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  1. Malign Portents

    Then Nagash's master plan will probably be foiled by skavens. Again.
  2. Malign Portents

    A new and awesome story has been posted today: the great toil. https://malignportents.com/story/the-great-toil/
  3. Malign Portents

    A new story is up on the Malign Portents website: https://malignportents.com/story/deluge-of-life/
  4. Malign Portents

    I don't think so. Malerion and Morathi despise each other: they barely made a truce (and an uneasy one) before joining Sigmar's pantheon.
  5. New Aelves

    My guess is that while Morathi is part of Order, she was looked down upon by the gods of Sigmar's pantheon. Which is hardly surprising when we know Morathi and what she did in the World-that-was. The gods (especially Tyrion, Teclis, Alarielle and Malerion) may have never truly accepted her as part of the pantheon. Now Morathi could be seeing a opportunity. Perhaps she has glimpsed some super important secret the same way Elias (the monk from the videos) was spying on the heralds. A secret which could prove crucial in the upcoming war against Nagash. And now she would wants to join the war with her children and use her trump card to win the day. Not only she would prove that she actually deserve a seat in the Order pantheon, but most importantly Sigmar (and possibly the other gods) would be indebted to her (and I believe it's NEVER a good thing to be indebted to Morathi). And that would explain why she has unleashed her children upon Elias: she doesn't want someone else to find the same secret she has discovered. Long story short, I guess Morathi is part of Order but is considered a pariah by the others gods and now she wants to take the upper hand.
  6. Daughters of Khaine fluff?

    Yes they do have a little fluff described in the Order Grand Alliance book. But it is really meager currently. The Order GA book says that the Daughters of Khaine are basically a strange and deadly cult located in the clandestine districts of Azyrheim. They worship an old god fom a time before the Age of Myths (Khaine) and they perform bloody rituals and sacrifice in his name. They are blood-thirsty fanatic aelves who go into war in order to spill a lot of blood for their god and feed upon the ectasy of battle. The Great Conclave of Azyrheim think they are related to the Darkling Covens. Basically Order generals are usually happy to be assisted in battle by the Daughters of Khaine who are known to be fierce warriors, so in exchange they close their eyes on the cult's weird activities. And that's all. In my opinion, the Daughters of Khaine have a really poor fluff in AoS. And yet I loved dark elves in WHFB (it was my first army). But I think the way this faction has been brought into AoS was badly done. They are too similar to the cult of Khaine in Naggaroth and that makes it hard to believe they are part of the Order Alliance. I am perfectly aware that Order ≠ Good, but I can't imagine the authorities of Azyrheim tolerating such a cult and their bloody mess in Azyr. Currently they are barely any different from a chaotic cult. The Daughters of Khaine should have gotten another name and an new fluff IMHO, a new one that whould have nothing to do with Khaine and bathing into blood pool. Perhaps write them as a faction of gladiatrixes (like the sisters of slaughter were in WHFB)? They would mainly entertain spectators in the arenas of Azyrheim and when the Age of Sigmar begins, they join Order armies on the battlefield. With that idea in mind, the Cauldron of Blood would be mainly a stage accessory for the shows in the arena but it would also display some strange powers during actual battles (i.e. the blood shield). And the Bloodwrack Medusa would be one of the monsters that are displayed in the arena fights. That whole "gladiator faction" idea is only something I just imagined while writing this post, but it would already be much more credible as part of the Order alliance than the actual DoK fluff...
  7. Base size Clanrats

    25mm is the the appropriate base size for clanrats.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    Don't forget this teaser that will be unwrapped tomorrow: Seems very Nurgly to me.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Well, actually...
  10. High Elf Sea Drake Pennant - shooting ?

    Of course it applies to shooting. Otherwise the ability would say something like "add 1 to all wound rolls during the combat phase".
  11. The Stellar Champions Vanguard Raptors

    Hi! Thanks for your comment. I too hope to finish painting my army with that color scheme, but I'm a slooow painter. That's why I decided to cap my army at 1.000 points and after that I will paint another faction set in Port Stellis (either some aelves or the duardins). I am currently painting a unit of 5 liberators (you can see one of them in my first blog entry). I want to try and mimic the texture from my battlemat: http://www.playmats.eu/img/cms/wizualizacje mini/am.jpg
  12. The Stellar Champions Vanguard Raptors

    Thanks! Probably not. I haven't completely decided yet and I will do a color test with a single mini later but I know that they won't follow the same scheme as the stormcast guys (or the classic druchii corsairs, or the dark eldars from WH40K).
  13. Hey! It's been a looong time since I last posted in this blog (nearly two months!). Well I haven't forgotten about Port Stellis at all, I was just working on some other projects meanwhile. Anyway! Here are my first vanguard stormcast from the Stellar Champions stormhost: three Vanguard Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows. Back then, when I started to assemble them, I had the choice to equip them with Longstrike Crossbows or Hurricane Crossbows. When we look at their stats and ability, the Lonstrike Crossbows are obviously meant as some sort of sniper rifles: with them, the raptors can shoot once per turn over a long distance and with great accuracy. They are perfect to snipe at enemy heroes without taking too much risk. However I dont think it is particularly exciting to play with sniper stormcast who sit on their butts and shoot at the enemies from afar. Which is why I preferred to equip my raptor guys with Hurricane Crossbows: more firepower (6-9 attacks) but shorter range (18") and lesser accuracy (4+ /4+). That way the raptors will have to get quite close to the enemies and thus more exposed to danger. On another topic, I have slowly started to prepare my corsairs aelf from Port Stellis. And I decided I will convert all or most them, using a few bits from WH40K dark eldars, to make them look like a motley crew (by the way, the corsairs from WHFB look a bit to homogeneous for my taste). Here is a preview of my first Port Stellis corsair: That's all for now! I will probably paint my Vanguard Hunters next and continue to assemble/convert my corsairs meanwhile.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    So we are going to get something new for AoS in December. And it's... uh... another stormcast eternal... https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/11/23/revealed-new-warhammer-holiday-season
  15. AoS Wish For 2018

    I hope the Scourge Privateers will be extended and become a fully developped faction like GW did with the Sylvaneths. I think that of all the factions made/recycled from the ex-dark elves, the privateers fit best in AoS (darkling coven and order serpentis being 2nd and 3rd).