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  1. Donal

    Share your successes

    I was at LGT this weekend, had 5 great cames and came out with 4 wins. Twas mega fun and finished 9th / 66th. I played some of the best I'd played in about a year and the game I lost was close to impossible for me to win (without some very specific/lucky/statistically improbable dice rolling). Forgot the triumph every time.... Beat: Aetherwing Game 1 (Knife to heart), Mixed Order Game 2 (battle for pass), Game 4 Legion of Night (starstrike), Game 5 Vanguard Wing (Total Conquest) Lost vs Nurgle Plaguetouched Warband Game 2 (duality) - dont think i could possibly have won this unless I got the ambush from gutstompa allegiance off. List was: Allegiance: Moonclan Grots (used Gutstompa allegiance) Leaders Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80) Grot Warboss (120) - General - Moon Prodder & Giant Cave Squig - Trait: Big and Brutish - Artefact: Battered Talisman Battleline 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 20 x Cave Squigs (240) Units 3 x Grot Fanatics (100) 2 x Grot Squig Herders (20) Behemoths Colossal Squig (300) War Machines Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100)Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 225
  2. Donal

    London GT hype

    Because I use "Grand Alliance: Destruction" abilities, my understanding is that you can use the Firestorm Allegiance. Twas a fun event There were not that many destro at the event, there was my moonclan, a kunning ruk, a 3 magma list, a grot soup and a BCR list. Happy to answer any questions you are having
  3. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    @Skabnoze Where did you see my list? I'll take a photo later & share
  4. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Kill points were low largely due to the match ups I had and my colossal & rock lobbas rolling relatively poorly. e.g. my rock l Summary of match ups below Game 1 was aetherwing in knife to heart. I knew i had to kill his unit of 9 which i managed to do by playing baiting with my rock lobba crews and playing aggressively with one of my grot units. once i got that, then i took a few more points, but didn't want to give away any cheap points so played defensively, Game 2: Nurgle (Max's 2nd placed list) in duality - There was no way for me to win this. he went first, got his GUO onto objective protected bu puscoyle blightkings (and terrain preventing me looping around). other objective was protected by terrain so i didnt have alot of room to kill his weaker heroes or other units. Game 3: mixed order (30 arkhanauts, 12 sky wardens, hurricanum, aether khemist, 40 dwarves) in battle for the pass. Another tough match up. the skywardens have faster movement so were able to shoot my lobbas (not all though). My colossal didn't do much despite charging sky wardens when at full health (only did 1 wound). I managed to grind out the sky wardens with grots & colossal while scoring the objective on the left, while my grot unit held the right flank and and my cave squigs/heroes/lobbas held my home. I got up on points (Scored both middle for 3 turns vs him scoring it once). Turn 4, I scored one more middle so was up on points and then used cave squigs to bubble wrap the objective and stop him scoring my home. Game 4: legion of night in starstrike - super fun game against a regular tourney opponent. I got forced march on my colossal & grots (had been using gutstompa allegiance but this was the first time it did anything of note). was given first turn, charge my colossal into 40 skellies. my lobbas only did 3 wounds against them (despite 1 having damned), my colossal did a few wounds (like 9 or 10), but my grots had been brought into combat by the skellies and managed to make up for the poor lobba/colossal rolling by killing 12 skellies. Post battleshock the unit was taken from 40 to 4. The rest of the game was me blocking his mobility and praying that objective landed iether in middle or on the left. luckily thats what happened and there wasnt much he could do. Game 5: vanguard wing. I finally got ambush from the gutstompa allegiance (which i needed), i deployed in such a way to stop prosecutors from coming down behind my lines and had my grots stretched from top right to bottom left objective. He took first turn, but i had more models in range of the objective and stopped him scoring. End of turn 1 i was on 3-1 in objectives. I won priority and managed to get another 3 points. He took my bottom left objective (it was weaker protected). In reterospect I could have prevented him scoring this but i hadnt thought enough in advance. Either way end of turn 2 was 6-4. I won priority turn 4, and held my right objectives (8-6). Turn 4 he won priority but he didn't have enough damage output or time to take me down to score objective. I def got the rub of the green on this. Think i would have struggled with ambush, and the first two priorities. Only killed 1 unit of prosecutors in this game since I didn't attack his libs (he had sisters of thorn so I would have done more damage to myself than him)
  5. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Yeah its the +1 wound trait. I originally had ran a 2 mangler, 2 colossal list but it just didn't have enough depth/bodies to win on scenarios. That said, my list/strategy is basically "run grots forward, here are my grots, kill my grots, score objective". I only scored 2800 kill points in the tournament... I like cave squigs for the swingy threat that they provide, they can't be ignored, but they often just die anyway
  6. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Yeah I think it is as optimized a list as I can make it (if i want to stay pure Moonclan...). I finished 9th at LGT with it
  7. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Allegiance: Moonclan Grots Leaders Fungoid Cave-Shaman (80) Grot Warboss (120) - General - Moon Prodder & Giant Cave Squig - Trait: Big and Brutish - Artefact: Battered Talisman Battleline 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 60 x Moonclan Grots (360) - Pokin Spears & Moon Shields 20 x Cave Squigs (240) Units 3 x Grot Fanatics (100) 2 x Grot Squig Herders (20) Behemoths Colossal Squig (300) War Machines Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100) Grot Rock Lobber (100) Total: 1980 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 225
  8. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    To be fair, look out sir is AoS2, FAQ is AoS1, who knows what will happen with the warscroll (or potential future releases). I'm loving moonclan at the minute, have been playing the same list for about 4-5 months so excited to see how it plays in the rules changes things up
  9. Donal

