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  1. Big Clearout AoS & 40K UK based

    Interested in the Primaris Marines, got pics?
  2. Buying High Elf Skycutter.

    Hi mate, I've got two, and loads of other Swifthawk Agents Reavers and Spireguard too.
  3. Brettonian Peasants

    I've got some, I'll send you some pics tomorrow!
  4. Moving House - Huge Clearout

    Hi all - I'm moving house in the near future, so am trying to off-load as much of my excess stuff as possible. Can get pics, but the following stuff is all on sprue: Khorne Bloodbound - £60 30 x Bloodreavers Khorgorath 6 x Bloodcrushers (Bloodletter ones, not the Warrior ones) Stormcast Eternals - £15 2 x Retributors 8 x Liberators Sylvaneth Treelord - £22 UK based, but happy to ship abroad. PM me for more details.
  5. Just wanted to say thank you for everyone for voting and congratulations to @scrollbuilderdude for winning and to @Vincent Venturella for coming second! Not only these two, but everyone in the short-list and all those who received mentions in the nominations thread deserve a round of applause for all they do. For some, the hobby is their local game store, their local meta, playing 1000pts Matched Play every Wednesday night. For others, the hobby is full of Narrative Gamers who travel the length and breadth of the country (and beyond!) to attend events, painting up magnificent armies on wonderful display board. There is a whole host of different ways to play the game and each is valid in its own way. The wider community has helped developed this sense of choice through the production of everything from Matched Play events and packs, all the way to Skirmish and Narrative rulesets and global campaigns. I have been into AoS for just over a year now and I can safely say I have not been this excited about being a part of the Warhammer Community ever. Thank you to all those who have made it so awesome and keep doing what you're doing! Hopefully this little community champion award has highlighted some cool new stuff out there for those who might not have experienced it before. Perhaps you're a dyed-in-the-wool tournament goer, who now fancies trying out some of the End Times Battleplans within your gaming group? Or maybe you've been stuck with pen and paper for the past year and a bit and finding out about ScrollBuilder.com has transformed the way you write lists? Who knows. Whatever it is, hopefully bringing greater exposure to these Community Champions and, in a very small way, thanking them for what they do was what this was all about. Happy Hobbying! Dan & the Tales of Sigmar Podcast team
  6. Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers Narrative Campaign

    Spitnose da Squig 'erder wants Da Luck Stone
  7. The Rumour Thread

    This is very exciting. Colour me intrigued.
  8. Black Knights

    This is cool, would love to see it on the tabletop.
  9. Playing Swifthawks / Guardians of the Dawnspire

    Great to see some more Swifthawk chat going around. I am toying with the idea of taking the following for SCGT17. It's not supposed to be madly competitive, but it should kick out a few shots and has a couple of decent heroes (Eltharion and Highwarden with items/buffs). (Units in bold are part of the Warscroll Battalion) Archmage 120 Highwarden 220 Skywarden 160 Skywarden 160 Eltharion on Stormwing 340 10 Swordmasters 200 30 Spireguard 360 5 Reavers 160 5 Reavers 160 10 HE Spearmen 80 Guardians of the Dawnspire 40 Most of the lists on the thread seem to be heavily based around the double-buff of two Skywardens. I haven't included any because I don't own the models, but Chariots seem to be quite weak with minimal potential damage output, but perhaps good at nabbing objectives quickly? Skycutters, whilst awesome models, also struggled to make it into the list, partly as a result of the one-shot syndrome of the Bolt Thrower, but also because I only had 2 and I wanted to make them into Skywardens! Having a huge unit of Reavers is great on paper, especially with the double shoot from the Battalion and the extra shot from their Ability, but 15-20 cavalry bases takes up a lot of room on the tabletop. Whilst this might be a good thing in some cases, I feel it leaves you unnecessarily constrained when it comes to manoeuvre over restricted ground. If you're playing in a game with a lot of terrain, or against a Sylvaneth player who is able to have a degree of control over the contents of the battlefield, I think a huge cavalry unit is going to feel cumbersome and frustrating. One of the army's key strengths is its speed and manoeuvrability, so don't negate that by building the list wrong. Eltharion is an expensive character, but represents a good combination of a decent fighty character as well as being a wizard. I suspect the High Warden is best being your General, and he can either take a weapon upgrade or potentially the Quicksilver Potion to enable him and Eltharion to double-tap a unit. Dropping Eltharion and the Spearmen would allow you to bulk the Swordmasters to 20, which in itself is a decent combat unit, especially when buffed by the formation for speed and the Skywardens for +1 or +2 to wound. This still satisfies Battleline requirements, despite dropping the Spearmen, because your Spireguard now are Battleline as you maintain the Swifthawk Allegiance. Lastly, a note on the Archmage. The FAQ recently changed the keyword/unit name fulfilment criteria of Battalions, so we can't take a dragon Archmage any more, so you might as well get a free horse! If anything, it will allow him to keep up with the faster elements of the army. I've not yet played this list, but will be building it over the next few months with an anticipated deadline of April 17 to get it on the tabletop!
  10. Any bits I don't end up using, I'm happy to pass on. I'll drop you a line when I've converted my Liberators, @Kuma, and see if you need any of what's left?
  11. Would love them to convert my starter set Liberators, please. Whereabouts are you based? Can I offer anything in return? Are you after anything for your GK?
  12. New and improved Forest dragon

