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  1. Compleatly agree with everything you sayed
  2. 1. Change the summoning Dinamic 2. Release battletome rules ( Magic Spells, Command Traits, Artifacts etc...) for armies that have outdated battletomes Seraphon 3. Fix points for: -Seraphon ( overcosted units) -Beast Claw Riders ( stonehorn up, mournfang down) -Kunning Rock 4. Add battleline units for armies with limmited options: - Ogors -Skaven ( stormvermin could be battleline in a pure skaven alliance for example) 5. Add scenarios that are different to controlling objectives 6. Don't put a stormcast release every other release, it starts to become boaring and It looks as if the rest of the armies didn't matter
  3. I Think you list is solid if you want a very defensive army. Also, I would move some things around to try and get either the taurus gastrolith bearer in there or change the Sunblood for a skink priest with priestly trappings. This is because your army is focused mostly on your temple guard and these guys will make them much better. If you are not set on your list, I recently played a 1500 Seraphon list that was really fun to play and actually somewhat competitive if you play it right (Killed 2 stone horns by the second turn). Here it is in case you want to give it as shot: How I played it is as follows: Skink Star-priests: each give the serpent staff ability to one of the carnosaurs, and cast starlight and mystic shield on the carnosaur that needs it the most. Astrolith Bearer: This gives re-rolls to hit on the carnosaurs, this is huge because that means that most likely you will get +2 to hit on the bites, and it also makes casting the spells so much easier Oldblood on Carnosaurs: Have one be your general and cast his command ability on the bite attack. This puts your attacks at 7 2+ 3+ rend -1 damage 3 (6 if you roll 6 to wound) with is really good. also by choosing reckless you most likely be able to charge where you want to charge. Also an important point is to make sure to use the sunbelt gauntlet to make casualties on the units you are not going to charge so that you can take advantage of the Bloodroar. there are very few things that can stay in the way of two carnosaurs buffed like this Skinks Skirmishers: Use these as screens to protect your carnosaurs from unwanted charges and to guarantee you get the charges you want. they are also key for taking objectives Ripperdactils: these are meant to eliminate the most immediate threats on the back of the enemy lines, like Stormfiends, Skyfires, and other shooty units that can cripple your army as well as mess with your enemy strategy Let me know what you guys think about this list. NOTE: if you want you can switch the other skink starpriest for one of the following: Lore Master of Hoeth: Rerroll hits and wounds on one of your carnosaurs Battle Mage Beasts: 6 damage on a 5+ instead of a 6+ and to wound roll of 2+ Skink Priest: Re-rroll saves on all of your carnosaurs
  4. Great Job man
  5. For A detail breakdown of hoy I converted and paint this guy chalk here
  6. For A detail breakdown of hoy I converted and paint this guy chalk here
  7. I know! haha funny that you mention it as my second army is Skyre gotta love those rats hahahaha
  8. HI Guys here comes another project I really enjoyed working at. For this one I stated playing with the idea of having a skink priest that looked a little more savage so that it was my lore of beast caster in 8th edition. to make it clear that he was a beast caster I wanted to make some conversion so that he was casting the number 6 spell. Transformation of Kadon, in which the caster becomes your choice of monster. I wanted him to look like the spell was just beginning to cast, but making it clear where it was going, and that is where it all began. I first started by choosing the model that I liked, with was the skink priest atop the engine of the gods, with the bird skull as a helmet. Starting from a black primer, I focused on a lot on the contrast on the muscles as you can see below: I Continues doing this until all the skin was finished, adding some purple on the deepest recesses and white for the highlights. I also started experimenting with a little of NMM on some of the gold and painted the bulge in the neck orange to give a little of cool/warm contrast. Having finished this, I went for the marble staff, base coating with white and than playing with random patterns of grey and black to find something that somewhat resembled marble. Than I started the cloth and the pin holding it together, this one was a simple red with shades and basic highlighting an a little stripe of free hand. Finally I worked on the skull by base coating with off with and using shades and highlights to make it look how I wanted it. The last touch was to paint the gems, skull pin and eyes of a glowi green to give that arcane feel to my priest. After this, the hard part was done and I had just to go and compleate the details. And now for the fun part. To make the spell I used some wire the head of the high elf dragon and a bunch of green stuff: After the sculpting was done I started painting it. the idea was to make it look like a fiery combocation that was rapidly shifting to arcane green flames and than materializing into flesh and bone. Fallowing this train of thought I went on to try and make it a reality. And after everything was said and done the spell looked like this: Put it all together and the finished piece is this one:
  9. Thanks Guys! if you have any feedback for improvement please let me know!
  10. Hi Guys, The Temple Guard are already sold. Only the Kroxigor and Inxi Huinxi left to go. I am willing to let these two go for a cheap price (25 USD + Shipping) for the two of them. Let me know if you are interested and we can set something up. Best,
  11. Thanks Man! you are very generous, but to be honest I don't feel even close to being a Golden Deamon Level painter. But hopefully some day I will get there. Like to keep my hopes up
  12. See how I made this guy here
  13. Glad you like them men, If people are interested in this I can keep posting some more WIPS. The Idea as I mentioned before is to improve our skills by receiving feedback and sharing techniques
  14. He does, back in 8th edition it was called the hand of the gods, and it had the power to literally make small suns in the palm of his hand and then shoot it at enemies. In AoS is called the Sunbolt Guantlet, it does pretty much the same thing.
  15. Feedback is welcomed! Hope you like it, Thanks.