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  1. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    A certain character that appears in this chapter might have a completely different characterisation once he is actually written about. I just want to make that point, soo he is subject to change. Chapter 6 The council hall was bustling due to the celebration, that is only due to the fact over the past few weeks raids have been going well. The choirrleum would last for years as he hoped. He looked at the elder Akhelians who were no longer fit for war they celebrated among themselves. The Ishraan also talk amongst each other and the Namtri served small refreshments. But he could see everyone was holding back, he was also doing the same as well. What some would call small idle conversation, they call it a celebration. But he could also see that the various houses were making agreements amongst themselves, it’s clear enough that some would want to place their progeny in the ripe position to take over once he dies. Pimorr guessed that many in the hall wanted to lead, but due to losing limbs that makes it impossible. He imagined if the elders were hearty and strong one of them would quickly be named King to lead the phalanx after his father died. One Akhelian approached him, he wore his armour but his peg leg and missing eye are evident. His face was also covered in scars. “Rach-Gab.” Pimorr said cooly. “King Pimorr.” he answered back. He knew he is not exactly a monarch in a sense, people are judged by merit in the Idoneth and a council decides things within the enclave, it’s just that he has the most say on things. “I see you promoted by daughter, she is now princess.” “She deserved it.” he answered back. The old aelf chuckled he gave a sharp smile “My Leirisha is a strong, when I saw her during the asydrazor the teachers there said she was attentive, alert and…” His voice trailed off. Pimorr knew his wife was part of the raid that saw his own parents killed, going by the information he dug up is that they kept spawning Namtri. In the worst case scenario many houses look to adoption. He nodded “I agree she has a bright future.” “I am glad you agree, but I wonder when she will look for a husband.” He noted he said husband firmly and let it hang in the air for a moment. He then shrugged “But I assume that won’t happen anytime soon.” He wondered if he should be up front, but decided otherwise. In the past he had little interest in political intrigue, but back then he had no idea that he would be leader. He held his glass tightly, he made sure the others in the chamber heard him. But he did not speak too loudly. “My love for my people eclipses any personal love. My mind...and my heart is dedicated to this enclave. If it was not for this love I would of not tirelessly worked with the Ishraan to ensure this enclave survives. If someone harms this love...I will remove it.” His response caused the noble’s eye to widen slightly. He did not expect that response, after all he is his father’s son.”I wonder what Tal-ram would of think of those words.” Rach-Gab said in surprise. His father’s name passed through his mind, he has not heard his name for months, but he knew that the Akhelian felt rebuffed by his words. “Yes he would call those words of weakness, but I will tell you something.” His retainers words bounced within his mind. “He would say that is not the marking of a leader, that what I say is weakness.” He looked down into his wine for a moment he smiled he faced Rach-Gab, all the Akehlian’s and Isahraan’s eyes were slightly directed to him also. “It is not weakness. My father...Tal-ram was wrong. If he was here...faced with the situation we had in the past he would throw all your children at the problem without thinking. He would focus on his own personal glory, he wants to be the king to save the enclave, he wants your praises. But what I do…” he made sure to say I firmly. “I do it for the love of my people. For you and everyone else in this hall. Even the Namtri within this chamber who are serving us at the moment. That is the purpose of the phalanx, we are not of the Fuethan and never will be. Not while I am king. What I do is for love not glory.” He finished speaking, there was now a silence in the hall. But he heard a clap, everyone looked to the door, who was standing there caused his heart to almost jump out of his chest. Bann-Roch and Lilaar stood next to the visitor clearly concerned. The Ishraan approached him. “We tried to stop him.” said Bann-Roch. “Be careful what you say Pimorr.” Lilaar whispered. But his eyes were locked on the pale face and eye patch. Also the bluish armour was at odds with everyone else's. He stopped clapping and approached while picking a glass of a tray. He smiled but strangely to Pimorr he was huge, his presence took up the whole hall. When he stood in front him Rach-Gab slinked away. Pimorr forced himself not to gulp he decided to speak first. “High king Volturnos. This is a surprise.” “Well yes, my phalanx was passing by and I thought it would be good to meet with the new king of Vosilar. After all we live in the same realm.” His voice was firm, strong and clear. He carried himself like an aelven noble of the past. “I see, so what is the nature of your visit?” Pimorr wanted to get straight to the point. He had a feeling that since his father died he wants to gain a new ally for the assembral, where all the enclaves gather to discuss matters that is important to all of them. “Your speech moved me, I thought you would be like you late father but I guess I was wrong.” Pimorr gestured to Lilaar and Bann-Roch. He wanted to talk with Volturnos king to king, after all this is a celebration not a diplomatic meeting. The both got his meaning and mingled with the rest of the nobles, but all eyes were on them. There were whispers in the air, others judging him, some saying to remove the high king. “Thank you, but I truly believe those words.” “It’s good