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  1. I do believe we will get a new bone giant model and the return of the Sphinx in my opinion still fits in the style GW has been going with death in my opinion. Of course this is speculation and I do agree with you on the point it's one of the best books for AOS so far in my opinion. Honestly majority of the death alliance books have been great in my opinion I want more undead books from Josh and CL.
  2. That's not the great horned rat they display his symbol in the first campaign book and it looks nothing like it the image GW put up that image asking us to guess what happened to the dark prince.
  3. I might be a slowpoke but I saw this recently and in light of of the new AOS rpg I think this map will be important. As we all remember we got a detailed map of ghyran from the stormcast battle tome but of course it was in a book and we just have poor pictures. Someone out there has decided to add all the details in the book to the season of war map. I just want to say whoever you are, THANKS! So what do you lot think of the map now? I do think the RPG might take place in ghyran there is a good foundation there.
  4. *looks at the deathwatch roleplaying game* As someone said most likely we will not be playing as them but stormcasts are not invincible walking demi gods they get killed by simple skeletons, their power levels are on that of chaos warriors. Also stormcasts are far from inhuman they are far more human than space marines some of them hang out with their families(descendants) when not fighting.
  5. Perhaps those three are going to be a new faction? It's clear that the Aelves are part of the new aelf faction coming soon and it would not surprise me if the devoted of sigmar became the new "main" human faction of the setting. They are a lot more "high" fantasy compared to free guild looking at the Excelsior war priest.
  6. The dead belong to nagash with the creation of stormcast sigmar is messing up the life cycle of life and death depriving the God of death of power. It does not matter who you worship you go to the underworld upon death. Unless the god has set up a life cycle for their people like the sylvaneth. That's part of the major beef with sigmar.
  7. Yeah if such a thing does occur I imagine there will be some pity and guilt but we also have to remember mannfred is not actually a fan of sigmar at all. He thinks similar to Arkhan that sigmar is a betrayer. After reading the novel I do think mannfred and Arkhan are quite similar but also different, also what's interesting is neferata is not all that "big" on nagash's divinity compared to Mannfred and Arkhan after all the death novels that have been released. Now Tamra? Well, she did not exactly want the job so to speak she only wanted to save her people you see nagash sealed away 5 kings and pretty much destroyed their lands due to their rebellion the people who live there had relations to them. You see that rebellion occurred due to the machinations of neferata hence why Rikan the ghoul king vampire was telling Tamra through out the whole novel not to trust her since only lies spills from her mouth. Neferata knew she was a possible deathlord(Arkhan also knew but more or less looked at Tamra with pity and more or less let events play out since he knew she would release the kings to save her people) and engineered the events in the book somewhat to try and get her under her thumb you see neferata being a part of nagash she could not release the 5 kings. But tamra could since she was not bound/part of nagash. The battle against the nurgle forces was turning bad majority of her people were dying so she released the kings. Of course the battle allowed nagash to recover somewhat popped up and obliterated the nurgle forces. Now since Tamra broke the law of nagash on releasing the kings he was going to punish her. Until Arkhan told him that she was only serving his wishes of course neferata spoke up for her as well but I personally believe nagash places more stock on what Arkhan tells him. Tamra tells nagash that she wanted to only save her people and then nagash chastises her telling her that "her" people is not her's to save and her people do not belong to her at all but to him in death and life. So due to some convincing from Arkhan and neferata Nagash decides to turn her into a deathlord he hallows her out a bit and places his power within her. Nagash then proceeds to kill all the survivors of the battle including the children turning them into skeletons and binding them and the 5 kings to Tamra. Tamra says she did not want this and Nagash pretty much says that he has now saved her "people" and that now she will serve him in future battles to come. She did not really want it but all she wanted is to preserve her people but overall she does have the power now to protect their lands and in life and death they are still her people. Along with Rikan added to her forces she became the High queen of the Drak.
  8. Sorry that I have not updated the Kharadron post in awhile illness and real life stuff got in the way. Anyway part two is up detailing the sky ports and how they run the sky fleets.
  9. He was not stolen it was sigmar who stole him first from nagash. Also the book does show you largely why shyish is contested and has not fallen to chaos yet like the other realms.
  10. I hope so because him and mannfred were besties(friends) before sigmar spirited him away. Thats the one plot hook that's been left hanging for awhile and it would be great to see mannfred's reaction if nagash does turn him into a deathlord. Also the book does reveal that helstone bent the knee to nagash but many people there did not worship him. hence when nagash passed by he pretty much left them to their fate since they did not pray to him. Tarsem was also a sigmarite. Nagash does things to weaken chaos even in his weakened state in the past.
  11. Still we do enjoy your insight into the setting.
  12. Indeed personally I would like Death to go that direction since deathlords are powerful lords of death and powerful in necromancy they use all the units from the factions from the looks of things. Honestly deathlords are pretty much the lich King from wow but there are multiple of them and they all share the same boss and they are all connected somewhat.
  13. Yup it was I asked Josh that question right after I finished the book.
  14. To extend further on deathlords's(DISCLIAMER also this is Josh's opinion GW can change this at any point) Question:Finished the nagash the undying king lovely book. On the topic of Deathlords so what I gather they are necromancers, vampires, deathrattle etc Chosen by nagash hallowed out and given a shard of his power. All deathlords are connected to even the mortarch's they all share in the "flame" of nagash? Answer: Pretty much, yes. In my opinion, if you actively serve Nagash (not just worship him, but *serve* him) for any length of time, you become a part of Nagash. As he feeds power into you, it eats away (or overwrites) at more and more of your sense of self, until all that's left is a bit of Nagash wearing your body as a costume, and thinking it's you. Now, someone with a strong will can resist this to a certain extent. But it's up for debate how much of that is them, and how much is Nagash co-opting their sense of self for his own purposes, i.e. is Arkhan actually Arkhan, or is he some approximation that Nagash has cobbled together to serve a specific purpose? In the Undying King, for instance, there's the implication that Arkhan might, in fact, be a receptacle for Nagash's 'better' traits - loyalty, equanimity, etc. - long since shed due to various setbacks. Which means that the Nagash who fought alongside Sigmar might probably have been a lot like Arkhan, as opposed to the ranting tyrant he is now...
  15. It's a book you can only get in warhammer world. It's really interesting because it's pretty much the aftermath after Archaon smacked Nagash in battle.