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  1. I am just starting in to AoS. I would like to try some Skirmish but I am also buying the GHB 2018 and the Core Book and the MS. That is a lot of money. Is the skirmish rules in any of those books or in one of other books or only in the Skirmish book?
  2. I just recently started playing and I'm looking to buy a second army so that my son can battle me/ each other. Currently I have SC Sylvaneth, 1 box of wyldwoods and a branchwraith. im looking to keep is under $100 American. It doeset have to be balanced cause we can balance with points. Any advise?
  3. I live near the oregon boarder but would be willing to drive as far as boise. I have asked at a few places. Most play 40k and one still plays WHFB but only friends. I do hope to ply some day but for now I'm happy just collecting. but if you know of some thing I am all ears!
  4. Brand new to Wargamming. I was looking for some Ents for a D&D game and bought the Start collecting Sylvanus box cause I could not find any other models out there... Well I am now looking to start playing with these models. Have yet to even play a singe game.