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  1. Correct. It refers to units that technically no longer exist so it's not valid in matched play anymore.
  2. Killing blow soulblight command trait

    I would put money on the mention of Command Ability instead of Command Trait being a typo and we get Errata in the next week or so. But you're right, as it's currently written, Command Traits apply to mounts, even if that doesn't make any sense in the context of the paragraph and it's placement in the GHB
  3. Killing blow soulblight command trait

    The new GHB has a little section at the start of the Allegiance Abilities etc that specifically spells out that Traits and Artefacts do not affect the mount unless stated otherwise.
  4. Nagash Rules

    It says he is armed with both, not one or the other (like the Lord of Change), so you can use both, even if your model is armed with the sword.
  5. Excess damage spillover

    I like the cinematic aspect of a big monster going into a unit of infantry and just backhanding several away at a time, kind of like Sauron at the start of the Fellowship of the Ring
  6. Legion Of Death Battalion

    I love it. It makes a great 1000pt army and at 2000pts you can have a really beefy block of 40 skeletons, 2 smaller objective blocks, a decent amount of Grave Guard and then I like to run 15 Black Knights, because they are quite tanky. With the extra movement, you can move that unit of black knights up the 4", then 12" regular move and still have a decent chance of tagging a unit you don't particularly want to fight yet. Combined with the Wight King giving extra models back in your hero phase, stuff doesn't stay dead.
  7. AoS podcasts

    The two regular Australian ones (so far) are: www.heraldsofwar.com www.mortallywoundedpodcast.com
  8. Hello from the Realm of Fire

    Welcome! What part of Oz are you from? Have you jumped in the various Australian facebook groups as yet?
  9. So it's here! The Australian Matched Play Rankings for Age of Sigmar. You can find them here - http://rankings.heraldsofwar.com So here's how it works: - Seasons run from 1st November until 31st October the following year. - TOs can submit their tournament results to rankings@heraldsofwar.com, including player name, position and army allegiance (Grand Alliance if mixed) - a minimum of 12 players is required for an event to be included - a 24 player, 5 round event is required for the event to earn full points (I.e 100pts for first place) - the top 16 players from around the country will be invited to a Masters tournament each December. A couple of things to note: - only TOs should submit results. It's their prerogative to have their tournament in the rankings. - should there be an issue with your results in the rankings, contact your TO so they can sort it out with us.
  10. Black Knights

    They are great in a big unit of 10 or 15 as a roadblock that goes nowhere, especially with a Mystic Shield or against no rend troops. A unit of 5 makes a decent late-game objective grabber.
  11. Realm Reavers Battalion

    Nice! Just about to start on a Scourge Privateers force myself.
  12. That it will, if I do say so myself...
  13. The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    This is the Scourge Privateers list I'll be working on. Leaders Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Black Ark Fleetmaster (40) Units Black Ark Corsairs x 20 (200) - Vicious Blade & Wicked Cutlass - Scourge Privateers Battleline Black Ark Corsairs x 10 (100) - Vicious Blade & Wicked Cutlass - Scourge Privateers Battleline Scourgerunner Chariots x 1 (100) Behemoths Kharibdyss (200) Kharibdyss (200) Battalions Realm Reavers (80) Total: 960/1000
  14. The 1k army project, are YOU in?

    Count me in. I've been slowly but surely collecting models for a 1000pt Scourge Privateers force using a mix of old and new models.
  15. Hand of dust nagash

    Is there a reason it wouldn't be?