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  1. The trypophobia is supreme with Nurgle models.
  2. Mephisto

    Are any multiple Verminlord lists viable?

    I don't know about suck. Skryre and Pestilens are both pretty strong. They are like you say disorganized and convoluted however. They need the Legions of Nagash treatment - a new battletome that condenses their stuff into one book that helps you build synergy and has some traits, artefacts, and battalions.
  3. I think this is an excellent point. Unlike many other games, AOS requires you to be social and speak with your opponent. There are many reasons I love AOS but that camaraderie and shared passion I feel with this community is why I gravitate toward it over other things. I think I might be a "Beer and Pretzels Guy" disguised as a competitive player... like I want to win and I think good, elegant rules are important. But I also want to tell you about my sweet combo I'd use to win or how cool I think your army looks and buy you a beer. I'm so conflicted... Basically, communication is how I hammer the gap between fun and competition. This game encourages you to do so and is enriched by it. Use Realm Traits/Spells (except Banishment) if you want. Talk to your opponent. You'll only have more fun.
  4. Well, I thought I was funny... Look, just because I constantly quote Army of Darkness when I move my skeletons around and make space ship noises with my lips when I fly my Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, doesn't mean there can't be rules for that.
  5. Mephisto

    What is the deal with Dire Wolves?

    I run 5, 10, or none of them depending on my list. Hot take incoming: I don't like them. They are a tax I pay to meet my third battleline requirement when I'm over-stuffing a list with bonkers stuff. That said, my opponents also feel my agitation as they must pay the targeting tax. They don't want to deal with 60 point puppies either but they are forced to. I most often use them to screen by stacking them tail to nose and Tokyo Drifting them sideways at my opponents. Sometimes they run off and scoop an objective. They don't wear buffs particularly well for dealing damage (you would likely never spend a spell/ability buffing them when you have other better targets to do though so this is a moot point) and odd rolls on your Deathly Invocation are wasted on them to bring models back. That said, they are deceptively resilient. I've watched an entire mixed Destruction list be forced to waste a Thundertusk Snowball on them, plus blood vultures, and some orruk arrows just to clear them out and fail by a single wound. In fact, I've screened with them on a handful of occasions and WANTED THEM TO DIE and they live despite me with a couple models. Luckily with the new edition when that happens, I've just been taking them off out of cohesion so they explode and I can counter charge. I'm not overly fond of their model. It's not terrible looking, mind you, it just doesn't do anything for me. I'm going to get another box and do them up like Amaterasu from Okami to fit my Yama Kings / Pseudo-asia/ Japan Themed Death list and see if that makes me like them more. I suspect it will actually. That would be sweet. Hot take aside, Dire Wolves are exactly fine which is what you want for 60 points. That's why people like them. Because when you take them they are exactly as advertised which is sort of a super power.
  6. Mephisto

    Are any multiple Verminlord lists viable?

    I've been personally kicking around the idea of a double verminlin lord for a while now when I saw this thread. It's only at it's inception stage but basically, I just want a Verminlord Corruptor w/ a Sword of Judgement and a Verminlord Deceiver to Skitterleap it across the board. The entire rest of the list is doing gymnastics to allow me to do this. I do love Stormfiends and Arch-Warlocks though so... hmmm. It's like I have an idea that's on the cusp of tunneling into reality if I could just pin it down...
  7. Mephisto

    What could I convert bretonnians into?

