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  1. How do I change my Name in TGAC??

    Hi after some months being in here I just realized my name was autocorrected by my computer when setting up my account. Is there a way to change my name to the correct name? Thank you
  2. Xlanax Lot Bastiladon

    Thanks man
  3. Xlanax Lot Bastiladon

    This was a commission for a client that wanted his seraphon to look like they where made from space-matter (a physical manifestation of the stars of Asyr) if you are interested in a commission please follow this link
  4. Skryre acolytes

    a 30 man unit of skyre acolytes with a war-grinder weapon team is a really good combo. y you complement that with a couple of units of stormfiends with grinderfiests and two pack masters all of the sudden you have a very dangerous army. The acolytes will cause damage on the turn they go out as well as work as meet shield for the storm fiends, which should be close to the pack masters in order to have +2 to hit and +2 to charge. doing the average math of a 6 stormfiends unit on the charge with this buffs its 13.3 Wounds of damage 3 and rend -2 (40 Wounds) very nice in my opinion.
  5. Celestial Hurricanum .JPG

    very nice work on the paint job by the way!
  6. Celestial Hurricanum .JPG

    what is the name of this model? it looks really nice for a piece of scenery
  7. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Seraphon new abilities are soo good! Really liked my firt game! They are a really strong army now
  8. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    I might be wrong, but to be completly honest, I believe the intent of the writer was to have the units "deep striking", you pay points for a unit, leave it to the side and than you can bring it whenever you want theough a summoning spell. It is not a 60pts battalion, it is a 170pts battalion with several restrsints ( the slann can die, the charges are 9" charges, and you can only summon saurus) This is probably going to be an endless discussion like it was with summoning before...and in the same case where the FAQ ended up rulling that you can summon any warscroll with a slann even if you dont have it on your army; I bet they are going to end up saying that dracothians tail works as a deep striking battalion, you pay for units put them to the side and than bring them to the tsble trough summoning
  9. GHB2017 - Rules questions collation thread

    SERAPHON: Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, It states that you can summon units included in the battalion using a summoning spell. Is this summoning spell restricted to the number of models mentioned in the augmented spell description. Example: can I summon a 40 unit saurus unit or would I be restricted to the maximum unit size described in the spell 20 saurus models. Expected answer: yes, you can exceed the unit size described in the spell. you can summon a units up to the unit max size described in the match play profiles. Q:// Dracothian's Tail page 133, can cast any number of summoning spells that summon SAURUS units to the battlefield, as long as each unit he summons comes from this battalion. Does this mean that you pay the points for the units and than you put them aside and than you can summon them or does this mean that you have to pay points for the units, deploy them in the table top, save some reserve points and than from those reserve points you can cast any number of summoning spells as long as you have some of the deployed units on the tabletop Expected Answer: you pay the points for the units and than you put them aside and than you can summon them without any need of a casting roll, you can leave as many units as you want outside of the table and then summon them with your slann SKAVEN SKYRE Q:// can warpstone shards be used to double mortal wound damage output such as warpfire throwers, warfare protectors, spell castings etc...?
  10. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Hey Guys, Has anybody had a chance to use the new alliance ability in a game yet! I have been so busy that I have only been able to play around making lists. I would like to know if it is as good as it looks in paper
  11. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    Moving along with this! Assembly and Priming ready on my Bastiladon and Balewind vortex! follow me on instagram to see the progress @xlanax_lot
  12. Let´s Talk Skyre

    I would really like to see an FAQ for this. But as things stand at the moment it seems that mortal wound output is technically not "Damage from an attack" therefore it can not be doubled.
  13. The Painting Contract - September 2017

    I started by painting the surface whute for the crest snd black for the scales. I used a dark purple, light purple, pink and black to make the transition. Than I started with the dark and with very deluted paints i started blending all the way to pink. Finally i put some white dots on the crest
  14. Let´s Talk Skyre

    How did you made 39 hits with the stormfiends equipped with PWM? @fiZZycoke
  15. Let´s Talk Skyre

    This sounds great whatbis pwm?