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  1. Vortumnas

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I haven't had great results with a ME except as a bodyguard for Arkhan in LoS, but it's a combination of these two I'm really hoping for - to still be able to use my VLoZD, necromancers, wolves, etc, but fill the rest in with a NH battalion. More than just allies, like half LoN, half NH. All my fingers are crossed.
  2. Vortumnas

    C&C for Escalation Campaign

    My gaming group is starting an escalation campaign. It's narrative driven, but decently competitive. Starting at 500pts, we play each other player once, then our armies go to 1k, then 1250, 1500, etc. We've started the 500 games, but are holding off till v2.0 to advance. My 500 list is: VLoZD - Pinions, Wristbands, Mastery of Death 5 wolves 500 So far, it's amazing. It's really hard for most opponents to deal with a behemoth at that level, and with the new Endless Legions, the wolves just keep coming. My 1000pt list: Vhordrai - Pinions Necromancer - General, Overwhelming Dread, Mastery of Death, Shroud of Darkness 2x5 Wolves 6 Spirit Hosts 950 for a 2nd CP First play test for this is a couple of weeks, got a few things to paint still. Hosts move 9" with the necro, Fist of Nagash lets him cast Dread and Vanhels. Wolves screen and grab obj, hosts and Vhordrai smash. Beyond this, though I'm undecided where to take things. We have to keep the units we've already taken (GM ruled Vhordrai/VLoZD are interchangable since they're the same model), so how should I expand my army? I'm tempted to build up to Lords of Sacrament, since I already have Arkhan and the extra command point and artefact would be very useful, but that leaves little room for other awesome things. For instance, I'd like a big block of skellies and maybe one of GG, and I'm definitely expanding my SH unit, and all that won't fit in 2k with LoS battalion. Then there's the new NH to consider. So I don't know, what do you guys think will do better? 3 behemoths stomping around with tons of magic, or VLoZD with a few little characters and hordes of bodies?
  3. Vortumnas

    AoS 2e previews

    I think one or the other battalion would be better, as both are big, pricey battalions. Arkhan having to be the general in an LoS list is also now a liability, as he can't hide and will immediately be target priority number one for your opponent. Lords of Sacrament might now actually be better in GHON, since Arkhan could still use his command ability, and one of the other necros could be general. You lose out on the awesome LoS artefacts though. I do really like the idea of a Sacrament Deathmarch. Lots of little heroes, lots of skellies, lots of maneuverability. Maybe some spirit hosts or a VLoZD w/Pinions? Could be very effective.
  4. Vortumnas

    AoS 2e previews

    Exactly! That's the balance I mentioned a few posts up that I'm conflicted about - small units are absolutely expendable now, but big blocks are nearly indestructible, so it'll come down a mix of both I think. Lol good old min-maxing
  5. Vortumnas

    AoS 2e previews

    I meant free in terms of points. Yes it costs a cp, which is why i said maximizing cp would be beneficial. I'm just trying to say that spending 180 points on 3x5 wolves and being able to replace one per turn makes excellent screening/tarpits and has the potential to be ~300 free points of summoned wolves over 5 turns. As for general sniping, take a non-behemoth, give em the shroud of darkness, keep em near a summonable. -3 to hit in shooting, -4 against enemies hit with overwhelming dread
  6. Vortumnas

    AoS 2e previews

    Hmm the new summoning seems to suggest to me an MSU army that maximizes command points, so how we generate command points will play a big role in army design. The real question will be how to balance big blocks vs min sized units. 5 Wolf units just got even better, but I'm conflicted on skellies. A block of 40 could now be buffed to high heaven and brought back if they get wiped, but would it be better to spend those points on non-summonable units and just use min summonables and resurrect them for free each turn?
  7. Vortumnas

    How to deal with Tzeentch?

