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  1. So simple question, how can I make this dripping flame/magma/napalm of the drakeguns in Total War: Warhammer? I want my Irondrakes to have this on their drakeguns, any help is welcome.
  2. Ragnar Alpaca

    Pirates of The Coast of Tusks (Update July 16)

    They are looking good. I really like the guy with the chain and hook.
  3. Oh yeah, that looks awesome now! Can’t wait to see him painted.
  4. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Quick question that I don’t think deserves a topic by itself, what should I arm my skinks with?
  5. Ragnar Alpaca

    My "Help me making up my mind" thread

    They don’t have to be that difficult, I’ve seen people use only about 5 colors on clanrats and just wash and drybrush them and they can get a batch of 20 done in a couple days. There are so many of them they don’t all have to look amazing.
  6. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    It’s been a thing for about 4ish months I think, they’re very slowly going through and changing every box to have rounds, as they run out of stock from fantasy.
  7. Ragnar Alpaca

    My "Help me making up my mind" thread

    Of the three you listed I would not go with flesh eater courts, you said you don’t like the models so definitely don’t go for them. Spiderfang are in a good spot imo, as the new grot army will come out sometime in the future and those models might get incorporated into that army, (especially the arachnarok spider, it’s an awesome model, and was the centerpiece of a story in malign portents.) Skaven though you already have a large number of models for and would be my suggestion for you, it would be quite easy to make a 1000 point army with the stuff you already own and a few more purchases.
  8. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Yeah 2+ battle line for 1000pts
  9. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    The looks like a pretty strong list, one I would’ve made to look almost exactly, but I tired to keep the units you had in the previous one. I think that may look like what my list will be as well.
  10. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    Warden King 120 Runelord 100 Runelord 100 Runelord 100 Cogsmith 100 X4 10 Ironbreakers 140 20 Irondrakes 360 10 Irondrakes 180 10 Longbeards 100 Cannon 160 Organ Gun 120 Overall you just lose 10 Irondrakes. Also as you could run the Ironbreakers in 2 units of 20 and still have 12, but I split them up into r units of 10 to be able to cover more areas and objectives.
  11. Yeah definitely the arms, they do seem a bit large, you should replace them imo, but I’m going to point again at the wings again as well, the example you found has them in a natural position when grounded. I hope I don’t sound to mean btw, I don’t want to come off as being mean, I sometimes struggle with giving kind criticism.
  12. I think they were being truthful, it does look cool, and I do think you should continue with it, especially because what is there to lose besides some time, greenstuff and some bits. The only problem I can find with it, and may be why you’re a bit comprehensive, is that imho it lacks direction. It is part fly and part beast, which is fine but it seems to me to be using wings and legs at the same time which is unnatural and may be why it seems a bit off. I would suggest to maybe remove the wings and bulk out the bottom a bit, as it looks a bit top heavy atm. I want to restate after my criticism that I definitely think it has potential and I think you SHOULD keep going, it’s nurgle so the more parts you add the better right?
  13. Ragnar Alpaca

    A most boring log!

    I don’t think anyone could say you’re cheating out on anything considering you’re creating an entire mammoth from scratch. I am very eager to see this mammoth complete, after playing a campaign with Wulfrik the Wanderer in Total Warhammer I’ve had a recent fascination with chaos mammoths. I’m hoping when they release the new darkoath army that a new plastic mammoth is the centerpiece model, because I really want to create a norsca inspired army.
  14. Ragnar Alpaca

    AoS 2 - Dispossessed Discussion

    If you ally a cannon, organ gun, and master engineer/cogsmith I believe they are much better than perhaps 2 or 3 ballista. I might be wrong though. Most lists I build can only take 3 allies, so the question is what you want, ballistas are probably a better pick because as they are, they’re better by themselves, and this would allow you to take a wizard as well.