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  1. The Barwick

    Rise of Empires: Border Wars 18 - Story thread.

    Coverage of my first game! https://ageofbarwick.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/rise-of-empires-2018-colarcanium-game-1.html
  2. The Barwick

    Rise of Empires 18: Feedback thread.

    I'd like to mirror what everyone else has said so far, it was a great event! The venue for location and size of the hall were perfect. Plenty of options for dinner, especially the chippy and Panorama, all you can eat Chinese Having the Asda near by was also great. The bar prices were good too, being used to London prices I sometimes had to do a double take when the bar person told me how much I owed! All the battleplan's were fun and the terrain helped immerse you in the city of Colarcanium, having the tables as named part of the map was great. Every game I played was awesome, no one seemed to be in a rush and I could have a chat with my opponent. I didn't have one bad game or come away with a feeling of I could've done better. I think like @Ollie Grimwood has mentioned I would've liked a brief rundown of any highlights that happened during each round. All in all it was a great event, met loads of great people and had some brilliant games. I'm really looking forward to next year!
  3. Allegiance: IronjawzLeadersOrruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Battleline30 x Orruk Ardboys (450)- Ironjawz Battleline10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- Ironjawz Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- Ironjawz Battleline5 x Orruk Brutes (180)- Ironjawz Battleline6 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (280)- Ironjawz BattlelineTotal: 1570 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 156 Weird fist battalion Great minds think a like @Ollie Grimwood 😉
  4. The Barwick

    AngelCore 2017, LONDON. Tickets now available! 23/32 Sold


    Sign me up!
  5. The Barwick

    Narrative Hijack of SCGT 2017

    If anyone is up for a game of Hinterlands on the Friday/Sat night let me know!
  6. The Barwick

    Narrative Hijack of SCGT 2017

    Sign me up! I have put some fluff up on my blog if anyone is interested. Dan Barwick
  7. The Barwick

    The Sharp Claw Garrison

    Here is my fluff for my Army heading to SCGT 2017 I will be taking part in NHoS17. I'll be posting my final army a few weeks before the tournament. Please forgive any grammar mistakes! Lions of Sigmar Army: The Sharpclaw Garrison Vulkus Sharpclaw – Lord Castellant Claudio Pridegrave – Lord Relictor Cautus the Lions Storm – Lord Relictor Markus Heavyhand- Protector Prime Vibius – Raptor Prime Location: Fortress Sharpclaw The Realm of Ghur. Claudio Pridgerave, Lord Relictor of the Lions of Sigmar, looked over the massed force of his Stormcast Eternal brothers. Liberators stood with shields to the side and a lowered arm holding a heavy Warhammer. Behind them Protectors stood, large and powerful Star Soul maces began to crackle with energy, while their glaives while elegant and swift were brutal and punishing . The Judiactor’s stood stocking quivers with powerful heavy arrows. Claudio cast his gaze back towards the Protectors, now stood to attention. Markus Heavyhand, the Protector Prime of this unit walked past them. His helmet in the crook of his right arm his mighty glaive held at his left side. He turned and looked at his Protectors. He held his glaive out to one of the other Paladins to hold. He slowly slid his helmet over his head. He began to talk. Claudio could not hear what was said but a mighty roar came from the Protectors. At the end of the hall Lord Castellant Vulkus Sharpclaw began to walk amongst the Ranks of The Sharpclaw Garrison. Claudio had fought with Vulkus on many occasions, but the last battle had been the hardest. Most of the warrior chamber had been wiped out on their last campaign including their Lord Celestant Leothur the Bold. Vulkus and his Garrison had been called to battle the foul forces of Chaos alongside the Lord Celestant. Vulkus saw the death and destruction caused by the servants of the dark gods. He saw many Stormcast fall and felt it was his fault the lions has suffered so many losses. If it was not for the assistance of a nearby Fyreslayer lodge there would have been many more slain Stormcast. Vulkus has resigned himself to guard the the fortress he had sworn to protect and to ensure the realm gate at its heart would never fall or be breached. Alongside Vulkus walked another Lord Relictor. This was Cautus the Lions Storm. He had fought with Lord Celestant in his Warrior Chamber “The Bold Pride”. He was one of the few to survive. Vulkus stopped and looked at Claudio. “Lord Pridegrave, Lord Lions Storm has brought a message from Azyr. The Altar has been found.” Claudio did not utter a word. His Skull mask of his Mortis armour shifted to look at the other Relictor in the eye. “Mighty Sigmar has sounded a call to those who wish to undertake the task of locating the Altar. There will be others trying to get to it as well. We will stop those who will get in our way.” Claudio nodded. If they found the Altar, they would regain the honour they all felt they had lost, and if they were to die, it would be for a righteous cause. Vulkus explained the plan to Claudio, the units they would take and that Cautus would be coming with them, to also find solace and regain the honor he had lost. The fortress would be bolstered with Freeguild members while half of the Sharpclaw garrison would hunt for the Altar. Lord Aquilor Fahrius the Swift would be sending a unit of Raptors to add to the force. He was busy chasing Green Skin incursions from the surrounding hills. Only Cautus knew where they were going in an attempt to keep the location from other powers interested in the mighty relic, he would activate the realm gate at the Fortress’ centre Vulkus stood at the head of the assembled Stormcast. Stood with his halberd gripped tightly, the base of the mighty weapon resting on the floor. His lantern affixed to his belt. “Brothers!” Yelled Vulkus, “Even though we are weakened, and our numbers lessened, we must still heed Sigmars call to battle!” A mighty roar Echoed through the hall Claudio could feel the vibration through his armour, the chamber a sea of light brass and purple began to form up according to the Lord Castellant’s command. Vulkus would lead this campaign. Claudio thought to himself there is no one he would rather follow in to battle. Claudio took his position with the Liberators. He was there to chant the rites of Sigmar to strengthen the hearts of the men, to heal wounds and also to rain down powerful lightening and smite the enemy. Cautus was also praying with the Judicators and the protectors. The Raptors had also arrived, the Prime Vibius, was accompanied by a mighty Aetherwing. Claudio noticed Markus Heavyhand with his Protectors. The Protector Prime nodded at the Lord Relictor, Claudio returned the nod. When the formation had finished the Lord Castellant went on to tell the assembled Stormcast what their task would be. Cautus approached the Realm Gate. He began to utter some ancient words the gate sparked to life. In seconds the gate was fully activated. He turned to Vulkus. Vulkus raised his halberd. The Liberators were the first to enter, they were followed by the Judicators and Raptors, Cautus went through then Vulkus accompanied by the unit of protectors. Claudio was last through. He turned and looked at the chamber deep within the fortress. He thought when would he see its insides again? He turned and stepped through. The hunt for the Altar of Azyr had begun.
  8. The Barwick

