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  1. Awesome what’s your twitter name?
  2. My Review of Malign Portents

    Hi dude, NEOs are Narrative Event Organisers, a little narrative organisation to spread the word of Narrative Play more in AoS, a small group of us are also the NEO side of the Only the Faithful Playtest team for GW.
  3. Malign Portents

    http://www.hobbyhammer.com/2018/02/review-malign-portents-campaign-book.html?m=1 Review of Malign Portents.
  4. My Review of Malign Portents

    I will be doing one too, but I am not an official reviewer that gets review copies of things. This was different as I am part of the Only The Faithful Narrative team and got a copy through that. If you wanna read pre release review.. pretty sure @Mengel Miniatures Will do one.
  5. My Review of Malign Portents

    Glad you liked it. 1- No, the story comes first and the Battleplans are in a seperate section similar to Path to Glory Skirmish etc.. 2- The is one much more detailed Times of War (not even called a ToW) for Realm of Death. This is explores in great detail.
  6. I bring you my review of Malign Portents. The new chapter in Age of Sigmar. A new campaign book and much more. I have been lucky enough to have had an advanced draft copy to review for a while and gotta say its fantastic! Can’t wait to being a Campaign off the back of this.. http://www.hobbyhammer.com/2018/02/review-malign-portents-campaign-book.html?m=1
  7. How have you survived not being on Twitter? So much hobby goodness on there... Give me a shout when your on and ill set you up with some HobbyBros
  8. Just 3 weeks away now! So close.. Just wanted to say, what I am seeing on Twitter is immense. Please continue to log down your journies using the hashtag #RoE18 Also as a note, the venue is open on the Friday from the afternoon, so come down and play some games, there is a bar on site too. Use the chat to arrange some games. See you all soon!
  9. We had a think about this when we knew it was going to happen, and decided, you summon as per the Nurgle book with Contagion points ignoring the summoning house rules unless you are summoning something other than Nurgle.
  10. Also @Carlito_1982, can you private message me your number too please.
  11. Also @Carlito_1982, can you private message me your number too please.
  12. Hi Dude! Do you have anymore from your club that want to come, there is some spaces left but registration will close in a few days. Also can you private message me your phone number please.
  13. *AOS PLZ READ* This is it! The last call for any more players who want to join in on the narrative action in Feb, Ramsgate, UK. The pack is finalised, the city is prepared, but more players can still come. Reply if interested and we will go from there. THE FINAL PACK - CLICK HERE TO TAKE A LOOK This is the final edition of the pack, the battleplans have been playtested and the rules have been tried and tweaked. Thank you all and lets make this the best AoS Narrative Event out there!
  14. Yes it does dude. To both cases, only one units summoned from a Wizard at a time + yes units can be bigger than stipulated in pitched battle point section in GHB17