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  1. Just wish they could balance heroes a bit better, half wounds and half renown is probably right, or have no heroes and instead pick a squad sergeant to get say, +3 W and +1 save for free.
  2. In the US, there is a possibility that some of the lawsuit details make for a valid case, that the restrictions on how their product coule be sold (i.e. no basket), may constitute an abuse of position. Luckily for GW, the rest of the lawsuit appears to have been written on the back of a napkin in crayon, and in no way constitute reasonable legal arguements.
  3. Very cool, to eBay for the miniatures!
  4. Pox Walkers are a little bit too much like 40k civilians to do a great job as AoS models but it depends on how steampunk/sci-fi you're willing to take your army. They're also a little bit larger than the typical zombie.
  5. I'm torn between adding some Gitmob Grot artillery, some Squigs (since my Warboss has a pet Cave Squig), or a Gargant (though I really want to build a heavily armoured conversion, like the old Armoured Giant from GW)
  6. Generally I use polystyrene ceiling tiles to make terrain, though you need a special spray primer if you don't want to spend ages undercoating with a brush. Apologies for the UK links, this is what I last bought
  7. As long as you don't need semi-clear / coloured clear effect, then PVA glue is your friend. Use either a little greenstuff, or some twisted paper to give a basic structure to the flow, and liberally coat with PVA glue, letting it flow out and down your guiding part. If you want the semi-clear / coloured clear effect, then pick up a sample sized pot of the water effect, let it dry slightly before applying so it's tacky, and then slowly build it up from the pipe, downwards.
  8. As someone who paints a lot of their model with the same brush (Small GW Base coat brush), I'm curious what people use for a hard wearing option, that can stand up to unthinned paint and the odd use as a dry brush, whilst still keeping a point. Yes I'm well aware that my approach isn't ideal for Golden Daemon, but I tend not to enjoy painting too much, so like to get a squad knocked out in about 3-4 hours.
  9. Yeah I used him a few times, he's pretty run of the mill, but is a big help if you're playing a pick up game where you can't guarentee what anyone else will bring. The Healing Poultices are moderately useful, but don't compare to say, a Slaughter Priest or Knight-Castallan. The Alchemical mastery however, is very potent, going up to 3 damage in melee or 2 damage at range, is usually worth suffering the Stun, particularly if you can pick up an item to help reduce the effectiveness of the stun.
  10. That's pretty damn amazing
  11. I'd love to get a decent RPG system for the Age of Sigmar setting, heck, even a detailed background the setting itself would be a big boost. That said, I'm not too unhappy with the way Warhammer Quest actually players, and think with a little bit of work, becomes a practical, RPG-lite system, so all we'd need is a decent setting book, some new dungeon tiles and a bestiary to get going.
  12. It's an odd beast, in that it's using the AoS rules, but being built into the fluff for Shadespire Now all we need in a WHQ boxed set for Shadespire and some new Deathrattle miniatures to go with it.
  13. I'd look at one of the Stormcast Dracothian Guard Desolators riders, with maybe some Nightlord Space Marine shoulder pads. That'll give you big and bulky with ease If you'll consider non-GW, try this one and work off some of the more Space-Marine like features!/KoL-Dark-Knight/p/34168092/category=8326656
  14. Honestly, that Elf is ambitious for a 6 year old. Starter set Stormcast are definitely a good option, those flat surfaces with detail that comes out with a wash is a definite confidence booster. My advice, pick up a starter paint set, and a pack of £10 Stormcast.
  15. I'd love a deluxe 3D board, Hexagons of varying height, but slowly increasing in height towards the centre. Something resembling either basalt or clear crystal.