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  1. Yup this is a great idea, kitbashing between Space Wolves and Chaos Mauraders for a lot of your troops, the Chaos Warriors being more wolf-like instead of heavily armoured, leading up to Skinwolf models as the leaders.
  2. There's a few possible approaches for this, one is to simply present a different set of cards to the standard combinations, another is to pick out a series of map tiles and write a new card for each (use playing cards and a reference table) or finally you can simply take a standard D&D map approach and build the rooms in a static order. In terms of tweaking the challenges, there's some ideas I'm busy fleshing out such as traps, puzzles etc. One idea is to tie challenges into the keywords and an action dice, such as "An Arcane hero can attempt to dispell the illusion as a 5+ action, roll a dice, on a 1 Remove 1 counter from the tally, if there are no counters to remove it's not an illusion, 2 to 4, add 1 counter to the tally, on a 5 or 6, add 2 counters to the tally. When you have 4 or more counters, the illusion is dispelled)
  3. I'd lean towards weapon and head swaps as the best option to make them distinctive. Swap out the fragile blades and delicate shields for heavier axes and wooden shields. Repose them in more dynamic movement, leaping fowards and frothing to get close to the enemy. Consider adding more armour as well, whether shoulder pads, chest plates or cloaks.
  4. Yes but thanks for suggesting it Have been eyeing up the Drakskul for a while
  5. I'm a big fan of conversions to fit a theme. For example, my Steampunk reanimated Orruks use the Bonesplitta rules but my Big Stabbas are Black Ork bodies with giant chain axes and a runt support. In terms of your project, smoothing down the blade would work, but better if you could get a Carnosaur or Zombie dragon head and split down the jaw so it uses rows of razor sharp teeth, maybe more in a slashing pose. Bone clubs work well, again a kit like the Zombie Dragon or Morghasts helps here as you can use the bones to indicate prestige weapons.
  6. Expoy Resin is great to glue metal to metal but it has a very high tendancy to become quite bulky, and doesn't always suit a novice modeller. Superglue accelerator is often a good option for helping a model get together. One other tip is to score the area that will be joined with a modelling knife, a greater surface area helps the superglue form a stronger bond.
  7. Paint the fire first, using any technique you're happy using. Do the entire length of the plume. Then once that's dry, start building up first the black and dark grey colours with dry brushing, the aim is to slow darken and blacken the darkest areas with only light touches of the dark colours at the base. Once this is done, wash it with Fuegan Orange or Bloodletter glaze to give the dark colours a hint of orange and finally pick out the light spots in Eshin Grey
  8. Managed to get this model finished Happy with the overall effect of the colours, and also how I was able to transfer the same ideas onto the Cursling)
  9. Wanted to try and push myself more with my painting, so I've attempted a blended colour scheme for my Curseling model, to link it back into a Pyroflame Cult, but also trying to keep the different elements of such a complex model in a general theme.
  10. Most of the units that fit that description belong to the "old" armies, the ones which haven't yet had a Battle Tome written. The ones off the top of my head that I use for Destruction are War Dokk, Savage Orruk Warboss and Warchanter, all of which have some influence to buff the army or meet requirements for battallions. Points wise, the unit buffing is far more valuable than any raw damage output the model can bring, given the vulnerability of characters in general. The solution? Let certain "Hero" type characters replace a unit's leader instead of being a seperate person.
  11. The Death faction's in a funny place compared to a lot of the other factions, in that it's "complete", they've got all the models that they really need and so it's only the rules that are lagging behind. That unfortunately doesn't bode well for future releases as it's mostly new models that generate revenue, rather than new rules releases. Whilst it's possible to see some kind of reboxing, or new Skeleton or Zombie set (20 Skeletons and 30-40 zombies!), I'm leaning towards no progress until someone at GW comes up with more models to expand the Nagash faction further.
  12. I can certainly see ways to achieve this, and by publishing a standard import file definition, other site developers (e.g. scrollbuilder et al) can deliver updates to their sites to support this. I can help with data structures, bare bones project management and testing/debuging but my coding is very rusty and really runs to 10 year out of date PHP.
  13. The simple rule to follow, each ability can only be applied once, so you can have one save from a Warshrine, one bonus attack from a Warboss's Waaagh, and so on. It's quick and easy and makes stacking the same miniature multiple times less effective
  14. My lessson learnt from painting so many Chaos Space Marines over the last couple of years is that it's easier and quicker to paint the armour the colour of the trim, then use an ink, wash or glaze to colour the panels inside. The trim then usually needs a quick touch up at best. The new gemstone technical paints, along with the Forgeworld Airbrush clear colours both work a treat (and yes, you can safely paint the Air paints on using a brush)
  15. Don't care how bad Acolytes are on paper, I want to field my Pyroflame cult damnit! It just might end up with a few more Flamers in it than I'd originally planned that's all