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  1. I'm curious about a new list idea. Savage orruks without bows: Gordrakk (700) Snagga Rukk (40) Boarboy Maniaks (160) Boarboy Maniaks (160) Boarboy Maniaks (160) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Kunnin Rukk (60) Savage Orruks (100) Savage Orruks (100) Savage Orruks (100) Savage Orruks (100) Savage Big Boss (100) 1980 points. Gordrakk can push the maniaks forward fast with his General's ability. If I can get a coordinated assault with the maniaks off, they'd each put out 40 attacks on the charge, rerolling 1s. That should do for anything without high armour. Gordrakk can hopefully do for the rest. The savage orruks have the wounds to hopefully camp on objectives. Thoughts/criticisms? Is this a terrible list? Really
  2. I'm think of taking this list to my first AOS tournament. Would love to hear other people's thoughts on it: LeadersManiak Weirdnob (100)- Artefact: Big Wurrgog Mask Wurrgog Prophet (140)- Artefact: JuSavage Big Boss (100)- General- Trait: Prophet of da Waaagh! - Artefact: Savage Trophy Maniak Weirdnob (100) - Artefact: Icebone HelmUnitsSavage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160)Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160)Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160)Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160)Savage Boarboyz x 5 (120)Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 30 (300)Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 30 (300)BehemothsWar MachinesBattalionsIcebone Warclan (100)Kunnin' Rukk (60)Snaga Rukk (40)SceneryTotal: 2000/2000 I think both Maniak Weirdnobs would take the +1 to hit spell. The Wurgog Prophet takes the Hand of Gork spell. Maniaks can boost the archers early on, then push out to hold stuff with the cav. Thoughts? (I have maybe 70 archers, and about 8 of the big stabbas, as well as maybe 20-30 plain savage orks if you thnk this should go in a different direction).
  3. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    Tried this in a recent game and liked it: Icebone Warclan (100 pts) Snagga Rukk (40) (4x) savage boarboy maniaks (640) (2x) maniak weirdnob (200) (1x) savage ork boarboys (120) (1x) Wurgug Prophet (140) Kunning Ruk (60) Savage big boss (100) (2x) 30 Savage arrowboys (600) 2000 on the dot.
  4. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    Really interested in how you lost the 30 guys before they do anything. (And yeah - i think bonesplittas have to run with hordes because we dont' have monsters)
  5. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    Except for the way they wrote the reserve points rule, i think they could be fine in tournament play. The chance to come back on a 6 is not that crazy. (maybe you should get to pay 1/6 the reserve points ) The other formations are fine too.
  6. teddet

    Duplicate Artefacts

    Is there anything to stop me taking two of the same allegiance artefact in a list?
  7. HEROES Grot Big Boss On Gigantic Spider (100) UNITS Grot Spider Riders x 15 (300) Grot Spider Riders x 15 (300) Grot Spider Riders x 15 (300) MONSTERS Arachnarok Spider (280) Arachnarok Spider (280) Arachnarok Spider (280) FORMATIONS Spiderfang VenomMob (100) WOUNDS: 138 TOTAL POINTS: 1940 / 2000 Before we get a spiderfang book and they each become separate units, how would you equip the arachnaroks?
  8. Boarboy maniaks can attack a second time "at the end of your own combat phase". How does that interact with the icebone rule that says monsters that take a wound can't attack until after all other eligible units? (See pictures attached)
  9. teddet

    Standards and musicians?

    Is there anything that prevents you from having more than one standard or musician in a unit in matched play? And are they armed with the same weapons as the unit? if the answer to both is yes, why not take as many as you can of each?
  10. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    Here's another list I've been working on. Means that my prophet can get the bone skull, which I think would help protect a character that isn't on a monster. Icebone Warclan (100) Wurrgog Prophet (140) Snaga Rukk (40) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) (battleline) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) (battleline) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) (battleline) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) (battleline) Teef Rukk (40) Savage Big Stabbas x 2 (100) Savage Big Stabbas x 2 (100) Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 30 (300) Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 30 (300) WOUNDS: 152 TOTAL POINTS: 1960 / 200 Or this: Wurrgog Prophet (140) Wardokk (80) Snaga Rukk (40) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Maniak Weirdnob (100) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 10 (320) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) Savage Boarboy Maniaks x 5 (160) Kunnin' Rukk (60) Savage Big Boss (100) Savage Orruk Arrowboys x 40 (400) Savage Orruks x 10 (100) Teef Rukk (40) Savage Big Stabbas x 2 (100) Savage Big Stabbas x 2 (100) WOUNDS: 163 TOTAL POINTS: 2000 / 2000
  11. If I have an all 'bonesplittas' force, with the 'bonesplittas' battleline units (savage orc boarboyz and moarboyz), can i choose to use the Grand ALliance destruction abilities and magic items from the book? THe book clearly says I can choose which faction I belong to if all my warscrolls are from there, but it doesn't say what happens to the conditional battleline units. Is that answered somewhere else? I think this matters for other things that don't have books yet - like spider riders.
  12. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    The problem is, i can't really drop anything (maybe 10 archers? but that seems bad) in order to add more stabbas. On the other hand, they will come back on a 6, so I just need to get good at that.
  13. teddet

    Competitive Bonesplittas Lists?

    Okay - another list idea that at least tries to deal with nurgle/skaven stuff by giving me the chance to have my boyz come back on a 6: Savage Orruks: 1940 points Bonegrinz: 40 teef rukk 40 (savage big stabbas) 100 (savage big stabbas)100 Kunnin Ruk 60 (savage big boss)100 (savage arrowboys x30)300 (savage arrowboys x30)300 (savage orruks x 10) 100 (savage orruks x 10) 100 Snaga Rukk 40 (maniak weirdnob)100 (maniak weirdnob)100 (savage boarboy maniaks) 160 (savage boarboy maniaks)160 Wurgug Prophet 140