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  1. Events UK: FaceHammer Grand Tournament 2 (30sep-1Oct)

    Hi Terry, I'm going to have to cancel my Facehammer place due to childcare. Hope you are able to find a replacement. Cheers
  2. Is kunnin ruk + huskard spam dead?

    I think he meant stonehorns. Anyway. The answer is yes. Stonehorns were heavily nerfed with their updated half weapon damage rules. The list was universally hated and not fun to play against so good job it's gone now.
  3. Top Tier Units Pre and Post GHB2017

    Not a unit, but something that was overpowered: Battlebrew. Is now a one use artefact. Gives +1 to hit and wound. At the end of the turn user takes D6 mortal wounds.
  4. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    Its a strong artefact. Think I would get worried about using it at "the best time". *Removed costs as per forum rules* There is now no difference between Stonehorns and thundertusks. Looking at the leaked points it is possible to take 3(!!!!!) Frostlords and a Beastrider Or 4 Huskards and then have 120 points left over for something else.
  5. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    The book hasnt come out yet, but I am already starting to throw down some theoretical lists out on paper. My first draft: Frostlord on Stonehorn (with a magical item - maybe Blade of Frost? Open to suggestions here). Hunter (General) - Famed hunter 2 Huskards on thundertusks 2 x 2 Frost sabres (battleline due to Hunter general) Unit of Mournfang 6 Ironguts (allies) Comes in at 2000 points. Any comments welcome
  6. Lets chat: Beastclaw Raiders

    No battleline for yhettees, sabres or mournfang anymore? whats going on there?
  7. Rogue Idol back

    Forge World are bringing back the Rogue Idol model, and with it what appears to be a new warscroll: https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/resources/PDF/Downloads/Rogue-Idol.pdf By the looks of it, the points cost has been reduced by 80 points to 400 points (perfect as an alliance?) - but this has come at a nerf to the warscroll. The rogue idol can no longer run and charge. And now makes less attacks with its "stompin' feet". There are some buffs: When you charge you can reroll the hit rolls of the fists. The "Livin' Idol" buff now affects KEYWORDS "Orruks" and "Grots", rather than "Greenskins" on the previous scroll. My opinion is that the removal of the "run and charge" mechanic is not great - especially for a model whose base run speed is based off a dice roll. Open up to debate - Would you use this in your army?
  8. Q: Pre-Battle Discussion w/ Opponent

    If its on the warscroll / in the battletome and someone asks you about it then tell them - it just saves time. I do also think its good gamesmanship to explain auras that buff / debuff your opponents army. I felt a little stung in a previous game where my opponent didnt tell me (likely that he forgot as he was a really nice guy) that wrathmongers also increase your own models attacks by 1. As I havent played with Khorne this was something that I wasnt aware of - or even something that I knew to ask about. The irritating question is when someone points at a unit and asks "is it any good?", I usually show them the warscroll and let them make their own minds up.
  9. Are you "competitive"?

    Surely everyone playing this game is "competitive" to some degree. And I dont mean that everyone is speed painting Kunnin rukks and Skyfires. I just mean that every person you meet who plays this game wants to do well.
  10. Dealing with hordes

    You actually have to cast it first though! D=
  11. Real Talk about the Double Turn

    The double turn gives pure melee armies a chance against gunline armies. If the double turn was removed we would see the meta of AoS swing even more towards shooting. Personally, I like it. It offers a risk/reward to aggressive playstyle.
  12. Rogue idol base size?

    Yes - absolutely. Just thinking in terms of taking it to a tournament. Do most TOs follow that spreadsheet as a rough guide to base sizes?
  13. Rogue idol base size?

    The TGA Base recommendation spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ohYLSaHzf8v5FM7Luou-wNtA5YEPv9DkglbrO_n9ukk/edit#gid=1917256016) recommends 120x90 which is your "generic monster base". Agree with @Chris Tomlin that a 130 round base would look better.
  14. Frosthorn vs MawCrusha - who takes the brew?

    After using the MawKrusha this weekend I found it to be rather unwhelming in combat (although after using a Brewed up StoneLord for a while everything is underwhelming in combat). Considering the cost of the model, the size of the model (that tractor wheel base is enormous), and how awesome the model actually looks I was expecting better things. I did almost get to do a double charge (5 mortal wounds to 3 prosecutors. Leaving the final one on a wound - which was also 2.7" away!). However, unless you go full Ironjawz, or the model receives a big drop in points cost. I cannot see him being viable in a mixed destruction army.
  15. Frosthorn vs MawCrusha - who takes the brew?

    So based on these discussions it would be entirely fair to think that the Stonelord costs more points than the MawKrusha? *looks at points costs* What madness is this?!