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  1. Fluxlord


  2. Fluxlord

    Played in my first ever AOS Tournament

    Great to see such an elaborate summary. Seems like you had some fun games.
  3. Fluxlord

    Gaunt Summoner

    Wow! Great job, especially on the feathers!
  4. Fluxlord

    Non-Game Ruining Competitive Tzeentch

    I dont have any advice, but im curious what your experience with the pyrofane cult would be. I was planning on makin the pyrofane cult too. The acolytes are fun to paint. Btw, about the acolytes being squishy isnt that why you hav to add them in big numbers to your unit, so you can get more dmg output and the two units have a total of 40 wounds through which your opponent has to grind.
  5. Fluxlord

    Horrors pink blue and brimstone

    So fist of all let me say im totally new to Warhammer and age of Sigmar. Now i have been reading and painting and thinking what might be nice to play with. One thing i would like to play is with hodes of horrors. Not to be the great victorious one, but just the idea of playin with pink horror daeomons and make your opponent grazy by big amounts of horrors. (I like to paint horrors...😁🔥) And now my question cause i got lost in all the rules, abilities, reinforcement points, etc. Etc., How does it work when you loose a pink horror in a battle? It pops directly two blue horrors? And when the phase is over during battleshock, is it still possible to get the pink horrors back? Greetz
  6. Got myself some models and paint and seems like im hooked to this new hobby. I thought lets share a picture. I did make this with the ipad camera, will try to make better pics later. greetz
  7. Fluxlord

    From da Netherlands

    Hey all, Just found out this whole new world of painting little miniatures. Never tought that i could get enthousiastic over something new at the age of 40! Anyhow im totally in love with all those great detailed miniatures. i dont have a complete army yet, but im busy painting the Tzeentch starter set, after i met the changeling miniature i wanted more Tzeentch. Great about Tzeentch is the colors, gotta love those pastel colors. And while im painting up change, my wife is busy painting the arch nemesis army Tzeentch has.. Nurgles. And yes i like painting those too, great about those nurgles is the humor that is put into those models. Hope to read and learn in this community and maybe find people to dice with. Cheers.