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  1. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Ah, you did not have the batallion listed in the actual list, so I did not piece that together. I am of the opinion that Legion of Night and Death March work against each other. Bait wants you to keep your skeletons camping on objectives in your territory (as they lose the save when they leave). DM wants you to have your skeletons to be able to match pace with enemy units and more quickly move up the field to intercept them, or get a horde on a mid field objective (though Gravesites are probably better for that). I don't think they know how to share.
  2. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I think you would be better off going with 3x5 Direwolves over the 3x10 Skeletons. Also leaves you with 60 points for either a Wraith of another 5x Wolves.
  3. Its all based on keywords. Liberators have the battleline role. Since they have both Order and Stormcast keywords, they count towards you minimum battleline in Order allegiance and Stormcast allegiance armies. But in any other case, they will not meet your requirements, as they lack he keywords of other armies and are therefore treated as allies for them.
  4. Why not a simple banner asking for donations to pay for the site. People could click on it and send money via card or paypal.
  5. Is there any point in allied flesh eater courts?

    I could maybe see the argument for a GKoTG. For 100 more points you are upgrading the TG with 5 more rending attacks, regeneration, and spell casting capability (it even retains and projects Deathless Minions). Its bite special rule is just slightly worse over the new LoN version, but it does have significant advantages.
  6. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Interesting. I could have sworn they had the MONSTER keyword, but you are right. Also means the Palanquin and Throne can hilariously be mounted on a Balewind Vortex.
  7. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    I think you already have more than enough Anvils in the list between the 40x skeletons and 20x dire wolves. What you need imo is something punchy, because I am not seeing a reliable damage dealer in the list. I would honestly consider dropping the Grave Guard for a Terrorgheist or Morghast Harbingers. Coven Throne might be tougher than a Vampire Lord, but it is also MUCH larger. It is going to take far more ranged fire, and melee attacks and be far harder to hide when needed. It also can't benefit from cover. I really feel a Sacrament list wants a Balewind. 42" Overwhelming Dread + Vanhel's, both at +3 to cast, is pretty solid. 30" Orb at +2 is also and option for a Vampire Lord.
  8. Gravesite showcase

    Been using these for Malifaux corpse markers for a few years. They just happen to also be great Gravesite markers. They have 10 different 30mm sculpts, 6 40mm sculpts and a single 50mm sculpt in this particular style.
  9. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Well, its the only version that does not have the banshee tower. Instead it has the drapes and weird skeleton thing hanging over the riders. Terrorgheist is VERY solid though.
  10. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Actually the Coven Throne does not have the banshee scream. The other two variants do (Mortis Engine, and Blood Palanquin), but it misses out.
  11. Being strict with new players?

    I would advise playing new opponents at a level you think they would enjoy the game at. At the same time you should do what you can to make them win (convincingly). That being said, sometimes you can crush players inadvertently (dice are not under your control). Last demo I ran, I did not use any spells, traits or abilities (I activated them to get my opponent used to procedure, but did not count the bonuses). I fudged my charges, treated my 3+ save as a 6+ (then rolled 5 6s, against 5 wounds), and cheated my priority roll to give him the choice of a double turn or not. My dice never stopped rolling 6, his never stopped rolling 1s. His 5 Chaos Knights charging my wizard rolled only a single hit and wound.
  12. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Unfortunately, the app lets you do all sorts of illegal list building. At present there is no rules basis to support having a Mourngul in a LoN list, and that is most likely what will be upheld at events until there is further rules change. Interesting to see it get the new Ethereal rule though. Maybe they just missed it in the initial change last week.
  13. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Have not seen it brought up yet. While the Black Coach has the HERO keyword, it no longer has the battlefield role of Leader. Are there any other models in the game that have HERO but are not Leaders? Even Assassins are both (despite their WFB rules stating otherwise ) Given its placement on the unit list, I think the loss of Leader was intentional. Maybe it was not supposed to keep the HERO keyword? Or maybe its just a weird unit?
  14. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    You can deploy in a way where the GS (even on balewind) can't touch you first turn. Given their speed though, large blocks of skeletons should probably be in the grave at the start of the game. Morghasts are important as they effectively give Nagash an extra 12 wounds, whether Nagash is focused on. or the Morghasts focused on 1st. Time sand hourglass would be a good item to take on a Necromancer in the list to target characters like the GS or Shaman. I actually think Nagash himself is as good a counter as any against Tzeentch, with his possibly 8 spells and dispells per turn at +3. Additionally, he has significant protection against mortal wounds in the 1st cohort, with a 4++ (with a chance of rebound) and 6++ and a 2/3 chance of 5++ and 6++ from attendant Morghasts.
  15. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    It could be done in a Grand Host list though. But Manfred probably wants that ambush.