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  1. Changer

    The Rumour Thread

    Don't forget we're on BST at the moment (for our friends in other countries), which is GMT + 1.
  2. Changer

    The Rumour Thread

    I agree I don't think they're Slaugth - they're not covered in maggots to start with! Although, I don't think they're Nurgle either - no triple circles anywhere. Could be the start of some undivided stuff. The game could be based on gellar fields going down and corrupting the servitors and some of the crew? Maybe those with a metallic head will be the servitors? Although I've not really seen a description of a servitor that also contains a metallic head - normally the heads are organic, as it houses the brain etc etc..
  3. Changer

    Let's Chat: Chosen Axes

    After a fair amount of success with my Skaven at the Grand Clash, I've now turned back to the Fyreslayers to see how they fair with all of the cards available. I've used your list as a basis and made some amendments which have done well over the last week. Here's the list. 3 pushes, a few few moves / attacks, and some mitigation to help me with objectives with Great Concussion and Mischievous Spirits. Like you, I'm happy with getting 2 of my guys inspired each game. Now, I have only played against aggro decks so far - I've sat back and then counter-charged to score some 'Score Immediately' objectives and then gone from there. I guess if I'm playing against objective-based decks I'll push my objectives closer and run forward, but the general 'meta' in the area seems to focus on aggro. There's only 1 card I wish I had in my deck - Hidden Paths. This card would at least give someone sitting at the back of the board something to think about; but I'm not sure which ploy I'd drop. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Changer

    Let's chat: Katophrane decks

    I think the deck is good overall, I'd probably look at changing out some of the objectives to something a bit easier to achieve. If I really think about it I just need to make sure I get 5 glory and cycle through the power deck by the end of the 2nd turn and I can get 16 glory in turn 3; meaning all of the 'Hold Multiple' objectives aren't really required. In my last game I played Farstriders (they came 6th in the end). In the first game I won 26-10, but then the second and third game I just couldn't pull the ploys I needed to stay on the objectives; and my opponent outmanoeuvred me in both the placing of objectives and throughout the turns. I think a lot of that is to do with my inexperience playing against Farstriders, and bad luck with both the draws and the dice. Going forward, I'm going to play with a different warband. Unfortunately, the Kataphrane deck isn't a 'fun' deck to play with. Yes it's competitive at the moment, but I do think that even by the time the next Grand Clash occurs at Warhammer Fest; people will be wise to the decks and have some decent counters in place.
  5. Changer

    Let's chat: Katophrane decks

    I came 7th with my Skaven with a +54. I would have come third if I hadn't lost that last game. Here's my deck.
  6. Changer

    Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    Typically everything went on Skritch. If nothing else, rerolling defence or attack dice is pretty nice with someone you want to keep alive, and who has the best basic attack in the swarm.
  7. Changer

    Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    So I went to Grand Clash 2 at Warhammer World on Saturday. I came 7th, with 3 wins and 1 loss, and top Skaven player at the event. I also managed to snag a Best Warband nomination but unfortunately didn't win that. Here's the deck I took. My first match was against Orruks. He had Great Concussion to stop me from scoring on objectives, but that was about it. I managed to get all 6 relics out in both of the rounds we had, and scored +26 glory over the two games. I will note that I only managed to get 6 relics out in the second game because I successfully scored Miraculous Escape when Hakka wiffed his attack. Without that score immediately the match would have gone to 3 rounds. My second match was also against Orruks. This guy had no Great Concussion or Earthquake, so I happily danced around him and sat on a few objectives. I again managed to get all 6 relics out in both games and scored a +20 glory over the match. My third match was against Skaven. The first round I was fortunate to get three objectives and managed to score early on. His Skritch went on the offensive but I stuck to my guns and kept drawing power cards to get what I needed. I didn't managed to get the relics out in this round, but a combination of supremacy, Tactical Supremacy 1-2, and Our Only Way Out gave me what I needed. In the second round I only managed to place 2 objectives, but I scuppered his plans early on by playing Shifting Shards after the first activation and moving an objective in his territory into a blocked hex. He still managed to score Supremacy against me by moving closer to me, but this then allowed me to counter, kill a couple of rats, and get enough glory to get the relics out and score 12 in the final three activations. My final match was against Farstriders. I'd never even seen these on the board before so didn't really know how to counter them. The first round wasn't too bad; I got 3 objectives, got 5 glory and spoils of battle, then played Hidden Paths to get Skritch well out of the way and pulled glory from the relics. In the second round I only got 2 objectives down, and my opponent countered my placement meaning I had to put an objective much closer to the centre line that I wanted. In this round I didn't manage to pull ploys in any decent order, and my force was picked apart, scoring only 3 glory all round. The final round in this match went even worse. I went first, he then played Hidden Paths to put one of the guys next to Skritch, then attacked him causing 2 damage. In the next activation he then shot Skirtch and played Trap! killing him instantly. It went downhill from there, with his killing or pushing rat after rat, and I only managed to score a total of 6. However, due to the high score in the first round, I still ended up with a total glory difference for the match of +1. So that's it. I think the deck is fairly effective, although quite boring to play with (and probably against). The fact that I'm just sat there pulling power cards and hoping that my opponent doesn't counter me shows the main downside to the deck. In all four matches, I didn't come across anything that targeted my rats, so Misdirection was wasted. It's still a very handy card though. With how well Relics did throughout the event, I think we'll see more people running cards such as Shattershard and Frozen In Time, which means Misdirection, and maybe Forceful Denial will come into their own.
  8. Changer

