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  1. Caffran101

    Hardest kit you've built?

    My metal Hellcannon was a nightmare to put together - especially as the main cannon had come warped. I've head that the Chariots of Slaanesh are also horrendous
  2. Caffran101

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Calling it now - these are going to be from another Ironjawz Shadespire warband. Oh how GW teases us.
  3. I think one off "invitational" style tournaments could be tailored in a 'e-sports' type way - like Ben Curry's Master's invitational event or the Six nations tournament. To keep the interest / excitement levels high you could flick between different tables to ensure that there is constantly something interesting and engaging going on. Also - just because a lot of games have become e-sports doesn't mean that the core game still isn't casual. I still play hearthstone, League of Legends etc casually
  4. Caffran101

    The charge of Stonehorns

    Its been FAQ'ed that you cant https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Errata/AoS_Errata/warhammer_aos_destruction_en.pdf
  5. Pano accepted by grudge last night. Looking forward to a shouty first game.
  6. Need to have a conversation with the wife (the Sunday falls on her birthday). Watch this space ....
  7. Caffran101

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Haha - I probably sound like a right old grump! And yes, you are entirely right that TotalBiscuit is already sitting very pretty when it comes to subscribers and view counts. On a side note - if you have any intro / outro / interlude music then please make sure that this is at a similar volume level to the rest of the video. I watched someone yesterday who practically whispered through a Witcher 3 video, and then went into some super high volume drum and bass ****** that beat my ear drums to a pulp!
  8. Caffran101

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    I've spent a lot of time watching the content created by XboxAhoy and TotalBiscuit, who both (I think) never, or at least very rarely, ever gave the "comment, like and subscribe" spiel. They relied on the high quality of their videos to generate an audience. I've seen too may poor quality videos that beg me to "like and comment" on them. Just grinds my gears a bit
  9. Caffran101

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    Smacks of desperation. I understand that's the way that Youtube works out which order to put videos in when you search, but I hate it when a video starts/ends with this. If I think the video is of quality and provokes interesting thoughts then I will "rate, comment and subscribe". Not because I've been reminded.
  10. Caffran101

    What do you look for in a youtube channel??

    This - as long as the video and sound quality is good then people will give you a chance. In terms of content: Try mixing up small (painting tutorials?) and large (battle reports?) videos. If you are going to do 'live' battle reports: Know your rules - or at least edit out flicking through a rule book Make sure the viewer can see the dice when you roll. Also make sure it is clear what you are rolling for, and what a successful roll would be (I.e rolling for the liberators warhammers, need 4s to hit, 3s to wound). Depending on how your editing skills are - when you are using a unit to do stuff with, maybe have a section of the screen where you put up the units warscroll? That way people can immediately see what the rules for that unit are. Even though it would be giving stuff away to your opposing players, explain why you are doing things - remember to keep communicating with the viewers. Do not ask us to "comment, like and subscribe" at the end of each video.
  11. Chris, can you explain why you put crackle paint over some PVA? Do you wait for the PVA to dry? If its still wet do you mix them slightly? I generally apply my crackle paint THICCly and it works quite well. Doing a wash of lahmiam is an absolute must! everyone needs to do this. Saves your base from falling apart when you drybrush.
  12. Who throws a shoe?! Glad you didnt go into any details about Mike Porter as well. Was great seeing you. You're models look sweet as hell! Maybe we will try and get a grudge at the next Chump Invitational?
  13. Caffran101

    Beastclaw Raiders 2000pt New AoS player

    From a competitive sense - BCR just doesnt have it in general. But dont let that stop you writing some fun lists to have some fun games with. From my memory of other forum threads and the FAQ, I think that you can have full command. The two mournfang models need to spread the banner and horn between them. But I believe there is nothing to stop one of them also being the leader, and taking the pistol.
  14. Caffran101

    I simulated Curse of Years 10.000.000 times...

    I've only ever seen a Curse of Years spell run its full course once - when my opponent did a "practice run" to show me how it worked. Throughout the course of the game it did a total of 3 mortal wounds.
  15. Caffran101

    Unglorious Heroes

    I once played through a skirmish campaign where my chaos spawn didn't roll a successful wound roll for the entire campaign!