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  1. dmorley21

    The Rumour Thread

    Most seem to believe that Moonclan Grots will be released before the end of the year. Sings started pointing in this direction with the Fungoid Cave-Shaman being a champion of Malign Portents. However, it has not been confirmed at this time AFAIK.
  2. dmorley21

    Rules, what is where?

    Well, I'm new to AoS, so I didn't know if the core book had core battleplans while the the GHB was more geared toward matched and narrative or etc. I'm just trying to figure out what I should get if my friends and I want to get together and play some matched points games. I'm finding it a bit overwhelming how many different places there are for rules/ways to play the game.
  3. dmorley21

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I also haven't seen this anywhere, an am working on building a list before I start collecting. Can anyone clarify?
  4. dmorley21

    Rules, what is where?

    Which battleplans get the most use? The ones in the core book or the ones in the GHB?
  5. I have only ever used the plastic glue. However, I did purchase one of the bombers from eBay, so not sure about that one.
  6. I'd prefer to only ship in the US (not sure where you are), but I have one gyrocopter and two gyrobombers I'm looking to sell. I was a poor hobbyist and these are primed black (including the clear sticks that are stands) and glued together entirely. Below are pictues:
  7. dmorley21

    Nighthaunt unit summary

    I'm looking to get back into the hobby and Nighthaunt are an army that has caught my attention. So I'm also following this.
  8. dmorley21

    6 Nations take aways

    Hey all. I'm returning to the hobby after stopping around when WHFB 8th ED came out; I always loved strategy and am enjoying this discussion to better understand the game, but I don't understand the different between a deep strike and an alpha strike. Anyone care to explain? Thanks!
  9. dmorley21

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I'm thinking about getting back into the hobby after a long break and back when I started playing WHFB I always loved the Tomb Banshee (back then, just Banshee). I haven't seen much love for her with the new battle tome, but with the -1 bravery army allegiance and ability to come in from the underworld rules, she seems pretty useful. Any thoughts on if she's competitive?
  10. dmorley21

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    I believe you're 100% correct. However, I was viewing AoS 2.0 as a growth initiative. It seemed as if they were trying to get more people into the hobby, maybe trying to bring back some of the WHFB players who refused to buy what Sigmar was selling. If we assume that was the goal, you know your current players are hooked, and you want to bring in as many players as possible. The market is already pretty darn niche, so you want to remove as many barriers as possible. Lets take a look at what they've done: Two easy to assemble, easy to paint armies in the starter box with that both have unique draws. Great! A free set of rules. Great! Free rules for each specific unit, all available on an app on your mobile device. Great! A core rule book for the game if you want to know the background of the setting, armies, and want more nuanced rules. Great! A specific rule book (battle tome) for your army if you really want to know the ins and outs of your army. Okay. Sure, I guess that makes sense. An additional rule book if you want to play competitive or evenly matched games. Plus some additional extra ways to play. Wait a second. I already have the rule book, don't I? An expansion to the game, that features a different type of magic that even if you don't want to use, some of your opponents probably will. So yeah, you really ought to get this too. Huh? Also, if you check out our official website. Well, actually, there's three official websites you should check out (GW.com, WH-Community, AoS.com). Huh? Anyway, there's four grand alliances in the game. Each alliance has specific factions. Depending on which website you look at, there's x amount of factions or y amount of factions. Huh? All of the factions are supported! But some only have models from a previous game, and some will never get new models again! Wait a second. This all does make it overwhelming to get into. And you can say buy an army, paint it, play it if it looks cool. But that's a lot of money and time to sink into something I may not enjoy, or rather money and time I may end up wishing I had sunk into a different army. When I got into WHFB, I was in middle school. 6th Editon had just dropped - the only armies out at the time were Empire, Orcs & Goblins, Dwarfs, and maybe one other. But I liked the Lizardmen. So I bought some of their stuff, only to realize I really didn't have much to choose from and it was not nearly as cool as my buddy's O&G army that had a ton of cool plastics and was really diverse. So when Vampire Counts came out, I jumped ship. Also, many of you are saying it's a painting hobby and it seems like GW agreed when they launched AoS. That lost me. I got into the game because I loved strategy games. Axis & Allies, Age of Empires II, Pokemon Cards, Magic the Gathering, Starcraft. None of those offered the type of game play that WHFB was offering. I only ever played in one official, competitive event; but the rules mattered to me and still matter to me. TL; DR: While many of you have pointed out different ways to get into the hobby, it is hard for some of us to get into the hobby. And if we're on these boards saying that, you know it's hard for some people who aren't on these boards. GW has made some good steps, but can still do better, and a refresh of the game seemed like an opportune time to do that.
  11. dmorley21

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    That's one of my worries. The closest GW store to me is a touch over a 3 hour drive and the only semi-local gaming store doesn't have any of the books opened to look through, so it's hard for me to figure out which books I should buy.
  12. dmorley21

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    Rules and strategy are what got me into the hobby, and are what I enjoy the most. So while I currently only play a couple times a year with my buddies, I want to know/have the rules - all of them. And now I need 4 books/expansions in order to do so - and the second edition literally just began. There's ways around it, but you won't get all of the rules. It's a bit ridiculous IMO. I don't see why the Core book and this year's General's Handbook couldn't have just been combined. But that's neither here nor there. The truth remains that while Age of Sigmar may be doing better than WHFB was, it's still a tough hobby to get into for a lot of people for a lot of different reasons.
  13. dmorley21

    Why is it so hard to start AOS ?

    I agree with these sentiments. I'm still deciding between three armies (Nighthaunt, Sylvaneth, Khardron Overlords). It took me a long time to navigate between what all the different armies are. It was also confusing to how the armies from WHFB got split into different forces. My biggest challenge with getting started at this point is the amount of books I need to buy. It seems that a battletome and the general's handbook are musts, but that the core book and malign sorcery are things that really ought to be bought too.
  14. dmorley21

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    Have you tried Princeton?
  15. dmorley21

    Sable brush discussion - including GW sable

    PETA has a lot of problems and only deals with extremes, but many of the issues they attempt (and often make worse) to deal with are quite legitimate. As for the sable fur brushes, like others said, vote with your money. Many people use high quality synthetic brushes.