    Great work so far, loved the original model so will be great to see your re-imagining of the classic.
  13. Rise of Empires: Realm Hoppers Narrative Campaign

    Da Age of Squigmar An army by Dangermouse425 Da Boss And His Many Names Moonclan Grots always were infamous for their maniacal plans, cackling schemes and their subsequent (usually hilarious or painful) failure. Never was their a more snivelling little Grot with grand ambitions than Spitnose, though his plans often lacked originality and the painful consequences were often meted out on himself or those around him. Since the dawn of the new age, when the humans launched their celestial assault on the forces of Chaos in a clash of golden Sigmarite and blood, Spitnose had been known by many names; Spitnose da Wolf Rida King, Spitnose da Chariotboss, and Spitnose da Mawcrusha Lord (though that title was only ever conceptual and that specific attempt at leading a Waaagh never really got off the ground...) Never one to be downhearted after a string of failures, Spitnose decided that in his next attempt at conquering the Mortal Realms he would return to his roots. Being a Moonclan Grot, it seemed the obvious choice. In a grandiose ceremony, in front of as many of his followers as he could bully into staying in one place for five minutes, he named himself SPITNOSE DA SQUIG 'ERDER and declared to all that would listen that the Age of Sigmar was at an end, and that the AGE OF SQUIGMAR had begun! How To Catch A Squig Cave Squigs, as many of you well know, are vicious little beasts. Something you may not know is that they are probably the easiest of Squigs to catch. Using a fungi not dissimilar to the Mad Cap Mushrooms fed to Grot Fanatics, the Squig Catchers burn piles of these mania-inducing mushrooms outside of cave entrances, wafting the fumes down the various tunnels. This cunning technique was discovered by Spitnose's right-hand Grot and Shaman, GITNOB. Gitnob was always bossing those about beneath him, demanding the lower Grots to fetch him all manner of mushrooms and plants for his various concoctions., thus he was known as GITNOB DA BOSSY In the minutes that follow the mushroom-burning, most of the Cave Squigs within go wild, but it is during the post-high slumber that the plucky little Grots amble down into the depths, hunting the sleeping Squiggies in order to capture them and return them to their poorly constructed Squig pens. A hilarious, if not highly dangerous, side-effect of these Squig-catching jaunts is that the residual fumes lingering within the caves make the whole process somewhat amusing for the outside observer, as drugged-up Grots charge around the caverns making "wheeee" noises, or pretending to be Squigs themselves. An Ill-Advised Pet After one one of these merry adventures, Spitnose congratulated Gitnob on his recent efforts on filling the Squig pens with more Squigs. Soon, he said, the warband would have enough Squigs to start venturing through the old Realm Gate they had come across deep within one of the Squig caves. He scolded his least-favourite Shaman, NIBLIT, for his poor efforts in assisting. In a desperate attempt to seek approval and praise for da boss Niblit strode deep into the cavern network on the hunt for Squigs, taking his staff and an assortment of mushrooms with him. Several weeks later he returned, much to the surprise of everyone else, who assumed Niblit had been nibbled to death by hungry Cave Squigs, and presented his findings to Spitnose - six baby Squiglets. Squiglets (baby Squigs, for those who are not familiar with the term) are highly prized amongst Moonclan Grots as they can be trained to be Extra Boingy, and therefore used as mounts for hopping into battle. Spitnose was very pleased, as he had always wanted to charge into battle atop a Squig of his own, especially as he had been getting bored of walking around with his own Squig, who had refused to grow even to the size of a Cave Squig. What happened next was somewhat of a surprise. Unbeknownst to the others, Niblit had been feeding the Squiglets from his mushroom pouch all the way back from his recent journey in an attempt to coax them out from their dingy cave and to convince them to stay with him for several weeks. No one was sure whether it was the random cocktail of drugs and toxins that that caused the massive growth, but it was more than likely the reason for the change in temperament. Rather than being vicious little bad-tempered balls of muscle and teeth, four of the Squiglets grew to be huge in size and absolute uncontrollable in nature. Before they could be subdued and knocked out with a potion of Gitnob's making, the four Squigs mangled their way through their encampment, destroying Spitnose's tent and wrecking several other things. Ever The Opportunist In between being incandescent with rage, Spitnose saw potential in these four Squigs. If their supplies of mushrooms could allow them to keep the huge Squigs sedated until they travelled through the Realm Gate, they could be used in a similar manner to Fanatics. As the Warband had run out of Mad Cap Mushrooms themselves, so lacked the means to "recruit" Fanatics, using these Mangler Squigs would be the next best thing. Or potentially even better! Niblit was nicknamed NIBLIT DA WISE for his decision to bring back these little red bundles of rage, though it was give half-ironically, as Niblit was prone to making plenty of stupid decisions. But What of the Other Two Squiglets? The astute amongst you will notice that only four Squiglets grew to become Mangler Squigs in this tale. Two are unaccounted for. Their fate? Well, their fate will be revealed closer to the event. But let's just say Gitnob and Niblit put their differences aside and combined their knowledge of mushrooms and Squig bio-chemistry in an attempt to create something even more... "colossal"...
  14. Gutbuster Unit Analysis