because many forget what we are meant to be and focus on the darkness that holds sway over us.” He swirled the wine in the glass. “I am surprised you haven’t lost an eye yet.” “Excuse me?” “Well for one love can make you commit to rash decisions it’s good to care but not everyone feels the same.” he looked around the hall. “What we do...is a necessity and at least you understand that part.” He could sense there was something else. “But what?” “Gathering too many souls can bring unwanted attention. I understand your choice considering...the predicament you faced but your enclave is not exactly hidden.” “So you are criticizing me High king?” Pimorr said firmly. “Considering you are a guest and your words I could have you expelled from the enclave.” The High king chuckled “Strong willed as well. This is good but I am not cristicing. I am offering you some advice. I could not help but notice the many empty coastal cities filled with sleepers and the dead. I assume it’s your work also?” “What of it?” “Perhaps taking more essence than necessary has allowed an orruk warband to rampage through the smaller settlements uncontested. Which in turn means they will destroy any major city they come across due to their momentum and size.” He narrowed his eyes at Volturnos. “It’s not the enclave’s problem. The Ionarch seem more concerned in the affairs of those above why don’t you deal with it?” “Here I am offering advice..fine I will be blunt.” “A great slaaneshi warhost is approaching your enclave they will take some time to get here which is fortunate. They are being drawn to the scent of your reef of souls.” “How!?” The High king nodded “Well according to Lotann who is graciously aiding your soulwarden at the moment your choirrleum’s are overtaxed. They should of been expanded to accommodate more souls. The essence is leaking out drawing your enemy to you. Now let’s say...you run you and set up a new enclave but since you allowed a orruk menace to go unchecked you would have no one to harvest. The land-dwellers are getting smashed aside along the coast due to you taking out the cities.” Volturnos began drinking. All of that information that has been planted on top of him caused Pimorr to bite his lip slightly. He worked through what he can do, it’s clear he is here to warn him. But he can’t ask for aid either, it would make him look weak. All of the nobles are here, the High king specifically chose this time to visit him unless….He is testing me. He is measuring his worth as a possible ally. His father would snub the High king, he knows he would. Volturnos would not come here if he wasn’t worth speaking to. “I thank you for the information King Volturnos. I will speak with my council on these matters.” He nodded “That is good. I think you will do well.” He then turned and walked away, he placed the glass on the platter before leaving the council hall. His eyes swept over the Akehlians and Ishraan. “The celebration is over! Bann-Roch! Lilaar!” Everyone began shuffling out, the Tidcaster and Soulscryer approached. “Is he speaking the truth?” said Lilaar. “He is” said Bann-Roch. Pimorr nodded in agreement. “He would not stop and “visit” to lie. But what concerns me is the fact he brings up running.” “No one will accept that.” said Lilaar. “I know but that point is important, it means the size of the slaaneshi host is too great to deal with.” “I agree, what are you thinking though?” said Bann-Roch. “Every Akhelian that is of age who are still doing their asydrazor must be given basic training in riding Fangmora eels.” The tidecaster looked shocked, almost horrified. “B-bu-” “We must!” he said firmly, she closed her mouth and nodded. “Every able bodied Namtri must be trained and those who are too weak have them set up minor fortifications with the Chorralus. Send out every builder and have harpoon guns set around the enclave.” Both ishraan said nothing they just listened, that’s how serious it is. “Also our healers Tru’heas should be on standby and finally….I want to vote to sanction the disturbance of the dead.” This time their eyes went wide. The Soulscryer coughed slightly “For one...that will take time but do you believe the threat to be that serious? We will undo all the hard work we have done in these past for weeks. Our departed is making up a great many of the reef of souls.” Bann-Roch spoke calmly but he could sense he was on edge which is rare. Yet he has to push on. “I am calling the vote to sanction the disturbance of the dead. Is anyone against it? Please raise your hand.” Both kept their hands lowered. “Right so we have a clear path. I also want all the Ishraan apprentices out on the field also.” “All of them?” said Lilaar. “I want all of them, we are possibly dealing with the death of our enclave. We must use everything at our disposal.” Pimorr took a deep breath “Go and relay my orders.” The Ishraan left the council hall, he started to pace the despair he felt in Darroot came crawling back but he pushed it down. That is not what his people needed, he needs to stand tall for them.
  2. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    No he did suck as king, he was a essentially a joke to everyone else because he did not actually act like a Nehekaran king and vied for peace etc. Nagash also used it as an excuse as well.
  3. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Yup Nagash was a mad cackling necromancer. When he made her undead she sort of just sat there. Then he killed her to break the covenant. He was bitter that he was forced to become a priest and the fact his brother sucked as king. He only developed naunce in times of legend sigmar when he has killed off most of his humanity and emotions. Honestly his origin book series was not all that good the author seemed like he prefered writing other characters. (After the first book he focused more on skaven.) One common compliant that there are not enough chapters dealing with the actual character and he made some lore mistakes.
