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  1. I've picked up a good bit of scenery lately (occulum, dreadfire portal, dragonfate dais, baleful realmgate, eternity stair, magewrath throne) but haven't played with the rules yet. Today I go to print the warscrolls for this weekends games and I noticed that there are 2 sets of warscrolls out there. There are cool flavorful ones when I google "[model name] warscroll", and then there are the ones in the GHB (Dreadfire Portal and Eternity Stair do not have GHB warscrolls). The ones in the GHB are terrible. Most of them are "use this generic scenery rule". The original warscrolls can be super powerful, so I guess I can see why for tournaments you may not want to play them like that, but for casual games with friends using matched play rules, how do you guys play them??
  2. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Starting turn two I plan on getting an average of 8 points a turn. only 2 of those coming from a tree. Why do you think the summoning is easy to shut down? Typical game cumulative points per round assuming you can deep strike or otherwise get into their territory turn on turn 1). with/without tree starting turn 2 1 - 6 2 - 14 (12) 3 - 22 (18) 4 - 30 (24) 5 - 38 (30) So the tree provides about 27% of the points.
  3. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    true. my bad.
  4. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    So I did some Engine of the Gods math. Could be wrong but here's what I got: 16.3% chance for an EoTG not near a Slan to get 14+ 35.5% chance for an EotG near a Slann to get 14+ 55.5% chance for an EoTG near a Kroak to get 14+ assuming Kroak uses up to 2 of his rerolls from his command ability (stack his command ability and you can do better) To calculate the third, I looked at the outcomes in which the result was not 14 and computed the probability of rerolling 14+ by adding: probability of being able to reroll 2 dice (50%) * (probability of the previous 2 highest dice + 2 rerolls being 14+) +probability of being able to reroll only 1 dice (27.5%) * (probability of the previous 2 highest dice + 1 rerolls being 14+) (I calculated this in excel row by row(1297 rows) but had formulas to drag down. Again it could be off) So 4 EoTG around a Kroak you get an average of 1.62 summons per turn. Without a Kroak you get an average of 1.42 summons per turn. Kroak gets an additional spell over a Starmaster, if you use that for conjuration points, then total Kroak nets you 0.45 more summons per turn than the Starmaster with 1 or more engine of the gods. At ~120points per summon, thats 54 points per turn, would take 4 turns to be worth the points. if you are only considering how much he can summon (this does not factor in any artifacts the starmaster is using)
  5. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Starmaster gets 3 spells a turn, Kroak gets 4. Plus any additional from Cogs or Balewind Vortex. You can trade each of those spells for conjuration points. It's not d3 per spell, it's 3. So a Kroak on a balewind vortex with cogs gets a max of 18 points per turn (on a turn in which he did not cast the endless spells), plus d3 per astrolith bearer and 1 for the slann being the general.
  6. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    I mean you had to have done at least 2-4 dmg to the necromancer in order for a "single plage squall cast" to kill it right? There's not some trick to making plague squall do 5 damage right?
  7. sorokyl

    Let's talk about Endless Spells

    Where is the rule that predatory endless spells can move off the table?
  8. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    Thanks, not sure how I misread the ability so badly. Does anyone have the math on it, with and without kroak?
  9. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    What ghb are you looking at? I'm looking at 2018 and it's not there under nurgle. 100% certain
  10. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Seraphon Discussion

    What am I missing about engine of the gods? My math it's a 16% chance to get an extra turn or summon some units. If you use Kroak's command ability you can get that up to 34% (factoring in the probability of kroak getting the rererolls and assuming you don't waste the rerolls when you have a good result or summoning is very improbable. But Kroak can only do that for 1 EoTG. Are additional EoTG really worth the point investments for a 16% chance to summon units each turn? Is there a trick here I missed?
  11. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    Here's my List for the weekend, just for fun. Decided to try The Blessed Sons, and wanted to try some endless spells. Was gonna do Cogs but I figured with the batallion I'll get first turn and buffed up I should survive a round of shooting pretty well to spend a possible 2 turns getting to them. Plus there are no good endless spells for 20 for this list! I'll save the Cogs for when I get my GUO built with a bell. The Eye of Nurgle is in case I play our Nagash player, Nagash has never died, so I'll take a 17% chance! (I get 3 artifacts anyway). Hoping The lord of plagues gets me some extra contagion points. Allegiance: Nurgle - Mortal Realm: Ghyran LEADERS Lord of Plagues (140) - General - Command Trait : Virulent Contagion - Artefact : Ghyrstrike The Glottkin (420) - Lore of Malignance : Blades of Putrefaction Harbinger of Decay (160) - Artefact : The Eye of Nurgle Sorcerer (120) - Artefact : Muttergrub - Lore of Foulness : Plague Squall Gutrot Spume (140) UNITS 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) 5 x Putrid Blightkings (160) BATTALIONS Plague Cyst (200) The Blessed Sons (100) ENDLESS SPELLS Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (40) Ravenak's Gnashing Jaws (40)
  12. So many malign sorcery artefacts say "Choose a weapon to be X". Does that weapon literally become X, and any warscroll ability referring to the original weapon is now irrelevant? Or do you simply gain the abilities of the artifact on that weapon. To give a specific example (and to ask another rules quesiton), I'm looking at Lord of Plagues. Specifically he has an ability that reads: "Each time you make a hit roll of 6" for this model's Plague-ridden Great Blade, that hit roll inflicts D6 hits instead of 1". Then i look at the artefact from Chamon "Aiban's Hidden Blade" and it reads: "Pick one of the bearer's melee weapons to be Aiban's Hidden Blade." If the hit roll for that weapon is a 6+ add 1 to the Damage characteristic of that attack" When I look at this I say "if i hit a 6+, those d6 hits will each have +1 to the damage characteristic" What do you guys think?
  13. sorokyl

    AoS 2 - Maggotkin of Nurgle Discussion

    rules question: Lord of Plagues Plague-ridden Great Weapon ability reads: Each time you make a hit roll of 6+, that hit roll inflicts D6 hits instead of 1. Malign sorcery artifacts: Aiban's Hidden Blade: If the hit roll is a 6+, add +1 to damage characteristic Flowstone Blade: Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+, add 1 to the wound roll for that attack. Do these abilities synergize such that all of the d6 attacks get +1 dmg or +1 to wound roll? What are your favorite artifacts/traits for LoP? I am running a minimum Blessed Sons List this weekend with the Glottkin, Gutsprume, and a couple of spells added (so everyone that can get an artifact gets an artifact...) edit: originally asked about Jadewound Thorn but I think that one doesn't work, since it immediately inflicts a mortal wound on a 6+, but Maybe I'm wrong.
  14. sorokyl

    Time to go digital.

    What about the SCE battletome, if you owned version 2, did you get upgraded to version 3?
  15. sorokyl

    plaguetouched warband - NEED HELP

    Can't even be chaos right? Like it's almost if not completely impossible to use it now