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  1. Mannfred 1k list.

    The 10 skeletons must be in your list in order for you to meet battleline requirements. Summoned units do not exist or take up points until they are actually summoned.
  2. Death grand alliance.

    Unfortunately, the only range battleline unit GA:Death has is Skeleton Chariots. And they are much more of a melee threat than ranged. I am thinking about trying a list along the lines of: Allegiance: Death Leaders Neferata Mortarch Of Blood (400) - General Necromancer (110) Vampire Lord (140) - Mount: Nightmare - Artefact: Cursed Book Battleline 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) - Ancient Blade & Shield 2 x Morghast Archai (220) 6 x Crypt Flayers (320) 3 x Spirit Hosts (120) Behemoths Mortis Engine (180) Zombie Dragon (300) Reinforcement Points (0) Total: 1990 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Might turn the skeletons into more wolves though and take Manfred instead of Neferata.
  3. Let's chat : Wraith Fleet

    They are in the rulebook in the boxed set.
  4. Let's chat : Wraith Fleet

  5. Let's chat : Wraith Fleet

    All 3 of your battleline can star off the table if you wish. Actually your whole army can. Last month.
  6. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    Actually in older fluff there used to be good aspects to Chaos, including the main 4. There were even nations, such as Cathay, that had cults venerating these positive aspects exclusively. 40K themed, but the lore is still mostly accurate (language warning): Other than that you also have tons of lesser gods and a handful of rogue gods. Malal has been mentioned a few times already. But Necoho and Zuvassin are also 2 that are no longer talked about (and a bit more interesting imo).
  7. Starting AoS Death

    I have a bit of a choice to make myself. I am going to be getting a 2nd Mortarch model (have Arkhan, thinking #2 will be Neferata). I can get the lone kit for $60 (my LGS is offering me a discount due to the Skeleton Horde box existing). I can get the Skeleton Horde box and have the Black Knights go to waste (already have 10 each of BKs and HWs). Or I can get the upcoming holiday bundle and have the Grave Guard go to waste (already have 30).
  8. GA: death list building tips/advice

    If you want Morghasts as battleline, then you will be playing Deathlords Alliance. Unfortunately that puts quite a few limitations on you. You will need to take 3 Morghast units to fill out your minimum requirements in a 2,000 point game. That is a minimum of 660 points, Arkhan brings you to 980. Though he makes a pretty mediocre general, so you probably want a second Mortarch. You might add a Mortis Engine for bonus to cast, healing, and MW output. Though that would take up ally points.
  9. Starting AoS Death

    You will get all the parts for Manfred and Neferata in the SC box as well, so those are also options. Neferata makes a pretty good general from what I hear, but she is on the pricey side (400 points). Never really hear much about Manfred, good or bad.
  10. Does your army/general have a back story?

    I had fluff for my old WFB Vampire Counts. The Vampire the led the army was a mad artist, with each unit of the army as one of his works. I named(or renamed) every unit, item, champion, and mount in the army. Much of my inspiration came from the Castlevania franchise, mostly from Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin however. Now that I have settled on lists I like for my Stormcasts and DoT, I will begin working on fluff for them. My Stormcasts already have some basic outline to them revolving around their planned winter paint scheme (teleporting in via small comets rather than lightning bolts for example).
  11. How Important are Battalions?

    Well again, you just deploy your army in a way where you finish one unit before your opponent. You minimize your opponents ability to react to your drops, and you get to decide turn order. It varies from book to book. It will be in the battalion rules in any given battletome that has them, before the battalion descriptions.
  12. How Important are Battalions?

    You don't ever roll to see who goes first on the first turn of the game. The player who finishes deploying first gets to choose turn order for that turn. 90% of the time it is better to choose to go second to give yourself the first double turn (if one happens), and put your opponent on the back foot waiting for it to happen. You can throw down your battalions in one drop (even if it is your whole army), or you can piecemeal them out. Once you do so however, you can only deploy remaining battalion units one at a time. So an eight unit battalion could be deployed all eight units at once, or four units -> one -> one -> one -> one, as an example. Because of that, you also don't get many opportunities to actually counter deploy large battalions. Your opponent will simply count up your number of drops, and deploy in a manner where they have one less drop than you. It is an extremely potent advantage.
  13. Where to start?

    You definitely want the 2017 Generals Handbook if you plan on playing structured games. Depending on your army, you might want to pick up a battletome. Sylvaneth, Ironjawz, Beastclaw Raiders, Stormcast, Blades of Khorne, Disciples of Tzeentch, and Overlords all contain special army rules, magic artifacts, spell lores, formations, etc, that you will not find anywhere else. The other battletomes were made before this was the norm and only contain some battalions. Those can mostly be skipped. As far as rebasing goes, ask your local groups. Around where I play, even for competitions, the rule is "whatever they came with when you bought them". Other places will require rounds. Some areas do play model to model. Many models have not yet been repacked and have no official round base size, and there can be disagreement on what bases those models should have. There are a handful of models (mostly demon infantry) that have been repacked twice in the past 2 years (and even appear on both base sizes in their respective books). If you want to stick to current bases, keep that in mind.
  14. Bloodied and glorified.

    Really curious as to what that Vampires list was.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    There was also a multi month gap between Thousand Sons and DoT. When Nurgle Demons get new models is when you are more likely to get the double release.