  4. shinros

    The Rumour Thread

    Erm Tomb kings weren't popular. Next to bretonnia they were the worst selling fantasy army, even after the update. I personally think their rules were partly to blame. From my personal observation people only started to care about TK from a narrative standpoint after Settra said that one line that has now become a meme. Plus GW essentially gave the reason why they got the axe in the white dwarf.
  5. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    Chapter 5 Garroot gave a keening wail as his warhost entered the city, the leaves screamed in uncertainty, the trees wailed in anguish and he could hear the everqueen’s song guiding him to battle. His clan left the shifting forest, the home of their glade to deliver justice to the interlopers. Dryads marched behind him and a throng of tree-reventas held weapons at the ready. Garrot gave a long grumble “The air is wrong…” The scion leading the revenants looked up to him, his white hair blowing in the wind. “This phenomenon has been happening across the coast..the leaves bring tales of raiders from the sea..” Garroot shook his frame, leaf whisper is well versed in reading the life in trees his words are normally sound. “Raiders from the sea? What are they here to take?” “I...I am not sure.” “It doesn’t matter...we will drive them from the everqueen’s city. Come.” They entered the plaza, he could see the holes across the battlefield and the corpses which were left behind. Leaf whisper approached one of the humans and knelt, examining their wounds. “These blade cuts are far too clean...it is not the great enemy that has done this.” Garroot looked around, he felt anger, rage at the ones who decided to end the lives of the everqueen’s followers. He remembered when this city was just a bud, they relinquished all forms of industry and blackpowder, living at one with the forest and their surroundings. To this day that has not changed, at times he hears the everqueen singing praises to this city. “Where is the enemy? I will tear them asunder..” The mist makes it hard to see, but even he could detect that this mist is magical nature. Then around him, dark magic engulfed the plaza, a black mist clouding certain areas. Once it vanished he saw a ship wreck, a wreck that now has sea life swimming around it. “On guard!” he called. The scion returned to his revenants, the dryads hands shifted to talons. A stillness fell around them, then from the mist pale malformed aelves charged out wielding blades and accursed axes. Garroot gave a great wail. “Kill them! For the everqueen!” Pimorr nodded “It’s time! Akhelians on me!” They gathered around him, he pointed at Myr-Tan and Lilaar. “You will move in with the reavers. Myr-Tan focus on harvesting souls and Lilaar you will disrupt the enemy formation with your spells.” He looked over to Bann-Roch who was standing back gazing at his cyfar compass, a smile is lining his features. He then faced forward. “What of me?” He looked up to see Tolriu standing on the Lviadon, he is frowning. “You know what I am going to say.” “To stay back?” “Yes, for I desire more Akhelian guard to cover you, we can’t afford to lose you. The sylvaneth can be unpredictable.” The master of reins resigned himself. “Very well. Don’t die Pimorr.” He smiled at him. “I won’t.” He flicked the reins, Torlor shot forward, the Akhelian guard were at his side. As they burst through the mist he saw them, the sylvaneth. Their souls are powerful and worth far more compared to many in the mortal realms. He pointed his weapon at the Treelord “We must take him down!” Pimorr raced towards the large sylvaneth. “Vortex formation!” he called out. Along with the Akhelian guard they swam around the treelord and attacked from all directions. He roared in anger, swinging his clawed arms, unfortunately one of the morsarr guard was caught he was smashed from his mount. He was sent flying to the ground, the dryads then fell upon him clawing him to pieces. His soul phased through the crowd of sylvaneth and entered the Soulrender’s lurelight. As he saw that happen a whirlpool was summoned in the middle of them. The dryads gave a keening scream that sounded like a hollow tree as they were twisted and broken in the air. After that the arrows fell upon the revenants with the Namtri Thrall’s shifting to attack them. They were swiftly cut down. All of this caused the treelord to rage further. Pimorr looked over to Leirisha he gave a signal, they will both aim for the head, She gave a curt nod in return. Pimorr shifted his mount with Leirisha, they both went towards the treelord’s head, his greatsword gave a great gash to one of the treelord’s eyes. Leirisha’s helsabre bit into his neck. The large sylvaneth bought it’s large hands to it’s face it gave an unnatural scream. Pimorr then detected the creatures within the gloomtide shipwreck’s are now waking up. “Pull back!” At his order his force pulled back from the broken sylvaneth, great tentacles shot out from the ship wrecks, grasping dying revenants and dyrads, most were crushed and others were dragged into the wrecks. The only mention of their passing is their soul leaving the ruined ship. The tendrils also reached for the treelord wrapping themselves around his arms, all it took was a swift tug for the tentacles to tear off his arms. The sylvaneth gave a long wail as it fell back and crushed upon the ground. The plaza was now silent again, all that was left were the souls being drawn into Myr-Tan’s lurelight. He looked down to his forces, all of them were relieved, he then scanned the thralls for Gwytthar, he spotted him resting the back of his blade on his shoulder. He looked up to him and gave a slight nod. Pimorr returned the gesture, he then went over to Myr-Tan, his lurelight shining with a great brilliance. “We have gained..far more than we bargain for.” “With their souls a great many of our people