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  1. Agent of Chaos

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    There has to be some sort of limit or it comes down to who has bought the most models which is never a good thing. Summoning in a free unit of any size is just ridiculous unless the summoning system is scaled. There was some mention of earning summoning points through killing units in the article which is thematic for Khorne. However that leads to a situation where the player who is already doing well is then able to summon more units at no cost and that is no fun to be on the end of. To me it seems that there will be a new summoning point allegiance ability that runs alongside the bloodtithe table with some minor tweaks to the 8th point, or Bloodtithe will be reworked entirely to allow for a scaled summoning mechanic. I feel that as a game we are in really dangerous territory here with free summoning but I have to trust that GW have play tested this to ensure it isnt broken and retains some balance. Could they not have hinted at some of these changes in our faction focus instead of the dribble they gave us?
  2. Agent of Chaos

    Battle Report; Stormcast vs Nagash

    Couple of units of skinks would have been handy :-)
  3. Agent of Chaos

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    The summoning question is an interesting one for Khorne due to the new Slaanesh Depravity points system mentioned in their faction focus. The thing with depravity points is that you earn them throughout the game so its easy to build a mechanic where X points are required to summon Daemonettes, Y points to summon a Keeper of Secrets, Z to summon an exalted Keeper, etc. For Khorne its trickier because its 8 tithes points, whether you are summoning 10 x Bloodletters or an Exalted Bloodthirster. The game would be broken if we could summon Bloodthirsters without paying points as a list geared towards generating bloodtithe will get to 8 pretty quickly, as Kozokus points out above. The answer might be that for matched play, 8 tithe can summon a minimum sized khorne daemon unit, but not a hero or monster, for free. So thats either 10 x letters, 5 x hounds, 3 x bloodcrushers (meaning my 3 from the start collecting box might actually see the table once in while!). It would be very handy for summoning onto an objective late game but far from gamebreaking and is unlikely to cause people to gear their whole list towards earning bloodtithe.
  4. Agent of Chaos

    Battle Report; Stormcast vs Nagash

    You're not wrong and that was definitely my plan but dam he is tough. If the second unit of Judicators were in range, if I had remembered to shoot with the Prosecutors, If the Dracoth's breath had hit and if the second unit of Retributors got to swing before being killed, maybe and only maybe then would I have caused the remaining 8 wounds needed to kill him... maybe.... 😒
  5. Agent of Chaos

    Slaves of darkness list (mylist) still relevant?

    Everchosen is its own allegiance, it just doesnt have any allegiance abilities. So if you play a 2000 point battle with Everchosen allegiance you could ally in 400 points of Slaves to darkness (or vice versa). Or simply play Chaos allegiance and include anything you want with the CHAOS keyword.
  6. Agent of Chaos

