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  1. Hounsou83

    The Rumour Thread

    Next week is very very probably Imperial knights, in july we'll see nighhaunnt and stormcast eternals, remember that the AoS 2 preorder very probably will last for two weeks as , last year, the one for 40k
  2. Hounsou83

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I taught there would have been a magic phase but , seeing the new stormcast wizard warscroll it doesent seems so.
  3. Hounsou83

    Chaos warriors

    Chaos warriors of the cabal of egrimm van horstmann
  4. Hounsou83

    Rules of 1 discussion

    In the new Daughters of khaine book all the prayers already have the rule of 1 , if this summer "AOS2" comes as predicted the rules of one will affect all prayers, in my gaming group we are already using it
  5. Slave to darkness also have a great part in the background for aos, as the "normal" chaos warriors, i don't think they'll put in the garbage all theirs molds
  6. Hello! Are Harbingers new models for Battletomes Incoming? Lord Ordinator = New Stromcast chamber Darkoath warqueen = slave to darkness (i hope so much) Knight of shrouds = nighthaunt (they are 100% sure now) Fungoid cave shaman = moonclan grots / new grot faction that will inglobe all the moonclan grot alliance? What do you think? It will be majestic for me to see new univided chaos warriors and marauders, some big beasts (like the forgeworld mammoth) and new heroes!
  7. Hounsou83


    © Dan Approdo

  8. Hounsou83

    Slave to darkness will live forever!

    Here is my new slave to darkness army , i collect them from the distant ninties! i think i've bought in my life mora tha 300 chaos warriors :D

    © Dan Approdo

  9. Hounsou83


    © Dan Approdo

  10. Hounsou83

    Chaos marauders with blood reavers

    ok thanks! i'm going to do some work and show you!
  11. Hounsou83

    Chaos marauders with blood reavers

    Hello !!! i'd like to add to my slave to darkness army a lot of chaos marauders but, i find that , the old marauders models are terrible now compared to the new blood reavers. Do you think is possiible to stick the blood reavers on the smaller 25mm round bases? or i have to use the 32 round bases? Has anyone made some to show me? Thanks!
  12. Hounsou83

    Fatesworn Warband and Slave to darkness

    ok thank you
  13. Hello to everyone can i build a matched play army using all the benefits from slave to darkness allegiance (knights battleline , artefacts and abilities) using a fatesworn warband or i have to use as alliance EVERCHOSEN? thnak you Dan
  14. Hounsou83

    Malign Portents

    Ohk! malign portents ended and a lot of souls from the AGE OF MYTH has been released form the grasp and the prisons of Nagash! Are we going to see old caracthers from the Old World that has not become Gods? What do you think, it would be fantastic to see again VLad von carstein and Aekold Helbrass