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  1. Project Freeguild

    Thanks, keep swinging back to these. Here we have 30 Duardin Warriors and a pair of Warden Kings and 10 Knights of Order.
  2. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Thanks I shall I have a look. Has anyone run the chariots out of curiosity, other than to fill the battalion requirement are they worth it?
  3. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Dark Riders, comically enough was more about rule of cool and theme as I like the idea of the outriders before the cavalry host. I only have the one unit of them so the list plan is completely malleable. I had thought of the Warlocks to add some magical support as you can get them and two units of Dark Riders for 400 points easily. Not had the pennies to pick up firestorm so I've not looked too deep into the additional rules.
  4. Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Ahoy friends and neighbours of order, my Black Dragon and Hydra have been giving me the look from my desk so its time for some discussion. Have people played our not-so gallant knightly aelven brethren on the table? What are your thoughts? I've just done a big aelven audit and I have a lot of options one way or another for any Aelven force (still debating the stupid huge cavalry list lol) I've pulled this idea together for now which only requires a few purchases and is not at all influenced by me having been playing Druchii in Total War: Warhammer 2: Allegiance: Order Leaders Dreadlord On Black Dragon (320) - Exile Blade & Tyrant Shield Battleline 3 x Drakespawn Chariots (300) - Order Serpentis Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline 10 x Drakespawn Knights (320) - Order Serpentis Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline 5 x Dark Riders (120) - Shadowblades Battleline Behemoths War Hydra (200) Battalions Ebondrake Warhost (160) Reinforcement Points (0) Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 I'm very conscious that while the list is fast and has a bit of shooting its lacking in the hero department without chucking in some allied heroes, which eats up the rest of my budget (sorceress on black dragon) or are not really mobile enough to keep up/doesn't synergise/doesn't fit the theme (most everything else). What are peoples thoughts here?
  5. Mantic Miniatures

    With the exception of my Tomb Kings virtually all my Undead are Mantic. I love their zombies and won out with some careful bids and supporting their KS for KoW2. Unfortunately I don't rate the Basilean plastics as the poses are far too stiff and the heads aren't great.
  6. Azyr seems to be picking up most unit changes but applying them incorrectly. It recognises the new Free Peoples changes but keeps some in and cant find others. Wish theyd just left them Free Peoples
  7. Death Compendium Changes Analysis

    Comes up as 140 points I think it was
  8. Death Compendium Changes Analysis

    Well Azyr still has the batallion points and warscrolls so I'm keeping them alive. Got a 2k game with my TK tomorrow and using Royal Legion of Chariots.
  9. Project Freeguild

    Thanks Duck1986 MrCharisma yes it is. It's a slow slow paint job for it though. Almost far too much detail.
  10. Project Freeguild

    Thanks, not been back in a while. Its been a heck of year. Waiting on the new GHB before I get back into it properly now.
  11. Project Freeguild

    Thank you, I used to call this my simple palette, but then you look at all the pots lined up on your desk and shake your head. When I first went through painting most of these models (when I was about 15) they were inspired by the Nights Watch, that was simple. Spray black, pick out skin, metals and wood. Oh they were bad lol.
  12. My Sylvaneth

    So while posting all my Freeguild progress I thought I'd post the Sylvaneth I painted up last year in a few weeks over the summer. Currently in the display cabinet at my local store.
  13. Project Freeguild

    Ok, as full a palette as I can manage, all P3 unless noted otherwise: Flesh: Midlund Flesh Ryn Flesh Idrian Flesh Torso: Exile Blue Trousers: Menoth White Highlight Armour: Radiant Platinum Weapons: Quicksilver Main Gold: Blighted Gold Secondary Gold: Brass Balls Spot Colour: Sanguine Base (on feathers etc) Wood: Bootstrap Leather Boots: Army Painter Fur Brown Leather: Trollblood Highlight Fur and Base Stones: Greatcoat Grey Hair: Various Wash: GW Agrax Earthshade
  14. Project Freeguild

    Thanks everyone. Just started work on my Teutogen Guard but ended up going to a pop up food market for a bit of the afternoon so not got too far on them. Bases will be black when I base up, they're only brown now as its the colour primer I use, Army Painter Fur Brown. Basing will probably be the same as on my Stormcast you see below, my city of Whitebark is in Ghyran.
  15. Coming back in- can i mix and match Chaos?

    Of course you can, Grand Alliance Chaos it up, chuck in some Skaven for cannon fodder.