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  1. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    So what do people think about Flamers, Screamers, Exalted Flamers, Burning Chariots, and the different Heralds? Never see anyone run them because they're probably not optimal, but surely they must be playable in a normal (non-tournament) setting? To me the Burning Chariot and Herald on foot seem like they could be good, which is nice seeing as you can make both from one chariot kit. Flamers seem ok. Screamers, Exalted Flamers and Heralds on Chariot or Disc seem pretty bad.
  2. The Rumour Thread

    So the floor should be open now shouldn’t it? Haven’t heard anything.
  3. Hinterland or AoS Skirmish?

    I'm pretty sure skirmish points are just GHB Points / 10. Or at least divided by some number.
  4. Hinterland or AoS Skirmish?

    Why was Hinterlands removed? I thought he even released an update after Skirmish was released, and pitched it specifically as an "expansion" of sorts to Skirmish?
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Also Malekiths Shadowkin...
  6. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Holy ******, she’s going to be hard to take out! And assuming you transform her in turn two, it’s not even possible until turn five... crazy stuff!
  7. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    Holy ******, she’s going to be hard to take out! And assuming you transform her in turn two, it’s not even possible until turn five... before accounting for her 4+/6++. and on top of that, she has the Stardrake chomp ability with 6” range. crazy stuff!
  8. Let's chat: Daughters of Khaine

    1. You have no idea if "political correctness" has had any "influence on the sculpt", you made it up from thin air. The fact that GW are still releasing female models with combat heels and armored boobies should tell you that it did not. 2. There are plenty of dresses that make a woman's chest look exactly like that. It has do do with the fabric and the cut of the dress, and nothing to do with "anatomical accuracy". 3. The next time a male miniature is released without an anatomically correct bulge in his nether regions, I expect to see several posts from you complaining about political correctness and anatomical inaccuracy. I assume you are concerned with accurate anatomy in general and not just that of women.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    I think most people did... was pretty obviously a Nurgling with that horn and the Beast sneak peek we'd already had.
  10. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    Not really. It's still just as unclear in the GHB, but luckily GW have confirmed how they want it to work, which is how most people thought but not what the book actually said. So glad they fixed it. Now tournament organizers and players actually have a clear ruling to go on.
  11. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    No one has disputed that Allegiance is solely keyword based. Your allegiance determines which allegiance abilities you may use, as you note later. However, does allegiance also determine which allies you can take? That is up for debate, since the text in the GHB contradicts itself. Under "Picking your army" it says "...allied to that allegiance" which implies allegiances, not factions, have allies. However, on pg. 76, under "Allies", it says "The Pitched Battle profile for each faction (emphasis mine) lists the allegiances of the allied units you can take." The first part of the sentence, in direct contradiction to the "Picking your army" text, implies that factions, not allegiances, have allies. This is also supported by the fact that the factions lists have allies, but there are no allegiance lists with allies. Nowhere does it say that the faction lists are incomplete, or that for example Slaves of Darkness with the TZEENTCH keywordshould be included in the Disciples of Tzeentch faction. Interestingly, the second part of the sentence also implies that the allies you can take are not based on faction, but on allegiance. So, according to this sentence, your faction determines which allies you can use, but the list of allies is a list of allegiances, not factions, that you can include as allies. So, again according to this sentence, if you have "Nighthaunt" as an ally, you can use the Mourngoul in your army as an ally, even though he does not belong to the Nighthaunt faction, because he has access to the Nighthaunt allegiance. However, if you have Nighthaunt as your "main" faction, you cannot use the Mourngoul if you want access to allies, since he does not belong to the Nighthaunt faction! This is obviously absurd and convoluted, but that's what this sentence tells us. On p. 86 allies are again explained, under "Factions & Allies". This time it says that "Some factions include a list of allies. [...] In a pitched battle you can spend some of the Points for you army on a faction's allies without changing the army's allegiance." This again implies that factions, not allegiances, have allies. However, if your army contains more than two factions, which allies can you take? Both faction's allies, one of them, or none? This is not clear since there is no mechanism for picking faction and how this affects allies. Also of note is that the text here uses keyword bold, for example "BRAYHERD faction", which implies that factions are keyword based, which would make no sense since that would make them identical to allegiances. If that is indeed the case, and faction and allegiance are the same thing, then the list of "factions" should've been a list of "allegiances", with a note above each saying, for example "Any units with the TZEENTCH keyword are considered part of the Disciples of Tzeentch allegiance even if they are not on this list". Creating a new term ("faction") would be completely unnecessary and convoluted. tl;dr: the book contradicts itself several times and we won't know how allies, battleline-if etc actually work until we get a proper FAQ. What GW employees say, even on the Community site, is immaterial since we know from many examples in the past that they often get things wrong.
  12. Used to. Now I only buy metal used, never plastic or resin. The time and effort it takes to strip and clean them is worth every penny extra I pay to avoid it.
  13. Allegiances and Factions and Allies

    This can be easily solved with an errata: - Units with any of the keywords TZEENTCH/KHORNE/SLAANESH count as part of the Disciples of Tzeentch/Blades of Khorne/Hosts of Slaanesh Factions respectively if they are not already listed under those factions. This way nothing else really needs changing in the GHB2017.
  14. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Have to agree with the comments about painting Tzaangor... I painted all my horrors very fast and then hit a brick wall with my Acolytes and especially Tzaangor (both on foot and on discs). There is such a thing as too much detail and honestly I think Tzeentch went there.
  15. The Rumour Thread

    There's nothing in the new WD except Mortarion and the Death Guard codex.