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  1. BrAiKo

    Religious Armies

    You can see more and more the armies being re/released are being aligned and even named after their Gods: Legions of Nagash Daughters of Khaine Maggotkin of Nurgle I guess they didn't feel that Deepkin of Mathlann had the same ring to it??
  2. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    Well yes, but the war machines they have rebranded in AoS packaging have generally had ‘on-board’ crew and it had been looking like those separate crew style of war machines had been trending towards compendium. But not any more.
  3. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    Am I right in saying this Stormcast artillery piece is the first AoS war machine release to have a separate crew? Previous examples (rereleases) like Plague claw and Skullcannon have the crew built in to the actual main model. Is having separate crew going to be a good thing for the game? Gives me hope we might see the return of things like Aelven bolt throwers.
  4. BrAiKo

    The Rumour Thread

    HARBINGER, noun 1. a person who goes ahead and makes known the approach of another; a person sent in advance of troops 2. anything that foreshadows a future event I think it's safe to say we will be seeing Moonclan and Darkoath releases in the near future.
  5. BrAiKo

    Sympathy for Morathi

    Preach. Down with Sigmar the pretender! There are other powers with no such prejudice. Others who welcome all comers without judgement or discrimination. Khaine may be dead, but the true bloody-handed god will gladly accept offerings in his stead. Skulls for the skull throne!
  6. BrAiKo

    Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Grand Alliance: Order. "unleash mayhem" Mayhem, noun violent or extreme disorder; chaos.
  7. Now, regarding the major gods and their representation in game; only two have appeared on the field of battle in the 'flesh'. It is doubtfulwe will see models for the chaos gods themselves or Sigmar, since they are already represented in game through their avatars. So which of the remaining will likely see it into plastic? I think the chances of Malerion, Tyrion/Teclis and Grungni are quite high. Grimnir is dead (but what if the Fyreslayers collect all of dat ur-gold?). I am unsure about Gorkamorka - I don't think that Gordrakk counts as an avatar of Gork? But I feel that seeing a model for Gorkamorka himself (themselves?) seems unlikely. Incarnates: Alarielle Nagash Sigmar --> avatar: Celestant Prime Gorkamorka --> ?avatar Grimnir Grungni Malerion Tyrion / Teclis Greater Chaos Gods: Khorne --> avatar: Bloodthirster Tzeentch --> avatar: Lord of Change Nurgle --> avatar: Great Unclean One Slaanesh --> avatar: Keeper of Secrets Great Horned Rat --> avatar: Verminlord
  8. The Great Corruptor is the aspect of the Great Horned Rat that the clans Pestilens worship - they do NOT worship Nurgle. I suppose they get the Nurgle keyword for functionality in the game more than anything else. The Great Corruptor is all about seeing things wither away. If everything else is gone, he is the most powerful. Nurgle wants life to flourish (and in a nurturing, parent-like way) as long as he is the overlord of it. Things only die so there can be a cycle of regrowth. They are actually quite different, but their methods overlap quite a bit so they can be allies at times.
  9. BrAiKo

    New Nurgle models

    This is what all Liberators aspire to be! 😜
  10. BrAiKo

    New Nurgle models

    Hmm you're right. Let's hope this gets rectified in the battletome, as he's clearly a plaguebearer (even moreso than Epidemius, who counts) pun intended. Not to mention that Skulltaker is a bloodletter and the Changeling is a horror.
  11. BrAiKo

    New Nurgle models

    You've spelled 'best' wrong. You must have autocorrect on a weird 'Sigmarite' setting
  12. BrAiKo

    New Nurgle models

    So that makes 5 plaguebearer heroes/heralds now? Sloppity Bilepiper Spoilpox Scrivener Herald of Nurgle (to be renamed?) Horticulous Slimux Epidemius That makes even more herald options than Bloodletters (4). I guess Horrors also have 5 if you include the Blue Scribes.
  13. BrAiKo

    New Nurgle models

    *4 of the 5 Bring on the Keeper!
  14. Yeah I tend to agree with the point's Mayple raised. And despite the freebie blightkings in the #blobpit, it's not as big a benefit when you take into account the bonus wounds from the three extra unit leaders. And I'd feel like it was a waste not having multiple units for that Virulent healing - the total healing potential goes up exponentially with each additional unit within range of each other.