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  1. 2000 points gutbusters no allies pure ogres

    It definitely isnt a first choice unit, completely agree there. But people understimate how worth while these are. As i mentioned, just being able to make your opponent consider thier deployment and go over defensive with units to protect key buff heroes / warmachines can sometimes be enough. Put them on the back foot or consider breakinf from the normal deployment. When your against it do you risk the gamble or not, if that 12" comes off it could ruin many plans. But outside of this, just being able to bloack board space (drop armies / formations / trees being summoned to name a few), claim objectives that are initally out of reach for your force and potentially stopping other units that try to come on table edges but then have to be out of 9" (most common) can all really help your control of the board and game. Also, if you go second and then get a double turn you have his movement etc to use then as well before he is hit back, so may have done the task for you by then anyway. He isnt a world beater but he offers more than some people think initially.
  2. 2000 points gutbusters no allies pure ogres

    Also a good option. I think I like the 9 Ironguts as I have used 6 many times but that was in a list with BCR monsters so they were not always the number 1 target. In this list I think they may be, so having a few extra initially might help out. 6 still works though and the hurt they can deal is great.
  3. 2000 points gutbusters no allies pure ogres

    Cool list but i do agree with the above comments also. Although, i do like and think the 12 ogres are a good shout. Maybe consider dropping 6 leadbelchers and use the points elsewhere? Something like this posssibly: LeadersButcher (140)Butcher (140)Tyrant (160)- General- Great Gutgouger- Trait: Bellowing Tyrant- Artefact: Battle BrewBattleline9 x Ironguts (600)- Gutbusters Battleline12 x Ogors (400)- Ogor Clubs or Blades with Iron Fists6 x Leadbelchers (280)- Gutbusters Battleline 20 x Grots (100) 20 x Grots (100) 1 x Gorger (60) Total: 1980/2000 The grots offer bodies for screening, board space and objectives. With the last 80 youcould look at many options for allies (heroes etc or cheap units like sabertusks) but the Gorger is a decent unit for the points. It can come on any table edge so gives your opponent something to think about when deploying. It is 12" away from the enemy so tough for first turn charges but still great for potential objective claiming whlist the ogres catch up
  4. Small Ironjawz Army for sale

    Thanks @Chris Tomlin Would you be interested in a trade for 40k models? I am having a clearout of 40k stuff and if i had something you may want would be happy to work a trade and post as well.
  5. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I think the list could do well against the Pestilens in terms of not needing the rend. Be interested to see how you chew through the numbers of models. All the lists I have written lately pull in allies or summoming that includes rend or high damage (or both) as I feel in many matchups we will need this. I havnt played yet under GHB 2017 but i have played against the Nighthaunts at BLACKOUT2017 the weekend before last and without formations I like the idea of summoning units to keep the drops down for the posibility of getting to choose first turn. Think it is quite important if your going with lower numbers in the army to start of or in the overall list if your not looking at summoning cheap bodies at all.
  6. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Really like this list. Got a decent amount of bodies on the table. I keep looking at lists similat but think maybe split one of the Brutes into 2 x 5 units and then have the Gruntas as a 6? Maybe worth a try.
  7. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    Quite a cool list. I just cant look past having a unit of Ironguts in there, such a good unit. Like the units of Grots, these really help with board control and screenign areas. Lots of models to chew through. Maybe consider leadbelchers over the scraplaunchers, but i do like them. possibly a mix.
  8. Hey bud. interested in the Ironjawz. Will send a pm
  9. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    Yes with that nice looking army in your possession it woul dbe good to get some games.
  10. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    Look forward to some updates for this then. Yes I agree, big units of the Ogors will be good now. TBH not a bad allies unit :). Having the Ironguts as battle if makes gutbusters solid I think, few smaller units and a big unit of them. Decent core to an army.
  11. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    Lists will be up some point for the Top 10 at least.
  12. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    Interesting read mate. Hope to see a more indepth breakdown of the Ghostwulfz weekend on here. Its interesting looking at what seem like small mistakes and minor under average rolls and how much impact they have. With the small model count armies it really hurts if they are dieing of just not getting to do what you need from them. Definitely agree the Mawcrusha is a tough unit to ignore now. think it starts what is an avalanche of destruction (no pun intended) with how the Ironjawz work now hitting an area and all units smashing face.
  13. Destruction's Poor Showing at Blackout

    As it was vs me Game 4 i can agree with Donal on his breakdown of the game. It was always going to be a tough one for him but the early turns things just went a little in my favour. This just opened up the margins more and made everything harder again. It would be interesting to play that game out again as it could be different for sure. On Destruction as a whole, I really think there are good times ahead. As nico above and others have said, I think destruction more than anyone benefit from the allies and in many lists i think this will be key. Bonesplitterz still have it. not just Rukk, think there is some interesting builds that can work on speed and board coverage. Pure high damage output is less here but numbers are good and more dice means more kills some times. BCR changes imo were unnecesary and a real shame. Yes they were decision made to knock back that mixed list we all know of from the last year, but the changes have made a weak BCR book weaker again which is a massive shame. I love and have played BCR monsters since the start and had hoped the new GHB ws going to bost them. There is still options luckily for these though I think, but for the most part atm i see it as allies needed. Ironjawz.... These guys def still have potential. The army itself has certainly got better, and we have a wealth of players in this section that push them and share the tactics / skills. The traits etc and formations are all good and still worthwhile options. The addition of allies again really opens these up, and not just for added numbers, but magic support, ranged threats and monsters. I dont really look to much at the grots, but they are clearly ok with recent event results and also getting boosts with GHB 2017. Ogors are interesting as well, people dont seem to play these much in the UK from what I have seen. But I think they still cut it. 4 wound model units, high damage output and reletively quick. The heroes are nuts and with allies again you can look at large units and mosnter support. Think these could be one to watch! All in all I agree with above comments that things are still positive. just time for change and finding the ways forward.
  14. Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I have been using Nighthaunts a lot this last year in a mixed Death army. They are great at a lot of things, and with the new traits etc it gives some solid options. The spirit hosts do some great work for the points. they can last a while, decent speed, some good potential for damage output and cool models. Not really used hexwraiths as they dont seem that good, but having some fast units for objectives and clearing the small / weak units is fine. The main thing for me will be lack of rend / killing numbers. There is no dount you want to look at the summoning and allies optios for the Nighthaunts. I have been using bloodknights as part of my mixed list prior to GHB 2017 an these are great. Vargheists also for some rend. Other Heroes for me are worth looking at as well, find some decent ones with good damage output. Mounrgul..... Really not sure atm. got to many hits i think to be left still at 400 points. i could be wrong but the bg appeal to me before was that 4+ vs mortals. when the saves stacked with the death save it was great. didnt matter as much that the damage output wasnt the best, as it stuck there taking hit s and giving the minus 1/2 out. We will see with some games. I wouldnt recommend 2, use that other 400 points on allies / summoning and try some things out. Hope some of this helps.
  15. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    Hey Marc, There is some potential interest from our group for another team so if we could jump onthe reserves as well?