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  1. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    In the NH faction focus they mentioned Frightful Touch would be a key aspect of the army. This tells me one of two things. 1. Frightful Touch will be an allegiance ability for NH. All units will gain it in a NH aligned army. or 2. These warscrolls are temporary and incomplete. We wont see the full and true warscrolls until the NH battletome drops. The 1st edition starter saw changed for almost every model in the box between its release and the release of the SC and Khorne battletomes.
  2. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    You have to switch to a nation in an different time zone. I personally pulled these from the New Zealand page.
  3. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I like the banshee unit myself. They are undeads cheapest dispelling option at only 80 points, with potential bonuses to the unbinding roll. They also hit fairly hard for their points value, especially if they get a dispell off. Tomb banshees are still available for screaming.
  4. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    All the new warscrolls are up on the Preorder page. Here are the ones we had not seen yet: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_knight_of_shrouds_knighthaunt_2018.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_Grimghast_Reapers_Nighthaunt_2018.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_Glaivewraith_Stalkers_Nighthaunt_2018.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//ENG_NightHaunt_Mymourn Banshees.pdf
  5. AverageBoss

    Evocators - Coming soon

    The Soul Wars box contents and points costs will not match up with the GHB. According to it: Sequitors come in 5s Evocators come in 5s Ranged guys come in 3s (the 2nd most annoying unit in the box) Horse ghosts come in 4s Wraith unit comes in 10s (most annoying unit by far)
  6. AverageBoss

    Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    The new line about allies from a different GA is probably just future proofing for if they make an army that can do so. Maybe some Ogre or KO mercs for example.
  7. AverageBoss

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    First list is better because 40 man skeleton units are MUCH better than 30 (and also get a discount). You would be much better served by mounting the Vampire Lord onto the Zombie Dragon though. Makes him far more survivable and creates a larger bubble for aura effects. If you decide to keep them separate, the unridden TG is better than the unridden ZD.
  8. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Points page has been leaked out of the GHB, but its not allowed to be posted here.
  9. AverageBoss

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Nighthaunt points for those wondering. MOD EDIT: Sorry, TGA is strictly a no leaked pictures site!
  10. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Turns out they are 80/280 so much more reasonable. Also, full points page: MOD EDIT: Sorry, TGA has a strictly no leaked picture policy!
  11. AverageBoss

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Can't see myself taking many chainrasps if Spirit Hosts go unchanged. Only 20 more points for a better save and frightful touch makes them seem much better to me.
  12. AverageBoss

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Regular skeletons is most likely what they are referring to. They are better than GG for less points.
  13. AverageBoss

    Will they retire any night haunt units,

    The hourglass is part of the Mortarch. There is also the sickle wielding banshees, new cavalry, and the ghost the looks like he has twin flails.
  14. AverageBoss

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Most likely not. They are push fit models, and out of every single SC box GW has made (for 40K and AoS), only the Paladins in the 1st Stormcast SC were of the pushfit variety. Everything else is full kits, because that is honestly much better for starting an actual army with.