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  1. 20171125_231709.jpg

    They're some old metal Stone Trolls, and a few of the Battle for Skull Pass trolls.
  2. Hi all Just wondering how many other SCAdians (active or not) are on this forum? Always liked the idea of organizing a SCA-member gaming event, but most folks seem to lean more toward 40k. -Ulf, East Kingdom, member of the CDIV (the fighting 404)
  3. Thanks! I agree about the dwarf-head rocks. I'm going to go back and do some more details on them. They were literally the last thing I painted on these guys. I was kind of running out of steam.
  4. 20171125_231655.jpg

  5. First unit of Rockgut Troggoths done!
  6. First test troll is nearly done.
  7. WIP shots of the test model for the army. I like this color palette a lot. Going to add some small touches of green as an accent/contrast color.
  8. Tokens for AoS?

    I realize it's cross-system, but Privateer Press makes some token sets that include a lot of generic tokens. They're blank, and meant to be used with dry-erase markers. They work great for any game, AOS included.
  9. Fancy new airbrush? Fancy new bases for my Realm of Shadows themed Destruction army!
  10. Thanks! Something a little different that just the usual rocks walls or trees.