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  1. Unbind rules state that you must beat the roll made by the player who cast the spell. Must the unbind roll beat the roll before or after modifiers for example + 2 to casting?
  2. What is Savage Big Bosses round base size for AoS?
  3. Dmuerto

    Gravesite placement

    So the Death player can choose 4 gravesites. 2 can be anywhere and 2 must be WHOLLY in their own territory. What does this mean? If you just use a small token, you can just put it next to the center of the play area and it is always wholly on the Death players territory right? Or is the gravesite measured as 9" to every direction from the token?
  4. Dmuerto

    Fungoid Cave Shaman with BCR?

    Can the Fungoid Cave Shaman be used in Matched Games with a BCR army so that one can use BCR Allegiance abilities: command trait, battle trait and artifact? I would be choosing a thundertusk raider as a general.
  5. Any sophisticated ironjawz pros opinions / thoughts on this? Just got the box and trying to decide which one to build. 😊 Ty in advance!
  6. In the new generals handbook the Icefall Yhetees have a line in their "NOTES" section which reads: "Battleline in Beastclaw raiders army if general is mounted on a thundertusk". Does it mean that that general can also be a Huskard on a Thundertusk and not necessarily a Frostlord on a Thundertusk? Ty in advance!
  7. Dmuerto

    Ironjawz units as Destruction battleline?

    This is a quote from Ironjawz tactics page: "Thanks to the General's Handbook FAQ, we now know you can have Destruction allegiance and still take Ironjawz units as Battleline." What does this mean?
  8. Helloes, Can I use Ironjawz battleline units as a battleline for a combined Destruction army, for example Beastclaw with some Ardboyz as a battleline? Ty in advance!