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  1. Path to Glory is really gonna help you build a narrative army without using points. As someone who doesn't use points (unless playing opponent who wants to), I find as long as the battleplan is well designed (a lot of the GW campaign book ones are), you will not need points to get the point of the story across. Pure Narrative gaming means you really need to step away from a winner and loser, concerntrate on building a story. If one army is beginning to really pull away but the story feels like it needs more, bring reinforcements on from table edges or summon some units through Realmgates. Once your both happy with where Story has developed to, bring in a Sudden Death Victory condition or complete the battleplan. Just each round see how story of game has developed, have a discussion with opponent and see where you want the narrative to go next. The balance of a narrative game comes from both players being able to read the way the game is going and adjusting to make it better! So long as at end of game both players feel they have had a great game it's a win! Outcome of game and storyline can then be pulled into the next game. Hope that helps.
  2. Love this! Agree with @Chris Tomlin about the faceplate, Morkanaut one would look ace, Also whats your plan for the hands and how big is this gonna be?
  3. 50 Ungor are all painted and ready for their bases. (Once delivery of Wills Paving turns up). Next up will be the Ghorgon model which my GBS will use to summon when the time is right 👍🏽
  4. This is so good! Going to be following this one for sure.
  5. Here is the Warscroll for @Mojgorox_Risen - This tries to capture a lot of the Randomness going through his mind. Matched Play points TBD
  6. Why do you need a Warchanter... Just use Hunter as your Skirmish leader and minimum 2 Gore Grunta's to make the three 3 model min. ... (By the way this has to be Cold Ones instead of Pigs surely if you have a Dino Rider as your Hunter?! Have you been seeing @Ollie Grimwood one on Twitter?
  7. In them colour schemes I hope! Im going with Tamer, as the Wizard Beast Lover fits Mojgorox at this stage of his existence.. He is currently being swayed by Tzeentch in his mind, so a bit of Magic would be fitting. My list is a ******-tonne of Goats...
  8. Hunter and Leviathan Warscrolls are up - Whats everyones thoughts on who they choose? Tamer or Trapper?
  9. Here is the finished first unit of Gor. Let me know what you think! http://www.hobbyhammer.com/2017/06/how-i-paint-series-brayherd-gors.html - You can check out the 'How I Paint' Series blog post here!
  10. A lot of the balance in Path to Glory lies in the Battleplan. Yes the tables can create an unbalance, but picking the right battleplan to play may not mean that its a factor.
  11. As a huge fan of Path to Glory, this is amazing. The biggest thing for me is what it will mean for Narrative events. A great way of building narrative events is to escalate the games and now there is an official way of doing this. I spent a lot of time for Realm Hoppers event creating my own Path to Glory tables for all the factions. But to have a document that is an official way of doing this is so much better. Cant wait to begin this.
  12. Easiest way to do it is to have everyone start in their region, stronghold. Then they all play games against someone in different region, if they win they expand by D3 (Say hex tiles for ease), if they lose they still gain 1. Campaign lasts for 6 rounds, winner at end person with most region. Everything else like Times of War, Triumphs, Battleplans etc are all added on top depending on your group. CI have done many map campaigns over years, some online ones too. Check out http://www.theriseofempires.com for inspiration if you like. Or The thread in Event section Rise of Empires for a 2 day event style one.
  13. Yes!!
  14. Hi @Darth Alec, I will have a lot of Brayherd units completed in coming months. Will you want these too?
  15. Dan and Wayne! Been a pleasure listening to you guys over the years. Gonna miss your shows, but if it allows you do both do more hobby then its a win