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  1. MrCharisma

    Events USA: Nashcon Age of Sigmar GT

    @David Griffin do you mind if I borrow parts of your players pack for an event I'm organising? If so, may I get a copy of your cards too 😄
  2. MrCharisma

    AoS Coach

    I’ve started a Hobby Hangouts series to complement the other tactical and get started videos that i’m releasing. The first Hobby Hangout is with Australia’s Premium TO: @klunc / Clint Mallet. We talk all things tournament organising. I hope you can join us in a hobby session, and would love any feedback on the new content.
  3. A recent meta shift with Archaon is including 2 Juggernaunts of Khorne. Archaon with his command ability lets them use their command ability, which in turn will make his Slayer of Kings on 4+'s instead of 6+'s
  4. You! You played on the stream in Game 4?! I've been meaning to reach out to chat. Well done on your performance and congratulations for making it to the final. I'll reach out via DM. I'm seeking your wisdom
  5. MrCharisma

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Here is a list of YouTuber's I would recommend and personally find valuable for various reasons (battle reps, general discussion, painting techniques, lore, gaming) Vince Venturella/Warhammer Weekly The Honest Wargamer Doom & Darkness Paul Conti 2+Tough Tabletop Minions Mc1gamer Andy2D6 The Mitzy and Jimbo Show Miniac twinned coot Terry Pike Mortal Realms AoS Coach (me)
  6. MrCharisma

    AoS Coach

    What are the foundations of building an #ageofsigmar list? In this Getting Started ep I look at list building foundations, demo Warscroll Builder, & list design considerations. What's most important to you when building a list?
  7. MrCharisma

    Binx’s Hobby Podcast

    This should probably be in the podcast section, however; i'll give it a listen now that it's on iTunes
  8. MrCharisma

    Do you like the lore?

    The last 6 months have turned my opinions around, and I'm now finding the Mortal Realms interesting. I'm a detail and visually orientated person and the lack or maps really frustrated me. I felt the world was being viewed too high level and the sandbox was literally just sand! Authors like Josh Reynolds have made a huge difference in putting some toys within the sandbox which I can use. The Mortal Realms video put out with Malign Portents was an amazing addition to the lore. I would like them to churn out more battletomes and add stories for the many unloved armies... it's approaching the 3 year mark now.
  9. MrCharisma

    Slaanesh Return - a theory/wish

    Look at the release cycle, we have had a Chaos for every year. 40k release around Nov and then AoS intro around Jan. Slaansh is tied into the Elder storyline, so GW has their ducks all lined up
  10. MrCharisma

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    I think you need a corpse cart to buff all those direwolves
  11. MrCharisma

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    I agree with you guys big time on the rules. Nothing frustrates me more on YouTube that MiniWarrGaming having the highest production value and resources behind their channel but they get many rules wrong in every video. @Gaz Taylor cheers for the sub my good man! You raise an interesting point on being impartial. Most people won't want to bite the hand that feeds them, and the privileges of being on the inside is a valuable asset. Is there a risk that they lose trust of their audience if they become a puppet? Yes. Will they gain more fans by being on the inside with a scoop? Yes.
  12. MrCharisma

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Really good call out. Most content platforms reward for your bringing external views onto the platform, so leveraging social networks and blogs is a great way to drive traffic. Mate... I do need to call out that TotalBiscuit has 2.2 million subscribers and has been on the platform creating content since ‘06. If I had that sub base, I wouldn’t be asking for them either. I’m not trying to argue with you, just trying to provide logical reasoning on why creators do something that grinds your gears. Hopefully one day you check out my content, I don’t ****** you off, and I get to that 2.2 million subs too :-)
  13. MrCharisma

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    You're right about the Write of Domination. I tried that at the Masters and moved to the Armour of Meteoric Iron at CanCon. The banner was good and did benefit the crossbowmen, but I realised I needed to protect my Griffon and I only had a few options to do it. I ended up 29th out of 106 at CanCon, and walked away with 3 Major Wins. One of my losses was against an Aetherstrike SCE army in the hands of a very skilled General. I pushed him to the brink but just couldn't handle the sheer output of the large unit of longstrike crossbows and the units jumping around the backboard burning my objectives (Scorched Earth)... and the other against the incredibly buffed Stardrake in Battle For The Pass. The SCE dropped from the sky onto the 3 objectives and the Stardrake with his 1-2+ save, rerolling, bouncing mortal wounds back... I just couldn't respond. I went at him with 2 Griffons and they hurt themselves more than the Drake. I think you might be looking at my Masters list, because I used 2 Griffons at CanCon and definitely found them better for competitive play. They hunt well in packs. If I took Outriders or Pisoliers, in a mission like Knife to the Heart I think I would just hide them until turn 3 and then while everyone is fighting in the middle... do a mad dash and hope for the best. Maybe it needs a unit of 10. The Hurricanum is great but it just takes up too many ally points. In a Mixed Order list you might want to add Skinks as battleline instead of the liberators. They're tough and dirty cheap!
  14. MrCharisma

    Let's Chat: Free Peoples

    In a competitive landscape, you'll find people follow true line of sight. This usually means ranks of two, stretched out, with a W style set up to ensure everyone has line of sight. With the amount of models that you're talking about, I think there will be a lot of blockage of that line of sight. If you want to run it, run it. Don't let someone on the internet ruin your grand plans... I could be VERY wrong.
  15. MrCharisma

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    I appreciate the insight @RuneBrush, @Gaz Taylor and @Caffran101 . I watch a lot of YouTube content and I believe it comes down to the execution and frequency. It's easy for YouTubers to waffle on with long introductions, using Patron to bridge the gap that YouTube ad revenue used to provide ANNNNNNND then ask you to Like/Comment/Subscribe. At the end of the day, most content creators in all mediums are using their platform to serve their community and it's easy to lose sight in the race for content reach. I often have to remind myself that this content is free... I'm not paying for it and it's taking a lot of time to produce. If that means sitting through a sponsor, their recognition of their patron donators or an engagement strategy... i'm also ok with that. If I don't like it, I won't come back