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  1. Terrain cards ?

    Status tokens are cool if they're modelled to be part of the terrain. The AoS Heroe Bases aren't a bad start actually, though can be a little large so aiming to build up either a 40mm round or square as needed
  2. unmotivated

    I struggle to paint models, as I'm a hardcore convertor and builder so always look at building something new and exciting. My main motivation to paint therefore is to pick something cool, or different and do that. Whether it's a character model, or a new sample paint scheme.
  3. I'm not convinced sportsmanship is declining, just that loud obnoxious people are more confident to be publically loud and obnoxious thanks to the way society is driving wedges between people
  4. AoS Wish For 2018

    I'm hoping to see the next phase of the story. The Realmgate Wars wrapped up, we got the Season of War where fans got to have an impact on the storyline, and now we need to know what happens next in the Mortal Realms. The return of the Aelves and Slaanesh would be a good option, as would a focus on Nagash's machinations and plans for what he does next. Linking the two together, to rip holes in the cosmos, well that'd just be spoiling us. Rules-wise, we need some of the more popular factions updating, Moonclan, Free People, Aelves and another Skaven clan all would be good choices to focus on. I'd also like another new faction as well, as they've done really well with the concepts behind Fyreslayers and Khadron Overlords (shame both new factions were stunties but ahh well!). A Destruction or Death sky-pirate force would be very cool. The final part I'd like to see developed is the fiction, we need a lot more novels on the lines of City of Secrets, that focus on the day to day lives of men in the mortal realms. Hopefully with the upcoming AoS RPG, we'll get a lot more in this regard. Oh and as a tiny aside, more Warhammer Quest please! Let's have some badass Orruk Heroes kicking names and taking arses in the depths of a Necromancer's dungeon
  5. If you're in the UK, cannot emphasis enough that booking hobby sessions in your local GW is invaluable, and offers free practical advice aimed at beginners. In terms of Stormcast, the gold colour scheme is very forgiving and if you want to be quick, buy the gold spray to save time. You can always push your painting skills with other Order models
  6. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    Ultimately GW has a lot more choice to balance out, so the energy behind AoS will seem to die down because it's being diluted over a wider range. Also, realistically, AoS has a third of the audience to 40k (based on FB like numbers) As for Destruction, we need a new idea for them, something as radical as the Khadron Overlords. It's a shame Skaven didn't get pushed into Destruction, a Grot/Clan Skyre mix up would be very cool.
  7. Will Destruction fit in the new narrative?

    I'm leaning towards Destruction to being sidelined during the next phase of narrative unless they do something unexpected with the Grots. That said they're an unstoppable force that can turn up anywhere so we might be surprised
  8. Have had a lot of these painted for a while, but wanted to start a thread to track my various Destruction miniatures. My latest miniature is the Iron Chef, the camp's cook. He learnt everything he knows at the foot of a Gutbuster Butcher. We also have one of the band's leaders, a master hunter
  9. How do I paint non-greenskinned Orruks?

    My favourite pale flesh approach is Kislev Flesh as the base coat Wash with Reikland Fleshshade Drybrush Rakkath Flesh and a lighter drybrush with Palid Wych Flesh You could consider swapping out the Reikland Flesh shade with either Athoian Camoshade (to give a hint of green) or Nuln Oil (shadowy grey flesh) or Drakenhof Nightshade (for a blue, dead flesh colour)
  10. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    It was a conversion, taking part of the head, and cutting away the face to replace it with left over head parts from the Tzaangor Skyfires
  11. Help me flesh out an idea - 'Good' Chaos

    As an idea, my Tzangor are built from High Aelf Phoenix Guard. The concept is that they infiltrate the city under powerful illusions, and the models represent them just as they're dropping, before they shed the unwanted armour. There's also the various Slaves to Darkness units which parallel the Free People, from Chaos Knights, to Chaos Warriors, Maurauders etc. Mix up the models with traditional Free People, so the Chaos icons are subtle and hidden. Maybe the Chaos Warriors all bear round, wooden shields and lack horns on their helms, or have bare heads, maybe the Maurauders are lightly armoured skirmishers with throwing axes and shields
  12. I agree with the idea of updating the digital assets but the amount of work involved would likely ****** with the release cycles of new products even more. That said, a proper digital archive would be invaluable to the Specialist Games team, who rely on a significant amount of old material when putting together their products. It's also a shame that they appear to have contracted out the app development, given the lack of an app for 40k, their biggest IP, it suggests they didn't renew the outsourcing contract.
  13. One thing that's nagging at me.

    It's a new universe, there isn't a lot to licence yet, so it's hardly surprising that we're still waiting for a computer game to be annouced. I would expect to see a Total War variant eventually as the Warhammer versions have been commercially successful but again, what lore would you licence? There's so far only really Sigmar's return and the Realmgate Wars, and those books were too pricy to be a massive success. Firestorm offers possibility but that also hasn't really captured the community's imagination. Ultimately, GW needs to give us lore that we can get behind, personally I think the City of Secrets was a step in the right direction and if they can flesh out the factions fast enough, will be a great step forward.
  14. The Wendol

    I'll admit I prefered the conversion without the greenstuff head piece and boost to the tail. In any case it's an interesting theme for the army.
  15. Ogre kits and cross-compatibility?

    Yup, all pretty standard between the various kits, heck half of them have the same body in them.