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  1. Daemon Prince finished!
  2. More progress on my Daemon Prince for #WIP
  3. Did you find a way to make it an epub?
  4. Had a huge urge to start collecting a Tomb King army after visiting the British Museum yesterday. Sha. E you can't easily get the models. Will certainly enjoy reading this though[emoji106]
  5. What are these dark elves people talk about? I only know of Shadow Aelves [emoji23] [emoji13]
  6. I believe this was FAQed to say you can go up to what you paid. So in your example you could go up to 10.
  7. Exalted Deathbringer made an easy conversion for me. It was a last minute conversion for a tournament. If I was to do it again I would find an Axe for him.
  8. You could always just use the rules for Deadly terrain. Roll a D6 for each model, on a 1 the model is removed. Flying creatures ignore this. You could even add the rule, D3 mortal wounds for heroes and monsters.
  9. Try they have a great range, and some colourful flower tufts.
  10. Like others here, I buy mostly GW miniatures from my FLGS. I do however use Alt miniatures and convert when the unit I want has a terrible model, or one I don't think fits my army. They are almost exclusively Mierce Miniatures. Currently working on this Daemon Prince conversion. Should be instantly recognizable as one, and that's the key.
  11. My guess is Khorne at the beginning of April, Duardin end of.
  12. Thanks man, it's just Vallejo Scarlett Red, Agrax Earthshade, Highlight Scarlett red again, then a thin highlight of Evil Suns Scarlet.
  13. There's nothing wrong with Shooting. The problem arises with ranged shooting. If These Duardin have to get up close and personal, which by looking at some of the weapons I think they will need too, then it should be balanced.
  14. I hope any summoning they do get is limited to Khorne Daemons. Keep it nice and fluffy
  15. GW's Facebook page for AoS