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  1. Schlottdogg

    Stormcast Sacrosanct List - 2000pts

    What are your thought and opinions on this list? -Arcanum on Dracoline 240 -Knight Incantor 140 -Lord Ordinator 140 -6 Evocators on Dracoline 600 -5 Sequitors 120 -5 Sequitors 120 -5 Sequitors 120 -Celestar Balista 100 -6 Castigators 160 -Cleansing Phalanax 120 -Burning Head 40 -Dais Arcanum 40 -Chromantic Cogs 60
  2. What should I be looking to do for expanding the Khorne half of the AoS Starter? Do I get a Bloodbound SC box, Slaves of Darkness SC box, Khorne Daemons SC box, or something else? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!