    I had good luck sending my VLoZD after skyfires. Amethystine Pinions is awesome for target priority. Admittedly, I hid him and my Arkhan behind buildings since I had to go second. Didn't really go for offensive casting because of the curseling, just debuffs, of which fading vigor got through. Haven't won against tzeentch yet, but I'm thinking Legion of Night bravery bomb. I'm getting a terrorgeist. I think that plus ambushing morghasts and a general VLoZD with above suspicion could wreak some havoc. Not to mention overwhelming dread and banners...
  8. Vortumnas

    Death changes we'd like to see in GHB2018

    Agreed, we have some awesome stuff, and some stuff in real need of updates. I have 3 fell bats I've had forever and they just sit in a drawer. It'd be nice to have use for them. Same with my 50+ zombies, I'm not sure how many I have it's been so long since they've been worth fielding. That being said, we have some stuff I can't wait to see in tournaments. 6 harbingers ambushing in Legion of Night, a one drop army with Castellans of the Crimson Keep, Arkhan and Neferata in some sort of Bloody Honeymoon list.
  9. The next ruleset is rumored to come in a few months, and our alliance could use some amendments. GW wants to hear our feedback at AOSFAQ@GWPLC.com and the more we voice our ideas the more likely they are to happen. So, what would you like to see change? Personally I would like: - points reduction for zombies and bring back Shambling Horde. This would give a reason to take them and restore them as the cheap, huge tarpit they're supposed to be. - make the KoS a Legions of Nagash hero, and/or make Nighthaunt an ally. KoS' own fluff says he serves Nagash, why the heck is he relegated to the sidelines by being Nighthaunt exclusive? -we need a hero between VL and VLoZD. A strong leader, but not a behemoth or mortarch that takes up 20+% of an army. Coven Thrones and Palanquins are just too niche to reliably fill this role. VL on Abyssal Terror was perfect for this and I'd love to see him make a return! What do you want GHB2018 to bring for us denizens of Shyish?
  10. Vortumnas

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    Yeah I misremembered the allowable allies, thought deathmages were in there. Man GW really doesn't want us to have ghosts that move 9", deal MWs on 5s and attack twice per turn. No matter how you put a list together, you can only get two out of the three.
  11. Vortumnas

    getting into the game...list thoughts?

    Well, you've got two big, fast heavy hitters and only 5 bks to support them. I'd drop one unit of 40 skellies and the 10 man squad, leaving you with 370pts to fill. Take 2 morghasts since they're battleline if Nagash is general, and fill in the rest with dire wolves to screen Arkhan and Nagash.
  12. Vortumnas

    Let's Chat: Nighthaunt

    I've been considering something similar. Recently picked up a KoS and was considering the best way to run him. I'm really hoping NH gets expanded or at least better incorporated into LoN bc hosts and hexwraiths are my favorite. My thought was 2-3 larger units of hosts, 2 of HWs for harassment, KoS, 2 banshees and 3 allied heroes for deathly invocation and van hels. The problem with Grand alliance necromancers and vamps is no lore of the dead. Arkhan is definitely a good option for getting around that, but he offers fewer deathly invocations. Did you feel like more healing would have been beneficial, or was he enough by himself?
  13. Vortumnas

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Good Lord that's some serious damage from those ghosts. Was that with Van Hels?
  14. Vortumnas

    GHoN 2k List. Thoughts?

    I only have 10 grave guard with great swords, but I've found people tend to underestimate them. Give em mystic shield or van hels, the vamp Lord's command ability, and Lord of nagashazzar and they will shred most enemies. Still wouldn't put em against Archaon, but that's what your tarpits are for
  15. Vortumnas

    getting into the game...list thoughts?

    How are you going to run this? I'm not a fan of minimum-sized skellies, either 40 or don't bother. You might get more mileage out of 5 dire wolves instead, though that would leave you with 30pts unused. It's definitely a strong hero hammer list, but you'll have trouble holding objectives Edit: also, give the necro either overwhelming dread or fading vigor, and give Nagash soul harvest. Necros don't want to be anywhere near the range where SH would be effective, and it will keep your big guy alive longer