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  1. so this is the mechanics we will be using for the event! Playtested it back in April and it is so good! Looking forward to adapting it slightly for Rise of Empires! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/17/the-season-of-war-continues-in-firestorm-aug17gw-homepage-post-2/
  2. Spray Brown (I use Halfords Camouflage Matte Brown) Drybrush - Fur with Terminatus Stone, - Skin with Gorthor Brown - Wood with Sylvaneth Bark Paint Horns Zandri Dust, Paint Skulls and teeth Ushabti Bone, Ropes with Rakarth, Brass plates with Balthazaar, Cloth with spot colour of your choice and Metal with Leadbelcher... Wash whole mini with Agrax. Result.. Painted 50 Ungor in 2 nights using this technique. Thanks for plug Josh! Yes this may help you a bit.
  3. That stone is phenomenal! How do you achieve the mouldy bits? Also what I love more though, is your painting desk to the right.
  4. Ok guys, now is the time to begin planning your campaign. If you have a preference of where you would like to set up your stronghold on the map, please let me know below. If you would like to see the large 200MB version of the map, you can by following the link below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jitusjdimlmc0c/Colarcanium-Final.jpg?dl=0 So choose your region!
  5. Thanks! But didn't realise I pressed reply all.
  6. MojGorox looked upon the plains of Ghur with bitter regret. "We did not serve you completely fathers" the voices in his head began. "Krunk still lives and we did not yet feast upon Orruk flesh, the day shall come soon, once our sweet pea is delivered back to me, once I once again hold within my arms my beloved" at once Khorne spoke to him, in his head of course, the message clear. Krunk, now believed to be rampaging near the borders of Cartha needed to be brought to justice.. "We ride your blade father, I see my path in front of me, may all my fathers bless us. The challenge is set, the Realms will shake and the call will be made to SweetPea, he shall hear our calls and smell sweet Orruk blood. He cannot resist. Tzeentch, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Khorne, treat us right and lead the way!" @Chris Tomlin - The Challenge has been set... "We grudge you, sweet child.."
  7. Yer! All the crazy guys! Always loved this small Faction, and the flagellants abilities. Can't wait to see this progress
  8. Although Tzaangors are basically just Camp Goats...
  9. Added 30 more Gor to the herd, finished them off at lunchtime. This time double handed weapons, re-rolling 1s with that many attacks should be great. Playing on Tuesday eve against a Hero heavy Sylvaneth army, Full 2k for the first time. The List I am going to run is 340 points are reserved for summoning which nicely adds up to a Cockatrice (Which I ran last week and it seemed awesome when summoned, summon 9" away from Hero, try and one shot him with its petrifying gaze ability) and a Ghorgon. But I also have 30 Plaguebearers, 3 Plague Drones, Nurglings and even a Great Unclean One just incase something else is needed. The army is a one drop, I will keeping the 10 Ungor unit, all Ungor Raiders, the 10 Gor with twin axes unit off the board at the beginning and then in the first turn which I will take Move my models up to deny as much wildwood deployment space as possible and bring the 2 units in ambush on from each edge to try and goad opponent in going to kill them. This should split his forces nicely. Will be an interesting battle for sure. The Chariots job will be to hold up Durthu (one of the heroes I know opponent will be fielding), Their move and mystic shielded should be a good tar pit for at least a turn or 2 So thats where I am at! The chariots are unpainted but I really wanna try them out. Battle Report for it will be up next week!
  10. @Chris Tomlin - That sucks. Will refund you today dude, no problem. Is there anyone else from down your way that wants to fill your spot? Gonna miss your face at the event for sure though.
  11. Read the pack.... no compendium.. ?
  12. No problem dude! Opens email to see PayPal... Boss looking over shoulder... Sees I have been giving other men blowjobs... looks at me very strangely.. Love you!! and anytime
  13. Added to the list dude, Welcome aboard and thanks for the payment!
  14. Yep, just PayPal £45 to sean.houghton11@gmail.com and your in.
  15. Here is the finished map for Rise of Empires! The is what you will be fighting over. This is a small version, so can't zoom very far. We will be printing this on a full 6ft x 4ft gaming mat, each of you will have to make a few markers to move around the board as the event goes on. More will be explained soon, but for now.. Big thanks to @Tom Hewitt for creating this masterpiece. The Realm of Life just got a little more background.