    Club Information

    Hi Simon, The best way to get involved is joining both of the facebook groups below. The top one is the general group. You can see news and other relevant bits about the club. https://www.facebook.com/groups/hackneyaretabletopenthusiasts/ The link below is the AoS group at HATE. https://www.facebook.com/groups/604880449691065/ Not sure if there is a blood bowl group but there are plenty of guys playing at the moment. I know some of us AoS'ers will be getting heavily into blood bowl after SCGT. Hope that helps, Thanks, Dan.
  9. Now I've never been much of a gamer. Since I saw my first Space Wolf I have loved collecting and every now and again painting a model. I tried to get into Warhammer Fantasy, about a year before the end times kicked off. I became a bit frustrated with the rules and the amount of models you had to get to even field an Army. When I moved to London a couple of year a go I had set out to create a 40k army. I had amassed 500 points and used to go to my local GW and play the store manager. I had asked about Fantasy and he said, "Just wait." So I waited. The 11th of July 2015 rolled round and with it Age of Sigmar was born. I was very happy. Easy to understand rules, great new models and factions! I was in heaven! So with that I put together a Ogre army and started attending the Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiast club. My ogres did ok. Then I went to SCGT being a complete newbie my army building skill were not quite there (still not) I got whooped almost every game, but I had a great time. If you have ever wanted to go to a tournament, but have been too worried or scared, dont be. All the guys I played were great. After SCGT I was hungry for more hobby. I picked up the Death and Order Battletome. I bought a load of Stormcast, started painting them, then got distracted by Fyreslayers. Now, while I love my angry baby army, I found things lacking with them. No real great formations, aside from the Forge Brethren and the big monster is lacking. (especially coming from playing a Stonehorn for a while.) That being said one of my all time favourite games over the last year was against Ironjawz. Everything came together, the Grimwrath was Surrounded by Orruks, killing them left and right and tag teamed with the Battlesmith he was a wrecking machine they were both left standing at the end of the game Grimwrath with 2 wounds and a load of Orruk heads at his feet. I suffered a minor defeat but had a great time. I have the makings of a Moonclan Army now but I will happily wait for a Battletome for those little Psychos before I even consider starting them. SCGT 2017 is going to be great. I have not been able to go to any tournaments since then but after August this year hopefully I will be able to go to more. So onto my SCE army. After the Fyreslayers, I thought it would be best to go back and finish the Stormcast I had bought. With two Purchases I now had a Warrior Brotherhood. I like the fact that there is great mobility, great looking models, a great Battalion and I love the fluff with them as well. I had loved the Fantasy Warriors of Chaos. Big hulking heavily armored warriors coming to smack face and take names. I always thought the "Good" factions needed that. I will most likely be taking Stormcast to SCGT 2017. I know there is the current "net list" for Warrior Brotherhood. Mine is different to that as it includes a Venator and a Celestant as the heroes along with one Knight Azyros. I think you can guess the rest for the army from there. I went with a Lord Celestant as the fluff had drawn me to use him. I couldn't see myself playing Stormcast without having a Celestant as a General. The Venator is there because I love the model and the ranged threat is very appealing to me. The Azyros is there because I had 100 points left and it would be rude not to have some units that can strike withing 3 inches of the enemy! Now I do understand that you cant just have the hot new battalion and expect to be the greatest player in the world but it'll be fun learning how to use them and gain the best I can from them I've added the photo of my Venator. I've gone for the Lions of Sigmar colour scheme for my SCE. Primed black,Balthazar Gold, Hashut Copper, Seraphim Sepia and then finished Sycorax Bronze. Although I do think the Star Eagle is the best thing I have ever painted. I hope to be updating this blog with battle reports and other painting bits. Thanks for reading. Dan
  10. The Barwick