will live.” “Indeed they will.” He looked over the battlefield, he saw very few dead on their side but his eyes locked onto the dead Akhelian, he frowned. “We must take him back.” “Your father tended to leave bodies behind but take their mounts back. We have what we need.” Myr-Tan pointed at the lurelight. “His soul will be stored in the choirrleum.” “I know but…” “But what?” Pimorr tore his eyes away. “Fine, retrieve his fangmora eel. We must leave.” The Soulrender then left to gather up the Namtri, they then marched away to ensnare the sea creature. Lilaar smiled at him. “This has gone well, your father would be proud.” He shook his head slowly “No..he would look for a flaw. That’s just how he was.” “But you are on the right path king Pimorr. I will let Bann-Roch know that we are leaving.” The Tidecaster walked away, he watched the rest of the surviving Akehlians celebrate amongst themselves, they even compared kills. He remembered when he was like them, without a single worry save his father’s comments. Even his mother pressured him and now they are both dead. His mind ran through all their lessons, all the harsh treatments but in the end they were torn apart and devoured by daemons. It’s not fair he told himself. He should feel happy that the raid has been salvaged but his shoulders now felt heavy, it’s like weights have been tied to his arms. “My lord.” He looked down to see Gwytthar is looking up to him, despite not having eyes his retainer making such a gesture looked strange now that he thought about it. “What is it?” “Do I...have permission to speak freely?” He then spoke in almost a whisper. “Before...I said you should be like your father. But after this? It’s fine to do things your own way.” He then bowed and ran after the rest of the thralls who were helping Myr-Tan. Those words caused the weight to drift away slightly. Throughout this raid his father’s mantra did not even cross his mind. Pimorr smiled. “Thank you Gywtthar…” he said under his breath. A great light greeted his eyes, he blinked and looked around. He found himself on a bed. He was also wearing a white garment. He sat up grunting at the movement, he can feel the stitching on his chest. “You should rest.” The voice was familiar he looked ahead of him to see the blind priestess. “W-where am I?” said Lamick. He looked around his room to see crystals hovering at the corners, they released a warm light that sometimes splits into multiple colours. Staring at it did not hurt his eyes either. “You are in a temple of the Lord of lumination.” his gaze fell right upon the priestess “W-what? What of Darroot?” She shook her head. “It’s miles away it would take weeks or perhaps months to get there. You are in the coastal city of Lithinar.” Lamick furrowed his brow. “How did I get here?” “You appeared outside the gates with a host of your free guild and some civilians. The ones I did not convince to leave. Many of those who listened to me were surprised to see you considering the distance.” The priestess introduced herself again. “If you don’t remember I am Saliria.” He nodded “Saliria..is this your temple?” “No, I am a travelling priestess remember? But I am friends with the head priest Elvus. He is an aelf.” At the mention of aelf he his heart skipped a beat, memories of the battle came back. “Aelves attacked us from the sea! They...They…” “You lost general, just like the blind-god said you would.” Lamick sank back onto his bed, he cursed. “By the everqueen’s teeth! I have to go back!” “You must stay! Another tide is coming to this city. It must be stopped here.” He sat up again, trying to stand. He gripped his chest, the priestess stopped him from rising fully. “This city needs you.” “I have a city to defend!” “Not anymore. It’s destitute...most likely the tide that is coming has rummaged through it already.” “What tide!?” “A green one.” Saliria said firmly. Lamick thought to push her aside, but he stopped for just a moment, it was like someone was watching him putting a small amount of pressure on his body. He frowned slightly, deep down he had to admit that she was right. If he listened to her before many of his men would still be alive. “What of Thornspike?” he sat back down on his bed. The priestess gave a soft smile. “He is well, the wanderer’s who pass by this city are good with animals. They have been taking care of him, Docreak is also with them.” “I see…” he got into bed again. “Maybe...the everqueen did hear my prayer? Perhaps...I am here for a reason?” Saliria nodded. “As I said Tyrion can sense things that others are blind to. Now relax and recover. You will need your strength for the future.” He sighed and relented, he had his chance to defend Darroot perhaps the everqueen is giving him a second chance here? His eyes then felt heavy, his body ached. He could see the priestess is still smiling as he shut his eyes.
  6. shinros

    Games Workshop Out of Stock Items.

    Well...I do recall that it has been mentioned that GW has production issues due to the extremely high demand. Hence why they have been investing money into it constantly. If your friend is able he should head down to a GW store, they might have a box.
  7. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    The point is Sigmar will never gain ultimate victory. He will never achieve his dream for the realms. For his dream will forever keep chaos thriving until the end of the mortal realms.
  8. shinros

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    New Idoneth player here! My thralls are ready to take some souls! It's nice to meet all of you!
  9. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Now that you mention it I did. It had that same sort of feeling.
  10. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Never said he was a good guy. What of all the criminals he actually punishes? The battletome shows his cruelty and warped sense of justice.
