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  1. Yup, the Disciples of Tzeentch book has some clearer wording. It says a Battallion has a keyword and all units selected are treated as having that keyword. It then goes onto say you can take the Battallion if all the selected units have a common keyword, which they do (Chaos and Tzeentch)
  2. Yeah slight hiccup, I meant the Ironguard, so small mobile units
  3. For Bravery what about a roll at the end of the game turn, anyone within 12" of your Leader tests against the Leader's Bravery, otherwise on their own Bravery. You pick which models flee. Model count cumulative rather than what has died that turn
  4. It's a problem with most monsters, they're part of the general overall keyword, but not part of the specifics, so without a Batallion to bring them in, they're hard to justify. Personally I think the answer is to not add keywords like Tzeentch, but include a Batallion which gives a thematic reason for why the monster is there. For example a Sorcerer, unit of 8 Kairic Acolytes and the Vortex Beast to represent the cabal that has summoned and bound this creature. Batallion would be 0 points, because your tax is the loss of 2 Acolytes from the unit
  5. I'll admit towards wanting to field units based around Slaves to Darkness for this supplement, a mixture of Kairic Acoyltes, Chaos Warriors, and Forsaken alongside the Cursling and a War Shrine. By going mortal heavy, the Warshrine should help protect the units and give me a little more survivability than the Tzaangors. Haven't had time to work out lists yet, as working on the concept, particularly as I'm looking to cross this army over into 40k as well, as part of a Thousand Sons Order of Ruin project (Daemonic Warpsmiths / Dark Mechanicus ties) My initial thoughts would be to include a Fatemaster, the Cursling, 2 units of Kairic Acoyltes, a Warshrine, and then either some Chaos Warriors with Runeshields, or Forsaken (to me these are proto-Curslings). Eventually expand up into taking the Fatesworn Band, which despite it's Everchosen tag, is still viable due to all units also having Tzeentch as a keyword.
  6. Very true Bitzbox offer fantastic customer service, but sadly their range has diminished since the new site rebuild
  7. US side, I've used Horde o' Bits to ship to the UK without a problem. Bits and Kits in the UK has a great selection but absolutely zero customer servive, all email addresses listed bounce back and they usually take several days to despatch orders. I've only had one order lost in transit out of 40 or so placed, but to resolve it required contacting Paypal directly (even more fun when you don't have a paypal account!)
  8. Map based campaigns tend to work best with 2 players, so you can build the flow between areas up as armies clash and much like a fencing dual or the example campaign in the General's Handbook go back and forth. For multiple players divide up the map into battleplans, with 2 per player. Split half the players into attackers and half into defenders. Round 1 the attackers pick a defender's territory to attack and play that battleplan. If the attacker wins, he gets that territory and remains an attacker. If the defender wins or it's a draw they become an attacker for the next round. If you run out of territory, you become a roving band who can attack anyone, attacker or defender but must score a major victory to take a piece of terrain. At the end of your various rounds points are awarded for most fun game, by territory held and by victories won
  9. It's a great sign that the new leadership is delivering more of what people want to buy. A great indicator is the reference to getting new players involved, and the sets like Storm of Sigmar and the associated starter sets and the £10 paint sets all point towards a healthy future. Is it all great news? For veterans maybe not, as a good chunk of that profit increase is the high prices onthe new releases, Acharon at £100, Typically infantry box runs to betweem £25 and £35 now, when it was previously £15 to £25 but at the end of the day, we're still getting some of the best quality miniatures on the market
  10. I don't think we need another Grand Alliance, the current system works fine and there's still a bunch of models to update, revise and expand on. Not to forget that the Grand Alliance idea is really just a helpful sales technique, a way to group similar models with the idea that you can buy some humans and aelfs and use them with your Stormcast from the starter set
  11. Gutted I didn't get any further on this than Month 1 but between last year's armies on Parade entry (an Orruk Ironjawz fort) and the birth of my firstborn, didn't get any further than the Soulgrinder. That said, Tzeentch army book out soon
  12. These are pretty damned awesome, they definitely need either a ship, or a pirate fort to live in! Maybe the new Laketown houses might work for a start of a Singapore-style docks?
  13. The next set of players, the 'Ard Boy Blockers and the Throwers. Sadly the 'Ard Boyz happen to be co-spawnings, and tend to fight each other, they're seen here captured mid fight, Ruff punching Tuff in the jaw, causing him to fly backwards.
  14. Got my Coach finished, Gurn Gunderson is an ex-player, a massive individual even by Ogre standards, he surprises everyone by having a good grasp on finance. So called because he ate the last coach of the Waaaghskins, Guther Gunderson, a rather unhinged duardin hunter, and decided that by keeping the same name, he must be the one who owns the team. Given his overall size and tendancy to smack down dissenting opinions, the Waaaghskins have decided to go along, after all, who'se to say that in their quest to slay the great beast Nuffle, in his sacred home of the Supabowxxx, that some large handed bait won't go amiss.
  15. My gaming group is looking to try some Kill Team style action in the 8 Realms and were looking at what would represent a fun game for people to play in. What are your thoughts on the following guidelines for a Skirmish style game of AoS ? Have you seen any others ? Got your own ideas? 250 pts to select Max 1 Hero or Wizard unit Max 8 Wounds on any one model You divide the unit cost by the number of models to get an individual price point Command Abilities apply to a single model, rather than a unit Unit Leader, Musician and Banner Bearer can only be taken once per minimum quantity, so if you must usually take 10 miniatures, you can take a Leader as the first choice, but can't take a second Leader until you've got 10 other models of the same type in your list. Banner Bearers and Muscians work within 3" of the bearer, only 1 of each can affect a model during any one turn. Combats are activated per player, and for all models of your side involved in that particular combat, this means ganging up on someone is often deadly as you have to kill off all the opposition not to risk getting struck back. Mortal Wounds allow armour saves, but are treated as Rend -1 (this is to stop mortal wound units dominating) Possible scenarios would be based around objectives such as take and hold, retrieve the shiny (6 objectives, roll on getting close, if your roll matches the objective number, it's the shiny), stop them escaping (one group in the middle and must exit the board, others close in from the outside). Thoughts are to make this more objective based, rather than solely killing everyone to win.