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  1. novakai

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    I hope there more Destruction Faction Focus coming soon, at least for Bonesplitter and Beastclaw Raider
  2. novakai

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    My completed painted Moonclan army so far Got to paint more Goblins soon.
  3. novakai

    What does Destruction need?

    maybe like a smaller version of the Squig Gobba with the same functionality as the Skaven Mortar Team.
  4. novakai

    Age of Sigmar: Second Edition

    I think it best to accept that there going to be Imbalanced thing when AoS 2.0 comes out, since It hard to get things totally right and smoothly at launch and oversight do happen especially when your adding two armies and many other changes to unit and rules. As long as it just minor Imbalance or any major problems get FAQ quickly I be happy.
  5. novakai

    Updating Ironjawz

    I think Space marine problems stems from the fact that their design choice is being a jack of all trade army that has decent option in every category but can’t do any one thing well enough to leverage an advantage. This problem could follow suit for SCE since they have the same design choice, though I have a feeling that the strongest army are going to be the ones that abuse an oversight/ Imbalance in the new rules until the FAQ comes out.
  6. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    My guess for the release timeline would be June- AoS 2.0, SCE, Nighthaunt, Magic supplement July- Imperial Knight Release, anything spilled over from the June release August - Adeptus Titanicus, Space wolfs September -Moonclan October - Orks (just because Ork-tober), Kill-team November- Slaanesh December - No idea
  7. novakai

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Is it just me or did they just redo the Moonclan Grot store page on GW and reshoot their photo from the square base they had to the modern round base? I could have swear they where still shown in that Rank n file formation from WHFB not that long ago.
  8. novakai

    Faction Focus - Pointless Speculation

    Wow that unusual, I didn't think the facebook page could be that confirmative about their future plans on releases. Well at least this confirms that there is some future for Firebellies instead of being a one model faction conundrum that I scratch my head over about "Why they exist"
  9. novakai

    Faction Focus - Pointless Speculation

    It could be Moonclan since it possible they are doing all the Harbinger factions first. If not I would guess it would be Ironjawz. Honestly I be happy with anything in Destruction unless it happens not be a Destruction faction focus
  10. Beside the Poster, there also the 4 warlord piece that been going on in the White dwarf that feature DoK, LoN, Maggotkin, and lastly BCR, all of them except for BCR have gotten an update this year. And I believe Gutbuster like Moonclan and DoK where left out of the recent GHB. I maybe reading too much into it, but it possibly a hint of something for Ogors.
  11. Surprisingly an Ogor was used in that Grand alliance Poster to represent the face of Destruction, so at least GW is cementing them in the AoS world. I think GW do have plans for Ogors it could just be a while before it happens
  12. novakai

    No Destruction Models Revealed at Warhammer Fest?

    Even though I knew the next release where night haunt and stormcast wizard I was still kind of disappointed. The death release Is understandable since they haven't gotten new models yet but I felt disappointed with more stormcast release even though I knew they where coming. But I look at the Brightside, AoS is growing pretty good now, we get that Maw spell model and moonclan maybe is comming within the year (rumor was September ) Hopefully Ironjawz wave 2 and Grot bag scuttler next year. Their could be some reveal on AoS opening day on the end of June edit: also my wallet can breath a sigh of relief for the time being.
  13. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    the Setting does need a mortal human presence and I think Darkoath is a good place to start
  14. novakai

    The Rumour Thread

    Man with all the AoS news that came out from Warhammer Fest, I wonder if they saved any for Age of Sigmar Open day that happens at the end of June
  15. novakai

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    I am curious what that giant Maw spell does that the Weirdnob Shaman is casting.