    customize your shadespire

    Thanks! Everything, including painting the warband etc took about 6 week. I haven’t made a 3 hex, but the way the tiles are lined up means that if I put the two and one hex pieces on the three hex board together, then they match up! A bit crazy I know....
  9. Changer

    customize your shadespire

    Thanks! It’s plasticard cut into strips, then tiles, and then shaved on the top edges. I’ve got LOADS of wip pictures that I’ve taken over the past few weeks. I’ll probably do a post in my shadespire plog after the event. Here’s one wip showing you the raw tiles. Decided not to use the death statue thing in the end as he display would have been top heavy. The best thing is, the entire thing (warband, board, scenery, deck and dice etc) fit into a single skirmish case!!
  10. Changer

    customize your shadespire

    Here’s my completed display board and scenery ready for the grand clash at warhammer world this weekend. Hope you like it.
  11. Changer

    Glory Records

    I scored a 25-10 yesterday, due to me spending the entirety of the third action phase pulling 16 glory from Kataphrane Relics.
  12. Changer

    Let's chat: Katophrane decks

    Duel of Wits isn’t really enough. I’m definitely using activations to pull cards; although it really depends on what I get in my first power hand. I’m not really sure what I’d drop to add more cycle to the deck. I feel like I’ve got just enough push cards to counter being pushed off my objectives. Any ideas?
  13. Changer

    Let's chat: Katophrane decks

    I played a best of 3 game against Magore's Fiends this afternoon using the following deck: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,244,235,257,263,264,265,266,267,278,270,282,292,359,323,331,332,360,362,347,348,329,320,164,341,167,373,374,429,426,427,396,397,398,399,400,401 I won 2-0, with the first game ending 7-6, and the second game ending 25-10. Needless to say, I think you can see which game I managed to get a full set on. With the first game, I spent a few activations pulling power cards, but I was unable to get through the deck quick enough before the Fiends starting ripping into my warband. The second game worked much better, I chose a different board, was able to castle up, and pulled the relics in a decent manor. By the end of the second action phase it was 8-6 to my opponent, but I had Skritch with 4 relics. Before the third action phase I was able to draw the last 2 relics and have 2 unspent glory in my hand. I spent the entire last action phase scoring 16 glory just from Skritch. The main problem I've got with this deck is if I don't score enough glory by the end of the second action phase, there is no way of me pulling 6 relics. I've got a few games tomorrow night where I'm actually going to drop Hold 1-5 and run something like this: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,244,235,257,278,270,282,292,359,323,331,332,360,362,347,348,329,320,164,341,167,373,374,429,426,427,396,397,398,399,400,401,252,154,274,296,297 What do you guys think?
  14. Changer

    Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to showing the display board off too; it’s nearly finished. The armour recipe is: 50:50 leadbelcher:abbadon black Agrax wash Thinned leadbelcher on the lighter areas Sepia wash Leadbelcher again on the lighter areas Edge highlight of Stormhost Silver Then the dirt and rust isn’t just thinned Mournfang Brown and Troll Slayer Orange.
  15. Changer

    Let's Chat: Spiteclaw's Swarm

    It’s been a long time since anyone posted here. With the new cards available how are people finding Skaven now? What types of decks seem to work in the face of the aggro decks that seem to be popular?