

    For generic abilities, I use Bad Dice AoS dice. For Allegiance specific, I write the name of the ability with a gold sharpie on a old square base that are no longer used
  5. Question: Quicksilver Potion and Quiksilver Draught

    What does the Quicksilver Draught do?
  6. My FEC Conversions

    Mate... this is awesome! I can see that we both have similiar but very different ideas on noble FEC (I'm pulling all of my resources together now). I can't wait to see more
  7. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    So I played in a 3 game mini-tournament yesterday using this list. I won 2/3 games (1 Major Win, 1 Minor Win, 1 Minor Loss <against a Sayl the Faithless with flying Chaos Warriors + Gaunt Summoner on Balewind>... I played Scorched Earth and Starstrike yesterday, pulling both scenarios as a victory. I used the 2 unit's of Demigryph's on the flanks of each shooting unit and kept the Griffon and Luminark at the centre back to move where required. I love the Luminark because you not only get the shooting attack but also the +1 to unbinding and the 6+ ward save. It helps me keep my General alive, it can attract attention from other units, and has saved my ****** many times by shooting off that Gaunt Summoner / Foot of Gork warchanter on a Balewind. Rolling 30-40 dice for the Gaunt Summoner spell can brutalise a unit, however; the 6+ just gives me an additional layer of protection. I just can't justify my entire ally points on the Hurricanum. The +1 isn't really a benefit for our army which already gets a very easy 2+ to hit due to massive numbers and Hold the Line!. Agreed. I wish Free People gained 25% ally points as a feature of their allegiance. My previous army was very much an Empire army which was an equal combination of warmachines, magic, and troops. I can't even take my Carmine Dragon within the ally points (440) :-(
  8. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    @someone2040, the game plan will depend on the scenario. I don’t need to create a super Great Company to gain the benefits, with Freeguild Pipers activating a 3” benefit instead of the usual 6” if required. A few tools in the toolkit; - Knight Azyros to increase shooting potential - Luminark to shoot off buff characters or stop things like Gaunt Summoner On Balewind - 2x3 Demi’s provide flexibility while reducing impact of battleshock - 40 Guard to extend across 24” deployment to protect objectives with Great Company support (Scorched Earth) - Luminark to provide 6+ ward save, making a 3+ then 6+ swordsmen unit - Griffon to act with fast moment and kill higher wound models - Archers to use their free movement to either challenge for objective early or reposition for a threat identified late in deployment In the ideal world I’d have 2 Griffons but time isn’t on my side after Blood & Glory. That’s a few of the tools i’ll have...
  9. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Let me know how you perform. I'm tossing up what combo of Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist I make up. What's the benefit in the Necromancer? I was looking at taking one but I'm not sure how much it adds. Would love to hear your thoughts
  10. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Cheers mate, good advice! I am flirting with dropping 10 Ghouls to add Ghoul Patrol instead. Ghouls from the rear and monsters charging forward. Could be fun :-)
  11. Hi Y’all I’m looking for advice and insight from the content producing community around what it takes to record, edit, and distribute content. I have an idea that i’m currently scoping for YouTube. It appears to be a gap in the market, and I believe it could add value the community... A few initial questions I have are; - what software do you use to produce video content? - what hardware do you use to produce video content? - how many hours go into creating a video? - is your content monetised and is there a benefit in not having it on? - what advice would you give me to help avoid pitfalls? Thanks in advance;
  12. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    BTW Hello All... i’ve jumped to the Death side after 20 years of playing human. I’ve been inspired by the Royal Menagerie in the Flesh Eater Courts and can’t wait to drop 4 Zombie Dragons/Terrorghiest onto my opponents. What I’m currently looking to run is; - Abhorran Ghoul King on Terrorgheist - Zombie Dragon - Terrorgheist - Terrorgheist - Crypt Ghast - 20 Crypt Ghouls - 20 Crypt Ghouls - 10 Crypt Ghouls - Royal Menagerie formation Total: 1,990
  13. Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    I went to order dice from chessex, however; the postage to Australia is crazy. I’ve bought a translucent teal/white combo to go with my icey skinned FEC
  14. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    So this is the list that I’ll be taking to the Australian Masters in a few weeks time. The list has been submitted so there is no tweaking, but i’m open to your comments and insights. This is the first time I’ll be running this list (I wanted variety from i’ve been running all year) and the Knight Azyros is completely new (and currently unbuilt). If you’re unfamiliar, check out his rules... I think he is a nice combo with Freeguild.
  15. List-Off Episode 1 ft. Paul (Mathhammer) Conti

    Not yet mate, I'm still in Europe after B&G and yet to catch up on podcasts and YouTube. Sadly I can't download offline YouTube videos here because YouTube Red isn't a thing