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    I think it should be after modifiers. There was an FAQ that said: Q: How do abilities which trigger on ‘a roll of 6’ interact with modifiers? For example, if an ability states that it has an effect on ‘a wound roll of 6’ and the model has a modifier which adds 1 to their wound rolls, would a roll of 6 trigger that ability? A: Yes. In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules, ‘a roll of 6’ is treated as being synonymous with ‘a roll of 6 or more’. So yes, if someone has +2 to hit then 4, 5 and 6 get treated as a 1. 1s fail. Grot warboss survives! Annoyingly the new change -1 hit from shooting, means that 6s become 5s so don't count as 6s.
  10. Donal

    Fungoid Cave-shaman, verification

    Interesting, I hadn't seen that before. Disappointing for BCR players, I hope TO's etc... allow it. From the SCGT tweets I suspect that it will be fine, so will be interesting if other TOs will follow suit. @Chris Tomlin have you considered it in Blackout (or too early to say?)
  11. Donal

    New to destruction, tips on moon clan?

    The ability works on ranged attacks but moonclan grots dont get the +1/2 wound buff so I don't think it will be that effective. With needing to roll 6s to wound the damage becomes swingy so i think volume is better. I dont think that it works on 6s to wound for the Colossal as they become "Mortal Wounds"
  12. Donal

    Fungoid Cave-shaman, verification

    My understanding is the following: 1) Fungoid can ally with anyone 2) Fungoid can be general 3) Fungoid counts for ally pool 4) Can only have command traits if using Destruction Allegiance Abilities. Different scenarios (to make it clear). BCR Army (e.g. MF/Stonehorn/thundertusk as Battleline) - Fungoid can join the army as an ally and can be general but you have to use the destruction allegiance. Gutbuster Army (Ogors/belchers battleline) - Fungoid can join the army as an ally and can be general (only the destruction allegiance. abilities are available). Moonclan - he has moonclan keyword so no need to ally
  13. Donal

    New to destruction, tips on moon clan?

    I prefer warboss as the general. On a unit of grots over 30 they are doing double damage on a 4 to wounds which is just amazing. Generally I use Inspiring presence, but towards the end of the game throwing double damage on him or a unit of grots is highly entertaining. Trait/Artefact wise I go for Big & Brutish & the mortal wounds save. You need to make him as survivable as possible and with the amount of (near infinite) range mortal wound in the game means that he survives for another turn or 2. I tried running monster spam (double mangler, double colossal) but I found it was relatively 1 dimensional and prefer having larger units of grots for scenarios (albeit playing against Changehost / old medusa's led to very negative play). Ally Wise - I prefer rock lobbas, they provide the much needed range threat the army lacks, and 4 fits in nicely as allies (thanks for @Paul Buckler for that suggestion). If you want to play defensively, I think a troll hag would be a great ally (could even make her your general if you go for mixed destruction/heavy moonclan).
  14. Agreed, feels very 2015... id be concerned what sort of army hasn’t been rebased/painted/touched up in 3 years
  15. Donal

    AGE OF SANTA 2017

    Woohoo! Will see you in Cardiff