  11. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Well the aelf gods are bloody useless they left the battle/went into seclusion soon as it suited them. They are not reliable allies. Even the Everqueen now throws a fit at sigmar for daring to offer his hand in aid to a local problem. The pantheon is fragmented and concerned with their own problems. This is how chaos wins all the time. Nagash may be a hypocrite and a tyrant but he is the only person in the warhammer fantasy mythos that made all the chaos gods move at once due to his plans. Just like the vaunted 40k emperor, who is also a hypocrite and a tyrant. And it's for one reason only, his grim fatalism all of that is on display in the book, Pharus did not fall to the desire of power, or Nagash displaying his godly might. It was just a Elder bones telling him how it is. It goes back all the way to times of legends sigmar. He shows sigmar his vision of the world if everyone was undead, or shackled to his will there will be peace. It's not a case of him wanting ultimate power. In his warped mind that is what will be the end of chaos. Nick the writer of LON confirmed that to be true. It's quite simple, what feeds chaos and keeps it thriving? Mortal weakness, so the only answer is to remove it. But removing such a thing basically crushes free will, because to be mortal is to be flawed. Sigmar's goal is the end of chaos, he wants to beat the chaos gods not contain them. The writers have said that several times on stream and across books, battletomes etc. Then they went on to say Sigmar will never beat chaos as and I think this book clearly shows why. And it's one simple reason because his belief in mortal potential. Mortals are their own monsters. He believed in the potential of Archaon, that he does not need his help in his most vulnerable moment. Look at him now, Grand Marshall of the apocalypse who has destroyed and conquered multiple worlds and almost bought the realms to it's knees. Grungi's words from spear of shadows epitomes that moment, Sigmar expects people to understand, he expects people to rise to meet him, he expects mortals to be up to the challenge when they are clearly not. Nagash has no faith in mortals what's so ever so it's his duty to rule and guide them, to show he is powerful. It's the reason why shyish endured and why the other realms fell. Many of the daemons and chaos gods across battletomes and novels don't even view sigmar as a threat. Don't you remember when they talked about Tzeentch's battletome on stream? Tzeentch doesn't give a flying toss about sigmar, to him he is small in the grand scheme of things. All he felt at most is mild annoyance at being surprised with stormcast. In Malign portent's Tzeentch bent his whole mind due Nagash's plan. Another example look at Morathi, she is not a full goddess but due to her own weakness and desire for power slaanesh's prison is basically weakening putting Ulgu in peril. Mortal potential has it's place but there must be balance, Sigmar and Nagash are that balance, light and shadow. Sword and shield. They are opposed yet not. Those two gods working together is the best chance at ending chaos and retaining some semblance of the realm as is. It's why they broke the both of them apart in the first place. What Nagash wants is the extreme outcome and the death of free will but chaos will no longer be a problem. What Sigmar wants will just lead to never ending war and suffering. Chaos will hammer at the walls of reality until they finally decide to get serious and end them. Mallus is a clear reminder displaying when chaos wants to end something. As you said before, it's agree to disagree but overall I see this conflict in the context of warhammer in general to be a lot more complex than simple black and white.
  12. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    So have you read the book then? Josh Reynolds laid most of the ground work and gave details for most of AOS and yes it is broad strokes because in the book we see the betrayal is a lot more complicated since it's actually developed. And Nagash and Sigmar's feelings are actually developed and despite your opinions on Nagash he needed to stop chaos. Sigmar will not and will never win his crusade. All the stormcast he is throwing and destroying on the anvil is utterly pointless because he will never win by himself. That is something both GW and Josh pretty much said. And also the book is approved by editors and GW and going by his tweets they actually want to make sure it's lore accurate. You should read ADB's posts on writing they have for more consultants and information at their hands than we do. as been said on the community article what we see in LON is Nagash's militarised aspect, maybe what we see is his current hard stance mind? Maybe things where different in the age of myth? so let's agree to disagree.
  13. shinros

    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

    Well in the book just for a moment Nagash did regard sigmar as possibly a brother, he has a flashback where Sigmar freed him and he remembers his hand reaching out towards him, but he quashes that memory. As GW said in a recent community article the Nagash we see now is the highly militarised aspect. The point of the book is that neither side is right or wrong. Sigmar can believe in human potential but in warhammer humans suck hence why chaos exists, Nagash is the other side of the coin where he does not believe in mortal potential. As long as mortal weakness exists so does chaos which is also true. But at the same time there will be a huge damper on free will if nagash gets his way. Hence why GW have said if Nagash wins it's the end of chaos but at what cost? I don't want to spoil the ending of the book but a certain character sums it up. Chaos was on the back foot when Sigmar and Nagash was working together, hence why Archaon moved to separate them. Sigmar is the shield, Nagash is the sword per the book. Neither god is "right." So yeah I think you are wrong. The battletomes are broad strokes, the Black Library books fill out the details. The whole situation surrounding Sigmar and Nagash is a lot more complicated than good or evil. Josh writes a whole introduction explaining this at the very start of the book. It's not black and white as you want to believe.
