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  1. Chaos marauders with blood reavers

    Works fine, just needs the Khorne symbols clearing off. Only thing that might be an issue is if you run a Khorne army and want to use both, so it's a good idea to swap the heads over, and make their equipment more normal. The spears idea by @BrocknerTheBearworks well as it makes them obviously not Blood Reavers
  2. Chaos Lord/Sorcerer Lord on Manticore equipment opinions

    The Chaos Lord on a Manticore is a nice solid option, personally like Daemonblade and Shield as protection against mortal wounds is a big help and the command ability is good on a unit of Knights or Chariots. Sorcerer Lord is less useful but the spell is pretty nice
  3. Agree with Thundercake on the shields, something lighter and more tribal like the Seraphonor or Beastmen,that said it also makes sense to keep them in line with their inspiration to avoid confusion about the unit type
  4. The mastering of red

    Not GW, but stumbled on this via BoLS The essence of the technique is to use blue/red mixes for shading, orange/red mixes for highlights and then apply a tonne of layers of clear red washes to bring them together.
  5. Do you like the lore?

    I'm mixed on the lore, City of Secrets and Malign Portents are where it's at for me, the struggle to survive, to live and thrive against a backdrop of conflict and intrigue. The earlier Realmgate Wars felt a lot like it was there to set the scene, and belonged in the history before the Free People et al were rescued. It also didn't help that it was locked away in costly books, rather than being in shorter, more accessible novels and free stories. I think the future is looking very promising lore-wise, and GW's writers have found their themes, and have ideas on how people actually live.
  6. Play AoS online !

    He's said Tabletop Simulator, which is a relatively well known sandbox and then used Community Mods for the armies, and tables.
  7. I don't, so also do a nice website with transcriptions of your relevant articles
  8. Hi from the Citadel Design Team

    Nope, WarhammerFest for me, less hassle than London!
  9. Warhammer Legends...

    It looks like it's simply a reason to do some "Made to Order" runs, and to give people a reason to buy them. The lack of Matched Play rules is because Matched Play is *supposed* to be for tournaments, rather than the default play style people assume it is, and the last thing you want to do is to design a limited release miniature and give it amazing rules as it'd unbalance the scene really quickly and cause a lot of arguements
  10. Did occur to me earlier that the Gorebeast from the Chaos Chariot kit may he a boon for you when it comes to building riders, particularly to give you some variants. Also Google has thown up this site, now 99% sure these are castings because they include listing the Games Day Kroot shaper but it might help http://all4wargames.com/category/kroot/
  11. Flesh Wash Advice Needed

    It's a badly mixed pot, usually that residue sinks to the bottom but occasionally it's small enough to float. Shake the bottle really well, apply a little to a pallette and if it's still not right, and you bought it recently from a GW store pop back in, and they'll check it and will usually replace it
  12. Greenskin Lore Confusion

    I'm interested to see where GW takes both Greenskinz, and Moonclan in the near future. Given the Malign Portents Fungoid Shaman, we'll definitely see the Moonclan sharing a relation with fungus, but I doubt they'll explicitly make then "from" fungus, instead leaving that for Squigs and the like. In any case,I feel that the Moonclan will come out with a solid bastion to rival Bonesplitta's and Ironjawz, and yes they might on occasion be physically bullied by the larger Orruks, I doubt they'll be subserviant in the same way As for Greenskinz, I would like a little bit of the "WoW factor", just to give them a little depth, maybe they're the mercenries of the mortal realms, or that they build cities that rival those of men. If you've ever read Stan Nichols - Orcs, that's the kind of feel I have in mind.
  13. Poll: What Allegiance(s) Do You Play?

    Not a great way to capture an opinion, as the poll requires you to be signed into Google. Better to setup one via SurveyMonkey or similar that doesn't need to capture your identity
  14. Base rims - Colour ideas and examples

    I've used the rims to help identify conversions as their position in Blood Bowl, and could see a similar idea working to group squads together
  15. The mastering of red

    Trick to using @Curry_Supreme technique without owning an airbrush. Prime Chaos Black Take a can of AdMech Grey spray, and from double the normal spraying distance apply it in a couple of passes Repeat in a single pass per side in Corax White If you get the distances right, the spray settles on the raised surfaces in lighter colours, and darker in the recesses. Give a quick wash of the deepest parts with Nuln oil and then apply Forgeworld Clear Red for a couple of coats