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  1. You know I am starting think death will actually get a whole new range made in similar aesthetic style to the shade spire skeletons and the deathlords. Since how they have been handling death so far has me confused. The fact they released an ally box for deathrattle makes me inclined to think they are not doing a deathrattle tome.
  2. Someone on war of sigmar made a great point he would look great with a straw hat I might convert one.
  3. I am just going to raise the fact it might be possible for clan pestelins to benefit from this box as well since on the wheel it refers to the nurgle keyword. Clan pestelins also has the nurgle keyword so hey people you can ally up with some rats for your nurgle army.
  4. Yeah the new box has nurgle allegiance abilities in it as well. The snail looks bloody glorious and the female stormcast? Looks awesome.
  5. No slaanesh is not going away, GW would of done it at the start of AOS. If they were going to they would no mention fulgrim in gathering storm or give emperor's children legion abilities and their on entry in 40k. Also on the AOS front slaanesh has gotten far more updates than it ever has done compared to whfb also the slaanesh daemon start collecting box and allegiance abilities for the new handbook. I also keep these images on hand to prove a point Bretonnia and tomb kings is how GW squats something. They kill their line and don't talk about it. This is far the opposite of squatting lol.
  6. Really like how slaanesh fits with their lore background on them looking for slaanesh. The abilities look pretty good to tide us over until they do a proper release. Also getting kinda tempted to do a skaven army.
  7. Yeah just read bit it's really good. September seems so far away now.
  8. You are spot on their soldiers wore white, sliver blue etc and of course they had a lot of light wizards with Luminarks. Also from Josh reynolds so go nuts my free guild regiment mainly worships Malerion and has a few darkling coven units. So are there free guild regiments that don't worship sigmar? Is it possible that regiments exist that worship Alarielle, Malerion, Grungi etc? Yep! For instance, in a thing I just wrote, there's a regiment stationed in Hammerhal that's a mix of Azyrites and native Ghyranites. The latter still openly worship Alarielle, even though they're serving in a predominately Sigmarite regiment. For those who do not know of the short story. THE STORYLykerna, the City of Light, sits in the Realm of Hysh in permanent tribute to the Tyrion, Lord of Light. But although it was once his home before the Blood God found him and twisted him to His gore-soaked service, the Chaos champion Graunos has never seen it... Forsaken and seeking revenge, he returns at the head of an army. Will he topple the gleaming towers, or will the light prevail?
  9. Yup, hence why I believe the tome chaos have been got blades/disciples would suit us best a hordes of nagash style book.
  10. Yet mannfred is 420. Yup feel pretty great right now. >_> Fears being proven right again. Yup I have the same problems hence I am in stance a deathrattle only book would not help death either if the death GA trait is still the same. Plus mannfred and nagash are screwed over by allies as well so if that deathrattle only book has spells it generally screws over the deathlords. It's still largely inefficient as you said. As specticon said in the death section wake me up when Death get's something of actual substance.
  11. Looks like my fears are looking to be correct.
  12. New post on facebook about the lore of shadespire, I mean it's pretty clear why the stormcast are going to the city.
  13. This will not solve the problems death is facing it will make it worse no one will run the mortarch's or nagash if they keep it how it is now. Hence I am a firm believer that a chaos like tome would suit us better than a only deathrattle tome. Plus if they release a deathrattle only tome it breaks the start collecting box outright as I said before. If things remain how they are(If GW has not changed GA death traits etc) people are simply going to only run grand alliance death over the deathrattle only tome so they better hope their abilities and artifacts are good enough. This is just me but I have zero interest in a deathrattle only tome. Archaon can be ran in any chaos tome and benefit from the alligance abilities of said tome yet a similar model/ god of the faction the same thing cannot be done? I am quite sure GW wants us to buy the mortarch's and nagash kits but they are not giving us a good reason to do so. You wanna ran nagash in the deathrattle tome? The great pope of the dead? Granddaddy of all necromancy!? Well sucks to be you the supreme lord of the dead and those who rule over the dead(mortarch's) cannot use the spells in said tome and you are stuck with the generic grand alliance death traits have fun. In my mind if those abilities aren't good or the GA death is still the better option we will still be at square one again.
  14. Honestly that's the whole plot of FEC nagash is currently looking for his whereabouts since his madness is infectious if he had the source he could easily control all the courts some have bent the knee already but some are doing a runner.
  15. Pretty much since the mortarch's will break the deathrattle alignment(even at 1000 points) and arkhan is far more than 200 points and neferata and mannfred are 400+ so they can't even be used in 2000 point games. When the three of them are part of the start collecting box. Nagash is pretty much a no go hence I believe we are going to get a chaos like tome using those factions. Well that's what it seems like to me. You would even be hard pressed to fit Morghast in. Doing a deathrattle only book would not make people pick up the big kits or the start collecting box. As you say fingers crossed I could be wrong.