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  1. Smooth sand ripple basemaking

    I'd use greenstuff to get the general contours, and for the sand mix it in with pva glue to form a cookie dough like texture (roughly 3 to 1 by volume), you can then sculpt that into shape using just about anything
  2. New Player - Is this list legal?

    Yeah, agree with Carnelian, don't pick an army for the rules but for the models. The list itself is a bit all over the place, particularly with Daemons, Skaven and Mortals in the same list
  3. I like the idea that Stormcast might get reforged so many times, that they forget their humanity, leading to a conflict between a Stormhost trying to protect humans from an aggressive Stormhost. Nothing that'd be a huge glaring clash of idelogies, but case by case fighting for specific small conflicts.
  4. Given that the process only takes the soul, and not the physical remains, the appearance isn't fixed per se but I'd imagine that Sigmar allows the soul a degree of choice, or otherwise goes by how they used to look
  5. Missing Gore Grunta bit

    www.bitzbox.co.uk ?
  6. Khorne Center Piece Model

    Pro-tip for the Warshrine, don't use the regular model if you don't like it. My Tzeentch army has a giant, floating stone disc manned by a sorcerer, my Nurgle army has a Corpse cart, pulled by a Beast of Nurgle, held up by Nurglings and overseen by a Tallyman. For Khorne, I'd have a Brass Throne, carried by 4 bearers on a dias bearing the trophies of the best foes they've slain. Take the Magewraith throne as the base model, use Blood Warriors, Mutant Ogres with ruddy skin or parts of the actual Warshrine to hold up the throne and it's dias
  7. Khorne Center Piece Model

    I'd strongly recomend including at least one Warshrine in your army anyway. As for a centre piece, why not something a little smaller? Say converting a Mournfang rider into a huge Lord of Khorne riding a vicious daemonic mount Or what about investing in a Dreadhold for your army?
  8. Nagash is a fool who seeks to disrupt the Cycle, Embrace both life and death, accept the blessings of Papa Nurgle
  9. I'm leaning towards the Eye, as I have a Nurgle army that I'm slowly building and I think now is the time to sieze the advantage and get a decent foothood for a new part of the garden
  10. Gotrek in AoS

    Yeah, withholding judgement on this return until it pans out with some more detail
  11. picking factions

    First AoS army? Pick the models that you like the best, so in your case, Stormcast Personally I buy a Start Collecting for my new army and build up from there but Stormcast also have the main Starter set, Thunder & Blood and the Build & Paint sets to quickly bulk out a force. List building, start with your Battleline, add a General who boosts them, then fill in the holes of "Fast Moving, Ranged, Resilient or Numerous, Spellcaster, Buffer, Damage dealer" The best armies will focus on 2 to 3 of the above to compliment tehir battleline
  12. Spiteclaw's command ability

    In the abscence of a clearly written rule, I'd strongly suggest going with common sense and that it's a once per turn ability
  13. Smoke and Cloud Effects

    Dry ice pellets are easy to handle but a limited life span Cotton wool does work, but you need to tease the indvidual strands out a lot more
  14. Affliction Cyst-am I missing something?

    Pretty sure anyone arguing that a "Sorcerer" with the keyword Rotbringer on it isn't a Rotbringer Sorcerer is heading for a sharp slap on the upside of the head. Worst kind of pedantry and poor gamesmanship, particularly when the Batallion has an updated point's cost
  15. Free Cities Abilities - What's the beef?

    Wasn't the issue that you got them on top of your normal allegience abilities, so they provided *some* armies with a bonus but not all?