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  1. We already have a "world map" of ghyran and because of how the realms work GW can easily expand it.
  2. They have been doing that. Of course not in the same way as the old world. We have city of secrets, shadows over hammerhal and spear of shadows. Showing how people live in the realms. At most there are similarities but GW has done it in such a way that I feel keeps the feeling of AOS. Like living on a giant moving worm or hunting sky sharks.
  3. I personally disagree city of secrets and spear of shadows shows that they are nothing like the old world. Same with hammerhal after reading the story and lore background many of the stuff they talk about and experience you would never see in the old world. It's like a mythic high fantasy mix with some high/low fantasy elements. Sailors in city of secrets hunt flying sharks that can eat a man whole. Flying sharks. Yes there are some similarities there but the cities feel "Lived" in but also have things from AOS that makes it unique. Like Excelsis runs on prophecy and the whole politics surrounding that. The racism between Ayzerites and everyone else which is mighty interesting. Plus the politics of the gods and their actions play into that as well. Also the fact gods interact with normal people and how they going about doing it. Grungi is more than willing to converse with the "little people." While Grungi one dislike of sigmar is the fact he feels that people should "rise" to meet him.
  4. The Rumour Thread

    Honestly stormcast don't bother me anymore they act far more human than space marines because they actually have a history to relate to. Just like the female stormcast who said Volker reminds her of her grandson. When she said that I wanted to know what happened to him and what made sigmar choose her.
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Someone on the total war AOS lore thread just posted this. This has also been posted on twitter. https://www.trackofwords.com/2017/10/15/upcoming-black-library-titles-as-of-october-2017/ Now there is a new AOS novel coming June 2018. I need this book like right now. Still I dig the proto art it was used in the first campaign book. Now we got a bigger image? I really like it. It's also pretty clear this novel is likely linked to the malign portents event. Soul Wars by Josh Reynolds June 2018 – hardback. Cover not final. Nagash revives an ancient grudge with the God-King Sigmar as a ferocious new war between the living and the dead shakes the Mortal Realms. The Mortal Realms tremble with unending war. In Shyish, the Realm of Death, an ancient evil stirs, sensing opportunity. Nagash, the Undying King and God of Death, sets his gaze upon the citadels of the living and the servants of Sigmar, the God-King of Azyr. Allies once, joined together against the machinations of the Ruinous Powers, the two gods now find themselves enemies. Nagash, burning with the need to avenge an ancient slight, calls forth his soulless legions to sweep across the realm he claims as his own and reassert death’s dominion over all things, as the War of Heaven and Death begins anew.
  6. General AOS lore thread.

    Well you can play them in warhammer quest which did first make me wonder about them since it's strange there was not a slaan to sustain them. They can understand currency now(they can't in whfb. A skink wonders what people do with gold), they can join pit fights or even drink at the pub since those are activities you can do in hammerhal. Also I recall from the clan pestelins novel they remember each death it's just like a memory blank when they die. Also the fact that some constellations are not lead by slaan but old bloods. So with time they well become people in a sense and I like the fact GW are moving them in a direction where they can now interact with races and get them involved in the setting more. As I said with this new information the seraphon battletome becomes far more interesting (it is going to be my next project).
  7. General AOS lore thread.

    Right just saw a thread on the AOS reddit that someone was disappointed Seraphon were just conjured memories. Now we know that they live in cities now according to this image. Yet the person responding to this query posted another image. Ask Grombrindal Sooo yeah. After some time Seraphon can sustain themselves and exist without a slaan(Makes sense why some old bloods lead constellations) and when they die it's just a mere memory blank before coming back. So Seraphon players? Go nuts with your background and the fact they can live in cities and understand currency.
  8. The Rumour Thread

    No problem! It's quite an enjoyable book plus it has some great world building.
  9. The Rumour Thread

    Guess what? They are in the book, they are kinda creepy to be honest. After reading that section they need their own tome I thought to myself.
  10. The Rumour Thread

    Well all are one in nagash Sheriff! Does not matter which alliance you prefer. To further the pont they view the body as a meer host for the spirit after the act was done the nagashite's threw his body off the city. (The city is on a giant worm. They were handing out pamphlets before hand.)
  11. The Rumour Thread

    Totally in spear of shadows a nagashite freely gave a vampire his blood to the point of death. That's how er dedicated they are.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    Well according to Josh Reynolds he has said those who worship nagash get a cool spot in the underworld. Most likely chaos can't get anywhere near your soul and you also become undead.
  13. The Rumour Thread

    Yup she was having a er party with them. He discovered many creatures, yet could find none of his kind. Only when Malerion came upon a glade of shadow daemons did he feel a spark of recognition at the center of that bacchanal was his mother. Morathi was still flesh and blood, but changed. Theirs was a reunion full of recriminations and anger. Neither trusted the other, but an uneasy truce was reached. Together they united under sigmar, joining the great alliance. Definition. a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity a wild and drunken celebration. I do think she was involved with the capture of slaanesh. Still I think it would be interesting if Tyrion and Malerion have a disagreement over the resurgence of slaanesh. Perhaps Tyrion might ally with sigmar and Malerion might look to ally with Nagash? I think that would be interesting.
  14. The Rumour Thread

    No, the only thing we have on her is Malerion finding her again she was flesh and blood but he noted she was changed this was after she was spirited away by slaanesh in the end times.
  15. Doombull

    Dear god this looks amazing.