  14. shinros

    Idoneth Deepkin Story (The waves of darkness)

    Chapter 4 The smell of sea salt was heavy in the air as they patrolled the bay. Jonathan noted this should be enough to hold off a beast that comes from the sea. At the moment he is marching up and down with his greatswords, a unit of freeguild guard and some crossbowmen who are under his command per Lamick’s orders. They had the bay locked down tight, but the patrol became harder in the last few hours, he tried not to hug himself due to the cold, the thick mist that suddenly crawled in did not help either. He looked out to the ocean, the tide was extremely low, to the point there was barely even a wave. Jonathan sneezed “Perhaps that priestess was right?” his patrol looked at him with concern, none believed her words, he did not exactly believe the priestess either, but what is going on is ominous. “Jonathan are you sure? She could be a madwoman got plenty of fervoured preaching and howling that it’s the end times.” Sergeant Graham chuckled slightly as he spoke. His freeguild guard were at attention but it’s clear none wanted to be here. But Jonathan could see Graham wanted to press his point. “Aye, she could be mad but even the wizards say what’s going on is not normal.” “Fine….but death from the sea is pretty vague, I prefer to fight a clear enemy.” “We all do Graham, by the everqueen I just want this threat to come so we can deal with it but complaining is not going to help things.” “Well no one stopped the one’s she duped into leaving, I wonder why Lamick did not stop her.” “Because he was focused on the defense you idiot. In the grand scheme of things a few people leaving is not much of an issue compared to the whole city. Now shut your gob.” The sergeant sighed, Jonathan placed his eyes on the ocean and in the distance he saw fins trailing against the surface of the water. They were coming closer and closer to the shore. He thought to look for a moment more, but he got a gut feeling that is the enemy they were warned about. He pointed at a soldier “Go warn Lamick!” “What!?” “Just go dammit!” The soldier ran back to the city. “Freeguild guard to the front! Iron-bark shields up!” In a smooth motion the guard made a wall of wooden steel. The dark grey shields locking together with spears at the ready. “Crossbowmen take aim!” They all pointed their weapons to the sea. “Greatswords be ready to flank!” “Aye!” they called, all of them gripped their weapons tightly. In reaction the fins moved faster, it’s clear that they are reacting to what they are doing. The tide of the ocean began to increase, waves crashed upon the shore. But as the waves grew more violent he found his breathing was steadily becoming harder, if he made a rapid movement he could spot bubbles around his arms. “By the everqueen what is this?” Then from the sea pale figures with curved blades and axes emerged from the water, they charged the shield line. “Hold them!” Jonathan yelled. “We are the first line boys! The everqueen is watching! Crossbowmen, loose!” They let loose a volley, bolts flew through the air and crashed into the pale attackers a wave of them fell to the ground. Blood pooled on the beach, a red mist rose from the blood pooling on the beach. It was like they were in water. Another group emerged from the ocean but this time they were greater in number, but what shocked him even more is a great sea beast rose with them. He has only seen it in books he wondered how such sea life can be hovering in the air? It get a shrill roar. Jonathan squinted his eyes at the rider, just by their face he could tell it’s an aelf. “Why are aelves attacking us?” he whispered to himself. The next wave charged the shield line, he looked slightly back to the crossbowmen, they were still reloading. “Right it’s our turn!” The pale attackers smacked into the shield line, the freeguild guard pushed them back, but the axe wielders weapons bit into the shields tearing it apart. Then in a swift motion they would remove the head of the guardsmen, their movements were fluid and without error, it chilled him slightly just seeing how the pale invaders kill. Jonathan ground his teeth “Greatswords!” he bellowed They moved forward and attacked the rear. Jonathan rushed to the side of the freeguild guard, trying to flank the invaders. As he got around he stabbed one of the pale attackers and twisted. They gagged as his blade entered their body, he then kicked them off. “You dare!” a voice called he looked up to the mounted aelf. He pointed his greatsword at him. “Quiet the aelf crossbowmen! He looks to be the leader!” In reaction to his order the mounted warrior swooped down with a curved greatsword, he also drew a blade from his back as he crashed into the freeguild guard. His blade movements were a blur as he cut his men apart. The aelf called out “Akhelian guard! The crossbowmen!” from the ocean aelves riding serpentine mounts shot from the sea and moved to attack the back of their line. They darted around the crossbowmen, slashing and stabbing, the unlucky ones were devoured by their mounts. Jonathan cursed as he slashed another invader, as they fell to the ground he got a better look at them. Their ears are similar to an aelf but they looked malformed and wore a strange iron collar. They had no eyes either. “Who are they?” He then heard a scream he bought his eyes to the shield line to see Graham in the maw of the great sea beast. He was about to run towards him but he was held in his tracks, he felt a sharp and cold sensation on the side of his body. He looked down to see a blade shaped like a hook is lodged into his side. His eyes moved to the attacker to see an aelf with a strange light dangling from their helm. A intense cold washed over his whole body, he could not feel his fingers anymore, a long rasp