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  1. CyderPirate

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Anyone else thinking of using the burning head purely as buff for their own stuff? Lots of units out there that would happily tank D3 MW for the chance to re-roll some attacks. Or is that just crazy talk? Depending on how expensive it is, I might use it for my Sword/Board Chaos Warriors - aren't many options for dice mitigation for them, so re-rolls would be luverly...
  2. CyderPirate

    Becca Scott

    Thank you! I've watched a few videos from both of those channels and didn't particularly like them, but couldn't figure out why. Videos were well-polished, professional and the content was clear. But I think you've nailed it, there - something's lost in the delivery/production. I'll admit I probably judged G&S more harshly (and unfairly), than Watch It Played though. That said, I doubt they could've gotten anyone better to do the job. Tutorial videos for games in general are pretty difficult to create in a way that's engaging and effective. Shut Up and Sit Down to great reviews, and their tutorials are great fun to watch, but you'll still need to read the rules afterwards. On the other hand, Watch it Played do a great job of teaching you the rules, but the videos are far less fun to watch. Tricky to balance the two. And just to throw completely worthless anecdote into the boys like y/girls like x debate. There's quite a few of male gamers in my local community - myself included - that completely avoid the competitive scene in favour of narrative gaming. I'd say we focus on the building/painting side of things too, but I wouldn't be kidding anyone. Bunch of hobby butterflies through-and-through...
  3. CyderPirate

    The Rumour Thread

    Not exactly much to go on but there was also at least 1 MalPo story featuring Darkoath as quite distinct from anything we've already got models/rules for.
  4. CyderPirate

    When will The Black Sun return?

    Noice, I'll keep my eyes peeled for that, then.
  5. CyderPirate

    Evocators - Coming soon

    I completely misread that, thought it was basically a better version of the Gaunt Summoner!
  6. CyderPirate

    New to AoS

    Havent used the mounted lord yet, but he looks pretty tasty. Same with the halberd dudes - dont have the models, but they're potentially brutal - especially if you can buff them with something like a warshrine, chosen or the manticore lord's command ability. Yeah, marauders are OK, but the best thing going for them is their points cost. I usually throw some in, even if its just to meet battleline requirements
  7. CyderPirate

    New to AoS

    Good additions next (in no particular order) : *More warriors - solid battleline unit, hold objectives well. *Chaos Knights (Lances) - tanky unit, does some serious damage if they charge, great target for Sorc Lord's Demonic Power spell. *Chosen (provided you have a decent amount of Slaves to Darkness in the army) - strong stats, chance for mortal wounds hands out re-rolls to StD units *Curseling - 2 spells, access to opponent's spells, no slouch in combat, works with Tzaangor banner *Ogroid Thaumuturge - good all-round hero *Chaos Lord on Manticore - command ability really helps Warriors, good melee fighter, good movement to get stuck in to opponents. *Tzaangor Skyfires - used to be the most busted unit in the game, now they're just really good. Few options for shooting attacks in the army *More Tzaangors - they work best in high numbers Probably avoid: *Chariots - struggle to do much damage, can only really act as a speedbump *Marauders - they're cheap battleline, but they won't really contribute much without heaps of support; they'll just sit on an objective *Chaos Lord on Foot - rubbish command ability, mediocore stats (might be a controversial one) *Fatemaster - see Chaos Lord.
  8. CyderPirate

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    XD Reminds me of Quoth, the Death of Rats's raven buddy in the Discworld novels! Now that I mention it, the glaivewraith stalkers bare a striking resemblance to the Death of Rats...
  9. CyderPirate

    The Rumour Thread

    Glaivewraith Stalkers Nagash has a twisted sense of justice, and each member of the Nighthaunt is shaped to reflect their crimes in a previous life. The Glaivewraith Stalkers were those who hunted men for sport and pleasure – now, they still work as huntsmen, drifting slowly and unstoppably towards their quarry, pursuing them for months (or even years!) if they have to. From the initial spoiler for Nighthaunt https://www.warhammer-community.com/2018/05/14/14th-may-faction-focus-nighthauntgw-homepage-post-3/ So more likely horses than Skaven. Edit: sorry, quote went weird.
  10. CyderPirate

    Rules / Information Clarification

    You're welcome mate! I think he might just have gotten caught up in hyping the Chaos Dwarfs. Just a thought, the interviewee actually lives on this forum, might be worth trying to get his 2 cents. @Ben Able to shed any light on this?
  11. CyderPirate

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    Multiple Small Units
  12. CyderPirate

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I'm still really excited about the new edition, and every little bit of new info just fills me with more confidence. As I see it the nerf to mystical shield was part of a balancing act to prevent shooting being OP, but still making it relevant. By making it harder to take out characters, shooting may have needed a bit of a bump. By reducing access to silly armour saves, it makes it more worthwhile to pile on the shots at a big scary unit in the hope of knocking a few off before they get to you. As far as magic being one-sided in the new edition... I understand where that worry is coming from. I play a non-shooty army and have had some frustrating experiences against shooting-heavy armies where it's felt like I had no option but to just slowly remove my models from the board. So I understand the worry. BUT I think the toolkit to respond to them is big enough now that it shouldn't be an issue. We've got longer dispel ranges, most armies have some access to countermagic, even if they don't have their own wizards. Even the new endless predatory spells (purple sun, Taz, etc.) can be controlled by the other player if they're going second in that battle round. Banishment in particular seems to be causing some consternation, but I don't really get it. It provides a defence against some of the more problematic alpha-strike style armies. It's quite a short-range spell, so you have to already be in their grill for it to go off. They can only cast it once per turn, so they can't just bounce your entire army. And you know they have it, so you can play around it!
  13. CyderPirate

    Rules / Information Clarification

    I think its just vaguely worded, unfortunately. It looks like he's not just referring to the Fireglaives, but his entire army there - including artillery/other magic as well as the Demonsmiths and Fireglaives. Its also not clear if he's using one unit of 30 of the glaives, or 3 units of 10. The latter would at least account for three of the "10D3"
  14. CyderPirate

    Let's chat : the slaves to darkness /dark oath

    The Sorc Lord is definitely worth those 160pts. His 2 main abilities are important 'cos they do something that StD and mono-god armies struggle with: dice mitigation. StD has access to units that have a really strong base-line of stats - good armour, decent hit/wound rolls/middling bravery etc - but there aren't a lot of ways to get re-rolls in, leaving us at the whims of the dice gods. The ability to improve our already-good stats with re-rolls turns decent units into absolute powerhouses. For example: Take a sorc on foot and plonk him behind a unit of chosen, next to any other unit (but probably warriors or marauders). Demonic Power the chosen, pop the free re-roll saves of 1 on the other unit. Once in combat the chosen will now hit and wounding on 3s, re-rolling 1s, with a rend (another rarity in StD) and a potential for mortal wounds. Then, if they kill at least one model, every StD unit nearby will get to re-roll wounds. Meanwhile, that buff to the saves of the other unit will help them stick around long enough to fight second, now with a boost to their damage output. Another great use is just to have him follow a big mob of knights. Knights struggle to dish out pain in general, but they throw lots of dice (5 attacks apiece if you include the ponies) so benefit more from the ability to fiddle the dice rolls. So I reckon he's actually worth his 160 price tag. That's not to say the other 160pt heroes aren't overcosted at the moment though - looking at you Curseling, Fatemaster and Magister
  15. Try dropping them an email, it seems like an oversight rather than a deliberate omission. Subtitles should be fairly easy to implement going forward, wouldn't harm the product at all and would make it more accessible. Win, win, win.