    Great write-up, Adam. Really enjoyed reading it. I've not actually played with my Ogors since the release of the GHB and having a browse through this has got me itching for a game with them! I had thought to sell them, but I think there's definitely some scope for a decent list in there somewhere. Sadly the Gutbuster Wartribe was one of the casualties of the recent FAQ. As there is no longer a unit called "Ogres", it can't be used in Matched Play. I suspect you could ask your TO/local community if they're content that an "Ogor" satisfies the requirements of an "Ogre", but if they're playing by the word of the FAQ, it's not allowed any more. Seems silly, I know, but there we go... It's a massive shame as it was a great way to run a one-drop, or close to, army with units that were pretty decent. I took the following list to South Coast Grand Tournament 2016, though I should point out that it was SCGT comp, not GHB points. Whilst I didn't do very well with it due to player skill, rather than list power, I think something along these lines definitely has potential in the post-GHB environment. Gutbuster Wartribe 1 x Tyrant 1 x Butcher 6 x Ironguts 3 x Leadbelchers 6 x Ogres 6 x Ogres 6 x Ogres 1 x Firebelly 1 x Bruiser Standard Bearer 1 x Giant Turning this into a post-FAQ, GHB equivalent sees the list coming in at 2080pts, which doesn't include the now-defunct Battalion cost, so would need a bit of work. Considering the huge utility of a chaff unit like Grots for screening or objective grabbing, I'd be tempted to make a few changes to run something like this: 1 x Tyrant - 160pts 1 x Butcher - 140pts 1 x Butcher - 140pts 1 x Bruiser Standard Bearer - 140pts 6 x Ironguts - 440pts 3 x Leadbelchers - 160pts 6 x Ogors - 240pts 6 x Ogors - 240pts 40 x Grots - 200pts +140pts spare The spare points are enough for a couple of Gorgers for flank attacks and harassment. Alternatively, if you wanted to drop the Grots down to 20, you could afford a 3rd unit of 6 x Ogors. This would allow some flexibility in that you then have 3 Battleline units that aren't Allegiance-specific, so your could swap your second Butcher for a Firebelly (or swap the BSB for a Firebelly if the event/game in question isn't allowing Compendium), etc. Naturally, the General would get the Battle Brew, and I think Bellowing Tyrant is almost an auto-take with Ogors. Their weak To-Hit rolls are what let them down mostly. A buffed unit of 6 Ironguts on the charge is a beautiful thing indeed.