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  1. Slann Arcane Vassal

    You have to be in range of the slann, you only measure distance and line of sight from the skink but it is the slann the one that casts. you are getting confused eith eight where the wording was “ the skink counts as having cast the spell”
  2. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Welcomed man! You will find that the army is very diverce and you can play it preatty much any way you want, horde, monsters, mortal wounds, shooting, alpha strike, etc... the following option are really good: ripperdactils slann bastiladon skinks Dracothians tail is a very powerfull battalion also. do you have any preferences on how you would like to play?
  3. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Looks like the time is just right for skaven to come underground and comquer the world! Dis you gus notice that the new appstore symbol is actually an stylized skaven symbol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Challenge accepted! I am going to ask my khorne friend to bring this list and play against it. I will let you know how it goes! it does certainly sounds like a challenge
  5. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Just won again against a 3 bloodthirster army ( including skarbrand) using dracothians tail! I am loving how this army plays in the GH2017
  6. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Here is my list! Seraphon%20Alpha%20Strike.pdf
  7. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Very close to the list I have. Yes, since the carnosaurs are two different scrolls you can summon then in the same phase. What i did was only take 20 skinks and than add a shadow strike battalion. That makes the army a one drop and It can afloa strike in the turn you need it I usually leave 100 pts reserve and summon either a balewind or a skink priest depending on what I need at the moment. Lastly since you have the ability to position your army with summoning i find vast intellect to be a better choice for command trait. It skies you to cat curse of fathe and this makes your carnosaur charges potentially a 7+ rerollable ( asumming you change the constelation to +1 charge, and the skink priestly tapings)
  8. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Do we know which list placed higger at the GT?
  9. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    No Problem! My only thought is maybe bits world on ebay (hobby titan)
  10. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    Standards for Saurus warriors or decorative bits from terradon/rippers kit. They both have a lot of feathers
  11. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Yup, its a chaos list.... I dont find the skyre alliance to be very efficient
  12. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Sure! here it is if it helps, it has worked well for me against seraphon ogors, death and khorne... But to be honest i havent tried it against skyfires and I thibk it would struggle Shock%20Bomb.pdf
  13. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Hahahha I think you should stick to the warpfire proyectors! Since its what you like. For tzeenitch we do have a problem... Skyfires are hard to counter unless you have a deciever and jezzails. Khorne will have a a hard time againts shock-fiends if you screen them correctly. Khorne usually dont have a 4+ in their units so wound output would be much higher. And if 47-70 wound output is to low for you I think you might be searching for a unit that doesnt exist in the skaven roaster that is
  14. Let's Chat: Seraphon 2017

    It really deppends on your list and the use you want for them. For big unuts of saurus is better the spears because of the 2 range. For 10 man units even 20 is better the clubs For skinks it deppends wether you want them ti be survivable to hold objectives ( javalins and star buckers) or a stalking chaff ( blowpipes)
  15. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Agree, in top of that packmasters ability is in the hero phase, tunneling out is in the movement phase. So even if you had clever placing you won't be able to give the buffs the turn they come out. To make things worse you are dependanr on a 3+ roll to make sure your stormfiends come out the turn you need them