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  1. BLACKOUT Results and now Lists!

    Cheers Chris! This will give me a rough idea of the UK meta.
  2. Stopping Murderhost in Scorched Earth

    So I just played my friend's Soulblight army which has the bloodline with +2 move and fly... and I'm much more scared of playing this again compared to Murder Host.
  3. In no particular order; Ice Queen of Kislev Mydas the Mean Egrimm Van Horstman Orion Grimgor Ironhide Balthasar Gelt
  4. Devoted of Sigmar

    You sound like an Australian... am I right?! I think they are a couple of points too expensive to run a Massive Regiment with a War Alter, which is an ideal build.
  5. Devoted of Sigmar

    So I just picked up another 40 flagellants today, bringing my grand total up to 130! Now I need to find a General for the Devoted of Sigmar.
  6. The Importance of Mysterious Terrain

    Interesting blog piece Tyler. It's caused a great discussion within my local AoS community. A missed opportunity would be sharing how do you introduce mysterious terrain to a player who doesn't normally play with it. Leading with "Meant to be Played that Way" will likely cause a confrontation (which some players won't be comfortable raising) and may lead to a bad gaming experience right from the start. Some of the players in my community have raised that they are still learning their rules or the general game rules. They aren't comfortable with this additional layer of complexity, however; have accepted the personal challenge to start introducing a few pieces and growing that over time. @Ben 's scenery dice is a massive help too. Every AoS player should own them.
  7. Transporting Prosecutors

    I use the Citadel Crusade case and lay them flat in the foam.
  8. @Ben will you be selling scenery and buff dice at the event, or at least looking to do another club deal? People are looking to load me up while I'm there.
  9. Interesting point from Mark (?) on the direction of the game, and how people are bringing broken lists to the tournaments just to compete. I'm certainly seeing this Down Under
  10. Order All-Stars - Building a Mixed Order Force

    I've been using this bad boy for the last month and it's outstanding!
  11. Let's Chat: Free Guild

    Very true. I would see him hiding behind my line of Guard with Sword/Shield, and within the Luminark of Hysh bubble before stepping forth and shining his light.
  12. Order All-Stars - Building a Mixed Order Force

    If I was Coach of the GA Order All-Stars, I'd be including in my training squad; Loremaster Freeguild Guard with Sword/Shield Freeguild Handgunners Kurnoth Hunters with Greatbows Starseer Skink Collegiate Arcane Battlemage Auric Hearthguard Hellstorm Rocket Battery Fulminators Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows
  13. <Initiative Cancelled Due To Lack Of Interest>
  14. Not far off cracking 100 players for the AoS event.
  15. Abilities Affecting the Order Keyword

    Are there any Command Traits which are for General Order? I'm looking for a General for the Devoted of Sigmar.