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  1. So long as you don’t win anything... should be fine. 😬
  2. How can build my force from Warherds Bloodfeast Gorgers boxset?

    Getting to 2k points, I would personally go this route. You need something to distract from your Bulls who you need in combat. Nothing better than a Jabber to do that. Great Bray, gives you a little magic and 120 reinforcement points for another Jabber too. So in answer to the question, I would build as a Ghorgon and Great Axes.
  3. Bonding Finecast Models

    Fair... ok, see second suggestion of spit.
  4. Bonding Finecast Models

    Personally I use something called MitreFast link below, might be available in US as well. https://www.amazon.com/Everbuild-MITRE1IND-Mitre-Fast-Industrial/dp/B00BDTF0PW/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1507649040&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=mitrefast It is a 2 part you superglue one part and spray the other, it sticks within seconds though. Failing that, may sound weird but superglue one part and lick the other a lot (make sure you lick the non superglue part......haha), your saliva will act as an accelerator to the superglue.
  5. Where can I buy brets

    eBay is your friend and your enemy.. But apart from that or twitter (or here) don't know where else.
  6. ok, i think it will come down to if you decide on a faction that has no battalion, let us know and we will work together to get one done. So in answer to you previous question @Skeekrit, please PM me as to what you are thinking. One other stipulation will be you need to make the battalion rules look pretty, like the ones you see in the books.
  7. Yes this could be a cool thing, but could also be a bad thing at the same time, as there would be no way for us to test them before hand and therefore could make for very 'interesting' games.. What you thinking then?
  8. This is very interesting, do you know I didn't realise that no Grot faction had battalions... obviously we want you there and more importantly we want Grots there! Will chat with @KyeBaker and @jon23516 about this and let you know.
  9. Firestorm Destruction

    Best thing about the event is that you do not need 2000 points, Just an army to bring. Hope you can make it. See you soon.
  10. Firestorm Destruction

    @Sheriff - Always in need of more Destruction at the event! Come along and roll some dice for the weekend!
  11. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    GW are giving us extra rules for different narratively built armies. In my opinion, you should stick to the colour schemes to gain the extra rules, this counts for Stormcast, Kharadron, Firestorm... whatever it may be. I am currently painting up some Astral Templars, not because I particularly like the colour scheme, in fact I would rather it be Silver and Blue... but I love the chamber narratively and so went with it. If you want to use the extra rules for the Firestorm cities, play by the rules and paint them in that scheme. Again, this is my opinion and would in no way refuse to play anyone who hasn't stuck to that little ruling. Edit: Go easy on me guys... it is only my humble opinion
  12. Ahh yes! Ok I remember now.
  13. On this note, can one of you NEOs confirm I have sent mine in.. I forget if I have or not. Think i Did.
  14. Free Cities Generator - Bring your cities

    So this is for my Free People army! Which I have been wanting an excuse to rebase for a while. Dragonbane: The Flying City A city built upon the back of a huge flying leviathan, it is free to traverse the realms as it sees fit. A city of notorious levels, known for its sinister reputation. It is inhabited by Humans, Stormcast and Aelves and Duardin. The monster never lands except for every 100 years to drink from the Sorrow sea. To find the city is as hard as it is to find a god itself. The inhabitants are a hardy buch who mostly worship The Great Drake, many mausoleums are set up in the town to further their dedication to him. The Stormkeep is a house of Astral Templars who themselves use the city to have a better view upon the Realms and can be dispatched when needed. The Aelves are mostly Nomadic Wanderers, they live within the scale forests surrounding the city and use the Dragon to traverse the regions easier. Barak Ziflin have established a Skyport here too.