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  1. Unglorious Heroes

    I once played through a skirmish campaign where my chaos spawn didn't roll a successful wound roll for the entire campaign!
  2. Sportsmanship and AOS

    I would say in response to point 5 - if it is an important charge (or retreat!). You premeasure the distance and agree it with your opponent and then roll your dice.
  3. Review - Maggotkin of Nurgle - Rotbringers Scrolls Pg3

    And you could ally in Sayl to throw them around. If they got damned terrain on the unit they would be doing mortal wounds on a 4+! disgusting!
  4. Let's Chat Stormcast Eternals

    Can anyone with a better understanding / experience of playing Order give some recommendations on what works well allying with a Stormcast army? Hope that's not incredibly vague.
  5. Thundertusk running and throwing a snowball

    Its a missile weapon so you cannot run and shoot. You can however run and "shoot" with the blood vulture as this is not a missile weapon, but something that is used in the shooting phase. Note how the two are slightly different in the warscroll.
  6. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    1. Create / Build / Paint a competitive / fun Stormcast army. I would like this to be my tournament army of 2018. 2. Lead a fun 'Path to Glory' campaign. First game will take place next Tuesday. I plan to write a scenario for each battle (total of 12 during the whole campaign) that takes place. 3. Finish building and painting a Grey Knights 40k army - I know this isnt AoS, but its still a goal. 4. Win a game under GHB17. 5. Aim for top half finishes at future tournaments. 6. Sell / give away some stuff. I have far too much plastic that is either unbuilt, unpainted, or unused that I need to just get rid of. 7. Try to do more painting for fun, rather than just for a deadline. Although nothing quite gets you painting like the fear of a deadline!
  7. The Painting Contract - December 2017

    By 19th December I need to have painted: Lord Celestant on Dracoth Venator 4 more Liberators 3 Prosecutors with Javelins This is part of a slow grow "Path to Glory" campaign with 4 others.
  8. Mounted destruction help

    Braggoth's Beast Hammer is an entirely mounted Destruction Battalion. then if you have any points left over just take some Thundertusks?
  9. Melee Combat and Inches

    Is 25 mm the top of the bottom of the bases? Remember the bases are slightly flared so the bottom rim of the base is a bit bigger than the top of the base.
  10. GH2017 - Beastclaw Raiders Review & Discussion

    Stonehorn - If the Thundertusk has got into combat then something wrong has happened. Reasoning - the whole point of the thundertusk is its breath attack, which quickly drops down in damage when the tusk takes wounds. therefore avoid combat. Also, the Frostlord has a nifty attack with his frost spear, so you want to get him into combat. The stonehorns superior movement (as well as the run and charge mechanic), along with its (albeit heavily nerfed) survivability, means you want your frostlord to be riding this beasty.
  11. The EotG is the only model in the entirety of AoS with a rule that allows you to score multiple times in your turn. It is not comparable to the idea that "other armies are strong in other areas". It was a warscroll that was written before scoring points in a turn was even a thing. It just needs to be FAQ updated by GW.
  12. Good job that the BCR army was designed to lots of cheap small units .... oh wait.
  13. Some questions: Have you tried the new battalions? What are your thoughts on them? Do you think we will see any Ironjawz releases? Do you think Ironjawz should have their own ranged unit? Or has the allies option negated this? Do you think Ironjawz new Ironjawz (with their own item, and the points reductions) are better than old Ironjawz (cheaper battalions, Old Rampaging destruction, battle brew)? Generic Destruction questions: Do you think all the nerfs to destruction (mixed destruction in particular) were entirely justified. Do you think we will see more Destruction lists at tournaments soon? Are people trying to work it out lists? Or is Destruction the new death?
  14. Army Paint Schemes for rules

    Very late to the party, and this point has probably been made. In 40k there are the very many successor chapters that dont conform to their "parent" chapter. This gives people the scope to come up with their own paint scheme and back story but say "oh these guys are a successor chapter to the White scars" (despite being purple). They are still able to use the white scars special abilities. However, having someone tell you that you must paint your army in a very specific way to get a bonus is totally different and quite frankly is absurd. It penalises creativity and trying something different to the usual.