    This is a matter of pure preference. I think most people like unity. I personally think that their is something awesome about asymmetry. It let's you practice a couple different styles and gives your army a lot of personality. There's also a sort of fluff thinking about how this unit is this elite squad of Daemon Smashers while the other unit you paint are a band of Former Knights who lost their castle and lands to Chaos and all teamed up. Each unit has their regalia and history and little quirks. Then I usually tie it all together by having my army's center piece borrow subtle visuals from each of the units on the table as the unifying piece. To your general question, more than a few people have commented already and I think Blood Knights have come up a couple times. I second this. Brettonians for Blood Knights are actually quite sought after. @Milford's comment above is a brilliant piece of narrative you can model in. Fallen Knights seeking redemption is a great story. I've also seen some really rad conversions from Brettonians into Graveguard. Some skeleton bits and skulls can go a long way with heavy armor. This one also tells a story of these Brettonians that died in the World that Was to be resurrected to fight once more against Chaos. Stormcast could also be a logical conversion if that's your thing. Similarly I could see adding some spikes and tentacles and calling them Chaos warriors. Good luck!
  8. I live a dual life as someone competitive that likes tournaments but I'm also obsessed with the fluff and aesthetic of Warhammer. Mine is more like a flow chart narrated by a 1950s Radio Show Host than a linear progression: So you want to buy a new model, do ya, Mephisto? Well first thing's first, is it Death? If yes, proceed. If no, get one of your friends to play AOS. Indoctrinate them based on how sweet the model is and enjoy seeing it on the table while secretly resenting them for getting to play with it and use that rage to fuel your competitive streak to crush them. Compliment their sweet model afterwards. It seems you found a new Death model. Does it look cool? If yes, proceed. If no, can you make it look cool? If no? Into the trash it goes. Is it good? If yes, proceed. If no, convince someone you hate at the LGS that it is good. You're now stronger in the mirror match. If you don't know, proxy one of your 100 skeletons to count as it and playtest to see if it's good. Way to go, Mephisto, my friend. It looks like you've found a Death Model that Looks Cool and Plays Good. It's almost time to add it to your army. Wait, not just yet, little fella. Does it fit your aesthetics, your theme? If yes, enjoy winning at looking cool and playing good. If no, can you make it fit your aesthetic? Still no? Into the trash it goes. If yes, did you just put a cool hat on it? You did? Siiiigh, not again, Mephito. How many damn skeletons with rice hats do you need? Answer: all of them. Editor's Note: It's also worth noting I try to buy second hand as much as possible. I've an interest in some Nighthaunt stuff that I think can round out my Death list or let me modulate into a different playstyle for kicks when I feel the need but I'll wait until the craze dies down and people are getting rid of them to buy whatever the next army is.
  9. Mephisto

    question about nagash

    Yes, you gain a cast. It live updates - like a state-based-effect in MTG. Cogs work similar. If you cast Cogs, you get that extra spell that same turn (you sort of break even in this situation). Spells are cast "during the hero phase" and you control that order. As long as it's still your hero phase you can do your remaining actions. Note: some things do say "at the beginning of your hero phase."
  10. Mephisto

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    ^^this. I like Realm Artefacts overall. They give armies like Beastclaw Raiders anything to take at all. Everyone can select from the same list so there's no surprises, only optimization. And thanks for the perspective on Grimghasts/Bladegheists. My sentiments are similar from a pure theorycraft stance. I'm just going to pretend that 30 of my extra skeletons are grimghasts to playtest and get a feel for if I personally like them before I commit to buying them. My friend's Mixed Order list always gives a good workout for playtesting. I do want to mention that I don't strictly run Nagash. I also have a separate Legion of Sacrament list that I built pre-2.0. It has... gotten better with the new edition and part of me feels like gravitating toward that list going into Gencon and NOVA. I don't look forward to the mirror matches for Nagash and I'm hoping that as people finish their Nighthaunt armies or realize that Sacrament is a power house, the wave of "bandwagoners," as Nevar put it above, will recede.
  11. Mephisto

    Tournament Win, Nagash v Nagash thoughts

    I've been haunting a few different threads that you've also been in, @ianob, and you seem like a man of thoughtful opinion. I'm curious which of the two you favor between Grimghast Reapers and Bladegheists just in general. Here you really seem to sing their praise and in another thread you (understandably) praise both units but highlight their different roles. I wonder which you like better in a vacuum.
  12. Mephisto