    Let's chat Fyreslayers

    The Grimwrath can be great fun when you get him within a couple of enemy units. I had him surrounded by a unit of Brutes, a Warboss on foot, and a Mawkrusher. After the Warboss on foot went down a warchanter joined the fray so his 3+ ward kept on rocking. He was also buffed by a Battlesmith, he survived all the way to turn five with two wounds left and the only Orruk alive was the Brute Big Boss. The mawkrusher went down with help from Vulkites with 2 axes. I rolled really well with his saves its a shame it takes luck with his deployment for his ward save to kick in. In my next game he was shot off before i could get him into combat. The shield Vulkites are great on the charge, and the fact they get even tankier in combat the turn after is great. I run these at 30. I've been placing the Runefather on Magmadroth behind some Vulkites to benefit from his three inch reach with his axe and then use (if I can) the roaring fyrestream in the shooting phase. I am leaning towards going 100% just foot troops though, or getting another Magmadroth with the Smiter and using the forge brethren formation. I hope they get some love soon similar to the newer released battletomes, maybe a section in the Steamhead Duardin Battletome if that ever appears, or even a section in White Dwarf. I love playing my Fyreslayers especially when you get insanely lucky with re-rolling failed saves then get really lucky with the ward saves. Something that could have killed 8 Fyreslayers turns into just losing one. Very satisfying.
  11. Been lurking and reading this thread for a long time. Your conversions, painting and batreps are great. I am doing a Mooclan force but I have picked up some Ironjawz for a sweet deal from a club mate of mine. Reading this makes me want to do Ironjawz first! The Warchanter looks like hes getting ready to raise the other stik and bellow "WAAAGH!" Great stuff cant wait to see what you do in the future!
  12. The Barwick

    First game with Fyreslayers

    Good thinking Ross. I'll give it a go next time I use him.
  13. The Barwick

    First game with Fyreslayers

    Had my first game with the Fyreslayers last night. I had them combined with my Stormcast for a 2000 point game against a lot of Skaven, 213 wounds of Skaven. I knew I could not win as it was the scenario in the Generals Handbook where the more models you have near an objective you capture it. His units were huge. Did that stop the forces of Order? Nope! I may not have won on points but I did slay a lot of Skaven! My List; Leaders Auric Runefather on Magmadroth (320) Grimwrath Berzerker (100) Auric Runesmiter (100) Lord Castellant (100) Units Auric Hearthguard x 15 (300) Vulkite Berzerkers x 20 (320) Paladin Retributors x 10 (440) Judicators x 5 (160) Judicators x 5 (160) Total: 2000/2000 So I cant remember what happended in each turn but it was very informative. The Runefather with a combined effort of some Hearth Guard wiped out 40 Plague Monks (Battle shock helped too :)). I was amazed at the Runefather the D6 Mortal Wounds breath the blood and the tail along with the Hearthguard shooting was immense combined with his own melee and the Magmadroths melee. I look forward to unleashing him again! Hearthguard were great. Especially when they were charged by Clan Rats that were attacking them and a unit of Judicators and were in range of Storm Vermin that were being held up by the Grimwrath. Threw my Axes into the Clan Rats then fired 30 Magmabolts into the horrible Storm Vermin. The Grimwrath into two rounds of combat and got his extra pile twice but he was slain by the Storm Vermin but he took a lot out. I gave him the weapon that adds an extra -1 rend to his axe . Still undecided on what the Grimwrath is suited to. The rules seem to suggest he is best used when he is clearly out numbered.Any tips you guys have would be great! Unfortunately my Vulkites and Runesmiter did not make it into the game until turn three when and there was no way of me winning. Although the "ward save" was great 9 wounds went through, only 2 died. Then they hit back with 36 attacks. My opponents face was great when i said "re rolling failed hits!" Next time i might tunnel the Hearthguard and have the Vulkites ready to go from turn one. My plan is to get a Battlesmith and 10 extra Vulkites and slowly move to a Mono Fyreslayer army. Next time I play I think I'll add my Heraldor instead of the Castellant, it will take the points up to 2020 but my gaming group is pretty good with stuff like that. The Rets and Judicators did the usual shooty, shooty, mortal woundy business. We dont care about those shiny Lightening Men. "Grimnir tests us with pain and rewards us with fire!" Thanks to Tom Landy for a fun game! Thanks for reading!