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  1. Lucio

    Warhammer AOS: Champions

    No, pre-order at a discounted £120 However they said due to popular feedback they'd put two play mats in instead of the 1 originally planned
  2. Lucio

    Games Workshops new job page is live........

    Translation of technical documents, which game rules effectively are, is an incredibly difficult job, especially when words in the source language simply don't exisit in the destination language. English has the lingustic distinction of absorbing a large number of words and concepts from all over the world, whereas other languages have tended to grow based on internal needs. Heck, if you look at French as an example, they actively reject English sourced words but often don't have an alternative
  3. Lucio

    Free Cities Scenery

    Won't lie, considering a 3D printer to support my terrain habit. That said, these guys have a good range https://www.4ground.co.uk/ and you can find simliar by searching for Mordheim terrain ideas still
  4. Feels more like that there's an update that's only partially pushed out linked to Warhammer Legends imo
  5. Lucio

    Rules of 1 discussion

    Personally I prefer to limit the real issue, that individually the powers are fine, but stacking the same or similar effects have unintended consequences So instead of limiting their use, put a blanket rule that states each phase a unit can only benefit from a single offensive and single defensive buff
  6. All of them are strong candidates for army choices, each with a theme that's not *quite* found elsewhere. The Stormcast support division, siege engineers and battlemages. The Moonclan, with a bigger emphasis I think on Squigs and fugus The Nighthaunts, spectral armies aren't that common in miniature games due to the difficulty of doing them well. The Darkoath, linked into Chaos and with a strong heritage in the Maurauders of the North but with potential to grow into something more
  7. It's tough for OOP models, as you cannot do the right thing and buy them from the original manufacturer. Personally I report suspected recasters to GW's IP team but spotting a painted recast in GW, who is going to notice? Generally if you have to ask about a morrally dubious action, don't do it
  8. Lucio

    Painting Plague Priest? Skaven

    Haven't tried the entire method but it sounds a great way to get a mustard yellow robe. You can then go back and start picking out the furry parts with your preferred fur colour via a drybrush and the flesh with paler pinks / whites built up on the yellow
  9. Personally I think Skaven are the coolest, most unique models in the range Personally what I'd do is build 500 point Clan chunks to start and play a few small scale games. Clan Pestilens gives you the chance to convert into a Nurgle Rotbringers army Clan Skyre and Moulder work well together with some Clanrats and Stormvermin
  10. Lucio

    Romance in the Age of Sigmar

    Sounds good to me, we've seen shades of romance and relationship in Dan Abnett's work, particularly the Gaunt's Ghost series
  11. Lucio

    Chaos marauders with blood reavers

    Works fine, just needs the Khorne symbols clearing off. Only thing that might be an issue is if you run a Khorne army and want to use both, so it's a good idea to swap the heads over, and make their equipment more normal. The spears idea by @BrocknerTheBearworks well as it makes them obviously not Blood Reavers
  12. Lucio

    Chaos Lord/Sorcerer Lord on Manticore equipment opinions

    The Chaos Lord on a Manticore is a nice solid option, personally like Daemonblade and Shield as protection against mortal wounds is a big help and the command ability is good on a unit of Knights or Chariots. Sorcerer Lord is less useful but the spell is pretty nice
  13. Agree with Thundercake on the shields, something lighter and more tribal like the Seraphonor or Beastmen,that said it also makes sense to keep them in line with their inspiration to avoid confusion about the unit type
  14. Lucio

    The mastering of red

    Not GW, but stumbled on this via BoLS The essence of the technique is to use blue/red mixes for shading, orange/red mixes for highlights and then apply a tonne of layers of clear red washes to bring them together.
  15. Lucio

    Do you like the lore?

    I'm mixed on the lore, City of Secrets and Malign Portents are where it's at for me, the struggle to survive, to live and thrive against a backdrop of conflict and intrigue. The earlier Realmgate Wars felt a lot like it was there to set the scene, and belonged in the history before the Free People et al were rescued. It also didn't help that it was locked away in costly books, rather than being in shorter, more accessible novels and free stories. I think the future is looking very promising lore-wise, and GW's writers have found their themes, and have ideas on how people actually live.