    Nagash, the Supreme Lord of Spellz

    I find Narrative and Open Play tend to be a bit self governing too. If I pull out my cheeky Nagash trick against my friend who plays "double zombie dragon death" (On either Blood or Night, depending) he'd laugh when I show him the rules and I'd grin and grab his model a turn before he planned to use it. If I do that BS at a tournament and rub my dorito fingers on someone else's model, I deserve to be elbow dropped by my opponent like they're Macho Man Randy Savage. Still, I do like finding combos FOR Matched play and this is one of those "needs more information" situations. Here's where we sort of disagree. It is ridiculous and impractical to expect something like this. That said it absolutely amuses me to have a sideboard of ES models. I'd keep them in a briefcase. "Oh, I see you chose Purple Sun for your Death Wizards. It seems that I have now it." **Grins in Shyish** Then I'd open up the brief case. There'd be dry ice in it. Plumes would unfurl as I retrieve the model and set it aside. I'm one of those couple of guys too it seems. I can imagine a Tzeentch player going even further. They have every ES and a handful of other models ready to go on the off-chance they play Sylvaneth or another army that uses a spell to summon. Like they have ten Dryads fully painted up and kitted out to look Tzeentchy in case they hijack Roused to Wrath. "Okay. This guy is here to win. I mean he took it a single step further than I would but well played, sir." It's also funny thinking of this guy flying two extra army cases of models to Adepticon "just in case" he needs them. This is clearly some form of hyperbole but I do think that foresight and predicting a meta are a huge part of competitive play. I find the idea of a "sideboard" or other amount of adaptation in the moment intriguing. Artefact and Lore Spells seem the logical place for this. It'd be easy (much easier than a brief case of ES) to get paired into your match-up then choose artefacts from a predictive list you have ready to go. "My generic list is this with these lore spells/artefacts but I'm allowed a side set of items in case I play my weak match-up."
  13. Mephisto

    Nagash, the Supreme Lord of Spellz

    Oh, I understand what you're saying, @ianob. I'm actually drafting up a question to shoot the AoSFAQ team an email. Have I discovered an ingenious oversight of the rules, did they intend this, or what? They have a FAQ on Curseling's Vessel of Chaos ability but I find it inadequate. To paraphrase myself from the long discussions I've had since this FAQ came out: "Yes, you can steal Endless Spells because they say that you can but you should own your own model in Matched to do so because the actual rules of Endless Spells say you must own the model to cast them. This is a criteria of casting the spell with a specifically stated rule in Malign Sorcery and the Core Rules. It's as important a criteria as ranges, eligible targets, line of sight, and so on. The Changeling (et al.) abilities don't say you can 'cast the spell and ignore all other requirements of that spell.' I read it to mean that, you can cast the spell if you have a model too." You go a step further and say that because we pay points for things we play with, you gotta have the points invested. I totally get that. There's a reason we play matched. Where it gets real hazy for me is that they on purpose got rid of reinforcement points so that summoning just works. It's clear that spending points to summon things isn't entirely the most important part. I truly appreciate the feedback. This sort of discussion I enjoy and helps me discover my true stance on matters. This one here just requires clarification from GW or TOs. I'll let y'all know what word I receive back from GW.
  14. Mephisto

    Nagash, the Supreme Lord of Spellz

    I'm of the mind you gotta own the models to "steal" the spell. Similar to how you must own the models to summon them with a Branchwraith's spell, FEC's Ghoul King 1/Game ability, and so on. So no argument there. I only just now received my GHB2018 and haven't had the time to comb through it. Is there a specific rule that states you can't cast an Endless Spell or field a model that you've not paid the points for? Doesn't that sort of make the Summoning of the Various Chaos Armies (examples above) once again unplayable in Matched?
  15. Same. I've ragged on realm traits / spells a bit already but I'd like to leave some positivity too. Realms are indeed thematic and on the rule of cool side of things. At the LGS, I play with adults so we just pick and agree on stuff. If a tournament pre-planned some big realm scape event like a sweet planar conquest campaign, I'd be cool with having that information upfront and enjoy myself even as a competitive player. I think it's important they added rules because even if the rules are imbalanced realms are given weight by mechanics actually reinforcing the narrative. This is basic game design and in that respect, GW wasn't wrong to do it. We can all split hairs over the tuning of the rules but it's an important step. It's just an extra thing to use if you want and a necessary step in reinforcing the setting in the actual gameplay. The AOS setting is a strength of this wargame over others afterall.