    Battle Report; Stormcast vs Nagash

    Sometimes you arrange a 2000 point casual game in your local GW and someone brings Nagash, Arkhan & 2 x Morghast… To be fair I had tailored a Khorne army to smack around his Tzeentch army last time we met so all is fair in love and war 😁 At first I was dismayed as I only had a fairly run of the mill Stormcast force, using the hammerstrike battalion but with very little in the way of unbinding/mortal wound protection and was clueless as to how I would take down Nagash let alone his friends. However AOS is first and foremost an objective game which means on your day anyone has a chance if they play to the scenario. We used Open War cards and the scenario was to burn the 3 objectives in your opponent’s half for the win. Given the objectives only needed to be destroyed at the end of your turn if they were uncontested and not held, this meant Scions of the Storm had the potential to be decisive so I was not without hope. With this in mind I placed both units of liberators in the sky together with the prosecutors and of course the 2 units of retributors from the battalion. On the table went both units of Judicators, one on either flank, along with the Vanguard Raptors and all 4 heroes. Nagash stood proud front and centre with Arkhan on his right and the Morghast on his left, assorted units of skeletons and grave guard sitting behind on the objectives or awaiting their time in the grave. I won initiative and gave Death the first turn. This proved a good move as offensive spells were out of range and I needed a double turn somewhere if I was to be any chance. Nagash came strolling forward, quite rightly without a care in the world, as did Arkhan and the Morghast. My heroes put out their buffs and then it was onto movement. I’ve had games where units have stayed in the clouds until turn 4 or 5 and been next to useless however this was a game where I would have killed to have a until come down late onto an objective. Of course both liberators and the prosecutors all passed their roles and came down straight away… sigh… I sent some liberators to the far left corner and used the other unit to screen my judicators on the left, supported by the Lord Castellant and Celestant on foot. The Judicators on the left shot at Arkhan and did a couple of wounds. Seeing as the prosecutors came down I figured I would go all in with the hammerstrike on Nagash, although I held back the Celestant on Dracoth figuring I needed him alive as long as possible. After being shot by Judicators and Raptors, missed with the Dracoth breath (as I would all game) and forgetting to shoot with the prosecutors (my bad), and being hit by the first super charged retributor unit, Nagash had taken 8 wounds… just 8 more to go 😒 Nagash struck back and wiped the second unit of retributors before they could swing and there the combat ended. Death started round 2 where Nagash proceeded to cast spell after spell with glee, healing wounds and nerfing my forces along the way. I did have the spellshield for unbinding but with +3 to casting rolls I think his lowest roll was 11… sigh… Then in combat something unexpected… Nagash retreated (that’s good) But the Morghast charged the Retributors instead (that’s bad). Arkhan also withdrew and charged the Liberators who had dropped into the Death territory while a unit of grave guard hit them from the other side. The Morghast wiffed and only killed a single Retributor, taking 5 wounds in return, while only a single Liberator fell to Arkhan (allowing him to heal the wounds caused earlier) and the grave guard. My turn 2 and my shooting and retributors made short work of the Morghast (they’re not so tough) while my liberators and judicators on the left continued their advance down the flank. The Liberators in combat with Arkhan and the grave guard again stood tall, losing another member but holding strong. It was here that I won initiative for a crucial double turn heading into round 3. The Celestant on Dracoth and Prosecutors charged the skeletons sitting on the right hand objective while the retributors stupidly charged Nagash. In hindsight I should have just used the retributors to screen the objective from Nagash as they died horribly in melee as the previous unit had. The liberators on the left continued to hold off Arkhan while I successfully cleared the skeletons off the objective and burned it at the end of my turn to take the lead. At the bottom of round 3, Nagash did his spells, then charged and killed the Celestant on Dracoth while another unit of grave guard accounted for the prosecutors. Arkhan finally moved away from combat with the liberators back to the centre with a view to start heading towards the objectives in my territory. I won initiative turn 4 and sent the remaining unit of liberators into combat with the grave guard on the left while the Judicators pulled back to block Arkhan’s path to the objective. At the bottom of turn 4 Nagash moved back towards the right flank however it was clear that he wouldn’t be able to reach my 2 objectives in the right corner. Arkhan charged and killed the Judicators on the left and now had a clear line to the objective, guarded by a single Gryphhound. Not much for me to do in round 5, killed some graveguard and attempted to retreat the lord castellant onto an unmarked objective but he fell several inches short. Had he made it I would have burned it for an unassailable lead. Remember how I said it would have been nice to have a unit come down from Scions at this point? Our allegiance ability seriously sucks… In the final turn Arkhan made his charge on the poor gryphhound, burned the objective and we came away with a draw! The primary lesson out of this was always play the scenario! My opponent was guilty of chasing after my units in his backfield and losing site of my objectives until it was almost too late. Nagash is killable however I really struggle to see what Stormcast could bring that would do enough damage, and if you don’t take him out he has so many options for healing up wounds. The constantly returning skeletons and graveguard are a pain but they don’t really do much. Overall an enjoyable game and at least I can say I fought Nagash and lived… mostly…
  7. Agent of Chaos

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    I saw on facebook someone ask about the combiningg of slaves and everchosen. The answer from GW was basically that they were separate because not all followers of chaos are followers of Archaon. However it would be nice for Everchosen to get a foot slogger option similar to chaos warriors for a bit of variety in that list.
  8. Agent of Chaos

