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  1. Warscrolls are not just for Matched Played. You need to look at the points in the general Handbook or back of the battletome for the minimum in matched play
  2. Five Khorne Knights complete
  3. I may have missed the original discussion, I'm looking at the Goretide battalion and I'm failing to see any issues with using Brass Stampede... The any additional battalions is for when you are playing large games and want to take more than the 3-7 battalions noted.... And still qualify for max Batallions and get the bonus... What is the issue here?
  4. Where does this come from? I posted a picture from the book that proved this wrong. Where in the rules are you getting this? I will post it again.
  5. The middle paragraph, one shown is from Blades of Khorne but it's same in all battletomes.
  6. Incorrect, a battalion can have the allegiance if all units in the battalion have that allegiance. The last part of point 4. Skullcrushers and Lord on Jugger have Bloodbound keywords...
  7. You can choose to drop any number of units as your first drop for the Batalion, but all units left over have to be dropped 1 at a time. 10 unit battalion can be dropped as 6, 1, 1, 1, 1 but it cannot be dropped as 6, 2, 2 etc
  8. I'm with you here fellow captain! Rule of Cool overrides any actual rules[emoji41]
  9. Welcome to the forums! There are a few Brazilians on here, and I frequent Porto Alegre often (wife is Brazilian).
  10. Just adding my 2 cents. I think the wording is clear, it doesn't stack. And I will be playing out that way[emoji106]
  11. The Reality Splitting Axe now rolls after the Lord has finished his attacks and not at the end of the combat phase. Possibility to remove that Large wound monster/hero before it attacks
  12. [MOD HAT] Ok guys, get the topic back on track. Rumours only please. Some good chat in here, but please create another topic. [/MOD HAT]
  13. I just wish the Warscroll was any good, I love the model but it's so meh [emoji23]
  14. Yeah my bad. I was confusing prayers with totems [emoji106]