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  1. AsraiR

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    So points update from one of the unboxings, no unit changes but all battalions gone up. Slaughter Troupe by 50 as an example/
  2. AsraiR

    The Rumour Thread

    6th under Storm of Chaos, they were revised to match the metal Knights from early 6th. So 2004.
  3. AsraiR

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Huzzah, found somewhere with a Blood Coven in for a good price. Saturday's plan is sorted
  4. AsraiR

    Project Freeguild

    Been so busy but finished this lady to join the party.
  5. Got a couple of folding wallpaper tables for £32 perfectly 6x4, bunch of MDF and GW terrain and away I go. Just need a matt
  6. AsraiR

    Deathly List Guidance

    So I require the collective net brain to help me with some ideas for lists. I'm working towards an 1800pt tournament in April. Things I have: Nagash Arkhan VLoZD 2 Halberd Morghast 80 Skeletons 40 Grave Guard 60 Zombies 30 Black Knights 5 Blood Knights 4 Necromancers 5 Hex Wraiths 5 Cairn Wraiths Banshee 3 Spirit Hosts 3 Vargheists I also have some cash sitting around, thanks to my new job, to allow me to pick up a few things in addition to flesh it out. Any allegiance of the LoN book considered.
  7. AsraiR

    Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Thanks for the tip, I'll have a play around
  8. AsraiR

    Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Bigger units or multiple small?
  9. AsraiR

    Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Largely its a what I have thing (plus what I will buy). What changes would you suggest?
  10. AsraiR

    Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    So I'm going to be playing in a 1800pt casual tournament in a couple of months time. Debating this: Oldblood on Carnosaur Scar Veteran on Cold One Starpriest Slann 5 Saurus Cavalry 5 Saurus Cavalry 5 Saurus Cavalry 40 Skinks Bastiladon Troglodon Firelance Starhost Thoughts?
  11. AsraiR

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    So, two Blood Covens or a Blood Coven, box of Witch Aelves and Doomfire Warlocks? Questions questions....
  12. Yes, I use the blue one and the green one and they are lovely, the blue works particularly well on my Tzeentch.
  13. AsraiR

    Stormvermin list building

    Surely they still work fine with the Warlord's command ability.
  14. AsraiR

    Project Freeguild

    Thanks, keep swinging back to these. Here we have 30 Duardin Warriors and a pair of Warden Kings and 10 Knights of Order.
  15. AsraiR

    Let's Chat: Order Serpentis

    Thanks I shall I have a look. Has anyone run the chariots out of curiosity, other than to fill the battalion requirement are they worth it?