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  1. skaven

    The Warlord seems a little strong, maybe drop to 2 Damage or 1 attack so he can't drop a hero per turn. Other than that looks good
  2. Not a fan of Heinlein then?
  3. My requests are Fiction to go along with the set, highlighting why they're fighting WHQ rules for at least some of the Heroes, so we can use the more unique models. Regular boxed set releases, more frequently than we've seen with Blood Bowl Pre-Painted miniatures (the last as a value added service)
  4. You send the fast units in first, and then hit the Tzaangor in the turn afterwards.
  5. Like the idea of home made tiles but a lot of the plaster mould products don't suit the 32mm default base. One idea I had was to get a load of 35mm or 40mm MDF squares and sheets of embossed plasticard, stick the squares to the plasticard and then cut them out to allow me to lay them on another plasticard or balsawood sheet before shaping the room. Walls also work with a balsawood or foamboard core with more textured plasticard
  6. If you want a wider range of maps, I've used and own several of these both flip mats and map packs Another useful product for map tiles is Dungeon Command, though harder to find now it's out of print
  7. I'm hoping we're due another trilogy for 40k, focusing on Imperium vs Xenos, or *gasp* Xenos vs Xenos. The Tyranids in particular need some love, and the Orks and Necrons would benefit from a couple of new miniatures. This then nicely sets up 8th Edition for an August release to tie into the summer holidays (traditionally their best time to get people's attention) On top of that, Sigmar wise I'd like more details on Shadowspire and the new starter set, especially if it's coming with some basic terrain. We're also due a new Age of Sigmar plot, as the Realmgate Wars have ended, and Order triumphed, we need more detail on the new status quo, who'se pushing back against the Order. Is Order starting to fight against Order more frequently? Will we finally get some new Free People miniatures because I'd *love* for the Devoted of Sigmar or the Free Guilds to get a miniature update in line with the art in Shadows over Hammerhall Finally, I'm expecting them annouce a new computer game licence, it's an ideal place to launch the product and we've seen a big increase in their royalty payments recently. My secret wish though, an RPG expansion for Warhammer Quest, some kind of Bestriary and Realm Guide books to take the adventure further, with some additional mechanics. How cool would it be to get an adversary per two pages type book detailing both their in-game statistics, and some bestiary notes such as "Orruks tend to congregate in tribes of 20-30 individuals, often led by their toughest warrior and advised by the oldest shaman"
  8. I've been using a Witchfire Cult, so fielding units of 20, max glaives and 1 vulcharch and one scroll per unit.
  9. nurgle

    Nurgle have it easy
  10. nurgle

    Soulgrinders are indeed awesome, Tzeentch approves
  11. As a heavy convertor and someone who builds models around a theme, I've always made some use of third party models and even got away with using them at my local GW as long as they're painted or at least base coated to hide the parts / materials. That said, there's often problems with third part miniatures, poor sculpts, poor casting quality, harder materials to convert so predominately I chose to use GW miniatures because of the quality of the product.
  12. Need to replace his axe with this part
  13. Fielding them as the core of a Chaos army, Beastmen have the potential to be quite strong, but requires that you mix in a couple of other factions, including Warherds, Monsters of Chaos and Slaves to Darkness to round out your weaknesses. The biggest oversight with them is that they can't follow a specific god, which limits the synergies that you can get within the army.
  14. Overall summary is that GW suffered significant losses when defending specific IP's, but it did also clarify what they do own and thus have clearer limits on what can be covered under copyright / trademarks. The race renaming in AoS is suspected to be for that very reason, to clearly define boundries for the US legal system.
  15. Well good news for all Bloodbound players, updated Battletome on the way for all things Khorne. Not to mention some prayers for your Slaughterpriests to use instead of magic!