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  1. Yeah I tend to agree with the point's Mayple raised. And despite the freebie blightkings in the #blobpit, it's not as big a benefit when you take into account the bonus wounds from the three extra unit leaders. And I'd feel like it was a waste not having multiple units for that Virulent healing - the total healing potential goes up exponentially with each additional unit within range of each other.
  2. Would you not still take MSU of each of the three darkling units to make the total effective unit count 30? A unit that comes to mind for not fitting into MSU or max size would be blood warriors (min size 5). With their goreglave upgrade being a very worthwhile addition (put it on the unit leader!), but only available to take 1 per unit of 10, this is probably the ideal unit size.
  3. The Rumour Thread

    Apparently WD cards are from Shadespire, WHQ and Bloodbowl
  4. The Rumour Thread

    There is at least one Shadespire power card included, not sure what WHQ cards are there (they don't seem big enough for hero cards). It looks like there will be an array of cards for different systems.
  5. Agreed, Gaunt Summoner's, Bloodwrack Medusae and Plagueclaws love fighting hordes. Though conversely there are also those spells/effects that hit every unit within a range (Drycha, Snakes-on-a-Don) so MSU would suffer in that scenario.
  6. Edited with latest news; adversary cards! And there are rumours of a Hammerhal dungeon map/adventure in the Dec 2017 WD.
  7. What drew you to collect your Army

    The two things that drew me to Chaos were: 1. The old gargoyle from Hero Quest had evolved into this even heftier Greater Daemon (Bloodthirster), 2. Not only that there was a Greater Daemon for 5 different chaos gods! And each (well almost) had their own lesser daemon infantry as well. I guess I liked the symmetry in an army of "chaos" - I had always liked cycles of similar cards in each of the colours of MtG for example. Despite that the other army that caught my eye were Dark Elves. As such, of course, I opted for a Cult of Slaanesh as my first Chaos army (Dark Elves + Slaanesh daemons). Now Slaanesh is the smallest of my branches of chaos. The only reason I haven't gone after the current Archaon model is the lack of Keeper of Secrets head - it's just not a complete model! I need a plastic Keeper of Secrets head for a conversion but feel like it's going to be quite a challenge to do...
  8. Official WHQ Adversary Cards Summoned!

    Really looking forward to these. It was the old WHQ bestiary that sparked my interest in collecting a wide range of miniatures from different armies. Now here’s a way to put them to use again. Do you think these will be able to just be used to randomize in place of an adversary table?
  9. Nurgle allies

    The article clearly states Nurgle Rotbringers = Nurgle and vice versa. As such any Nurgle allegiance army has access to allies listed under Nurgle Rotbringers.
  10. customize your shadespire

    Not to mention easier when you want to play on the reverse side of the board
  11. New warscroll for Shadespire!

    Hang on... an 8 wound orruk unit is nice and tanky but a 7 wound skele unit that gain regrow is extremely fragile?
  12. The Rumour Thread

    Bug grot troops though? A definite possibility (see Grot Scuttlings).
  13. New WHQ Products?

    There were rumours a while back of an undead themed WHQ in the pipeline, but I wonder if this in fact turned out to be Shadespire.
  14. Multiple Standard Bearers Per Unit

    I tend to have one banner/musician per minimum troop number in a unit so that if I were to split the unit into MSU they all have their command group. As for different types of banner in one unit, I feel the warscroll rules allow for it, but you should have two models with different looking banners in the unit so they can be differentiated.
  15. Flesh hound bases...

    If I were you I'd wait until the Khorne blood warrior Shadespire warband comes out. Rumour has it there will be a flesh hound there, and you can go by whatever base they use there. I haven't rebased mine yet but I was honestly leaning towards the cav oval.