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  1. I have to admit I'm surprised to see all the negativity here. We've already seen the new points for the Deathlords faction, so it's safe to assume there will be other point adjustments throughout the other factions. Rather than pointing to the new tiered point system for hordes and calling it broken, why don't we wait until we see the bigger picture? Anything that encourages numerous ways to play and empowers players to make novel decisions from a list building perspective is a good thing in my book.
  2. Nashcon Results

    I've also dropped the lists for the rest of the players into a zip folder. Each list should be labeled by player name. Archive.zip
  3. Nashcon Results

    And the lists of the three players tied for 3rd - David Fields, Jacob Burleson, and Robert Neal.Fields2.pdf Fields1.pdf Fields2.pdf Burleson1.pdf Burleson2.pdf Neal (below):
  4. Nashcon Results

    Chris Bingham's second place DoT lists. Bingham1.pdf Bingham2.pdf
  5. Nashcon Results

    Here are Matt Swinney's winning lists. Swinney1.pdf Swinney2.pdf
  6. Nashcon Results

    Here are the results from the Nashcon 2017 Age of Sigmar GT. Thanks again to everyone that showed up and played! I couldn't have asked for a better group of people or more intense and close games. I can't say enough about the level of painting, sportsmanship, and competition. As a TO, it was a blast to run the event. It says a lot for the tournament that we could have very easily had a three-way tie for Best Overall after game 5 and that there was a four-way tie for Best Sportsmanship. Congrats to Matt Swinney: Best Overall, Vince Venturella: Best Painted, and Cale Thompson: Best Sportsmanship I think for Age of Sigmar's first appearance at Nashcon, it was a huge success. I'm already looking forward to Nashcon 2018.
  7. Events USA: Nashcon 2 Day Event in Nashville, TN June 3-4

    Thank you! Glad you could make it, and I'm happy to hear you had such a good time. We will certainly do it again next year, and I have high hopes for an even better event in 2018!
  8. Does Vlads resurection cost points?

    Yes, it costs reinforcement points in Matched Play. Any new unit added to your army costs points.
  9. Does Vlads resurection cost points?

    If a unit is slain and comes back by any method, you must pay points in Matched Play. The reason this rule doesn't apply to Valten or the Hell Pit Abomination is because it explicitly says in their scroll the they are not slain. Of course you can do as you please in Open Play.
  10. Adepticon Results?

    Thank you! Yeah, I made a conscious effort to not include a Mourngul in the list. The +1 came from Damned terrain. I was fortunate enough to be able to place my Sphinx near Damned in many of my games. Happy to share tactics. Here are a few of my stand-by's: 1) I know I'm never going to be able to dictate first turn, because there aren't any battalions to decrease my drops. For this reason, I almost always set up my army with layers of chaff around it, which is probably what you saw with the Dire Wolf line. This discourages people from alpha-striking me. The other side of this is that if you do give me 1st turn, I have multiple units that can move across the entire board in a turn like VLoZD + Cloak & Sphinx + VLoAT. 2) My army is built to move in waves. First turn I send the VLoZD and Sphinx forward and run the Mortis Engine and Blood Knights forward as fast as I can behind them. In my next turn, pop the reliquary to (hopefully) heal my monsters, and then follow them with two units of Blood Knights to clean up what's left. 3) Speed, speed, speed. Even with the point increase, I'll probably still run the VLoAT. Death has no good shooting and doesn't have a way to alpha strike gunlines without the double movement spell. Having a guaranteed 26" threat radius on Blood Knights is immense, and being able to send the Sphinx 30"-40" to remove power centers is so useful.
  11. Events USA: Nashcon 2 Day Event in Nashville, TN June 3-4

    Updated the pack with the Schemes! There are also a number of added FAQs, so please check it out.
  12. Tactics Against Clan Skryre

    Rather than say it's a broken or unbeatable list, here are some options for dealing with it. 1) Split up your army. The formation can't be everywhere at once. If you spread out your power centers knowing you will lose one of them, you may be able to effectively retaliate later. Alternatively, you could use one particularly juicy unit as "bait" and then ignore the slow Stormfiends. 2) Chaff walls. If the range of their projectors is 8", then you deploy your chaff wall on your 12" line and set up the rest of your important units 9" behind them, ensuring they won't get shot off turn 1. If you have enough chaff, you can even create two lines, which could hold them up even longer. 3) Null deploying. Only certain armies can do this, but Stormcast or the like can simply not deploy and then drop where they please. Playing Skryre is difficult, and they are one of the more potent lists out there, but it should be noted that not many Skryre pop up lists have won major GTs. As with many of the top tier lists, it just required patience and practice to beat.
  13. Events USA: Nashcon 2 Day Event in Nashville, TN June 3-4

    That theme works for me. Generally, an army doesn't have to all be painted identically - consistent basing can help pull an army together as well. "Cohesive" is a subjective term meant to prevent people from grabbing random models from different armies and throwing them on the table. Sounds like you're totally fine to me.
  14. Events USA: Nashcon 2 Day Event in Nashville, TN June 3-4

    Awards are at 4:00PM. Should be good to go after that!
  15. Good "killy" units for death

    On the subject of Spirit Host and Mortis Engine attacks - these go away in any instance where your opponent has a -1 hit debuff, where you can no longer trigger the mortal wounds. Having played a number Sylvaneth and Chaos armies that can do this, it really takes away their reliability.