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  1. The Rumour Thread

    We don't know her exact ruling on how she transforms. She can lose control. I would assume that unloess you chose to transform her she would transform when she suffers he last wound as the Oracle. So 3 wounds a round. 4 rounds of combat. 2 battlerounds.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    If she transforms she doubles her wounds left so it would take 3. Assuming she could transform after the first. EDIT: Reread the above post yest she could die in 2 battlerounds of combat.
  3. New Aelves

    Teclis and Tyrion are both from Cothique... Known for their mastery as sailors... Interesting... (At least that's where their dad's Villa was)
  4. The Rumour Thread

    I think it would be a great piece of trolling on GWs part to do atlantean’s to Make nicer models than mantic. Would make me chuckle.
  5. Double Turn Overhaul Suggestion

    An example would be a stormcast army with a 1+ save could give you the option of having the double turn or having to deal with 0+ save SCE. Or even helping out Shooting armies. You can take the double turn but you will be -1 movement on that main unit. These are anecdotal examples of course. At work right now but will try to give more when I can.
  6. Double Turn Overhaul Suggestion

    I feel that whilst not too complex this will just add time to the game. This is also comparatively similar to the triumph table that you get for being less points. I don't think this would fundamentally change the game and just make some builds way stronger than they are currently. I also feel that this is just plain unnecessary and could lead to a redundant discussion at the table. This is from a Matched play point of view. From an open or narrative play point of view it could be fun but who knows. Play it with your group for 40 games and let us know.
  7. Goreblade still valid?

    Sorry confused by your reply. You seemed so definite about the GHB2017 statement just looking for clarification of the correctness of your statement. the GHB2017 does not contain all the points costs for everything.
  8. Goreblade still valid?

    Not sure on the correctness of that statement @Killax was this FAQ'd? It has a point value in the app.
  9. Let's chat : Maggotkin of Nurgle

    Finding it hard to get in any meaningful model count into the army. Going Blight heavy but still you don't get a lot! I am also finding I am trying to be too character heavy. Does anyone think the Harbringer is a must or am I looking too much at his command ability?
  10. Sportsmanship and AOS

    Don't get mad at your opponent when your plan doesn't work or they are beating you. Instead flip off your own models and give them a stern talking to.
  11. Legions of Nagash: The Legion of Sacrament

    But they come on 60mm bases. Let's use the bases provided.
  12. ITC AOS (USA)

    Ypu definitely bring up some good points @Rhellion thanks for bringing in the perspective.
  13. ITC AOS (USA)

    Considering your recent post on not being able to understand playing AoS competetively I feel this question may not be aimed at you. 100s of people like to play at a high level and want to push themselves to do better. Play the game better. Enjoy that tactical level of the game that I agree many choose not to go to the same level. Everyone enjoys the hobby for different levels. Those who want to become the best at something could use this as a loose gauge. Others see little or no value in it. Which may be the answer from the Midwest guys.
  14. ITC AOS (USA)

    That’s why the U.K. system works the ranking is a means to an end. The master is the guy who gets all the props. We tried with limited success in 8th to get this going hit it is near impossible with the size of the US.
  15. ITC AOS (USA)

    I agree I like the rankings system. It provides competitive players something to analyze and aim for if they desire. I would love to hear the people like @Rhellion etc who compete at a high level but are not part of the system. If everyone is not in the system it does invalidate the system slightly as the number one player is not necessarily the best player in the ?US