left his throat and then he felt nothing. Pimorr slashed another human, he cut and severed with the Namtri. But he felt frustrated he looked over to Myr-Tan as the last human died. “They were prepared for us. How?” The Soulrender removed his talunhook from the human and began absorbing the souls of the dead into his lurelight. As he did his work, Myr-Tan’s Rakerdart swam around his body. “I don’t know...it looked like someone warned them.” “But who?” Lilaar emerged from the ocean with the Namtri reavers, she was frowning. “It doesn’t matter. We are far more skilled compared to humans, no matter how they have prepared they will fall to us all the same.” “Agreed.” The Soulscryer rose from the sea with the Lviadon the beast gave a great cry. Bann-Roch looked down to his cyfar compass. “There is a great amount of souls in this city. We can’t allow a group of humans to stop us.” “This would of been over quicker if I intervened.” said Tolriu. Pimorr sheathed his falchion on his back. “We couldn’t risk the Lviadon, not yet. Imagine if a volley from the crossbows hit you?” The new master of reins looked down at him, he said nothing further he could explain his point but his silence told him he agreed with him. He looked at the city, the great trees the citizens live in. He felt slightly apprehensive, before in the past he just thought about proving himself in battle, he used to be like the novice Akhelians. Now being the leader of the phalanx, it was different. He now knows what he must do to the innocent and at the same time shouldering the weight of his people, some part of him just wants to run away. “We must take their souls, we can’t allow humans to stop us. We need their essence...” The Akhelian guard returned, some of the Fangmora eel’s were chewing on arms or legs. He tapped Torlor’s neck. “Drop the human.” The deepmare released the human from it’s jaws. He flicked his mount to the phalanx, his eyes swept over them. “Now as we move into the city we must be ready!” he announced.“The freeguild have prepared for us! We lost the opportunity of surprise! But that will not stop us! We will take their life essence! We will harvest their souls for our people!” All of the Namtri raised their weapons to his words, just by the eyes of the noble caste he could see his voice has reached them, they gave silent nods of approval. He turned towards the city. “Let us go!” The phalanx charged into the city, all of them were eager to collect souls, but the apprehension he felt before still lingered. Lamick yelled for his freeguild to form up in the plaza, soon as the mist rolled in he had Docreak setup green luminescent lights and glowflies across the plaza, he had no desire to be ambushed. At most the mist now hovers around the edges of the blockades.“General! General!” from the mist a guardman emerged. Docreak strode up to him. “Perhaps the priestess was right eh?” “This is no time to be smart wizard.” The soldier stopped before him, he looked up. “General something came from the ocean! Jonathan told me to come and report to you!” He nodded “what of my guild champion?” “I-I don’t know.” He sighed, he guessed whatever is attacking them most likely got to him. “Right form up with the rest.” The guardsmen joined the spear wall, he ensured that the other roads are blockaded save the one in front of them. No one can get through the roads to their right and left. The enemy can only come one way. “I have a bad feeling about this…” said Docreak. “The everqueen is with us wizard, we will push back whatever has come to end us. Now get to your position.” The life wizard stroked his beard he walked to the back of his army, standing ready with his apprentices. He gestured Thornspike towards his forces, the rows of spearmen stood at the front of the open road and crossbowmen were at the back ready to fire and a unit of demigryph knights were on the flanks. He flicked the reins to send his Griffon into the air, he drew his black runesword, which has been blessed in the temple of the everqueen within the city. The runes hummed with a vibrant green. Lamick looked down, he could see his men were nervous, especially the spear wall. He raised his weapon “Stand fast! We are the shields of Alarillie! Whoever has come seeks our ruination! They seek to end our friends and families! Will you allow that to happen!?” His men answered back “No!” “Will you drive the enemy back to the sea!?” “Yes!” the cried back. He smiled, all of them were ready, they were eager to drive back the unknown foe. But for some reason the speech caused him to be short of breath. “What is that!?” one of his men called out, right in the middle of the plaza a great cloud of darkness claimed part of it. The darkness then drifted away and in its place he saw a ship wreck. It was covered in barnacles and sea life swam through the broken boards and holes. “By the everqueen what is this?” What shocked him even more is the phenomena was gripping almost the whole central area. “Lad’s hold your places! Don’t go near them!” They stood firm, they were somewhat unnerved that ship wrecks would just appear in thin air. He then heard a long wail and from the mist, arrows shot out hitting the eyes and heads of those on the spear wall. “Garwood formation!” he barked, they raised their shields covering the front and above them. The motion was so smooth, he would complement his men, but they are in the middle of battle. Arrows kept crashing upon the iron-bark. Then from both walled off streets, riders shot out from the mist, charging his crossbowmen. They rode serpentine mounts that somehow could hover in the air, the demigryph knights went straight to saving those under attack. Lamick was about to move down to aid them but he heard a shrill cry coming from his right, he turned his mount to see an aelf in dark