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  1. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    If you are liking the sound of Slaanesh then your next purchase should be the Generals Handbook 2017 (GHB17). Apart from having all the matched play points it also has new Allegiance abilities for Slaanesh. There are 3 different options which will likely influence your list design and what models you go for next so reading through that ought to be your next step. You have the option of fielding a mixed Chaos army (Chaos allegiance- not the strongest abilities going around), a Slaanesh army (using the new Slaanesh rules mentioned above) or a Slaves to Darkness (StD) army (who also have new allegiance abilities in GHB17). 20% of your army can be allies so, depending on your points limit, the lord on boob snake and Hellstriders could ally with a StD army. All of your StD units can take the mark of Slaanesh allowing you to field a wholly Slaanesh Allegiance Army so you wouldn't normally have a Slaanesh army with StD as allies (however you may want other allies for your Slaanesh army from elsewhere in the chaos range). Hope thats all making sense! If you do go Slaanesh then definitely look into a daemon prince and/or Keeper of Secrets. Very handy additions!
  2. Let's chat : Slaanesh

    Slaanesh Daemon Princes are awesome! Your army needs another hero anyway so thats the way I would be going.
  3. Warriors of Chaos? Not sure what my army is.

    I would be adding more Knights, Marauder Horseman and some Gorebeast Chariots. There is a start collecting box with 5 x Knights and 2 x Chariots which looks to be right up your alley!
  4. Starting a slave to darkness army

    Welcome to Chaos, you have made a wise choice! All of your next planned moves are good ones. I would recommend sticking to Gorebeast chariots over normal chariots (bit more points but worth it for the extra damage and a cooler looking model). You will want a lot of marauders so you have the option of running one big unit (30-40) or several 10-20 man units. Would also look at Marauder horsemen for some cheap cavalry with some funky rules and a rare (for Chaos) ranged attack. Warriors are best in units of 20-30 as a roadblock. Units of 5-10 won't do much beyond holding objectives (and 10 marauders can achieve that for 1/3 points!) Consider the Sorcerer Lord on Manticore instead of or as well as the Lord on Manticore. For only 40 more points your sorcerer gains more wounds and the Manticore's attacks (although an arguably weaker spell). Chaos Dragons are cool and would make an awesome centre piece for the army. Its not a common monster so couldn't say how great they are in a game sense but I don't think it would let you down too often. If you want a monstrous centre piece then I would also be looking at a Chaos Warshrine. Awesome model with great rules. Have you thought about which Chaos God your army will align with? Sometimes the benefits received from a certain god mark will influence your army list and what units you choose. Best of luck!
  5. Scions of the Storm advice

    Thanks all! So the consensus is that the Stormcast artifacts and abilities are worth keeping, even if you don't get much out of Scions. I see the point about Liberators not doing much early anyway so agree they are another good candidate for setting up in the sky. The impact of the threat on the opponent isn't something I hadn't given much weight to however I can see how this could be used to toy with them. Defence against enemy alpha strikes is another good point. I'll keep the above in mind for the next few games and see if my opinion is swayed :-)
  6. Scions of the Storm advice

    Having played a few games now I find myself agreeing with those who don't rate Scions of the Storm. I appreciate that most stormcast units are slow moving and so the ability to drop anywhere (outside 9") is enticing. However the ability is far too unpredictable in terms of what unit is coming down when. Often times you need a specific hero near a certain unit for a crucial buff however you can't rely on Scions to produce that. What other allegiance ability is unreliable in how its used and punishes you severely for low rolling? Rather than a benefit I find it hampers me tactically and I would love to hear of ways that people are making it work for them. For the above reasons I usually only set up prosecutors in the clouds because; their shooting attack is unlikely to be in range first turn so I'm not missing out; they are the only SC unit likely to make the 9" charge; I am unlikely to cry if they get stuck in the clouds and refuse to come down; and if the drop ends up leaving them isolated they have the movement to get back into position. Unfortunately as I'm only running 1 or 2 units of 3 x Prosecutors their appearance via the storm is usually little more than a minor nuisance for my opponent. I have toyed with Retributors starting in the clouds a few times as a way of getting them into the thick of the action however they rarely make the charge after dropping and if I don't get the double turn my opponent is left to shoot them to pieces, charge them first or simply avoid them, knowing the Retributor's movement is too slow to get back into the action. Then there are games where they don't come down until turn 4 or 5 and virtually have no impact on the game which is a tragedy for 220 points. I tried another game where I put 6 units into the clouds and then watched as only one unit arrived each turn (with one refusing to come down at all) leaving me short on the ground throughout the game. To lose a unit through it refusing to come down is heartbreaking. Given that we have access to the Lightning Chariot prayer, which comes without the risk of a unit becoming trapped in the clouds, or the guaranteed behind the lines deployment ability of Vanguard Hunters, is there really a reason to utilise Scions of the Storm at all? If you can live without Lightning Chariot, are we better off just running the Grand Alliance Order abilities? What is the thought process behind those who rate Scions and what principals do you apply when putting it into practice? Are there specific units you always set up in the clouds or is it dependent on the scenario/opponent?
  7. 1.5k army

