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  1. Archaon Khorne List

    If you want to go mixed chaos the sorcerer lord is a great addition. The bloodletters lose a fair bit by not being able to get across the board but bloodtithe could help that. Outside of archaon and the varanguard everything else is pretty squishy. I feel this list would struggle a little with some scenarios. Those that can take down archaon will be able to neuter this list pretty badly.
  2. Archaon Khorne List

    Khorne I do not think can take allies but I know that is an opinion that is not widely shared by all. Blades of Khorne can but you have 3 different factions in this list.
  3. Archaon Khorne List

    Firstly this cannot be Allegiance Khorne with the Varanguard in the army. They do not get the mark until the game starts and you pick allegiences before the battle. Other than that I think that Archaon in a Khorne list is super solid.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    For me it's an aesthetics and availability thing. Also (from my experience) those that play them are deeply rooted in a bygone game and have at times been frustrating to play against as they lament on the days of old. Also every minute spent balancing those points is less development time doing new and fresh ideas. and to quote the great Mr Stinson "newer is always better"
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Hopefully not. Time to cut the cord with those remnants. The GHB changes seem to have given us a whole new game! Amazing considering its only 2 years old. Can't wait.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    Because the books are set in AoS...
  7. The Rumour Thread

    10 are fun. 110 are not. #reavers
  8. Let's chat : Khorne!

    You will keep the Khorne allegiance but will not give you the Bloodbound allegiance.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Ignore. Did not see what page I was on. That Video of Shadespire has me wanting it to come out now.
  10. New citadel tools.

    I just picked up the new Citadel Clippers and they are rough to get a solid grip on which is a pain Having said that these tweezers look legit!
  11. Let's chat : Khorne!

    They will be still be individual options like the DoT but in the same book so you can use them all in the same force.
  12. Adepticon News.

    Ok each to their own.
  13. Adepticon News.

    At Adepticon they announced the following: Warscroll Builder coming to the Community Site An FAQ process on the community Site Bios Coming to the community site. Previews of: Shadespire: A brand new game. Organized play. A hands on of a brand new game months before it comes out. (pretty big for GW) A generals handbook for their flagship. Deathguard: Including a primarch by the looks of it. All within 30mins. 30 mins. That's it that's all they have had. As I say 2 ask the studio question session coming. And here are some quotes of what they said. I for one have not been disappointed: "PS: We heard a lot of news last week about new products on the way, but we still have a few surprises up our sleeves. Stay tuned for more announcements on the way later this week, as our Community and Studio teams showcase some more new items at AdeptiCon for the first time." "If you go to the preview event, you’ll not only get to handle a host of new miniatures, (some of which won’t be out for almost a year) you’ll get to play some games with them. And not just any game, a brand new game. On top of that, we’ve even commissioned some special dice for attendees to keep as a momento. And, that’s not even all. You’ll also get to see some new game mechanics we’ve got in mind for existing games and give us your thoughts. Now, obviously, there will also be a powerpoint presentation (and maybe a video or two) with loads of cool unreleased miniatures and great new art, but that’s just window dressing." Again I am not sure what we are disappointed about.
  14. For me it's the following: Rape Unplayable WAAC. As in: You are just a WAAC player so your opinion is moot. Well I am a fluffy gamer. As if that makes you better?
  15. Adepticon News.

    There are two ask the studio Seminars to go. Will they have information who knows but hopefully someone asks the questions. GW can't seem to please people. *************** Gamer: We want to see upcoming releases. GW: Here you go. Get aboard the Hype train. Gamer: Well sure if you like cool pictures but wait it's only Thursday and you have only announced 2 brand new games, 2 factions, 2 new Battletomes, and a revamp of one of your core lines over the last week. It's Saturday and I want to see more. GW: Well yeah we have more but... Gamer: No buts GW. give us more. Well not too much because I can't choose what to spend my money. Well some of use do but that's not the point. GW: We want to keep something's a surprise. He watch some fun games of 40k and AoS. Gamer: No more previews? But what about what is coming out next for [insert faction of choice here] GW: No. Gamer: Argh. I hates it. You are the Worst GW. You failed. You blew your Load too soon. GW: Well next time we will not leak anything... Gamer: Well would rather that than just pictures of beautiful models and excitement about upcoming releases. You suck. *Fast forward 6 months* Gamer: Why doesn't GW post upcoming releases anymore? GW: Ermmm seriously... Don't you remember. Gamer: ... GW: The last time we did it you whined so much Wisconsin ran out of cheese. Gamer: Nah bro we love leaks. GW: Well ok here is a pc of an arm of a model coming out within the next year. Gamer: God Dammit GW how am I supposed to stick with my current army!? Thanks GW... GW: Sigh... **********