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  1. Yes - absolutely. Just thinking in terms of taking it to a tournament. Do most TOs follow that spreadsheet as a rough guide to base sizes?
  2. The TGA Base recommendation spreadsheet ( recommends 120x90 which is your "generic monster base". Agree with @Chris Tomlin that a 130 round base would look better.
  3. After using the MawKrusha this weekend I found it to be rather unwhelming in combat (although after using a Brewed up StoneLord for a while everything is underwhelming in combat). Considering the cost of the model, the size of the model (that tractor wheel base is enormous), and how awesome the model actually looks I was expecting better things. I did almost get to do a double charge (5 mortal wounds to 3 prosecutors. Leaving the final one on a wound - which was also 2.7" away!). However, unless you go full Ironjawz, or the model receives a big drop in points cost. I cannot see him being viable in a mixed destruction army.
  4. So based on these discussions it would be entirely fair to think that the Stonelord costs more points than the MawKrusha? *looks at points costs* What madness is this?!
  5. So how about a discussion about the value difference between: Stonelord with BattleBrew vs MawKrusha with ToP?
  6. Not to worry - Could make a good topic for a Black Sun weekly? =D
  7. Chris - What are your expectations with GH2 in regards to Ironjawz, and Destruction as a whole? What would you like to see? What do you expect to see? (slightly different questions).
  8. Taking a casual list this weekend which consists of a Frostlord on Stonehorn and a Mawcrusha as the heart of the army. My questions is - which of these models would gain the most value by equipping battlebrew as an item?
  9. turns out I was wrong. What a terrible way to do it.
  10. Definitely wait for GHB17 - no point buying, building and painting something that becomes unusable. After its dropped though ... NEW ARMY!
  11. Fairly sure that wounds in combat do spill over. So you can keep your cinematic thoughts flowing.
  12. @Chris Tomlin can you give any details about which of your Black Sun dice are left. And how we/I can purchase some?
  13. Boy did those six months go by quickly. I am going to play the "Shortly after making this list I became a dad, where did my time go" card. 1. Done to a table standard. There are still many things I would like to do given the time and desire. 2. Well the baby is growing well and I am still hobbying, so I give this a big thumbs up. 3. Even with a newborn I have been lucky enough to attend three 2-dayers (SCGT, Tommy Burns and Smash) and one 1-dayer (Cheltenham SCGT practice). I am lucky to have such a caring wife. 4. Good / OK performances at Smash and Chelt. Tommy Burns was an alcohol induced disaster. SCGT went very very well. 5. Making silly mistakes in about 25% of my games now. Rather than 100% 6. My painting is never going to win any accolades, but I have had some good feedback. I am quite pleased with how the Stonehorn turned out. 7. Tried greenstuff. Never had the confidence to "model" anything out of it. Generally used it for plugging major gaps. Didnt really enjoy using it though. 8. I had a really cool idea of creating ice themed bases (that I still havent got round to doing). My armies bases were rushed very quickly to get them to a table standard. 9. Well I painted some scenery (gates and a forest). And then bought a cool looking skull from an aquarium. Havent actually made anything though. 10. Most definitely made lots of new friends. The community is an incredible bunch of wonderfully friendly people. Each tournament I have been to has paired me against complete strangers (except Jimbob), each of which I got on with and will try and chat to in future tournaments.
  14. We dont have enough "proper" heat to make domestic air conditioning worth it. Unfortunately, UK houses are designed to keep the heat in, rather than out.
  15. We are so British to complain about some good heat. However, I have to agree with you - its crippling to our hobbies - can't get painting any of my new 40k purchases. Due a thunderstorm and temperature drop in the next couple of days, so hopefully the temperature will return to comfortable levels. I would be more than happy for you to post 40k stuff on this blog (it is yours after all!). Part of my reasoning is I dont know where to find the 40k equivalent of TGA (does one exist? Also heard from others that the 40k forums used to be a pretty toxic place to be).