armour riding a strange beast, he is heading straight towards him. He readied his shield and blade and met the attacker, their blades clashed again and again. “Who are you! Why are you attacking us!?” The aelf said nothing, his gaze was cold, his somewhat pale features showed that he truly means to kill him. He pulled Thornspike back, but the invader rushed forward, their weapons met and grinded against each other. Lamick then heard a scream from the spear wall, he looked down slightly to see great tentacles grasping his men and pulling them into the ship wrecks. What made it worse is the spear wall is being torn apart by a whirlpool, from the mist pale skinned warriors armed with blades and axes rushed forward. “Focus on what you are doing General! I will dispel it!” Docreak called out. A quick flash of green light washed over his vision and the whirlpool was gone. He smiled and faced the aelf, his expression hasn’t changed. He pulled the reins sideways, Thronspike made a quick turn to the invader’s side. Now free from the blade lock he moved to attack, but by the time his blade reached the aelf his shield was already up, his runesword sparked against it, he kept his onslaught, he wanted to break through his guard. The aelf began grunting, but then his attack swayed, Thornspiked shrieked. He looked around to see two of the riders that attacked the crossbowmen are now stabbing his Griffon with blades. He was about to strike them until several slashes gripped his breastplate, he looked forward to see the aelf renewing his assault, he was getting attacked from all sides. The aelf’s blade strikes were biting through his iron-bark armour, causing light bleeding. Thornspike gave another cry as an attack caught his wing, his mount began spiralling downwards. Lamick cursed, as they fell to the ground a giant flying beast then emerged from the mist, it went straight to the demigryph knights chomping and biting with its beak like mouth. The riders shot harpoons at the other knights, impaling them and ending their lives instantly. Lamick clenched his eyes shut, he wondered why is this happening? What did they do to deserve this? Before he hit the ground, he prayed, he begged the Everqueen. Please help us. Pimorr watched the freeguild general crash to the ground, he gave a curt nod to both Akhelians. He recognised one to be Leirisha, he then thought of promoting both of them to Lochian prince and princess once the battle is done. None would be against it. He swept his eyes over the battlefield, they were overrunning the freeguild and the wizards were surrounded. Myr-Tan was now emerging from the mist and began his work on gathering the souls, the bright essences left the corpses on both sides and entered his lurelight. The soulrender now stood over the general, he raised his weapon but as he was just about to strike, the survivors were suddenly consumed by vines and tendrils of wood. It wrapped around them like a cocoon, Pimorr shot down towards Myr-Tan “What is going on!?” The Soulrender slashed the cocoon but he was not even making a dent. He shook his head “someone is protecting them.” Pimorr drew his weapons and attacked it, he started to become frustrated. “Why is this happening!?” he could not allow them to escape, his people needed their souls. He kept going, he kept up his assault the frustration gave way to despair, utter despair, he saw flashes of his father being eaten by a keeper of secrets. He could hear everyone’s screams and cries of anguish. “Pi..mo...Pim...Kin...Pimorr!” he stopped. He panted and stared at the wooden cocoon, all he saw was small gashes. The sounds around him were muted, he could hear someone’s muffled voice, he looked down to his right to see Myr-Tan staring right at him, then his voice cut right through his mind. “Pimorr! Calm yourself!” He blinked several times “I am...calm.” he looked around to see everyone staring at him. He then realised what he has just done, it would be best to just move on and focus on the issue in front of him. “Bann-Roch!” he called for the Soulscryer, he came forward his ethereal scyfish were dancing around his robes. “You wish to know of the civilians?” “Yes.” “Well...what you see in front of you is happening across the city. Someone’s essence is forming a shield. What you see before you is a tangible form of this essence. Soul energy is running through the wood and vines of the cocoon.” “Can it be broken?” Bann-roch frowned “No it cannot be broken.” “Why?” He gazed at his cyfar compass for several minutes, he then looked up to him. “Can you break something created by a goddess?” Pimorr felt his frustration building again. “Why would she protect them!?” “Why not?” said Bann-Roch. “The Everqueen is not a man god! You know the stories Soulscryer!” “Many of the Idoneth know the stories told by Teclis, but..times have changed. Even Malerion and Tyrion have the odd human follower here and there. It seems they are all accepting the worship gladly, we have evidence right here.” Pimorr faced the cocoon, he was about to call for Lilaar, but the ground began to shake, across the battlefield the cocoons shot downward leaving a hole. He faced Bann-Roch, he said nothing. Silence gripped the plaza, he bought his eyes away from the Soulscryer and sighed. He wondered what he should do from here? He almost became lost in thought until he heard a angry wail, it almost split his ears. The sound was distant, it was coming from ahead. He flicked the reins to make Torlor swim up, as he gained some height he looked ahead to see a shifting forest is moving towards the city. His heart pounded in what some would call fear, but what he saw was a possible opportunity
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    Souls Wars by Josh Reynolds

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