    Nah as long as you start the game with the max number of units then you can keep using the ability (as long as the Bloodmaster is alive and within 8") so doesnt matter when some die.
  8. 1.5k army

    I'm guessing you went for small Bloodletter units in order to have the maximum number of units in the battalion and therefore use the ability every turn instead of just the first... Unfortunately Bloodletters aren't that powerful as a unit of 10 and it will be hard to keep that many units within 8" of the Bloodmaster anyway. When I run the Murderhost I always take a Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster. Combine his command ability with the battalion ability and the Bloodstoker and you are always getting a unit of 30 Bloodletters into combat first turn. I would suggest you try the list out as written and see if it works. I suspect you will find that only one or two units are able to use the ability each turn anyway, assuming the Bloodmaster isn't sniped early. I think the battalion becomes a little expensive if that is all it does for you throughout the game however you might find a strategy to get the most out of the movement bonus. The obvious suggestion for your list is to combine the Bloodletters into 2 x units of 30 giving you 120 points to spend on another unit (e.g. 20 x Marauders). You could also consider dropping one of the Bloodsecrators giving you 240 points to spend (e.g. Slaughterpriest and 20 x Bloodreavers).
  9. Blades of Khorne Warscroll Battalions musings..

    When to use the battalion may come down to your opponent. If you're dealing with some form of gunline, if there is a benefit to grabbing objectives early or if you can be sure that you can get the first turn charge on an opponent's key unit then that is when the Murderhost shines. Outside of those scenarios you may want to drop the battalion in exchange for more troops/heroes.
  10. Ruinbringer Warband Battalion Experiences

    Thanks for the responses everyone. As suspected the battalion is pretty shite. I can see how in some specific situations it may be effective (the marauder horseman example is nasty) however for the points invested I think I'd rather put more bodies on the table.
  11. Help 2000pt infantry list

    Khorne Bloodreavers massed around a warshrine with mark of khorne is a good starting point. Aside from the juggernaught cavalry Khorne is pretty much a horde infantry army with a good mix of chaff (reavers, khorne marked marauders), heavy infantry (blood warriors, khorne marked chaos warriors, skull reapers) and specialist units (bloodletters, wrathmongers). Bloodstokers can assist with getting them across the table faster.
  12. Slaves to Darkness 2000 pt budget list

    No worries! If its just a friendly/narrative style game then yeah obviously don't worry about the ally limits! Or just play it as a mixed chaos army rather than Slaves to Darkness allegiance. Or, convert one of the Gargants to have a howdah on his back with a priest and you've got yourself a custom warshrine ;-) Exalted Hero of chaos is a good addition. Welcome to the game and enjoy!
  13. Slaves to Darkness 2000 pt budget list

    Interesting list... how do you see it playing on the table? Your play style and general tactics will likely dictate what to add/change. If the above are just the models you like then obviously go for it. However if you're wanting something reasonably competitive then there are a few things to consider... A 2000 point army can only have 400 points of allies (20% of your army) so you can only ally in 2 x chaos gargants. On the plus side you now have 280 points to play with! Your list is definitely light on for heroes, especially since the StD allegiance abilities are all about heroes. I would be looking to fit another one or two heroes in at least. Units of 5 or even 10 chaos warriors are not going to do much. Is there a reason you have gone for these small units? Remember that with Slaves to Darkness allegiance the chaos knights and chaos chariots count as battleline. If its objective campers you want then 10 man marauder units do the job for a fraction of the cost. 3 x 10 marauders gives you greater tactical flexibility than 1 x 10 warriors. Some mark objectives, others screen your force, protect a flank to prevent summoning/deep striking etc. Chaos chariots are pretty weak, especially when compared to gorebeast chariots. Unless you already own the models I would be inclined to go with gorebeast chariots only. Consider giving glaives to at least one of the knight units. The rend and extra damage on the charge is quite brutal. Consider adding a war shrine.
  14. Another Hero wouldnt go astray so either a Bloodstoker or Slaughterpriest. A Khorgorath might be fun as well.
  15. Slaves to Khorne

    Even the recent clarification on factions didn't really clear this up however I don't think my cheeky work around with the warshrine as an ally would be legal. In any event I'm pretty happy with the list and keen to give it a try once I get myself a war shrine :-)