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    Fast and nasty! Probably not much point sending the hounds into melee though. I would use their speed for objectives while the Korgis and Princes wreck face.
  9. Agent of Chaos

    Getting started with Slaanesh

    So from the wknd release it appears that Slaanesh is getting another allegiance ability in the form of depravity points which can be used to summon Slaanesh daemons without having to pay reinforcement points. That is absolutely huge! On top of that it appears the 3 hosts with their respective rules are all staying so Slaanesh just became even more interesting. It seems like the lists we discussed above will remain relevant so go fourth and deprave yourself!
  10. Agent of Chaos

    Let's chat : Blades of Khorne!

    If magic is going to be a big deal in 2.0 and Khorne is getting a solution, I'm betting we get a wider range of prayers and/or more/stronger ways to unbind. Can't imagine them changing the warscrolls too much given they have said that we can continue using old battletomes. Am a bit worried for the future of the letterbomb and the gore pilgrims battalion but as always the meta will shift, new combinations will be found and skulls will continue to be harvested.
  11. Agent of Chaos

    New to slaves to darkness

    I go khorne mark (whether you go khorne allegiance or stay with StD) because the bloodsecrator, along with many other khorne heroes, can buff their attacks. You already noted they are a good defensive army so if you can buff their damage output they can become formidable. Also in a khorne allegiance the warshrine becomes so much better as it can take an extra prayer and Bloodreavers get an extra attack from it being a totem. Slaanesh would be a close second but only if you run the slaanesh allegiance. The slaanesh hero command abilities are awesome (piling in and attacking twice with knights that have charged with glaives is just brutal).
  12. Agent of Chaos

    Getting started with Slaanesh

    It looks like you did! Good chance Slaanesh will get new allegiance rules so waiting is probably the right call.
  13. Agent of Chaos

    Slaves of darkness list (mylist) still relevant?

    Looks like a good candidate for a Slaanesh Invaders Host. Definitely go with glaives for the knights.
  14. Agent of Chaos

    Archaon slaanesh 2000

    Archaon and anything goes alright! Looks an interesting list however there is only one hero with a command ability so Archaon's ability is a little wasted. The Slaanesh command abilities are great so I would be tweaking it to somehow fit in a Slaanesh Lord on foot or a Keeper of Secrets. Maybe something like this; Allegiance: Slaanesh- Host: SeekersLeadersArchaon (700)Keeper Of Secrets (280)Daemon Prince Of Slaanesh (160)Lord Of Slaanesh On Daemonic Mount (140)The Masque Of Slaanesh (80)Battleline5 x Hellstriders Of Slaanesh (100)- Claw spear5 x Hellstriders Of Slaanesh (100)- Claw spear20 x Chaos Marauders (120)- Axes & Shields- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshUnits10 x Chaos Knights (320)- Chaos Glaives- Mark of Chaos: SlaaneshTotal: 2000 / 2000
  15. Agent of Chaos

    Slaanesh Slaves to Darkness 2000 points

    Gonna have to agree with the above comments. Only 3 units can take advantage of the reroll 1's to hit and one of those is the bare minimum 10. Unless you have a killer combination of command traits for the general, which is hard to do with Slaanesh as the traits arent that powerful, I dont see the value in a Pretenders host. For me this list would get more value from either of the other 2 hosts. Also as noted the warshrine's Slaanesh buff is pretty weak and you would have to roll really well to save 180 points worth of models to justify its inclusion. It really does pair better with a horde or marauders or bloodreavers in a Khorne army. Definitely agree that two units of Hellstriders would serve you better, especially if you change it to a Seekers host. That change would give you 5 battleline and so allows you to combine the 2 units of 15 warriors into 1 unit of 30, making a more solid anvil and also giving you a 60 point discount. You could also drop the unit of 10 warriors to get the Chosen up to 10. After all that there might even be 80-100 points left over for another hero.