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  1. It's definitely B, all new unit summoning (unless there's an exception lurking out there), is paid out of Reinforcement points. Reinforcement points only have to be designated as points, not units which is their one and only advantage if your army supports multiple summoning options, that you can bring in the right unit for the task at hand.
  2. One key question to ask as well, are you on a tight budget? If the answer's yes, then always recomend Stormcast or Khorne Bloodbound. Both have a plethora of cheap ways to get into the hobby as whilst the Start Collecting boxes are good value for money, the Starter sets and the snap-fit miniatures are still the best way to get started.
  3. personalize the various warband

    That's it exactly, we're not the target audience That said, using card sleeves, it's a piece of cake to print a colour photo of your miniature out to occupy the same sized window and I'd be shocked if someone doesn't do a card frame or similar
  4. Reservations...

    My biggest reservation with Shadespire is the longevity of the game. It's a crowded market out there and the game's tied to a less well established IP. Don't get me wrong, I'm buying this at the first opportunity, and likely picking up every warband too in the same way I've done for Blood Bowl. It's just the nagging feeling that there's not quite enough interest in the product to generate critical mass.
  5. Shadespire Terrain

    I think there's scope for FW to do resin board tiles, possibly even with unique card effects especially as choice of board piece and positioning is part of the core game mechanics.
  6. Curious about your model. Given there's 90 attacks from the Arrowboys, I've got the average damage at 15, with a theoretical maximum of 90 Ignoring the improbable that gives me just 1.16% to get 7 or less damage, 15 or less damage runs to 56.83% or less. Admitedly, my statistics are rusty, but that Arrowboys graph looks like 60 attacks at a guess. Asking not to criticise, but to learn more, particularly as I had to spend 15 minutes on Google to find the formula for Binominal distribution. Squig Gobba's giving me more of a headache to model as I've got to run the distribution multiple times
  7. Exotic Adversary - Spirit Hosts

    They're 1" square, so 25mm are fine, 32mm overlap
  8. You have to delete and re-download when things get updated
  9. Firestorm Destruction

    Destruction is pretty odd in comparison to many of the other Allegiance abilities, very fluffy, but hard to use very well and very variable. However, fluffyness is a good reason, and who wouldn't want a Bonesplitta Warlord with two JuJu head advisor!
  10. They're defintely an improvement over the other ranged options available such as Moonclan Grots with Bows or Bonesplitta Arrow Boys, though the later get competative if you're looking at the whole 400 points worth (3 Gobbas vs 30 Arrow Boys gives 6d6 attacks vs 90)
  11. There's really not a lot that should come back, that wouldn't be better served by new and fresh varients. One concept I do miss though is named characters, we have a small number with rules, but given the depth of AoS, surely we can have a normal and named varient of many of the key Hero types? It'd also be good to see some Regiments of Renown type units, something that you're limited to take 1 of within an army that improves on what's available, or grants a completely different concept. This is where I think FW could up their game for AoS by making conversion packs for units. For arguements sake, imagine an Ironjawz Brutes unit with Throwing Axes and Shields, or a Stormcast unit that hunts monsters using Halberds and "man-catchers"
  12. Season of war: Firestorm

    Firestorm plus the Open War cards together certainly is going to inject some varitety into the game and hopefully help combat the "run towards each other as fast as possible" effect of a mostly melee-centric miniature game. My only disappointment was that I was hoping that the mat was a poster, so I could back it onto metal sheets and use magnets rather than the sticker effect.
  13. Dead easy, it's not the Silver Tower, it's the edges of the Realm of Chaos, deep in the Chaos Wastes.
  14. The village of Glimmersky sits on a hill near the Realmgate between Hysh and Ulgu, and as such tends to be dark near the base of the hill, giving a bright contrast between the lower reaches and the sky. The village is known for it's excellent Arcane Forges, which turn out a large number of armanents for the Stormcast chambers. The primary inhabitents of the village are Aelves and Duardin who labour together to build the weapons, and the Stormcast who ensure that the village is protected from the frequent ghoul attacks from the nearby Dreaming Tombs.
  15. I've used a Ruse card to correct games that had become imbalanced, draw a Ruse at the point in the game that makes sense, but use it openly. It works particularly well if the scenario has victory conditions as the aggressor has to stop and think about whether persuing the win opens them up to losing due to the ruse.